POLL : Do you want Rafa back as Liverpool manager?

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With the word out that Rafa has been sacked by Inter many Liverpool fans are calling for him to be installed back as Liverpool gaffer. How do you feel about this?


  1. Tbh if it weren’t for Hodgson i’d imagine the answer a lot would give would be “No”, but i think the answer is more “i’d take anyone over Hodgson right now”.

    Nonetheless i was always a fan of Rafa and would take him back in an instant.

  2. Rafa is the one who ruined this team, hodgson has us playing the best football we’ve played in years and we have one of the best records over the last 8 or so games. Screw rafa! Keep woy!

  3. should Rafa come back,i’m done with liverpool…i love liverpool with all my heart and we all liverpool fans had enough about problems on and off the pitch the last years..but if benitez comes back,i’m fed up with liverpool..benitez is the worst manager ever to manage liverpool and i would prefer everyone else except for him..he’s destroyed us and you want him back??look at this years squad,..el zhar,degen,voronin,..konchesky is class ahead of these FLOPS!!i’d prefer HODGSON to stay 10000 miles than have back a man who doesnt know what the words “SQUAD DEPTH” mean..Roy to stay,NESV to stay,Comolli to stay,Benitez AWAY!!!

  4. i REALLLLLLLLY hope rafa comes back he took the club as a member of his family, he defended it to the hilt and ws royally FUC%ED around by those whose names i won’t say, they have worse names than cnut :o) he lives on merseyside and loves the area, rafa i never lost belief and always backed you a much as physically possible, if the new americans offer you the job PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE take it., the only fans who didn’t back u, have NO IDEA about football rafaaaaaaaaaa rafaeeeeeeeeeeeel rafael benitiz!!!!

  5. Make no mistake about it, Rafa gave me the greatest day of my life as a fan (Istanbul) and other matches (Chelsea- semi, Man United- 4-1 etc are up there) but we have moved on and we shouldnt go back. We must back Hodgson and give him time, that is now and always has been the Liverpool way. When he assmebles his side, only then should he be judged.

  6. Most managers are better than Roy, do I want Rafa back?

    1. I don’t think NESV and Rafa would get along, Rafa would want to much his own way and wouldn’t like working under Comolli who seems to be the one given the role to bring in new players.

    2. Just like NESV won’t hire Dalgliesh they won’t hire Rafa because he has too much support and would be hard to get rid of if it doesn’t work out.

    The club and Rafa have parted lets just leave it that way and remember the good times.

    But i can and will say this if Rafa was still in charge we wouldn’t have been in the relagation zone, yes under him we had a blip last season but thats all it was hes a perfectionist and a thinker he would have made things better, I do miss him and its great to see him back in Liverpool……YNWA


    Why dont you do something constructive with your life? you are no good for Liverpool football club or its fans!! All you ever do is create a discourse of misschief and resentment..

    If thing wernt bad enough around Anfield and our beloved club since H&G and Rafas bad last year…YOU continually promote negativity amongst Liverpool fans and bring the stimlutet thoughts that do no good what so ever!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS ANTOINE AND HIS MERRY MEN…Hope you turn over a new leaf for 2011!!

    All the best TONY

  8. What use is this poll? We have a manager, we sacked rafa. Would NESV hire him? No chance. Would Rafa get on with NESV? Definitely not.

    All this poll does is make us less positive about our team.

    Having said that i just got tickets to the wolves match. Its obvious that Anfield isnt selling out as quickly as it used to.

    Bad times.

  9. No way!
    he ruined our team last season and hodgson had to clear up his mess. Although, hodgson ain’t doing very well at the moment I don’t think Rafa would do any better. We need someone much better.

  10. ANTOINE I am absolutly devasted at the amount of negativity and arguements amongst fans…LIVE 4 LIVERPOOL, all he does is repeat the crap the tabloids make up and make out as if it is what ROY H is going to do…

    Our fans have suffered long enough, 20 years we have suffered and I wish that we could just stop looking at hindsight, what if’s, maybes, rumours..and just try and all stick together..without any militancy or aggressive calls for massive changes…

    I am sure you love LFC ANTOINE but I dont see how some of the articles on your site promote any sense of calm or direction our hurting fans need…patience is a virtue!

    All the best

  11. Maybe NESV will get it right for next season and maybe…..just maybe we can finish 6th or better for some sort of European action. We can do better than Roy or Rafa. Both men can up with plenty of excuses for failure. Happy Christmas All.

  12. My opinion (not that its important but I am awake) No to Rafa, he wouldn’t fit in with the current setup and it wouldn’t be long before we are frustrated Liverpool fans pondering over his confusing substitutions and poor transfer market activity. I’m happy we’ve got Comolli in, who is largely responsible for the successful Spurs squad who are enjoying our champions league football. (:P I know it isn’t really our god given right, but I have a friend who is a Spurs fan who constantly rubs it in and I hate it.)

