RIP Bastion of Invincibility.

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“My idea was to build Liverpool into a bastion of invincibility. Napoleon had that idea and he conquered the bloody world! And that’s what I wanted; for Liverpool to be untouchable. My idea was to build Liverpool up and up and up until eventually everyone would have to submit and give in.”

Those were the words of a wonderful man. The man who made Liverpool FC, who built the basis of our success, who took us up- All the way up. He made our rich history, without ‘Sir’ Bill Shankly Liverpool FC may have never been as we knew it.

Unfortunately now, Liverpool FC is not as we knew it. Gone are the days when a solitary loss was a major set-back, now its a bit of a trend, its something we are used to and its a case of the same old. Thousands of fans at Anfield, and millions worldwide frustrated and shocked by our performances, calling for a change but its almost as though no one is listening. So much for mass media.

The Great Bill Shankly had an idea for Liverpool, and he implemented it. He had a plan, and most importantly he had a vision. What do you think is Mr. Hodgson’s “vision”? can we ever see anything under his reign that will portray us as a “Bastion of Invincibility”? The man is clueless. Its one thing to start a rebuilding process slow, no one expects us to be the Best in the World in the space of a few days, not even Bill Shankly. But its another thing to take a perfectly capable team and make them below average.

There is no Invincibility in us, there is no case of us being Untouchable, I’m almost embarrassed to compare Mr.Hodgson to such a great man. He doesnt deserve it and he certainly doesnt deserve the best job in the world. He calls for support from the Kop. You dont deserve the support of the Kop!

Another week and another comment by Hodgson about “patience”, about “support” about how he with his 35years of  experience is going to make us better. Another week an Anfield player comes out and says “Now is the crucial point of the season, make it or break it”. Well i ask you Liverpool FC players, where does that defeat to the team with the worst away record in all four divisions of the English league leave us in this “crucial period”?

Where is Mr.World Class Fernando Torres? He was camouflaged in the embarrassment last night. He didnt show any indication of his true self, and not for one moment did he look like he had the hunger and desire to win. Another night that just makes him 100,000 pounds richer I guess. If i were to give Torres a match rating, it would be zero, because its safe to say he did absolutely nothing. That is why I applaud Lucas, hes always got the desire to win. He may not look like a wonderful player, but he tries his best, the hunger and desire, the passion and love is always there. Losses effect him. Kuyt has it too, but he promises more than he can deliver.

We are an average team is an under-statement. Other teams may be laughing at us. They may accuse us of being a below average team, they may joke that we will land-up relegated, unfortunately, that possibility is not hard to imagine. Three points off the relegation zone and not for a moment looking like we can make a case for ourselves.

It pains me to see the situation we are in. Every loss angers me, frustrates me, but last night was a lot different, I wasn’t angry, losses are something I’ve become used to, I went to bed last night worried. Worried about our club’s future. Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur can all (deservedly) win the title before we do. Manchester United are in pole position for number19. Where does that leave us? Down in dumps? How are we going to recover at all from this? I cant imagine us putting a string of performances together. It is mid-table mediocrity at its highest. Losing to Wolverhampton Wanderers. Next week, struggling West Ham will show us how its done.

Two away wins in the calender year of 2010. Just two, over a space of 10months of football. Absolutely brilliant.

We need to start a rebuilding process, from scratch. The sooner the better. Mr.Hodgson who I now have no respect for, and am just ashamed of the fact that such a man holds such a great job need to go. Some people undeservedly rise to glory. He doesn’t deserved our support, he doesn’t deserve that job. Its painful every week to see Mr.Hodgson standing at the home-dugout at Anfield. A place where Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley, Kenny Dalglish, Joe Fagan etc all once stood. He doesnt deserve to be holding the position those great men once held. We are the worst team in the league right now, considering the personell  available to us.

We have to start all over again, new manager, plenty of new players because half of them don’t deserve to be wearing the red once worn by Anfield greats. Even Fernando ‘Mr.World Class’ Torres not showing anything that suggests he deserves to be called a great number 9 at Liverpool.

The owners have to make changes, surely last night was the last straw. If that man remains at our club any longer then we can be assured to have a wonderful battle till the end of the season. From the top four battle to the last four battle. The new year isn’t going to bring anything new for us. Under Mr.Hodgson, we cannot hope for anything.

