Your time is up Mr Hodgson, please just leave.

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We did have dreams and songs to sing. Only two seasons ago we were right at the top flight of English football, we were the team to beat. This time in 2008 we were leading the English Premier league. Now, less than a season and a half later, we are slumped in the bottom half of the table wallowing amongst the likes of teams who have recently been in the Championship.

How many of the players that were playing in the starting eleven today actually deserved to wear that Liverpool shirt with the way they played.

Reina- Does look like he plays with desire but still lacks confidence. Looked very shaky when he came to close down at the goal they scored. Such a top keeper shouldn’t be this unconfident.

Glen Johnson- looked woeful at the back. Never looked like he wanted to have the ball and gave very panicky passes at the back.

Konchesky- The reaction when he was substituted said it all. He is too slow and doesnt add anything to the team. Must go in January to hopefully free up some transfer funds (if he is worth anything)

Skrtel- Just wasnt strong enough today. Unfortunately just offside for the dissalowed goal. You would have thought that we might have studied their tactics at defensive free kicks a bit better, surely we must have known they would have played for the offside.

Meireles- Should have scored early on in the game. Didnt make an impact so was rightfully substituted

Gerrard- I feel really sorry for Stevie, no one else willing around him to play. Had just come back from injury and was expected to do everything. Lacks confidence

Lucas- Showed a bit more desire than many other players on the pitch. Still, could do plenty more. Lacks confidence

Torres- His body language is awful. Has no confidence and he needs some badly.

Kuyt- Kept running but unfortunately didnt get himself into the game enough. Lacks confidence

Ngog- Was not good at all, again just no desire

Subs used:

Aurelio- looked much better than Konchesky, would really like to see him start.

Cole- I didnt really get a feel of him doing anything and think he could have done with more time on the pitch

Babel- Looked a bit threatening at first but didnt do anything really after. Unlucky to be given offside at one point.

Now onto Mr Hodgson:

Things are going wrong everywhere. Firstly, I disagree with his selection. Konchesky shouldnt be starting, Aurelio should. Agger should be starting instead of Skrtel and when Carragher is fully fit the Centre backs will be much stronger. Very strange putting Meireles on the wing and it showed that he was clearly out of position. These are basic selection issues that he should easily be able to change but still hasnt. He has insisted to play Konchesky when all he has done is consistently performed badly.

Secondly, it is obvious that there is something going wrong in training. Roy says that they have been sharp in training and that the 18 day rest has been fine because they have been able to train the whole time. As Andy Gray said, they do look like they havn’t played for 18 days. They certainly don’t look like they are a side that have been sharp in training. This is possibly because there is no real insentive. There is no real competition for places and this links in with people not being fit to wear the Liverpool shirt. They don’t look as if they have any desire or will to win. We need to change the way that we are training to get some belief back into the team.

I have never seen such a bad performance from a Liverpool team. Things have to change otherwise we are going to struggle to bring any decent players in and to win any games.

This so called ‘corner’ we are turning is extremely long, or just non existent.

Your time is up Roy Hodgson, take Christian Poulsen and Paul Konchesky with you as well.

YNWA, Hugh

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  1. liverpool fans around the globe should stay together , should stay determinant, we are all together in the middle of the storm , no way let our priceless club goes down, it’s time for roy to go out of the club ,no more mistakes and horrible tactics , no more B******S, no more time , no more shame and dishonor ,NO MORE.
    Don’t give roy ONE MORE DAY at liverpool, please go.


    liverpool is my life

  2. LOL! Dont blame the players.. blame the manager.. the problems were:
    1.No Confidence
    2.Gerrard wasn’t in it, TO WIN IT!
    3.Maxi wasn’t playing which will actually provide more attack

  3. I was listening to some of Rafa’s first interviews back in 2004/5 season to remind myself of the difference between him and Roy. And one phrase that he cropped up several times an interview was “a winning mentality” Do you think Roy even knows what a winning mentality is let alone his to instil it in his players?

  4. Still Roy have to get better players. Buy Zlatan (he have won the league EVERY year in his career). He is the kind of player that will keep the most important players (Gerrard, Torres and Reina) to continue to wear the red shirt

  5. i only wish to comment on Hughs comments on Ngog…….do you really think he had no desire and needed to be taken off,i watched the whole match and think he showed more desire to get on the ball and run the line than Torres who clearly needs to either commit his future to liverpool or move on,we do not keep players who do not wish to play for us……messers Collymore,Mascherano………need i carry on,we need 7(at least) new players to keep this GOOD(ish)team that Mr Hodgson is destroying alive……i am a devout RED but this man is just no good!!!!!

  6. Reina has lost confidence in his backline, which is why he looks in two minds on so many occasions. Kyrgiakos and Skrtel are adequate back ups but they’re simply not a shade on Agger/Carragher (and personally I think Carragher’s past it as well). Johnson provides limited defensive protection and Konchesky is only marginally better.

    I disagree with your comment about Ngog. While he didn’t have a particularly good game, I thought he provided the only real link up play. Seemed to me that the minute he left the pitch a lot of our attacking play went with him.

    Honestly, I don’t see things improving much without significant investment to take us up the the level of the teams near the top of the table. Liverpool have spent far too long failing to keep up with the changes in the game and blowing money on inadequate players. This isn’t a problem that will be magically healed overnight.

  7. Totally agree but it’s up to NESV now not us. We can jeer and call for Dalglish to replace Hodgson but that’s all we can do.
    Let’s hope NESV act decisively. John Henry said a couple of weeks ago that results have been unacceptable. If losing to Wolves at home is acceptable to NESV then we’re no better off than under Hicks and Gillett. Come to think of it. They must be having a laugh!!

  8. Things could be worse, at least Roy did not have a chance to lose the two postponed matches, things could have been looking even more dodgy by now. When there is white liquid in a bottle it is milk. I think Roy will be off now.

  9. half the team aint good enough. It also shows that last season’s shitty performanes weren’t just uncharacteristic blips. Kuyt, konchesky, skrtel, etc etc etc. We don’t have the quality to compete. I wouldn’t lumber dalglish with this squad for fear of tarnishing his legendary status. Big month coming up in january.

  10. We need a manager with a spine who will bring players off who show no interest in game regardless who they are, and someone who will instill passion before,during and after games and will nurture young talent and give them a chance i.e pacheco, ince, amoo, Kelly to name a few

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