Give me that gun, I’m going to shoot him

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I have been reading King Kenny’s great book and I can’t stop laughing after reading the following, I had to share it.

1981 : David Johnson AKA known as Doc was complaining about a thigh injury during the European Cup Semi-final against Bayern Munich. Bob Paisley wasn’t too pleased about it, here is Kenny’s account of what happened.

“My thigh’s gone,” he shouted. Furious, Bob jumped off the bench. Looking at our irate manager, I knew there was no change the Boss would hand Bayern any advantage on the threshold of Paris. The Boss turned to the security people guarding the dug-out, pointing at their pistols.

“Give me that gun,” Bob shouted at one of them. “I’m going to shoot him.”

Fortunately, the security man didn’t understand. The Doc got the message and immediately forgot his thigh problem.

Kenny’s book is available from Amazon and I do recommend it to any Red fan out there, it is simply awesome.



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  1. Give me the gun and I will shoot Kuyt, Maxi, Johnson, Poulsen, Koncheski, Lucas, Babel and Jovanovic of the current team. This players are an embarrassment to the red shirt they are wearing. None of them would get into the Wigan first team or even their second team.

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