POLL : Do you want Roy Hodgson to be fired today?

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Following our home defeat to Wolves last night do you believe that Roy’s time is up now?


  1. Roy’s time must had finished months ago!!! Someone should convince Henry that Dalglish is the ideal man for the job. Ynwa

  2. I clicked yes however there is still concern about the timing. We have a lot of fixtures coming up and i don’t know if it helps installing a new gaffer at this particular point in time. If sacked i would give King Kenny the job at least till the end of the season then make a re assesment in the summer. My shortlist of possible managers would be Deschamps, Riykaard, Hiddink and O’Neill

  3. another thing, what happens when dalglish takes over and then liverpool drop even more or continue their poor form?? then what??? you people need to practice patience. liverpool are not the club they used to be, times have changed, we are not the best anymore and you people need to accept that and be patient. what would you have done differently?? cus honestly all the decisions Roy makes i see alot of wisdom behind them, and they are justified. be patient. support the manager, his doing a good job. he cant be responsible for the lack of the players confidence and poor form.

  4. Roy needs to go. He has a small team mentality and is getting it. Time up roy. We’ve seen how weLl Raul Meireles has played in that central midfield roll, but instead roy plays him out wide on the right and plays Kuyt on the left. What is it with him. And that is just 2 of the many cock-ups he does on a weekly basis.

  5. @ninja

    What would you have done differently? Keep insua (not buy konchesky), Not buy Poorson, he’s crap. Play players in position, play 4,3,3 (4-4-2 doesnt work) make substitutions when needed not when too late, show passion, stop looking lost and clueless (it rubs off on the players) I could go on but you get the idea.

    As for the poll, I am a Liverpool supporter and I have never felt so let down as I did last night, I blame him mainly so yes he should be sacked, or shot!

  6. “kennedy beddowes says:
    December 30, 2010 at 9:30 am
    I can only assume the 7 votes not to sack woy are from him and his close family!”

    Yeah and Poulsen, Konchelsky (both Mum and Paul)have joined the poll

  7. Ahhh its one of these scenarios – is the grass greener on the other side or not.

    I love Liverpool FC and i think Roy Hodgson is a good man. He spoke about the fans not supporting the team and that he is waiting for us to support him as a manager, but these things dont come easily Roy. You have to earn the respect of Liverpool. You cant get away with losing home games to Wolves and Blackpool (both deserve their wins) and expect the fans to sing a song about you.

    The calls for Rafa and Dalglish are a bit harsh, they are the past. I dont think we should go back to Rafa at all, it would drive more fans away from Anfield.

    We need to look to the future, NESV have to be brave and bold and mutually terminate Hodgsons contract. We then have to get a coach in who is hungry to succeed and who has the ability to manage players who clearly have big egos and pay packets and who dont care much about our club.

    I’ve always said that this January is the most important January in our recent history. It will define where we are going as a club. Lets make it a busy January, it wont be helped by a number of games being played, but lets get a new coach in and lets start playing players in their right positions.

    Roy lost the plot last night, playing 3 CMs to accommodate SG. Why not leave SG on the bench? He hasnt played for 2 months and he looked well off the pace. Also, why not leave Torres on the bench, he looks off the pace and uninterested. Babel and Ngog did really well against Villa and deserved another shot against a very poor Wolves side.

    Also, after 10 mins, surely Roy must have realised Wolves went man for man in their 4-4-2. And with us having 3 CMs it made life very easy for them, so why not change it after 10 mins into a basic 4-3-3 which would have disrupted wolves play aswell. It may have given them extra width but at least when we would have had the ball, they would have had a couple of players out of position.

    Its things like this which lead me to saying Hodgson out.

