Liverpool Capitulating Far Too Easily Away From Home

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The bad thing about writing columns right after a defeat is to succumb to frustration and anger which would hardly make for good writing. It is then important to hold on for a day or two and reflect on the events of the previous game. One could hardly not predict the backlash by fans after Saturday’s horrendously unacceptable performance – it now has become common place. Calls for Hodgson to resign and for King Kenny to takeover echoed throughout the Internet, although I have to re-iterate that some of the vocabulary used is, without any doubt, offensive, poor, pigeon-like and is disrespectful towards a person – Roy Hodgson – who was chosen for the pressure-cooker job and prestigious position. So it is with utter sadness – and shame as a Liverpool fan – to continuously witness denigration, use of foul language towards the manager of Liverpool F.C. Such comments should be banned outright. The Liverpool brotherhood is renowned for sticking together, rallying behind the team and manager. It is easy to judge from the comfort of a sitting room armchair. I’ve read scores of comments wanting Hodgson out but few fans – if any – have put forward solutions, suggestions apart from the usual “let’s have King Kenny for the interim”.

I am not hailing Roy Hodgson as a victim or suggesting he is not to blame for the team’s precarious present status and will reaffirm that the ship needs to be stabilized by January. Failure to do so should lead to serious scrutiny of what’s available on the management front. The continuous spiteful attacks on Hodgson will only result in further destabilization and expose us further as a laughing stock not only on the pitch but also from a fan-base perspective. I can imagine some readers stating that “R/Woy has turned us into a laughing stock” and will probably get lambasted for appearing to jump to the defense of the ex-Fulham boss. Never-mind and I will repeat that it is disgraceful to have fans who resort to writing garbage; a case in point is the disgusting use of the word Woy rather than Mr Hodgson’s name Roy. This is utter disrespect and character assassination. Again, such comments should be trashed.

Onto the game on Saturday and with City drawing and Spurs emphatically winning, Gareth Bale on the score sheet, it was imperative to secure the three points at The Brittania. Playing Stoke away has never been easy and in Tony Pulis, Stoke City have a manager who is tremendously analytical and prepares for games meticulously. Martin Skrytel was questioned on how to defend Delap throw-ins and came back stating that the team was prepared to counter this particularly potent asset. Delap must have had over ten chances throughout the game and the opener was a result of one such opportunity. Liverpool’s defense managed to repel the danger many times but it was always a difficult situation to handle. Too many throw-ins were conceded. It is best not to give Delap the chance to put in dangerous balls rather than attempt at defending the threat. One must counter at source. This leads to the reason why Liverpool were, time and time again, pinned back having to defend in numbers. The ball was continuously played out of defense cheaply often ending up back at a Stoke midfielder or worse still out for a throw-in. We missed a defender, Hyypia-style, capable of calming matters and getting us out of a defensive position without giving the ball away. This is where Daniel Agger is direly missed. Ball retention was a key ingredient missing on Saturday. The back four were panic-stricken and opted for the easy but disastrous option of getting rid of the ball, handing it back to Stoke and having to defend another determined attack.

The weakness on Saturday was definitely Konchesky. I still have to be convinced he is the right man to shoulder left-back responsibilities and after Saturday’s performance I am inclined to believe he is not. Whether or not the decision to get rid of the ball, sweep-it-clean style was a direct Hodgson order is anyone’s guess but it certainly looked as if the game plan revolved around this flawed concept. A determined attack can only be stopped in midfield, so inviting pressure, defending deep and handing back possession played into Stoke’s policy.

The game ended in Lucas being sent off right at the death. Fans were offered little spectacle and the boring sight of a young aid handing over a blue towel to Delap countless times made for even worse viewing. The match has to be flushed out of the system as fast as is possible and focus turned to a must win, at home versus West Ham. Rumours circulating that Agger and now Johnson are at loggerheads with Roy over the style of play need to be addressed by the man in charge. The feel good factor has been short-lived but as I highlighted a few weeks ago, that is part and parcel of a stabilization process. I had warned to expect one or two more draws and possibly defeats and this is exactly what we’ve experienced. The team has been dealt another blow which requires a determined response. The team is not yet strong enough – mentally – to avoid capitulation as was the case against an average Stoke City side. The onus is now on the players to stand up firmly in the face of pressure. We’re managing to see off a siege at Anfield but we’re still not capable of repeating this away. This area needs rectification. Throwing in the towel away from home is presently an addiction which needs to be eradicated; the sooner the better.

See you next time.

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  1. I fully support this article mainly the section on stopping the threat at source an obvious and prime example being back in the days when Bob Latchford played for Everton and without bias he did know where the net was, his supply line was through Dave Jones what did we do, stopped the ball going to Jones therefore no supply to Latchford.
    On the main topic I wouldnt like to say the majority of our fans but most of the fans who use sites like this have like most modern fans fallen foul of media hype and have not stuck to the Liverpool way, at times like this pull up the drawbridge, man the ramparts and wether ROY is the man for the job at least support ALL the team because believe me they need us.

