I have supported Liverpool for 20 years. I have just had enough.

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By Sam Evans

1. How many transfer markets do we need to get it right.
2. How many bad players are going to be brought and for the stupid prices ?
3. Why do we bring in a manager that he never won a naffing thing!
4. Why did we buy a left back who is sh*te and cannot defend? also why did we add another 30 age something left back who just has no long term service to the club.

5. Poulsen is sh*te and we spent nearly 5 mill on this bloke????

6. Rebuilding process, well it will more than that if Torres and Reina do not see investment?

7. The Jan window is the perfect time to buy there are lots of players nearing the end of their contract and clubs who have to sell because of finance reasons, not buying in this window would really be it for and the club… we really need more quality.

Can someone tell me why this club and the people in it will not wake up, because unless we get 2 – 3 players of real quality in now or in the summer with another 2 to add to that list then when we are in real trouble…

Buy the way can you pass this on to the club and tell then to get that crap manager of ours who for some reason cannot see a thing on his own very face????

I am so down at the moment with what the club is going through, was it not bad enough under the two cowboys, now we get rid of them it still goes on and on…..

Wake up LFC or fall behind another 10 years…


  1. I have supported Liverpool for over 20 years. I have just had enough.

    get roy out of the club now befor its 2 liat and the club will sink deeper.

    and christian poulsen is a shit player
    get read of torres lucas johnson babbel poulsen sell the hole back line

  2. You are absolutely right…its a mass feeling.
    Bring in Suarez ….bring in a midfielder and of course and inevitable left back !!!!

    Carra would take time to come back and during his absense we need someone more reliable than soto and skrytel …torres should be TAUGHT again !!!!

    Cole-Gerrard-Meireles should work it out in the middle Together …its About time now !

  3. Liverpool fan’s who go the the games at Anfield deserve everything they get!! if the fan’s voiced their anger that Woy is NOT the manager we want, the board will have to listern and act, but no that is never going to happen couase that’s not the liverpool way……. the liverpool way now accepting mediocrity….. well either put up or shut up!

  4. I cannot belive how Liverpool seem to turn decent player’s into shit players… J. Cole was an OK player – he’d been out of form and out of the 1st team @ Chelski so was gonna take a while to shine – but we seem to have made him really bad… Torres started off great, superb even, and now look at him… will someone PLEASE turn his hair blonde again…?! LOLZ… Gerrard seems to be going downhill… Maxi was supposed to be a great player… I do hope we get some decent players in so these players that have gone off the boil can come good again… :)

  5. It’s very frustrating. I understand your views. I have supported the club for over 40 years, and am dismayed with the club. We need to look long term, and Hodgson isn’t that! The owners need to realise that this club has been built on success and fan power. The only reason they took control of the club is because of the power of the fans against H&G. Hodgson is a thoroughly nice guy, but his insistence that he has pedigree is laughable. He has failed in every top club he’s been at, and has only won trophies in Scandinavia. We have new owners, they seem very sensible people. Now they need to act in the interest of the club.

  6. Big John w better wake up and smell the coffee cos were in the shit Roy is not the man as he is out of his depth as the weekend showen o’neal in and money to back him up . If you give the money to Roy he’ll fook it up on bad players that’s a fact

  7. At the end of the storm is a golden sky..

    ..but the storm doesn’t seem to end.

    Would really think getting a decent manager in would be 1st priority for the new owners. I’m positive to the “signing” of Comolli, but he won’t get a chance to show his best as long as Roy is in charge.

    We need players fast, and hope they are thinking of a couple of transfers in january. Could be a smokescreen telling everyone they will wait till summer, at least that’s what I’m hoping for. Without substantial changes Torres will leave, but have a hope Reina will give it more time. Torres close to his prime-age, and as injury-prone as he is, probably haven’t got more than 5-6yrs left at top-level. Reina can play till he’s 40.