    I want to see what Roy does over a season. I like the use of the youngsters, I like 4-4-2, I like how he is with the players and I think eventually it will breed good team spirit. We’re seeing very good football at times, its clear to see the coaching is working, he just hasn’t got the right mix of players yet. But if we continue to struggle away and when he does bring in the players he wants and the ‘this game is the turning point’ still goes on then I think we should bring in Andres Villas-Boas the current Porto manager, very talented young manager, very much in the mould of Mourinho (actually worked under him at some point and Sir Bobby Robson). He speaks English as well. Read about him if you get the chance.

  13. those who still believe the lies the anti-lfc media weaved on rafa who destroyed the team are ridculous. let the fans’ voting decide.

  14. for me Rafa’s return is not an option! he’s as much to blame as H&G for ruining Liverpool FC! notoriously poor on the transfer market, questionable man management, negative tactics and arrogant!

  15. A Rafa who didn’t have to wheel and deal and look for bargain basement players or free transfers. A Rafa that could be integral to a 5-10 year building plan. A Rafa working in harmony with the new owners with only one common goal to make LFC succesful again. A Rafa that has the majority of support from the fans and understands what being a RED means. A Rafa that will stand up for his players, his club and it’s fans. A Rafa that loves the city of Liverpool and is passionate about LFC.
    I would love to see Rafa back in charge of Liverpool so we can plan for the future, he is still a young vastly experienced manager who given the right backing and a long term strategy in place can most definitley take Liverpool back to the very top.
    All we have at the moment is a caretaker manager who is doing more harm than good, the sooner we can recruit a young top experienced manager with a love for LFC the better.

  16. I want Roy out ASAP, but not for a return to Benitez! If the option was to ride out the rest of the season with Roy or have another five with Rafa, I’d rather just put up with what we’ve got

    Just because Hodgson was the wrong replacement, that doesn’t mean that it was wrong to get rid of Benitez

  17. Rafa was a disaster towards the end of his tenure clearly alienating players BUT anything is better than Woy. Hodgson is a disgrace and is destroying the club. There will be a lot of discontent expressed by players once Woy is eventually sacked but sadly I feel that he will be the one staying and a lot of our good players will be going. This has been the saddest period of my 30 years of supporting the Pool. I simply can’t bear to go to any games this season and watch Hodgson’s tactics destroy the morale and confidence of our players.

  18. Please!!!! are you guys mad? RAFA is an idoit!!!
    Look how he has destroyed Inter Milan? All he knows is spending big money to get players… every year his complaign is the same and i am really sick of it..

    He knows shit about football and you guys can call him a thinker… His style of football is boring and defensive.. His has a brain like a pea.

    Pleae RAFA dont you ever step into Anfield again… Try apply some coaching job in ASIA like Vietnam or Indonesia… I think you’ll get better chance there. Then again…. they might not want you to ruin their squad too!!!

  19. We need Rafa back! He’s been the best manager in years. We need a manager to stick around and get it right and Rafa is the one!

  20. I say no to rafa coming back! While Roy is painfully out of his depth tactically and recruitment wise. Rafa appears to somewhat of a trouble maker. At LFC it was H&G to blame but Xabi didn’t leave because of them, now did he! And now at inter 6 months into a new contract he is blaming the board for poor results!
    LFC need a manager who can lead us positively on the pitch, in the media and in recruitment!

  21. Why is it that the ones who are most opposed to Rafa seem to be the ones posting with such nonsense reasons for not having him back? WUM’s?
    Rafa gave us the night of our lives, never mind countless
    Champions League nights, for those with short term memories. not to mention continually demolishing Man U and Everton over the last few years. Ok we didn’t quite get the holy grail but seriously given the amount of money we spent and before anyone says he spent enough, he didnt! Most of it was generated through those succesful Champions League Years, we overachieved consistently and were regarded Europes number 1 team by FIFA, anyone remember this? who took us there? that man.
    For those saying move on never look back, name an alternative of the same calibre as Rafa? In the last 6 years Rafa’s record in Europe was better than anyones, in the PL we had a better record than Arsenal.
    That man outed the greedy Yanks, showed them for what they were, cancers in our club, with zero investment over the last 2 years or so what did you expect us to achieve? Rafa’s miracles were gonna run out sooner or later… just a shame Cecil Purslow and Sky brainwashed fans listening to Martin Tyler’s Monkey’s continual bull crap fell for this media smear campaign and undermining the best thing that happened to Liverpool Football Club Since Kenny stood down.
    The man has so much class and dignity even comes back to live in Liverpool, he is one us and will be in our history books forever to have “Won it 5 times”, just for this he deserves our respect if nothing else.

  22. Rafa has lost his football genius. And Roy has lost the plot. Lfc needs a better manager than these two. Its down to NESV to act fast and get that manager that will bring back success that we so badly need.