  2. Look at Hodgson’s away record in English football and you need no more proof he is not fit to be Liverpool manager. The fans know this and thus the anger is rising. The guy is leading us nowhere. The longer he stays the longer it is before the real rebuilding phase can begin under Frank Rijkaard or Kenny or whoever.

    The Liverpool fans have seen great managers and bluffers. Roy, at the very highest level, is a bluffer who must be removed.

  3. I’m a red and to be honest I don’t want King Kenny to takeover – To do this would put Kennys relationship with the fans at risk. If he doesn’t do well (bearing in mind he has not managed in years) this would only cause for people calling for HIS head in a few months time and I like Kenny to much to subject him to this

  4. I’ll never forget seeing a comparison of two pictures of Rafa showing how he had aged in the stressful times at Liverpool, looking at Roy at the Stoke game, he’s looking in a better state than when he took charge. We had a national coach for South Arica whom the public beleived was just there for the paycheque (The numb-nut between Parreira’s 2 stints). Roy’s lack of concern, freindship with Fergie, coy little smiles when we lose to Everton, these all suggest he knows he can’t do the job, he’s just there for the label.

  5. To be frank, anyone who needs a respect must earn it, Roy can only have his after he resign. He lacks tactics and he’s destroying the team.

  6. Respect where its due, when Roy cam in we all/the majority thought he was the wrong man for the job – he has proven us right.

    Without going into it too much we can only judge people on their actions. So far Roy has delivered nothing, promised nothing and accepted defeat. He will forever be remembered as the man who made Liverpool Fulham!

    Our squad is good enough to win things, I believe it is a managers job to not only set up a team but to keep the players focused and performing at their best, performances against the big teams and in pressure games show we can deliver, we just don’t have the right man motivating the players!

    So to go against what u said, Roy just fuck off!

  7. Its very easy to demand repsect, but respect, like most things in life is eanrned, not a given. Hodgson thus far as done nothing in my opinion to earn the repsect of supporters, in fact, he has on several occasions criticised them over matters where he had no reason to but in – the protests were going on long before he arrived, to criticise them immediately alienated him from hard core supporters who bleed LFC.

    In 30+ years as a supporter of LFC, I have never been at such a low point, and I now find myself in a position where I refuse to watch the Reds play anymore, until Mr Hodgson and hid negative tactics and mediocre expectations are gone, hopefully sooner rather than later.

    And to criticise fans who have spent hard earned money to travel to games for voicing an opinion at said negative tactics, and general dross performances, is frankly disgusting and insulting to the intelligence of those fans.

    I dont condone use of nasty, personal sentiments, but Mr Hodgson is far from beyond criticism, and unfortunately it appears some of the players are now up there with him – Carragher on Saturday, if what I read is true. Mr Liverpool or not, how is it ok for him to tell supporters to f**k off and yet supporters are lambasted for doing the same.

    Some standards are required, and not double ones.

    The sooner Hodgson is removed, the better in my opinion.

  8. Why don’t you head for Anfield with huge banners and ask for Hodgson to resign at once; organise a protest to oust Hodgson. That will make even more headlines and put the club in even more bad light!

  9. I think the anger (I don’t condone the use of foul language and personal attacks) stems from the fact that it has been one disaster after the other. Be it the owners, Rafa’s weird buys, selling Alonso, finishing in 7th, Rafa leaving, Torres string of injuries (and now heading to Spain with a new injury), getting Roy…. all suppose to be for the good of the team. And you’re wondering why the fans are annoyed? I think we lost it when the yanks came in. We lost the Liverpool feeling. Roy surely doesn’t have it no matter how much he says he understands it. We can’t afford to lose the team. What is the direction? Where is it leading our beloved Reds? That look. That absolutely blank look at the Stoke game. I think that was the final straw for most. We have the youngsters. Where are they? Loaned out to other teams. Not even on our bench. Why would they want to stay? We have to re-look this immediately. Like I said before. Thank goodness we’re Liverpool fans. Any other fans would have jumped ship last season. So the support will never waiver but we still hurt. Would you like seeing someone hurting the one you love?

    1. I agree whole heartedly with your comments and you’ve hit the nail on its head by stating that we’ve all been brought to this state the day the club was sold to the previous owners. What I cannot accept is people using inappropriate language and asking for Roy to be sacked TODAY without understanding that there’s no overnight solution to the damage sustained during the last three years under G&H. I repeat, I agree that Hodgson seems to lack what it requires to manage LFC and I wasn’t overjoyed when he was appointed but we need to be realistic. Hiddink apparently stated he’s not willing to go back to day-to-day management (he was my first choice by the way), Benitez has a job to do in Italy. Rijkaard was mentioned but I’m not impressed either. I’d love to see King Kenny back but again success won’t be instant either!