  8. True about our situation but i believe our problem lies with the manager and not soldly on the players….i don’ t think Roy is the man for the job, he came in with good expectations, unfortunatly the job is too much of a challenge….lets get in someone young who have recent success….like Rikyard or even Hugo Flores..we have some players that think the team does not have enough quality; i say if they feel like the team is not good enough then they should go to Barca….or Inter and sit on the bench like certain players we all kno….let go Liverpool greatest club in the world….Y.N.W.A

  9. i believe we now have the setup at the club to take us forward we just need to have patience it isn’t roy hodgsons fault that the current crop of players aint good enough after all this is rafa benitez/christian purslows team and to be fair he didnt get enough money in the summer to do anything
    roy like the team needs time to bring his own players in and for his ideas and tactics are put in place.
    i know this season hurts the pride but the good times will come back

  10. Couldn’t agree LESS with MOST points made above…

    I agree that action needs to be taken in order to enhance the clubs position. I also agree that some signings have been below par – this is the responsibility of the board as well as the manager, if you think Roy had much say in any of the summer signings then you’re mistaken.

    Some players at the club aren’t fit to wear the jersey, and signings need to be made carefully, all that takes time – the damage was done several years ago.

    IMO It’ll be a bad day for LFC if they turn into a club who sacks their manager after half a season.

  11. re: Chris White. We’re all supporting the club. We all want the best for the club. Just like getting rid of the previous owners. We need a full professional setup that will drive us forward. Just because people disagree with your viewpoint does not make them any less of fans. We all want the best. Just not with Hodgson in charge.

  12. You are freaking right. Roy is clearly not the man for Liverpool. Yet, how much more time are we to give him? We seems to be playing to be the top mid table team in the EPL.

    Roy still could not get the team to gel. Look at Blackpool – they don’t have star players like Torres or Gerard, yet they can play decently as a team and can give any top teams a run for their money.

    To add to your list of questions:
    Why is Konchesky still starting every game in spite of his obvious weaknesses?
    Why can’t Kelly be given a chance for a run of games?
    How many more games must we give ROy to prove himself and probably by that time, we would have lost Torres, Gerard, Reina, Kuyt?
    Why must fans worldwide be subjected to frustrations week in week out with the team’s performance?

    Sack Roy NOW!

  13. I don’t think Roy is the answer but Someone suggested O’Niell which also would be a big mistake. His last two years at Villa his form after Christmas till end of the season was sh*te. Hardly won a game. I have never rated him and doon’t point what he as done with Leicester or Celtic as they are not Liverpool

  14. Players like Poulsen, Jovanovic, Lucas, Skertel, Konchesky, Kuyt and Torres has done enough for the team and can gladly leave. My heart will only ache with the departure of Kuyt and Lucas, because they give their best, but at the end of the day, its simply not worth it!
    We wont be affected because among them only one is English and we can compensate the re-sale value for others buy selling Torres, who is too lazy.
    But eventually if we need to attract new players, then Roy has to be replaced. Investing now rather than later is what I recommend because all of them including Roy have been given enough time, but nothing turned up, and I had enough. Rather than spending on new manager who will cost us why in the world we give a chance to King Kenny, who knows our history by doing it and, not reading it!
    Of course revenue will fall, but we can make it up with the less wages! “Money isn’t everything!, atleast for Liverpool”

  15. The really frustrating thing is that, even though we’re playing as badly as we are, he refuses to give the kids a chance. 1 game is not enough Woy. We’re mediocre anyway, give Kelly/Pacheco/Wilson a run of 5 games and see what happens? Also, Rijkard is not the right man 4 liverpool. If things dnt turn around soon, lets get O’neill in…he strikes me as someone who would understand the Liverpool way.

  16. B2D – point taken. I think King Kenny would definitely shake thngs up, and the players would WANT to play 4 him.

  17. So you have gone to great lengths to explain what we all know already & provoke a reaction BUT what we dont know is what the soloutions are at this present moment in time. whats the answer how can things change with the current financial climate and management TEAM at the club. There comes a time when the players have to step up and play to there potential. i went yesterday a 400 mile round trip, 100 quid a ticket with 3 kids !!! i am no happier than you BUT the players were diabolical yesterday and to think they earnn in excess off 30K a match EACH they are disgracefull and have to take some repsonsibility for the clubs massive unprecidented decline.