  23. After the over four year victimization of Rafa by the English press, a small, but loud minority of our ‘fans’ have developed a disturbing hatred of Rafa, fuelled by lies and innuendos from the press.

    None of them have the foresight to learn and understand how Rafa manages to inspire confidence and loyalty with over two thirds of Reds, why people still chant his name these days. None of them understood the depths and extent of the damage that Hicks & Gillett, Purslow and the press caused us.

    Instead, they keep falling back on the same lies, innuendos and half truths to support their blinkered arguments. These fans, or should I say, anti-fans, should take a step back and take a good look at their embarrassing themselves.

    Anyway, Rafa, if this news proves true, then it is indeed a sad, sad news. Your honest and principled nature sometimes seems so out of place in the shady world of football. Please take a good rest, spend some time with your family, recharge your batteries this season. If I ever see you in the streets of Liverpool, I will offer you a cup of coffee, an insignificant, but nonetheless, a measure of my appreciation for your courage and principles while you were our manager. Thank you for protecting the club from H&G for as long as you did. Always remember Rafa, You’ll Never Walk Alone.

    Have a Merry Christmas Rafa, and God bless you!

  24. No, I was a big backer of Benitez in his time at Anfield, but I’m a firm believer in not going back. It very rarely works. We desperately need a new manager, but we should be looking elsewhere.

  25. First of all, without considering Rafa, there is no chance in hell that WOy is gonna be here after this season, whether its in in 2 weeks or by summer is just the detail. With the new manager coming in, we will be going through another transitional phase. IMO, we might as well get it over with now and reduce the turbulent phase.
    At present, all the managers that we`d like to have, say Hiddink, or Flores or Mourinho/spalletti/capello or any other top manager who fits our requirement are not available. Most of them are in the latter stages of their career anyway and would not be ideal for a long term Vision. Now if Rafa becomes available, the only thing that would concern me would be his relationship with the dressing room. if that is fine then lets have Rafa back. LFC is still his project and he has done nothing but improve us slowly and steadily until the last season. The problems with Tom and Jerry are well documented and would prolly have broken a lesser man. At this point, we need to consider Rafa`s return with an open mind,he might be the best man for the job.
    I would be support a similar high caliber manager, Woy is simply breaking our hearts. I knew he was`nt anything great, but who knew he was this pathetic. we simply cant afford to keep him any longer…..i had my doubts abt phil thompson when he was temp manager, but he was 10 times better than Woy. anotehr few months and Souey would be happy that he has been exonerated from the charges of being our worst manager.

    Please think logically and dispassionatly and Support Rafa for the job. he is
    One of us

    Rave the Red.

  26. The one big criticism of Rafa is that he made some very poor signings but under FSG, transfers will be a lot more well thought through and as such I think Rafa would do better in this regard if he came back. I also think Rafa would work well with the guys from FSG and most of our players would welcome him back. We should get him back!

  27. I think Liverpool have caught up with the rest of the leagues’ supporters. There is no Liverpool way anymore. We had a manager who in 6 years won MORE than wenger in te same period, a premier league legend, won more points in that time than the previous manager(s) in the same period, cam closer tonwinning the league that the previous manger, brought us long term legends such as alonso, Torres, and probably the clubs best goalkeeper in it’s history, reina. And there are fans who hate him and think he ruined the club. Liverpool fans sometimes don’t deserve those 5 years. They deserve hodgson and whatever he brings.

  28. 65% of fans responding to the poll want Rafa back at Liverpool. They must all be fans of the other 19 Premier League clubs who are praying for it to happen!

  29. Interesting that some people are so ignorant that they blame Rafa for the small squad and ruining Liverpool, completely ignoring the fact that he had to work with negative transfer budgets (balancing the books) for two years! And I don’t think it was Rafa who loaned out Aquaman and Insua. The young lad Insua was not a complete player yet but no way was he worse than Konchesky and he had potential to develop. Rafa would definitely be a better choice than uncle Roy who is clearly out of his depth.

  30. Icannot see Rafa coming back to Liverpool i would like him to but with Comolli here there would be firework’s right from the start.NESV will have sussed this well out,and knowing Rafa like’s a good boardroom fight will stay well clear.