  11. I was just reading Paul Tomkins site (I love reading his posts). I also read on that site that Tomkins was invited by John Henry to talk about LFC. Tomkins always has stats to back up what he writes (and I understand JH loves stats!).

    I have a feeling Hodgson will go by this weekend or by the International break. Especially after what RH said after the Stoke match, that he’s accepted the fact that if the owners want a change in management he’s powerless to do anything. He seemed to be resigned to it already……

    It’s definitely the right time… things are only going to get worse. To be fair to RH, he was chosen by the old board members and owners and he knew that he would only be temporary until new owners were brought in.

    I think the fans would have been more on his side if he showed his compassion to us during interviews. He seems to talk before he thinks and says things that are very unbecoming of a Liverpool manager.

    If or rather when, Hodgson leaves, wouldn’t it be possible for Dalglish to step in for a few months until the club get the manager that is deemed right for the club in the long run? Rather than have Sammy Lee take over (as would be the norm)I don’t really know how the rules & regulations of this works.

    Although fans (including myself) would love to see Dalglish back as our manager, maybe he should be give these next few months (till Jan) to see how it goes going back to management after a long time out.

    I don’t believe we have a bad team. The majority of our starting 11 are very good players who can beat any team (with the right guidance). We do need to strengthen the squad though and get back the talented players (Aquilanai, Insua…. is Pacheco out on loan too?)back ASAP.

    With the strange results happening in the Premier League, it’s still not too hard to believe we can still get into the Top 4. But changes have to happen NOW!

    Here’s hoping the next time I get online….. it’ll read for better headlines for our LFC!

  12. “Liverpool Capitulating Far Too Easily Away From Home”

    No **** batman!

    Roy Hodgsons away record is woeful, doesnt look like it will change any time soon.

  13. Liverpool would have more success and create more chances if we stopped using this long ball system and concentrated on passing the ball around. The players we have like Gerrard, Meireles, Joe Cole etc like the ball to their feet and through balls not in the air every 2 mins. Playing Torres up on his own against 2 central defenders then asking him to win every header when the balls hoofd up to him is just asking for trouble. So why does Roy continue to play like this?

    Criticising Johnson is a joke yes he isnt our best defender and really needs to work on his defensive side but he isnt a right back in my opinion nor should he be played there right wing is where he belongs. Just look at Bale he wasnt the best left back but going forward he looks a different player thats the player Johnson could become given a chance besides we need width and its an easy fix instead of paying millions on a right winger he could be a quick fix until the summer. If Roy want to criticise someone then it should be Konchesky and Skrtel they havn’t been any better.

    Roy seriously needs to be gone by January……YNWA

    1. That was another issue I would have liked to add to why we’re always put under pressure by opposing teams. I did mention it a few times but on Saturday it was blatantly obvious we couldn’t manage a string of passes. Has the pass and move way of doing things been thrown out of the window?

  14. I hate to say this but simply put it’s just too painful to watch us play. I hate to see Kenny’s legendary status be destroyed if the team fails under him but what if he gave it a real go as an interim manager with Sammy by his side and get Rush involved too. Start the boot room. I mean how bad can it get from this. If he fails it won’t be his fault, but if he succeeds…… I believe the players will respond to him. He has even worked with the youth to know who are the ones to be blooded. If Commoli is the master they say he is than get Guus Hiddink in. Forget about the damn tyres when we don’t have the engine. He is the only choice. He makes mediocre teams legends just imagine what he’ll do with our lot. I don’t see any other manager deserving of leading Liverpool. To see how inept Roy is just look what Houghton has done with a bunch of misfits and smart buys. And he doesn’t even have 10% of the experience that Roy can boast of.

    1. Hiddink has always been my number one choice. Charismatic, tactical nous, means business, straight to the point media comments; the man has it all. The question is – is he ready for the challenge? Word has it that he’d rather not get involved with club matters again and that would be a huge pity. It is terribly painful to watch us play Ron; I feel de-motivated on a personal level after defeats but I believe in the Liverpool way and am sure the club will get it right in the end. We’re still fighting to get over the cancer which was the previous ownership. And I’m sure we will come away stronger then ever before.

  15. Theres keeping the faith then theres keeping the faith under Roy who will keep losing away from home with his dire record. Make stupid comments when we deserve to lose, put the blame on players who do more than others, criticise the fans for their opinions(singing Kennys name). I think the people who people who pay their hard earned cash on tickets to watch us play and then we get a performance like that one at Stoke deserve the right to air their opinions, its not as thou it was a performance out of the blue weve been like this all season apart from the Chelsea game……YNWA

  16. Good analysis of the game.

    But the Liverpool Way is winning or at least take it seriously. Losing and smiling when losing against Everton is not the Liverpool Way. Or attacking your own players (or let them being attacked) became the New Liverpool Way?

    Let’s play some modern football and go back to the victories path to recover respect from fans and football world. Until then, we’re laughable…


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