  8. i voted yes ,the sooner the better [the liverpool dress is to big for woy] i am going to upset some of you but i dont want rafa back, it would be a step backwords. i wish that martin o` neil will get the job he did a fantastic job at villa when backed

  9. @David

    Insua not all that great himself. paulson is crap i agree. i am a liverpool supporter too, and i am saddened that man united will be over taking us this season with league titles. but we have to accept this. I have faith in Roy. he will come around. give him time, by the end of this season lets make our judgements. its already a lost cause and we as fans are only making it worst with all the pressure. the players cannot focus cus of the pressure on them and the manager.Liverpool fans are known for being faithful and supportive so lets live up to that

  10. I have to agree with “Ninja”, sacking Roy now will most probably not do us any good, you cannot judge someone on half a season. It is correct that we have been pretty awful since he took over but that is also since we sacked Rafa and were taken over. Someone had to take the job. Personally i didn’t believe that Rafa should have been sacked on the back of one poor season.
    We were terible last night, that cannot be all down to Roy, there are some VERY highly paid players out there who needed to perform but didn’t/haven’t, i need not name names, but Kuyt and Ryan Babel was the only ones who showed some desire, albeit the latter for only 15 mins.

    Don’t get me wrong, i DO NOT believe that Roy is the man for the job and i never have, he’ll have to do pretty well in order to convince me!!! WE must give him until the end of the season (unless we do get worse)then judge him, a knee jerk reaction is not what we need. My feeling is he will still go but lets plan this and carry it out off season.

  11. There is only one thing I want to say the Bodgson, (LIVERPOOL ARE BETTER THAN BLACKPOOL or WOLVES”
    He,s a dead man walking. So just do the right thing and GO,GO,GO

  12. Roy needs to go today.Dalglish should take over till the end of the season to steady the ship. This gives us 6 months to find the best possible replacement without any ridiculous rushed decisions. Sorry ROY , you’re a nice guy , you’re just on the wrong planet…

  13. Spurs sacked Ramos after less time and replaced him with Harry and almost qualified for Europe. i agree with the idea that stability helps but sometimes sticking with the wrong person can do more damage than is necassary. Its clear Roy isnt the man for the job so lets get someone in now and start building for next season. It will give the new man in charge 6 months to really see who he wants to keep and who to get rid of and most importantly who we need to buy!!

  14. I don’t want to sign any players in the January transfer window as Hodgson will only squander the money. In addition, this will leave Liverpool with massive wage bills such as 90 thousand a week for rubbish like Joe Cole. Hodgson has let better players leave the club. This season is writen off, no top 4 finish, embasarrassing early exit in Worthless cup and likely early exit in F.A. cup. Only secondary European trophy to play for. Why has Hodgson therefore gone for quantity signings over Rafas quality approach.

  15. The red mist is descending!!

    Roy Hodgeson get out of my club now. Not good enough at least rafa kept us top 7!

    Koncheskey and poulsen nowhere near good enough for LFC. Even worse they replaced insua and aquilani who are better!

    Kuyt has never played left midfield in his life so why did he last nite? Even worse we had players on the bench who are lm by trade in cole, jovanovic and babel!

    Same with meireles he never played right midfield in his life so why last night??

    Players don’t want to play for you. Agger speaks out and is then ‘injured’ for 6 weeks! Mavinga speaks out as well and now Pacheco  as well. Good young players who are worth a go at the minute.

    I hope we sign nobody in January. Don’t want players like koncheskey and poulsen at my club!

    Still there Roy? FUCK OFF outta LFC.

  16. Teasle , Roy has made it clear that he is not going for numbers, and he wants the right players at the club. who can honestly tell me they werent happy when we signed Joe Cole? i think Liverpool is cursed at the moment because who ever comes in becomes crap. and the only reason i think this is happening is because of the NEGATIVE ENERGY around the club…

  17. i think he doesn’t know about the game.He is the ancient.
    he should be sacked right now, because if we wait until 10 games to the end. MAY be we are the Championship Teams for next season. GET OUT ROY! you are not good enough for us.

  18. He needs to go, if people are worried about Kenny not being up to it just give him the post until the end of the season. I guarantee the man will inspire the players to play, if ever there was a reminder of how privilidged they are to pull on the red shirt, Kenny is it!

  19. Sadly, Konchesky has not been are worst performer recently. Players such as Torres and Reina appear to have had enough?