  31. Rafa did exactly what he did at Liverpool! Waited for 1 good win in amongst a bad run of form – very bad when you think what inter did last season with exactly the same squad that jose had! And tries deflecting the poor form with shouts of we need 5players and direction! Come on!!!!!! How many times did we see that at Liverpool!? Signings such as voronin, degen, keane,the list go’s on and on! He’s very clever!!! However at Inter – they weren’t fooled by it!!!! And I applaud that!!! And let’s also be clear he won the champions league with houliers squad, he’s won the super cup, and world club championship at inter with jose’s! So for all the investment at Liverpool what did we achieve?!? …and what was his excuse we need investment!!! EXACTLY! Oh and blaming Hicks and Gillet! I actually admire his passion for the city, the club and for all his faults I wish him well! However he needs to be honest when making mistakes rather than deflecting the blame, picking fights with the boards whilst trying to empower himself with the fans by saying wat he thinks they want to hear! (New players etc)
    He’s done this at valencia, liverppol and now inter! Take some time out, look at why things haven’t worked out and come back a better manager! Another thing I would add is another failing of his is his lack of man-management the ability to put his arm round a player, when a player is in form tell him rather than trying to knock him down a few pegs n saying he needs 2 improve! Show faith in a player you sign, play him in the position you signed him for and when his form dips back and play him into form!!!!!! (Keane 18 mil, aqua 20 mil, babbel 11 mil).
    I do want a new manager – someone who sees liverpool for the club they are! A team challenging for the title, attacking teams, home and away and non of this negative mentality where we talk as if we should consider an away draw a good result and set up not to lose rather than going out to win!!! …but who do I want? I actually don’t know! Someone who fits what I’ve said above I guess! YNWA

  32. “Kiel says:
    December 21, 2010 at 11:24 pm

    Rafa is the one who ruined this team, hodgson has us playing the best football we’ve played in years and we have one of the best records over the last 8 or so games. Screw rafa! Keep woy!”

    Actually, Roy just made up the statistic about our form. We are NOWHERE NEAR one of the form teams in the league. Don’t believe me, you can check this out yourself on the official premier league site. Makes you wonder if the information is so readily accessable how the manager of a top Premier League team could get that wrong!

    As for the rest of your post, I just hope you are on a wind up or there really is no helping you.

    There is some value in the “anyone but Roy” comment. However the day Rafa was shown the door I thought then he deserved a chance with decent owners and proper backing and should we ever be in a position to offer this to him, I would love him back. I didn’t think it would be possible just 6 months later and part of me thinks it’s too soon. However if he feels he is ready, then I would have him. The positives vastly outweigh the concived negatives IMO.

  33. I can’t understand some fans! Are you guys serious, you want that pathetic Rafa back? You guys must seriously know nothing about football. I have been a fan of the once “great” Liverpool F. C. for 45 years and this is one of the worst performing squad I have ever seen. Look what that moron Rafa left us, ngog, lucas, maxi, kuyt,johnson, skrtel, jovanovic, the crippled aqua,itandje (goalkeeper). shelvey, babel, sick note aurelio, plus others that he got rid and “supposedly” all the best youngsters in the world, which none and I mean none has made the grade.Sold some of the best players we had compared to this shower, keane, crouch, bellamy, alonso, riise, reira, garcia, gave away hyppia and so on.
    Always complaining and blaming others, but NEVER his fault. The 2 yanks we gave this moron 40 million the season before they were thrown out and he goes and spends it on a CRIPPLED AQUA and a defender who can’t defend to save his own neck JOHNSON. Yes 40 million on these 2 players and some of you guys want this moron back, amazing, just amazing!

  34. WE already throw the RUBBIsh… Then why wanna pick back the rubbish? If he back to liverpool, he will do the same stupid mistake. Bcos he is VERY EGO. And he likes to make problem with players.And will waste A LOT of money.

    Go for new and talent manager… Frank Rijkaard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  36. Maigrais

    What contribution did you make to man landing on the moon then ? Please enlighten us with your undoubted wisdom ?

  37. what can i say…he’s destroyed one of the biggest clubs in the world,liverpool, and the european champions..these teams will need some time to stand on their feet again,..and you want him back???we were complaining at him about playing mascherano and lucas in midfield and he was saying the same and same always..i would keep Hodgson rather than take the fat waiter back at Anfield..we are starting to create something again but if benitheus comes,he’ll be down again.

  38. I’m completely embarraseed by my fellow Liverpool fans wanting Rafa back. Loyal till the end or misguided? It’s the latter I’m afraid. Bad signings, boring negative football, terrible results, are you guys seriously that blind?

    The good news is NESV aren’t as stupid as a lot of Liverpool fans seem to be. They won’t have him back, if the did I think I’d completely give up on the club ever turning themselves around.

  39. All the ones asking for this sorry excuse of a manager Rafa back must be either a manure or blue bitter fan. No Liverpool fan with his head screwed on right would want this man back.

  40. Even G Houllier won more trophies than this pathetic manager. Even the 2 trophies that we won, the CL and the FA Cup were down to one man and that is Stevie G. Remember the 2007 Champions League Final? AC Milan were there for the taking, we went 2-0 down and “your Rafa” was playing with 1 forward “Kuyt” untill almost 80th. minute, then he brings Crouch on and we score right way, but it was too late. What was this moron thinking? that it wasn’t a final? That we were going to play them at Anfield in the second leg? Also the “world club championship” in Tokyo he used 1 striker again and we dominated the game and had over 20 corners and Crouch was kept on the bench and NEVER brought on, that too was his fault that we didn’t win it, utterly useless, pathetic and not fit enough to tie the shoe laces of dozens of current managers.