  18. to be honest Mr Roy Hodgson must go, now or sooner the better for Liverpool….give king kenny as caretaker before get someone who truly deserved like graeme sounness give him the second chance to proof his loyalty and great legend for LFC.

  19. as jesues himself weeps

    at what realistic stage did anyone think we wud be competing for the top 2/4 spots!

    we statred with optomisim
    with the depleted squad it was folly.

    we have what we have and we must work with it,

    the alternate is whimsical, no decent manager is cumin on a white horse ,
    emotion is getting the better of peoples judgment, its way to early to lynch the man.

    im not happy with lots of things , pachencos lack of use, positional changes (poor cara will be lucky to c the season out!) etc..

    fact is we are above average and missing the jumped up argie.
    we need to steady the ship.

    rounding on any player or official is shooting the whole team in the foot so to speak
    we must act rationally and ride out the bad time

    the aqualani point is a non flyer the fella has ability but when hed rather be on his sick bed than puttin a shift in! hes no use in this league and 2 managers have have seen it. furthermore no other PL manager was interested, so end off.

    repel all borders
    unite as a collective as fallout amongst each other will only cause more problems,

    20 years oh u poor thing!

    cowboy the f*** up

    its not blindness its life and weather we like it or not its a compromise no matter our past

  20. This is helping isn’t it! We have no right to be in the top 4, as things stand we aren’t worthy of the top 4. Does that mean we shouldn’t support Liverpool? No. It’s our club, I’m happy as long as the lads try. I’m sick of talk like this.

  21. Sell Reina, Skyrtel, Konchesky, Kuyt, Cole, Poulsen, Gerrard, Torres and even though he is injured Carragher in January. They are crap players and do not give a damn about the club. This season is a write off, fourth last place is more likely than fourth top.

  22. Things are bad, they have been for years, but… Picture this..

    I personally think they will get a lot worse before they get better. Two of our best players are Reina and Torres. On paper they are in the top 3 players in their respective positions, like Javier last year.

    Look at the entire team. If you were a player with the talents of Torres and Reina would you really want to play with such a terrible team? Exclude the pride they have for their club, it means nothing when compared to massive pay checks offeres by other clubs, but would you really want to play along side the other sub-par players that seem to shame the crest of LFC.

    I can honestly see them going. It will break my heart, but I do not blame them. Torres in my opinion is the best forward in the world – in his day. But look what he has as back up, N’gog!!

    He could play for better teams like Real or Barca, make twice as much money as he does now, play with world class players, play under a good manager and actually compete for trophies.

    So, why are they staying? I say the massive pride that comes with touching ‘this is Anfield’ will soon wear thin and they will sadly depart.

    Granted they will go for massive fee’s, but look at the fortunes we have endured in the transfer market over the last 4 years.

    Steve G and Carra only have a few years left in them. Carra, one of the most consistent defenders has lost his legs and retirement is inevitable. Steve G will eventually want to leave. Imagine a player of his class with only a handful of medials. Its a disgrace.

    I too feel Roy should not have been appointed, and should depart ASAP, but who would take his job now? We need a world class manager. But who will take the reign? Who is good enough to take this failing team back to the top? I think the Americans appointed Roy cause no one else on standard would take the job. Its a sad fact… but so are the displays we have witnessed over the last 3 years..

    I am proud to support Liverpool, I always will be. But I can honestly say I will not be travelling across the Irish Sea to watch a clown managing a bunch of failures!


  23. hodgeson isnt the right man for the job, look at the players he has bought in, poulsen, konchesky etc and turning down 10 million for babel what the hell was he thinking!! i wasnt raffa’s biggest fan but at least under him we could defend. i have supported liverpool for 25 years and never have i felt so disspondent. there is no way we are going to get a champions league spot with this team so no way of attracting world class players. how the hell did conchesky get in a liverpool team he’s not even good enough to play for my local pub team!!!
    so fed up of never having anything to cheer about

  24. Another glory hunter then eh?

    Have a look at the shit the likes of Newcastle, Man City and even Tottenham have had over the years and just because we’re having a rough couple of years you want to bale.

