Liverpool lineup vs Wolves

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Stevie G returns to the starting lineup as Daniel Agger starts on the bench.

Starting XI : Pepe Reina, Glen Johnson, Paul Konchesky, Martin Skrtel, Sotiris Kyrgiakos, Lucas Leiva, Raul Meireles, Steven Gerrard, Dirk Kuyt, Fernando Torres, David Ngog

Subs : Brad Jones,  Daniel Agger, Fabio Aurelio, Joe Cole, Maxi Rodriguez, Christian Poulsen, Ryan Babel

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  1. i can’t understand the formation. JUST hope that mereiles won’t play on the right. i can’t see a 442 with that team. it can be
    ngog torres

  2. Why o why is he playin Ngog as well, does dat mean Meireles goes to the left wing????!! Like WTF, wat is the line up up front gonna look like! Not a clue, yet again.

  3. hodgson is a bufoon agger for kyriagkos aurelio for konchesky(absolute bollocks)cole for kuyt its not rocket science

  4. Unbelievable, looks like meireles is punted out wide right or left?????? Its not as if the players are tired. Fair play we have a shed load of games coming up thick and fast but surely wolves at home is begging for proper width and a confidence booster for the under-performing players (cole)…….

  5. yes I agree with Hugh, I’d want a transfer if I saw that cabbage head starting ahead of me. konchesky is one of the worst players we have ever signed in any position. yes I remember nunez lads!. he looks like he will have about 5 good games for us an the rest dire. the only thing you will hear me say good about old purple nose Ferguson is, he is able to put his hand up when he signs rubbish and let it die in the reserves or wait for a transformation in form. woy would want to learn this quickly.(woy will be gone by mid Jan so whatever really happens I don’t care, don’t ask me to back this last claim up I’m just going on what I hear from the Americans in their lfc tv interview)

  6. Meireles on the right wing again is just baffling. Agger and Aurelio should be ahead of Skrtel and Konchesky any day.

  7. Sigh Roy Hodgson, fucking sigh.

    Agger is not a left back but he is an excellent centre back. While usually I would say yes, not instantly bringing an injured player back into the side, it means Krygiakos is in it. Also Konchesky ahead of aurelio…I also know you’re going to play Gerrard at central mid and not meireles. While I agree, Gerrard is better than Meireles there (I can’t think of anyone Gerrard isn’t better than there) for the side, it’s much better to have Gerrard elsewhere. And some width or some…NOT THIS GOD DAMN ELEVEN

  8. Poor organisation, poor motivation, poor signings, why do people insist in giving him time. Time for what? Relegation??!! Why are past greats supporting him? Do they want to see us down? Are they bad judges? Are they biased towards English? Imagine the flack Rafa would be getting with performances like this? This is THE worst Liverpool team I have witnessed. Yet the players in the team are good. Torres, Kuyt, Gerrard, Meireles, Lucas, JOhnson, Reina….sack the manager NOWWW!!!!!

  9. Anymore losses you would like to add to your glittering Anfield Career Woy… Kenny until summer pls .. PS did i say how much i hate your football and what you have done to LFC

  10. Well, he’s done it again and unfortunately for us we’re stuck with Woy till the end of the season (unless the owners have a drastic change of mind). Why can’t he see that Mereiles has been pivotaln for Liverpool at the centre of midfield – NOT on the right! Yes Gerrard is back, so play them both together at the centre! Why wasn’t Rodriguez playing. He’s been doing very well the past few matches (with Gerrard out). I can understand not rushing Agger into play after being out so long, but he should have put him in for Kyrigiakos at the start of the 2nd half. What’s Woy doing to the players of this team. We DON’T have bad players but if the manager insists on playing them in the wrong positions – Ughh!!! And I woke up at 4am in the morning to watch this match. Frustrating! We should have gone up to 8th place instead of being stuck in 12th!

    If we lose our nest home match to Bolton – come on JH – get a new manager. Infact, with the Jan transfer window open, surely you should also be on a lookout for a new manager!!!!!!!

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