  41. As a United Fan,I would Love to see him at Anfield again. I would love to see who you lot would blame for your shambles (well apart from your usal insainity in believing that the whole world because of us rags, is against you) now that the two american gits have left.

  42. 70 percent of lfc fans must be bitter or mancs then cos the facts speak for themselves and the man should never have been sacked. californianrobert you just have a deluded short memory. alonso WAS the reason we never won in athens !!!

  43. lee daniel, please explain to us all how it was Alonso’s fault for us to lose the 2007 CL Final and NOT your fat waiter that you call a manager.Playing JUST KUYT UP FRONT FOR A TOTAL OF 80 MINUTES WHILE WE WERE DOWN 2-0 AND THEN HE BRINGS CROUCH IN AND FEW MINUTES LATER WE SCORED. Let me ask you something my young deluded know nothing about football little friend. What would Sir Alex had done if Man Utd were 1-0 down and NOT 2-0 down? Let me give you the answer, so you can have some knowledge before opening your mouth again and just pour out garbage. He would have thrown in Giggs, Parks, Anderson on to the field with the likes of Rooney, Berba, the Mexican fella, Nani and so on. Cause it’s a final my little deluded friend and NOT a home and away tie, see, dig, understand? Obviously it seems you have the same mentality and knowledge about football as your USELESS FAT WAITER, which is ZERO! THANK GOD ALMIGHTY WE GOT RID OFF THAT LOSER.

    1. CalifornianRed you are the Manc disrespecting him like that, only Mancs used those terms.

      The guy left money for Liverpool charities included the HJC.

      You might not know that all the way from California.

  44. why didn’t my comment get posted i posted it soon as this blog was up.

    CalifornianRed, your pathetic saying it was all down to Gerrard that we won those trophies, the manager had an influence if Rafa could have taken Stevie out of them games but didn’t, the guy deserves credit. If your saying that then i can say Owen is who won Houllier most of them trophies and Houllier did nothing.

    I think although i love Rafa, both club and him have moved on and leave it as that Rafa will always be welcomed at Anfield……YNWA

    It wouldn’t suprise me if Rafa ends up at Man City, and buys Torres, they are so desperate to get him so why not get the manager who brought him to Anfield.

  45. Hey Rob,
    stay in California and watch your stupid American football.. don’t show your ignorance here..
    your beloved Fergie wouldn’t have been able to throw all those players in.. there are only 3 subs allowed in football.. remember ?? :P

    some of the fans have short term memory..
    they keep using the last season as an example when talking about Rafa’s tenure.. just take an honest look at the whole 6 years.. you will shut yourself up.. don’t be fickle..
    even if I am a misguided fan, I am still better than a fickle one..

    Roy Hodgson – good coach but mediocre, not suitable for LFC..

  46. People have may opinions as to whether they’d like Rafa back or not. Fair enough.

    But any ‘Liverpool’ fan who disses Rafa Benitez isn’t a fan of Liverpool Football Club. Rafa showed great respect to both the fans and the club. He made mistakes, he brought joy and to all Liverpool fans who resort to calling him a Fat Spanish Waiter. Turn off SkySports and hold your heads in shame.

  47. people are very disrespectful. To each other and to players etc. Look how konchesky and poulsen have been treated. Not great players by any stretch but the stick has been far too personal.
    I dont want Benitez back- it would be a backward move and I think that its sad that LFC are still having to live off the back of that CL win. Gerrard and Hamman were the instigators of that win. In Cardiff 2006 west ham trounced us. But for having Stevie G I am convinced LFC would have been without a trophy since at least the GH days. Weird tactics in Athens cost us a 6th cup when the AC Milan side that turned up was there for the taking. Several bad buys, rants and raves, blame culture etc etc. No, not for me. Trouble follows the man. At times I feel he is rather manipulative to those people that are rather gullible. Ultimately, it’s down to individual choice but like I said in an earlier post I dont think a similar poll at Milan would have the same result and this does often come across as a very much, pro-Rafa site.
    If I would have 1 recent ex-coach back it would be Tommo.

  48. No just no, but HELL NO! “We” cannot serious with this ridiculous notion. He got out of his own way, to allow us to win the Champions League, and we had to come from behind to do it. Regardless the funding, he lost talent and never replaced it. Not to mention, I don’t think we had any confidence in his tactics, or his subbing, especially last season! We had a pourpus defense, and were virtually no threat to score, even with a healthy Torres.

    Then he moves to Inter, a doomsday scenario, I grant you, with the “beloved” Mourinho leaving, and the CL hangover, and yet another Scudetto, but he had all the talent in the World and was losing to horribly embarrassing sides.

    No way we want him anywhere near Merseyside.