    Well go ahead then, football doesn’t need sky subscription glory hunters who jump off as soon as the sh”t hits the fan. I’m fed up being surrounded by failed managers who aren’t even from 50 miles of the stadium.

  25. What I find weird is that none of the papers have mentioned anything about Roy being under pressure. Can you imagine Benitez starting off like this in the season and getting such a smooth ride from the press?

  26. I have supported Liverpool since I was old enough to own a motorcycle to go to the matches. I have not seen so much rubbish on the field, ever. Where is the Spirit of Shankley? They don’t play for their shirt, it’s as though they don’t care and it shows. This is an immense club and their is no pride to play for this great club. I say we get rid of the whole of the first team and bring in the lads.

  27. Possibly what we need to do is show our dissatisfaction by voting with our feet. That is:- by not turning up for the next home match. That will show we need some action to bring the respect back into the team.

  28. Although it pains me to say but Liverpool FC are at best a mid table side…. What the fuck has happened to our Great club. I may have been brought up during our greatest years but no matter what, I am in a sort of “til death do us part” relationship with this UNBELIEVABLE club. So get rid of the mediocrity and bring us back to GREATNESS. Sorry Roy but, this job is too big for you…!!!

  29. Our once great club is still in decline because of the 2 yanks & they appointed Roy didnt they? I`ts just a matter of time for Roy hes just not the man to take us forward, his days are numbered.The 2 players he brought in are utter mince he could have bought 1 decent player with the money he spent on them! Anyway watching Roy blow his nose is enough for me & he talks the biggest lot of dung ever. The media seem to back him up coz hes a nice bloke, he probably is but he`s just not for us. Get him out now please Santa thats what i want for christmas & bring in someone who will we can believe in please……………!!!!!

  30. L.F.C 4 life I’m sick 2 death of hearing counterproductive comments if ur so fucking smart why ain’t u doing the job? I’ll tell u y cos ur not Liverpool fc use 2 have the best fans in the world but I’ve got 2 b honest a good size portion of us 2day sound like a bunch sore c@&ts & it breaks my heart. I know I will always love Liverpool fc but more & more eachday I becoming a bit more disillusion with the game (players,agents,owners,money etc etc) Roy is our manager full stop u may not like it but it is what it is let’s just get behind our man in Roy we trust (atleast 4 now)

  31. Missed watching the game yesterday as kickoff coincided with a performance by David Knopfler, ex Dire Straits in Malta.

    Anyhow, I did follow matters via cell phone and was encouraged by Kuyt’s equaliser. I thought we would have won this easily as it seemed we did find some sort of coherence lately. Very wrong apparently. The Spurs match did more damage than we expected; the reversal after such a wonderful effort must still be haunting the lads.

    I would be surprised if Roy survives the New Year (anything less than three points in each of the remaining games should be enough-a-reason to part company) although in such a situation the blame must be shared by both manager and players. Such performances suggest players and manager are not on the same wavelength somehow. The issue is clearly psychological; something on the same lines happening at Chelsea. Roy confirms tactics do not change when playing away from home so it’s anyone’s guess what the crux of it all is.

    It may well be a case of starting afresh, new manager, new squad and this obviously has repercussions.

  32. by the way, your support was rubbish yesterday, and I should know I was only feet away. not a peep until you scored, and then you were right up for it for five minutes.

  33. Exactly. Signing Poulsen, Konchesky and resigning Aurelio is a very bad idea indeed. Three of the are lack of pace and low concentration. We should sign a young players which contain ambition, hard-working and mostly spirit which is needed for the first team.

    4-4-2 worked perfectly but as I mention before it seems. Some of the players lack of concentration. The other problem is, it’s like we find it so hard to penetrate the passes. Maybe a Xabi Alonso type will smooth things up. Raul Meireless seems unfomfortable with his position. We’ve got to bring Meireless splendid Portugal performance to Liverpool.