  20. can any one honestly say hand on heart with 3 points between us and relegation zone that you feel safe leaving our club in roys hands big clubs go down you no man u , spurs , newcastle ,they have all over the years been in our position and gone down if roys sees koncheski as the number one left back and merrelis as the right sided midfield and kuyt as the left sided midfield were doomed he is fitting square pegs in round holes to save having to drop people to the bench and play players in there positions also there a players top players who should be droped and we no who they are dont we but he wont because he is out of his depth and the longer we leave it the worse it will be for the person taking over the kindest thing for roy is end his reign thank him and replace him now before its to late . Big Clubs do get relegated thats a fact!

  21. I assume the people that don’t want him sacked today wanted him sacked yesterday or before. Useless manager, should never have taken over at anfield but the board wanted a “yes man”.

  22. Started watching Liverpool in the mid 60s, and I have never felt so frustrated and angry as last night, I lost it completely and was screaming at the dug out for Woy to eff off. We are in danger of losing our dignity as fans and going the way of run of the mill clubs in calling for the manager’s head, it should never have got this far. NESV should do the right thing and get rid of him now.





  24. shame!!!when i woke up this morning i thought roy would have already been sack after last night performance!!!! common lfc board it’s time to take action!!!

  25. the negativety around comes from roy.
    hes down before every game saying how good the
    other team are how hard to beat.

    you built up your own players not the other teams.
    you play players in thier right places .
    you stick up for your own players[torres against fergy].
    you dont buy players that are fulham standard.

    dont blame rafa for this he had one bad season.
    we should have spent on the squad after we fineshed second.
    not showed a profit for the last 4 transfer windows.
    get rafa back now purslow should never have got rid of him.

    soul man

  26. Roy must go now! The comment above is spot on the guy is so negative. I watched his pre match interveiw on sky last night which was hardly enthusiastic, he asked to be judged after 10 matches. The jury has now delivered Roy Hodgson you are guilty of bringing our club down Verdict = sacked imediately. Dont blame Rafa either.

  27. Roy is well respected in football circles, seems to be a genuinely nice guy and I’m sure is trying his best.

    However he has never had to manage a club with which there is so much expectation to achieve and frustration at lack of achievement.

    He appears almost to have an inferiority complex.
    I don’t think a Liverpool manager should come across as arrogant but certainly his publicly apologetic approach inspires no one.

    The team that was inherited was better than the one he is playing.

    The team he inherited played better than what we have to endure now.

    I don’t doubt the honesty of the Liverpool players and I don’t think the players are just pocketing the money and not putting in performances. Where is Joe Cole?

    But there is no style of play, no energy, no high tempo, no pressuring of opponents, no keeping of the ball, no incisiveness, no swagger.

    It is as bad as I have ever had to witness. My oldest son aged 10 has been wishing defeats on Liverpool from the start of the season so Roy would be sacked. I should have agreed with him.

    Bolton on Saturday will be Roy’s last match. We were lucky to beat them away from home and their away record is only something we can dream about under Roy.

    We will lose at the weekend. Roy should then have the dignity to resign. Kenny should look after the team, Camolli recommend the signings and the signings should only be made with Kenny’s approval.

    I’d have Benitez back but I can’t see him working with Camolli and that’s the way the new owners seem to want to go.

    Also the youth players need to be blooded. It isn’t going to happen however with the team in such a precarious position.

  28. It would have been a great Christmas present to have Roy sacked. Pity Christmas is over but it will be a great start to the new year if he is sacked…one more day left for that to happen.

  29. how can that man accecpt his wages with the shame he is bringing to lfc and the pain he is causing to fans. just go have some dignity and realise your limitations.its ok to be average just not at liverpool. fuck off roy b4 you cause fans to throw themseleves under a train.

  30. the fear will increase too much if roy will stay I cant think player as aquillani is for loan and player as johnson on transfer list how he is thinking we should get players and keep our star players not selling them so roy please get out of anfield

  31. I’m willing to give Roy more time. Look at the job he has come into. It was an enormous mess from the beginning. He needs the January window to get the players in he wants. You also need to look no further than Chelsea to see how hard the premier league has become, and Fulham are sinking fast without a top quality manager like Roy in charge.