    If we want Roy out, there just has to be a better option out there, than Rafa.

  49. Hey Paultheblue, stop taking the piss. Besides, it could be worse- they could be joint coaches! Arent you a chelski fan? wot u doin on here? How’s ray wilkins?

  50. Good God, no. NEVER should that man come back to Anfield.

    He has already taken 6m quid off us for his own failings.

    Forgetting how people feel about Hodgson (the man is on a hiding to nothing), Benitez cannot be the answer. That ship has sailed.

    Sadly, a great number of our deluded followers will think otherwise and likely wage another cultish campaign to bring him back.

    Stay away.

  51. Rafa aint worst than overrated ‘dumb’founded english uncle woy. at least he is a liverpool at heart n worked his heart out for this club. rafa pls comeback!!!

  52. Benitez is a good manager not a great one.

    He was responsible for one of the best nights of my life in 2005 and I’ll always love him for that. But he is not without flaws like too many reds claim.

    He is as responsible for this current mess as the owners are. Wasted masses of money on sub standard players, over paid on players like Johnson, Aquillani, Riera etc.

    Good tacticain, average in the transfer market, poor man manager. He has had his go…time for somebody else to try.

    Im not happy with fighting for 4th every year, I want a title ASAP…thats just my ambition.

    Is Hodgson the man to win us it? No chance.
    Is / Was Rafa? Unfortunatley not.

  53. Just simply no! Do we want him to scare off another player?
    I miss Albert and Yossi very much!! And his tactics? To me they
    didn´t seem clear at all…and this is just for the fact that he
    won´t come back. I don´t believe in this rumours.

  54. Y benitez! because hodgson does not have the calliber to manage liverpool to our ecpectations, liverpool should have brought on Morinho as he is the only one who would have guaranteed the premier league to liverpool, benitez is a v.tactical manager almost as Morinho, every good manager which have performed till now built up their team on a solid defence first, morinho did when taking up chelsea and which rafa did on taking up LFC, in 2005 the total goals scored by liverpool counted by hands yet we won the cups with solid defence, LFC`s 2008-2009 season, 2nd in league table, this team was close to perfection, what I am saying is that rafa has the formula of the winning team… he needed replacement for Alonso only, Aquilani is good but was too much away from field due to injury…if i want rafa back, it is bcoz I can c no one who can replace him rather other than Morinho or Ferguson :), HODGSON, guys, does not have the calliber because liverpool is in itself a nation of football and is not a small team and cannot be compared to fulham’s success bcoz its simply a historical team..

  55. its true, the idea of the knowledgeable kop is diluted by the fact LFC has millions of fans. unfortunately, many of them are fed the press lines of lazy journalism, sycophantic worship of Fungus Face and loathing of a non English manager who never toad their line and was too intelligent by far. Rafa has many enemies in England including ex players and possibly our two English lads who it is rumoured were the allies of Purslow when the back stabbing and briefing of the press was taking place last season. It saddens me that a Liverpool manager who broke so many records, who got the highest points without winning the league, who won the CL and made is supreme in Europe once again and all at a ludicrous budgets with nut-cases for administration and ownership should be vilified by some (a minority it must be stated) who hate him with a vengeance. History will always tell the truth no matter what the hordes say today, Rafa is an LFC legend and for those who walk the storm, he will not walk alone.

  56. No No NOOO !! r u guys serous ? he got sucked 2 times in 6 months , with a REASON ! Just because he said , YNWA he became the favorable! 6 years of Coaching us doesn’t mean anything to you guys ? blaming the whole world excepting HIM self in so many different situations in the loose or draw case! He never took the responsibility for any bad performance , only the good results he became the hero for it ! the stubborn thing , bad communication with the players, the negative dealing with the media. Hell no , we don’t want him back , NEVER EVER
    (UEEFA&F.A CUP won it by Lucky P.K + a Man stood for him ,his name is Stevan Gerrard)

  57. Rafa back!!! NO NO NO. No way. I’m really surprised that so many people want him back? Why? What did he do for Liverpool? His tactics are suck. He is so proud for nothing. He spemt six yeasr in Liverpool, spent over $ 250 millions and did nothing. NO NO NO. Please dont ever do the same mistake. Liverpool needs a real strong, brave and clever manager. Rafa is coward and stupid.

  58. Frank. You say history tells the truth.

    Then it will tell a tale of a good manager, who took us as far as he could. Of Rafa & Istanbul and nothing else, because he achieved nothing after.

    The FA Cup is a mickey mouse cup now. And as for the league…one second place…followed by a seventh place and the worst football I’ve seen since Souness. Millions wasted on players not good enough. Players looking forlorn at the managers rantings, tactics and substitutions.

    Shankly said : First is first and second is nowhere. So Benitez left with a CL win and an FA Cup win…Rafa fanatics will talk of “close calls” in the prem, CL, and league cup. But we should not be celebrating second place we are LFC.