    Lastly, Roy Hodgson lack of approach. Maybe we should find a manager who had highly discipline approach like Mourinho, motivate players like Guardiola, and a tactician like Benitez.

    I’m sure we can do better. This is a club with a great History and all the fans always support and love this club.

  34. I have only recently started supporting lfc but I can’t imagine England most decorated club losing to blackpool and Newcastle. I think Roy should be judged at the end of the season and Liverpool isn’t the kind of club to sack a manager after 17 games also swap Johnson for juves amauri it will help Torres

  35. read all the comments and to be honest i never wanted RH. but whether it was just coincidental i actually think he has got the team playing more offensive and Lucas and Merelles have been a revelalation in midfield. every ball they play is always forward and offensive,unlike Mr negative Benitez who wanted the ball played backwards and sideways. I have been enjoying the football we have been playing of late. Should of won at Spurs except for very poor finishing from Maxi and Nando. to me if Nando wants to go let him go. I adore the lad but if he thinks he is bigger than us then he has to go. Also do we give Mr Hodgson a chance, and give him funds in January to strengthen the team and to trust him to buy the right players.very concerned! or do we get shut now?

  36. The only thing messed up about Liverpool is the manager he is best mates with firgi and the team don’t want to play under him, he signs rubbish players who can just about get in the west ham team Roy should kill himself or piss of frm our club cause the board are full of cowards who won’t do shit

  37. lfc should sell players like ngog,babel,poulsen,lucas,jovanovic,acquilani.
    lfc should be like this:

    midfielders:gerrard,joe cole,maxi,mirieles,dempsey(fulham),shelvey..
    right wing: kuyt,honda,kelly
    left wing: dimitri payet,pienaar(everton) or a.young(a.villa)
    strikers:torres,suarez,lisandro lopez(lyon) or falcao(porto)…
    only then liverpool will be the goal machine…
    soooooo stop spending on cheap players,,,,….buy quality n quantity,,,,….now with no loan…lfc may afford….

  38. winning formula:

    strikers:torres,falcao,forlan or suarez.
    manager:guus hiddink.
    defense:good,midfield:solid,attack:goal machine.
    sooooooo invest in players who deserve to play at liverpool..

  39. well, some of the stuff, i read here is more depressing than what is happening at liverpool club. oK we are not in good position but i think some are very pssimistic and headline likei had enough is a bit over the top. like if liverpool dont start winning i am going to support another club. whatever hapen to you never walk alone.
    i think some of the fans are part of problms, those who last year every time we lost phone radio city and said Lucas is not good enough, Ngog is crap, sell insua and sack Benitez are same ones this year saying sack roy , Lucas is great player, and we should have never let InSUA GO.
    we used ot be a force and our fans were a big part of that and in last two season a group of fan just love to moan.
    lets get behind our team.

  40. what do use honestly expect hodgson to do!! he aint had no money to work with untill now….yea he bought konchesky but name another left back u can buy with two million?… torres hasnt been his usual self….apart from him we have only ngog…..oooo and lucas is looking like a new signing under roy!!….wake up lads and see that rafa ruined our great club!!….his buys were some of the most shocking in premier league! and hodgson been left to fix it!

  41. are the press not allowed to speak badly of roy ? not a word in the press after another terrible away game about roys job being under pressure,look at where newcastle are in the league and chris houghton got the sack unfairly in my opinion cause they are placed above expectations in the league table after winning promotion last season.we need a young manager with a fresh approach that the lfc players will play football for.look at the job holloway has done for blackpool every game home and away they go out to entertain and the job owen coyle is doing at bolton both of these guys with not nearly as much resources or squad depth are playing better football than us and i have more faith in them winning games lately than us, come on roy get the finger out,poulsen is a mistake and konchesky is a disaster,who ya gonna buy in january ??? robbie savage…..