  32. Ninja is retarded, how can you see wisdom in what Woy is doing? Where is the wisdom in defending the 18 yard line home and away? How is he doing his job properly when with the same squad that finished 7th last season he’s 3 points of the relegation places? Sure the players must shoulder some of the blame, but how deep the team is is down to woys tactics, the constant hoof ball to Torres head is Woys tactics. Are you suprised Torres can’t be assed? He ain’t a target man, he’s not the best in the air, so why are we banging long balls at his head? Thats why we’re linked with Cole and Crouch, cause thats Woys one trick, he has no other way to play, no0w that might work in sweden, but this is one of the best leagues in the world where those tactics get you made to look stupid, they’ll only work if you have a team full of tall players like Stoke. It’s not rocket science, look at Bolton, that same group of players played hoof ball for years, but in comes Coyle, starts playing attacking football and they have instant forward progression, so sod Woys excuses, he can have none. Our next manager should be picked for having an attacking philosophy, give up on this trend we’ve had of defensive minded managers, saying that tho, at least with Rafa we would dominate possession so the only moan we had was about being unable to break teams down, i prefer that to watching us get dominated at home by Blackpool, Northampton, Wolves etc.. Thats unacceptable, get out of my club you rubber faced fraud!

  33. We need to look at the bigger picture here. I havent voted because although I’m disgusted wth how bad we’ve been, I’d said to myself that I’d give him a transfer window and then reserve my judgement. I’m not a woy fan by any stretch but I didnt like Benitez either. It would be a mistake to bring Kenny back (at the moment). If I could pick a coaching set up it would be Aldo/ Thommo in partnership.
    The players need to stand up and be counted too. Johnson, konchesky, skrtel, kuyt, torres- it’s a long list. We have to face facts that our squad is severely lacking quality and depth. Torres needs a kick up the arse, frankly. I’m honsetly thinking that he’s going to go in the summer but on current form I’m not so sure that it could make us any weaker.
    We have a big, big month coming up where cash needs to be spent but wisely.
    With regards to the poll, I would have pressed the ‘dont know’ button if there was one- if things continue as they are then my answer would concur with the majority but I said to myself to allow 1 transfer window i/c fresh investors. I certainly share the pain with everyone. I didnt think we could get any worse than last season.
    I maintain that one of our biggest faults was not keeping at least one of the good strikers that we let go- Kuyt aint no striker and Torres is firing like a beat-up banger, and Ngog tries but Lfc quality? I’m not convinced.
    If woy goes then I aint going to grumble, put it that way, but I dont want to join a witch hunt just yet.

  34. You’ve got to go Roy, he’s a nice guy and it was nice having a manager you can understand but the once mighty LFC is just way too big for you, go back to your little clubs!

  35. There are 90 IDIOTS here!!! I am sure they are ManU fans and not Liverpool fans…
    Everyone in Liverpool wants To Hell with Roy!
    He is a joker. A big joke of his time.
    He still thinks he is managing Scunthorpe Utd!!! FReaKin Oldie. He and his stupid theories.

  36. you fools are impatient and you think all these votes is going to get roy sacked. you are just making things harder, John Henry is backing Roy and he will not be sacked. these guys know what they are doing and know that ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY. so keep adding your 2 cents, and piling up the pressure to see us (LIVERPOOL FC) only perform worse in the future, or shut up and make life easier for everyone supporting LFC around the world.

  37. Having supported the red men for fifty years I can honestly say this is by far the worst side we have ever had. Woy is simply not fit for purpose. The job is far too big for him. How could we give him money to spend in January? He brought in Konshitky and Polson….where did he find those two lemons…..The Blind School. Woy I would just ask you to fall on your sword but I’m sure you would miss. For the sake of LFC……Go NOW.

  38. All we ask for is a lil passion and positivity from the manager down to the medical staff ……..…like shanks said” Fire in the belly comes from ………. ….”
    That’s wots lacking manager players all the staff no 1 shows that LFC passion any mo teams are looking forward to playing us now and getting something ………..shameful

  39. Albey and Antoine Im not here to hate or disrespect. We all want whats best for LFC. We have different opinions. Im viewing mine, view yours. Leave it at that.