  59. first of all i know alot fans want rafa back ..and i can
    understand why ..second thoughts roy as always lost us on away
    games which is a blow ..most fans want roy sacked which i agree
    third roy is now blame joe cole …its not his fault blame roy
    …what did he do when he was with fullham same thing !! its now
    time to sack roy and bring back rafa the gaffer – twitter john
    henry w and make sure it gets round protest

  60. Bring back Rafa … you know it makes sense. The previous
    owners bleeding the club of finances to repay interest loaded onto
    the club and using it as their cash cow and greed have a lot to
    answer for the instability and the eventual sale of LFC Purslow and
    Co ultimate responsibility and brief was to the sale of the club.
    To achieve the sale I believe that the expenditure had to be
    trimmed so that the business on paper appeared to be well run and
    profitable. Rafa was opposed to this as It meant that he had mostly
    to sell our better players and replace them with free transfers or
    bargain basement players. Some of whom have done well i.e Soto. As
    he already knows the club well and bleeds Red why hesitate …. I
    am confident that if he was reappointed and NESV backed him in the
    tranfer windows LFC will become great again. Roy isn’t a patch on
    Rafa. YNWA

  61. I can see the point that Dave & Tim have.. but I
    would still want Rafa back.. the man is a good coach .. overall..
    though not perfect.. but he has his heart in the right place.. Are
    there too many coaches around, who are better than Rafa? say what
    you want now, Rafa is and will be counted in the top bracket of
    coaches.. we know that Liverpool deserves a top coach.. nobody
    would say no to Hiddink/Mourinho/Guardiola etc.. but how many top
    coaches will be ready to come to Anfield at this point?

  62. Please come back Rafa, I am looking to hear some more
    “fahcts”, because it really affects us as you saw.

  63. Why would a coach not want to join Liverpool? Benitez has
    had time and money. He had to constantly replace players because of
    his poor buys. He also lost players with his bad man management
    including Crouch, Alonso, Arbeloa, Benayoun. Gus Hiddink or
    somebody of similar stature who will attract quality players and
    make the best of the mess that Benitez and Hodgson have

  64. Houllier a legend, Rafa s a legend. Both are worthy of
    respect – anyone who disrespects them is not true lfc. Benitez had
    his failings but he truly loved the club, is he the best
    manager….well no, is he better than Roy….yes. And then lets
    look at the world of management who of champions league winning
    caliber is availiable…..Rikhard….everybody else hiddink,
    gaurdiola, mourinio are NOT COMING. So lets be real who better is
    out there right now?

  65. MoonStone, I am the ignorant one? I speak, read and write 5 languages and you my ignorant little man can’t even read or understand your own English language. When I mentioned about Fergie throwing in Giggs, Park and Anderson With the likes I said, meaning Rooney, Berba and the rest were already on the field playing.First try to read and understand before making silly little boys insults, cause it makes look stupid. As for you, Antoine Zammit, I am NOT a manc supporter, if you had bothered to read my earlier post I mentioned that I have supported LFC for 45 years. But obviously maybe your brain can ONLY handle so much and you wouldn’t have been able to read them all. You mentioned that RAFA gave money to charities including HJC and yes I do know about that, even as you mentioned that I am in California. So you think I have to live in England to know about these things? Haha no my little pea brain, cause I have followed Liverpool even though I live in sunny California and for your information my son who is born here (19 years of age)has been a lifelong LFC fan and has turned all his friends into Liverpool fans and we watch together all the games and I MEAN EVERY SINGLE LIVERPOOL GAME, cause we pay for them. We sulk and have miserable days when Liverpool loses or draws. Going back on your “charity that your Rafa donates to” well we contribute to a lot of charities here and one of them is for cancer. Does that give me the right to become the president, just because I donate? Please don’t try comments like I live in California and know nothing about Liverpool, because statements like that proves that you are not old enough to be on sites like this, go drink your milk, it’s past your bed time. PS. for your information, I lived in england and followed Liverpool for 21 years that’s 12 years more than your age.

    1. Cali Bob, I attacked you because you used a derogatory way to refer to Rafa, the waiter slur is the same one the Mancs use.

      I live in Florida and lived in CA for 5 years.

  66. As for you Zahid, what can I say to some like you. Makes no sense to reply to a post like yours. It will drag me down to your level. I have only 1 thing to say you LOL.

  67. To all you RAFA lovers, I have 1 question and 1 question only. Why has your “idol” Rfa being sacked by 2 great clubs in a matter of 6 months? Just answe this a very simple question and please do not give me the excuse of owners and so on. Because NO OWNER WOULD SACK A MANAGER WHO IS SUCCESSFUL NO MATTER WHAT! UNLESS HE’S VERY VERY OUTSPOKEN AND DISRECTING THE CLUB, DIRECTORS AND SO ON. EXAMPLE, THE LATE GREAT BRIAN CLOUGH, JOSE MOURINHO, ETC. ETC. SO JUST ANSWE WHY HAS YOUR IDOL BEING SACKED IN A MATTER OF 6 MONTHS? WE ALL AWAIT YOUR ANSWER AND PLEASE NO, NO EXCUSES.