  42. Just when you thought we had the worst squad ever last season, up pops konchesky, poulsen + if rumours are to be believed, that other piece of dog crap, carlton cole. This shows me the level to which we have sunk. These players are medioche, out of thier depth + ability, so are many other people pretending to be footballers at this, Englands greatest + most successful football club. what anyone sees in Dik Kyut is mystifing. watch how many attacks breakdown because this clown is devoid of the basic footballing ability, such as, controling + passing the ball. Both johnson + konchesky are woefull + so bad it’s hard to see why anyone conciders them footballers. Oh and Thank god carragher’s injured, another overated piece of s***. How he has 600+ appearances is a joke, it must be just because he’s ‘a local lad’ in a club full of s*** overated, over payed and in some cases over the f***ing hill and far away players from all over the world. Come Liverpool and Mr Henry, dump all this s*** including mr Hodgson.

  43. Dear All Liverpool fans..i understand how you all feel as i am also in the same situation like all of you. But this feeling already exist since i first become an official Liverpool’s fan in the year 2000. What i seen for the past 10 yr, i didn’t see much improvement but the luck to won the Champion League really thrill me temporary & though Rafa is the man. But i was wrong. He was just another Manager who don’t know which way to go. Same go to the current manager. Now, really owner & management really need discuss what ahead the future for LFC. Till when we as a fan need to wait to see our beloved club make a remarkable break thru?

  44. 30+ years for me.I haven’t been able to watch this season.I feel too embarrassed.Woy’s turned us into a laughing stock.I wouldn’t trust him to spend a giro.

  45. Liverpools problem for too long. World class spine, rubbish in every other department(right footers on the left, kuyt on the wing??, heskey up front). Why cant we get creative players? Everyone knew mash was off, bar roy! As a result we sold him at the last min and had to buy poulsen. Keane remember him?, crouch made way for the guy and for whatever reason it didnt workout and we sold him in january 2009 guess what? we never replaced him to this day! ridicules. We bought kuyt as a striker who broke records in holland, why is he on the wing?? If he couldnt score why didnt we sell him?? he has no pace sure hes a nice guy and works hard but comon. carragher im afraid is passed it, he gets a new contract!!?!. torres is not bothered(i dont blame him). Lucas has come on a bit but still not up to standard. The Academy
    has produced nothing worth mentioning for 10 years, we have to buy 15 year olds?? The likes of sterling and suso wont be signing any pro contracts will liverpool as things stand. Needs a massive overhaul of squad,coachs, managers and the looser mentality that has creeped into our club in the last 20 years. The one positive is i believe we have the correct owners at the helm.

  46. Until 2 years ago when i emigrated to Australia i had a season ticket for 20 years and have supported the club all my life, i am now 49. I get really passionate about LFC and the club has been a massive part of my life, travelling all over the world to watch them in some of the greatest games there have ever been. Since i moved to Australia i have gotten up at silly hours of the morning to watch every game, i have not missed a single game we have played!!! BUT NO MORE!!!. At this moment in time i am so depressed to think where we have ended up. A mediocre team with no passion (accept when playing at home), no structure, some very average players and a manager that has not got a clue. To see him slouch in his seat on saturday, sulking and mumbling to himself when their second goal went in was embarrassing. Roy please leave now whilst you have a modicom of self respect left. Bring in someone like Frank Rijkaard, a master of the modern game. PLEASE!!!

  47. Players we used to depend on are not performing. New/young players are not there yet. Raise your expectations in one game and disappoint you the next game. Plus tonnes of other news that continues to stress you up for the wrong reasons. It is just too much for a football fan to bear and I have already decided to stop watching for this season. Time to take a break and spend time with the people who are important to me, they were unfortunate enough to have a LFC supporter in the family for the past years.

  48. i was hoping that we would beat newcastle and maybe tempt andy carrol to sign for us…he must think we are a joke now

  49. The guy who wrote this shouldn’t be a fan. Seriously, look at the bigger picture, your a glory hunter, and tbh go support another team if all your gonna do is moan. It’s a rough patch, get over it. And we might not win anything, but we’ve deserved to, we’ve just been unlucky, unless you’ve not seen the same tables as me?