  40. After last nights performance i cant see anything other than him getting the axe. I dont think NESV are afraid to fire him, after all they fired the red sox coach a couple of weeks after taking over. Theyre business men, they want to succeed and every man and his dog can see Roy isnt the man to take l’pool forward.
    He’ll either go before saturdays game or after the large ammount of fixtures in january….either way he will be gone very soon, the owners aint stupid and i very much doubt theyre gonna see their £300 mil just get thrown away.
    Theres already an article on http://www.caughtoffside.com about frank rijkaard taking his place in the next 48 hours. Believe what you will, but after reading the hundreds of forum pages all wanting roy out this morning was unbelievable. Hundreds of fans have already tweeted john hendry wanting roys head.
    At the end of the day the fans mean alot to the club, theyre a big part of it all, and the owners will have to take note, sooner rather than later.

  41. Roy will be eating 2 piece chicken and chips with a sad face later when he got da sack. He no manager man. Got 2 go, brrapp.

  42. dear Mr. ROY… please leave our club .. u have made enough damage till now
    Mr. Roy i would like to tell one thing .. go to hell

  43. You shut up ninja.u the moorons.hodgson should be sacked immediately.even a kick on hodgson’s butt would not be enough.bring rafa benitez.

  44. you only have to look at roy to no he couldnt motivate a bunch of sex maniacs in a brothel,yes he got manager of the year last year for winning nothing but managed to keep fulham up and surprise everyone in the europa league! credentials which imo were never enough for one of the worlds greatest clubs! could anyone imagine the likes of real madrid barcelone appointing roy.no why purslow ever thought roy was the man for liverpool is anyones guess! my feeling he was a short term fix whilst the transistion period of new owners being installed.the problem now is we cant wait till the end of the season to fix this mess,for every defeat and point dropped we fall further into demise! the prospects for next season are dire to say the least,no european football, team in decline,who would want to sign for a team with no real prospects of glory!NESV must act now to steady the ship install a big name manager placate the fans please the players and send a message out to everyone we are liverpool the club comes first,there is no sentiment in football results speak louder than words,NESV please be positive on and off the pitch.

  45. The only game Hodgson’s good at is the blame game,blame RAFA,blame the team,blame the fan’s but don’t blame me,no true Liverpool fc fan would stick up for this cretin, he’s had his time and it’s run out.The people who voted yes give yourselves around of applause,the people who voted no get back to supporting your own club’s this site is for genuine liverpool fan’s only.ROY HODGSON GET OUT OF OUR CLUB.

  46. simple, HODGSON OUT!the reason is there for all to see. those who cant see it, dont call yourself a liverpool fan.

  47. you’re finished mr. hodgson. please close the door on the way out.he’s blamed everbody but himself. the last straw is blaming the fan’s. yeah so the fan’s are responsible for team tactic’s, the fan’s are responsible for moral, the fan’s are resposible for daring to criticise you’re clueless idea’s but most of all the fan’s are responsible for being fed up with the crap that’s been served up to them on a weekly basis.my granmother would do a better job. at least she know’s what she’s talking about. so mr. hodgson, please close the door on the way out.

  48. Roy’s too old to resign by himself. I guess another “Bad Day At Office” to Bolton might help John making the smart decision easier.


  50. Im tempted to say no purely because I dont think he should be fired. He should have the decency to RESIGN. We need some pride back in the shirt, and we arent going to get it with Roy.

  51. Roy is the best Liverpool manager ever, and should be offered a contract until 2050. Roy to take Liverpool to the places they should be. Lol.

  52. Roy is shocking and if we don’t get rid of him soon we will be in big trouble.

    He is a good manager at a small club but not a club like Liverpool! He is small club minded and as you can see from the vote he isn’t wanted at the club.