  68. Antoine Zammit, yes Clough was fired from Leeds in 44 days,
    but that was more politics than football. Be honest, which manager
    would lose his job in 44 days, if it wasn’t for what he said about
    directors and so on, especially someone who was a genius like
    Clough? You seem to know your football, but let me remind you
    something about what Clough thought and said about directors of
    football clubs and I quote ” they know nothing about football,
    except drink their gin and tonic” end quote. As for “waiter”
    remarks yes I said that and I’ll say it again if someone destroys
    my beloved Liverpool like Rafa did. Just look what he left us with,
    Lucas, Ngog, Maxi, Jovanivic (he made the deal last year) bought 20
    million crippled Aqua, Johnson 18 million (can’t defend), Kuyt (no
    skills whatsoever) Babel waste of 12 million and so on. The season
    we came second, we had the great Alonso and I am sure you know what
    he did to him regarding selling him, Hyppia (wouldn’t even give him
    another year extension) Which Iam sure you’ll agree with me, he’s
    still better than all our centre halves we have now (a rock at the
    back) and a true legend, Arbeloa a good defender, Spanish
    international and a World Cup winner for 2 or 3 million, much
    better for defending than Johnson 18 million. Got rid off our only
    2 creative player not counting Stevie G. and F. torres, Bennyoun
    and Reira. Who are our creative players now? That’s why we are
    struggling and that’s why I call him a waiter!!!! One more thing
    Iam sure you know how many youngsters he wasted the money on. Where
    are they, has anyone of your Rafa’s youngsters made the grade?
    Trust me pretty soon they’ll be pensioners and still none has made
    the grade NONE!

  69. Antoine Zammit, you have nothing to say or answer my questions regarding “your Idol Rafa” cause now you proved it that everything I said about him was right!!!!!!! You come up with and I quote “that Iam a manc supporter” how pathetic of you. I will say it again, that what you saying about me is wrong, just like everything you are saying about your “idol” Rafa IS WRONG. I AM NOT A MANC SUPPORTER, IAM 100% LIVERPOOL FAN THROUGH AND THROUGH! LET ME SAY IT ONE MORE TIME YOUR RAFA IS A USELESS MANAGER AND THATS WHY HE GOT FIRED FROM 2 GREAT CLUBS IN A MATTER OF 6 MONTHS AND THAT’S A FACT!!!!!! Since you can’t answer my questions and you are avoiding them, because you now everything I said was right, I promise you I will NOT respond to your posts anymore, so sleep well. YOU ARE NOT WORTH IT.

    1. Yes you Bob, hasta la vista.

      Hopefully the picture of Wayne Rooney over your bed keeps you happy.

      Rafa was our manager who delivered three trophies & one charity shield plus two other finals and runners up in the EPL.

      He deserves respect, he is more of a Liverpool Supporter than you are.

      Disrespecting him is disgraceful, only Mancs do that.

  70. CalifornianRoberts,
    I really hope you are a WUM or a Manc, because if you were really a Red, I would be ashamed.

    The moment you used a slur on one of our ex-managers, shows a lot about your claim of being a fan for 45 years.

    The moment you start spouting Sky/S*n crap as facts, shows that you are incapable of thinking for yourself and have to rely on lies to back up your claim. The way you present your thoughts is another indication of the shallow knowledge you have on football.

    If you are really a Red, post this nonsense up in RAWK or LFCTV or ThisIsAnfield and wait for REAL fans to educate you on the truth. Please post using the same idiotic username so we can spot you.

    You are allowed an opinion, but the moment you become a jackass, you lose that right.

  71. CaliBob, If you have something to say to me say it to my face. I have emailed you my phone number, call me we can have a chat.

    All I wanted you to do is stop using a slur that was used by Mancs.

    Lack of respect, it is obvious that you don’t respect anyone.

    Pity you are from San Francisco and your attitude doesn’t reflect the wonderful people living in the Bay Area of which I have many friends and relatives there.

    Merry Christmas.

  72. Hey Robbie, you might know 5 languages very well.. but on
    the evidence here, you are a little weak in English.. from your
    post, “First try to read and understand before making silly little
    boys insults, cause it makes look stupid.” the last part of your
    insult is missing something.. AND this is called going down to
    someone’s level.. I won’t do it anymore.. but please oh please..
    get a reality check..

  73. people rafa is way better than hodgson…..under him we almost won premier league…won champions league with an awesome comeback(u all noe)
    so the best i can hope is hodgson gets sacked and rafa or dalglish replacing him as a manager and liverpool again become who they are

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