  50. Don’t be so ridiculous, I hate it when fans turn the current plight into a personal struggle – the club owes you nothing. if you’re so upset that you want to give up then walk away but the rest of us will be there til the bitter end.

    You have to ride the lows to experience the highs, so either walk away or quit your personal sob stories and grit your teeth.

  51. Hang in there folks! Supporting Liverpool isn’t the same as supporting Man Utd or Chelsea you know. It mirrors life! Every up and every down. It keeps everything in perspective and is the greatest soap opera or movie franchise ever created. This team is no worse than the one Souness made after Kenny left and we rose again to games as good as ever. You want success each week you’ve come to the wrong club. In sickness and in health. In good and in bad – above england games and world cups – you are Liverpool! Besides you have to remember that this is going to be remembered as the most successful season in the history of LFC ever. It is the year we beat the Hicks and Gillet Cowboys and saw them lose big time in the tightest title race since time began. The title of ownership. Give it a rest! This club is indebted to El Nino and Pepe. They are world class and honourable guys but if they leave, Liverpool goes on! I’ve seen Sounees (the player) leave and be replaced by a chubby fella from Denmark. King Kenny finished playing for Liverpool once you know? As did Ian Rush, Ronnie Whelan, John Barnes, John Aldridge, Peter Beardsley and many many other brilliant larkers – and guess what? We won the FA Cup, the Champions League and stuffed Real Madrid and the Scum. Toughen up with your weakness and doubt. Its Christmas and at the end of a storm is a golden sky. Do you listen to nothing? These songs aren’t sung to sound good in the ground or on TV like Man U and Chelsea. They are song because they are true!!!

  52. Right now we need 3 players. Talented striker that is as good/fast as torres , a left Mid so that LB would have to keep running up so front and not defending. and of course, a Defender like Carragher. No more CM or DM. We have a lot of CM and DM not used like. If Johnson goes, we need a RB? Damn man.

  53. First things first. The manager has to go before we buy any players whatsoever. The clown in charge has already proven his transfer accumen, with the amazingly pants Christian Poulsen and his boot cleaner, Paul Konchesky (cos thats all he is good for).

    Away from home & with Hodgson in charge, Liverpool have no chance of making the top 4 ever!! 9 away games in the league this season and a possible 5 points from 27. scoring 5 goals and conceding 16. Woy only won 1 single game away from home with Fulham last season. Its beyond a joke. His entire premiership record away from home is around 85 games and 12 wins!! How is that ever going to be good enough for a team like Liverpool.

    His away team talks must be embarrassing to the players and set them up with so little confidence. He tries to avoid the defeat instead of the ‘Going for a win’ attitute. Im afraid, that is why he will never be the man for a top of the league team.

    Do the decent thing Woy and walk away before you decide to bring Jason Lee (the pineapple head guy) out of retirement to partner Torres up front.

    Rant over.

  54. Kieran: a rough patch? Are you kidding? Do you really see a future with Hodgson at the helm? Come on mate, wake up & smell the coffee. The man has no idea – won nothing in 35 years, mid-table mentality, getting rid of promising youngsters, buying shite…I haven’t even mentioned his tactics.

  55. Funny enough the argument seems to be on all sides. I believe the lord will minister soonest and positively so, else u consider walking alone.

  56. Does anyone else dread the thought of Hodgson being around in the January transfer window in order to waste even more of the clubs money on”young” players who we might have to wait a couple of years before they become first teamers.We need quality NOW,Left back, 2 proper wingers and a striker for me are huge priorities because otherwise Torres and Reina will be gone and quite frankly under hodgson who can blame them

  57. Roy is a natural disaster as far as i can see. He has only won a single away game to bolton and drawn 2 to westham and wigan. He will in no time reduce the club to a pack of rubbish and the players value will diminish. HOGSON, PLEASE LEAVE NOW!

  58. I’m a liverpool fan for 47 years now. I will follow the club whatever will happen, but I can’t see the seventies and eighties decades return. At least I will have all those great memories, but my son thinks that one treble and one great Europian Cup are not enough. For him I hope something better will wait for Liverpool and for him in the near horizon.