  53. i think your all a fuckin disgrace, your not liverpool fans, we’ve backed our team throught thick and thin and stood by our managers always and now you blame roy for this missery, how many of you plastic fans that only write stupid shit on forums were there outside the gates of our club to get the yanks out? roy’s tryin to make the best of a bad bad situation and he needs our support not abuse to weather this storm. gettin another manager in is just gonna cause more problems and cause more discontent at the club. give him time to steady the ship and we can get king kenny to work alongside him too. roy isn’t the man to lead us to the premiership title and european glory but he will help us to become stable. hicks and gillet have left us in a massive mess that needs sortin and i know it’s easy to blame the manager but they have caused our problems and now we need to offer our support to club, manager, players and board to help them get this sorted out. keep the faith people and we will once again be the dominant force of football! YNWA

  54. Roy should just get out of our beloved club..he is killing liverpool standards at the beginning of his appointment he says he would return d traditional liverpool style of play which is pass and move,where is that promise??he has said so many lies and still has the gut to say that fans doesnt support him thats utter disrespect and disregard..it is better NESV act sooner rather than later getting rid of this old for nothing scumbag in Roy.i couldnt believe it was lIverpool i was watching..Roy is killing the best out of the players he’s tactics is all but wrong next to nothing and he is a total failure..stupid old roy

  55. I think it’s a disgrace turning on one man like this. He’s trying to do the best job he can, and there isn’t one fan behind him. It’s shocking to see the so called best fans in the world berate this good man.

  56. What we saw yesterday was a case of 1 man trying to defend himself against 99% of Liverpool fans who never wanted him there in the first place. He is a person who is cornered and taking a whole load of unnecessary abuse. He didn’t really have a chance, and the fans were against him from day one. At the end of the day you must realise he’s one man.

  57. obviously all the don’t fire hodgson people are mancs or bitters.the man is absolutely clueless and couldn’t motivate a porn star in a gang bang.please roy swallow whats left of your pride and go

  58. Farah lets see were chelsea finish and lets see were liverpool finish . The job he came in to was good enough for him to leave the safety of fulham and take all of a sudden its now become a hard job .If he thought he couldnt handel the job he should never of taken it .He has had a go at the last manger which you dont do disrespectful he has had a go at glen johnson he has had a go at Dan agger he has had a go at Joe cole he has had a go at Dan pechco he has had ago at liverpool supporters were are 3 points away from relegation zone were playing bolton next I honestly dont think he has the backing of the players even though he is saying that now on line he has never had the confidence of the supporters he is just not right for liverpool fc he may be a very nice man but just not the right man Farah

  59. Here are some FACTS

    First it was Moores – GONE, then it was Parry – GONE, H and G – GONE, Rafa – GONE, now it’s Hodgson! Next is for LFC itself to be – GONE

  60. “He is holding on so he could collect the big severance cheque and in the meantime we suffer.”

    Roy has learned well from Rafa mate. Is that not precisely what Benitez did when he got his 4 million before pissing off? Then he was praised to high heavens when he donated a comparative pittance to a Liverpool charity! Give me a break.

  61. YES! those who have voted for Hogdson by saying hw should not be sacked today must be his reletives! Just Go please!


  63. @Frank Stribl: are you Martin Tyler or Andy Gray in disguise? Why the hell you bring Rafa into this? The man got his weakness but he is class and will forever hold a special place in our history.

  64. Ofcoures Mr. Hodgson must leave asap, any LFC manager must fight in top six even with the same players as last year (more or less). However, to even consider to bring back Rafa is raving ludecrist. He has nothing to show for at LFC since the CL final and you can’t live on that.

    I still think King Kenny should take over, preferable on long turn, as long as the “special one” is unable (my wet dream as manager at Anfield).

    Another excellent choise is Martin O’Neill that to my knowledge is available after he was quitting AV. The AV results before and after Mr. O.Neill regime speaks for itselfs. I have always wanted him to Anfield and for the first time there is a really good oppertunity. I’m pretty sure he will make wonders with the club and players.

  65. Roy has no clue what to do to change any game we are losing. You see him sitting on the bench clueless. Even my wife thinks he is clueless.

    Do you think any great manager will no be on the touch line barking out instructions when his side is losing? The team has no width – lok at how spurs play……

    Owners, please fire him now and get a top class manager in!

    The players look depressed on the field and the manager has no clue.

  66. Antoine, perhaps we need another poll after tonight – or, on a more optimistic note, perhaps we won’t need one because NESV will finally have drawn the logical consequences and brought in Dalglish or Benitez on a revolving contract to turn around our season.

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