  59. Roy Hodgson of Liverpool is a copycat of the same maneger of Fulham in the previous year. Mid table league place and Europa League success. That’s what he can get.

  60. I agree with most of these comments but . . . .I’m getting F**Ked off with watching our ‘star striker’ play like a muppet . . .I’m sick of seeing his sulky face and half hearted attempts. I thought Babel and Ngog where brilliant against Villa. Torres has done nothing for us this season, fact (excluding the chelsea game!)

  61. get a grip ya bunch of drama queens. The team was pish last season and was further weakened in the summer when Masch left. Now Woy has some real money at his disposal give him a chance to bring in a bit of quality before he’s judged. In the meantime stop being a bunch of fuds

  62. Aside from the unavoidable contradiction (if you don’t want Hodgson in charge then you surely don’t want to give him any money to spend in Jan – I certainly don’t if his summer transfer activity is anything to go by!) I agree with the points you make. However, if you are a fan of THE CLUB you will support THE CLUB through thick and thin, no matter what. This support doesn’t necessarily have to extend to individuals, ie Hodgson/certain players, but to stop watching the team full stop and still consider yourself a fan is laughable at very best.
    I really do feel the same pain, and I know it’s not easy, but get behind the team, they clearly need the support right now.

  63. IS NESV another version of Hicks & Gillette?

    They may talk about underpromising & overdelivering, but all I’m seeing so far is downgrading of Transfer targets & SETTLING for a mediocre Manager. Is it that they’re not going to spend for either top class Players or a top class Manager?

    There’s a solution to not spending for a current expensive Mgr – give Kenny the job at least for the season…for the doubters, I leave this with you…THE ONLY LIVING MANAGERS WITH BETTER RECORDS THAN HIM IN ENGLAND ARE FERGUSON & WENGER…and yet people have doubts??? This MAN WILL make this team better just by his presence!!! PLEASE DO YOUR JOB NESV!

    Messrs. Henry & Werner – This is’nt like Baseball, where if you miss the playoffs, every team starts equally the next season.

    If Livrpool misses ‘our version’ of the playoffs this year, i.e. the Top 4 (& a Champions Lge place), we’ll not attract the best players for a couple years, and the few World Class players we have will rightfully leave, as they deserve to be playing in the Champions Lge. This will put us further down the ladder.

    Get rid of Hodgson now, and get Kenny in asap, at least for the rest of the season. Don’t let anyone tell you that the current squad is’nt good enough to make top 4 with a better manager. So, John & Tom, from someone supporting LFC for over 30 years, show me your ambition!

  64. I agree with everything written in this article, I’ never wanted Hodgson for manager, or that Liverpool buys Poulsen and Konchesky.
    Still, I hoped it will somehow work but it never did and it will never be as good as Liverpool needs unless we see young and quality players coming in, and possibly a better manager too.

    I’d be happy to see Suarez coming and at least one more quality signing, Mexes perhaps.

  65. 1892 – I Salute you, what a great piece of work. I loved reading it and it bought a smile to my face.

    Guys, come on lets get behind Liverpool and every player. So what if we dont have billions in the bank and fake fans who just swap teams for the hell of being successful, we are LFC and we are better than that!!!

  66. Liverpool fc, i am always pourd, emaressed never. “HAD ENOUGH” what are you saying kido. Karim u are right lad we are better than this as fan, we dont starrt speaking shite about current players and managers we get behind em. Roy is a hell of a guy 35 years and won thing but look at the teams he managed and how good he made em, fulham i remember them being nothing but now a match for anyone, honest when i see a fixture like man u vs fulham i say a up utd will lose here and truly belevie that roy made player beleive that too. the team needs balance, 4-4-2 torres n babel yes we need another defender and a winger all the playes we have are class and some need more time than others belive u me the future is bright i hope we never sacked rafa but we av roy and i hope he stays at liverpool for a long time and i belive if he gets time nd trust me HE WILL BE SUCCESSFUL,

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