Bill Shankly’s reign and his vision started in 1959. His vision continued with its fair share of ups and downs from manager to manager. Last season was a set-back. This season is the final nail in the coffin. That great man’s work and vision now in tatters. The “Bastion of Invincibility” is well and truly over now.

RIP Bastion Of Invincibility, 1st December 1959 – 30th December 2010.

Searching for the golden sky.



  1. I, unfortunaltely, attended the Wolves game and it was as bad as it looked on the tv. The atmosphere from the park (the pub opposite) to Anfield itself was flat. No songs managed to last the whole duration of the song and the players played as well as the songs were sung.
    Something has to give and I am afraid that, that thing is Roy. Bring Rafa or Kenny back.

  2. sure Torres did nothing but how many touches of the ball did he have? Rafa played towards the strengths of our best players so they could be highlighted and do what they do best…

    Roy, to put it plainly, does nothing of the kind .. not playing towards your strengths and in turn exploiting our weaknesses is indicitative of Roy’s reign and will continue to churn out mediocre performances from those, like Torres, that we expect so much more from ..

  3. Good Article mate. I totally agree with you on most of the things. However, I believe Liverpool is a great club that will rise again in a few years. I believe in us fans and I also believe in the vision of the new owners. Let us write off this year and maybe next year.Let us have new managers and a bunch of new young fresh and hungry for success players. The current lot is rotten!

  4. One more loss we are in dropind zone right? Now listen Mr. Henry Hog is just tired and needs sometime to rest but can’t see that just do one thing force him into rest by firing him coz I can’t afford being in the droping zone for the second time the season is there any progress? If a big club like liverpool can be in that position? We have cried enough I beg that you listen to our cries and let that man go be4 too late

  5. listen after that wolves defeat, i say enough is enough….i think roy should be the first one out of the door…followed by Torres, Gerrad, Kuyt, Poulsen, Milan, Carra, Konchesky….bring back aquillani, buy this kid bring in O’niel or rijkard, sign couple of wingers another striker so we would have sturridge who is strong, fast, knows where the goal is, ngog, pacheco and babel as our four strikers.

    But roy needs to stop burrying his head in the sand smell the beans and get the hell out of our club he ain’t good enough, sooner he realises that the better for him and us.

    What is wrong with these americans have they not got the balls to say roy thank you for your services but your no longer required…why would they want to let this joker spend thier money in the transfer window only for someone else to arrive in the summer and change them again.

    any of you roy lovers wanna say somthing well i got one thing to say go and support fulham or somthing cos you ain’t gotta a clue.

    After last nights game coming out and saying we were unlucky to lose 0-1 and that 0-0 would have been a fair result at home to wolves and on top of that blaming the fans, yes the fans for his lack of ability to manage a top side…what a joker. I think we, as fans have give him long enough but he can’t live with it then please just go.

    If we’re going to be playing for draws with the likes of wolves at home, mate you and all your lovers ain’t gotta a clue.

  6. LFC needs a down to earth manager who can do the business without the pampered big names – that man is IAN HOLLOWAY

  7. @ Jonesy Holloway would be as bad as Woy, he may be good at getting his players fired up, but that’ll only get you so far. I’d give the job to Coyle if no world class manager was available cause he is over achieving with an average Bolton side but by playing attacking football, plus he’s young so has time on his side should he be successful. I can’t see us getting a world class manager at this time of the season, so Coyle would be a good bet as he has half a season to show what he can do, but can’t do any worse than Woy. Woy was a disaster from the second he was employed, he was the parting shot at the fans by the 2 yanks, everyone could see it, pity our new yanks still haven’t…

  8. reading this made me really sad. they have been just soooo inconsistent and “vulnerable” that i can’t help but feel like i’m teetering on the edge every time i watch a match. you know how it is when you watch horror movies and you cover your eyes when the ax murderer or the angry ghost is advancing and attacks a helpless victim? i find myself doing that each and every single game. the confidence and security of knowing that they will win is gone. Hodgson killed the Bastion of Invincibility. how many more losses will it take before he realizes that what he’s forcing our men to do is not working AT ALL??? it was a pity watching Torres reduced to uselessness like that. i’ve always been amazed by him. i can’t wait for him to get his mojo back. that frown on Stevie’s face? it wasn’t his usual game-face. it was frustration. somebody needs to do something about this. fans will probably leave until then. only the true REDS will remain in the walk. but all roads have ends, too, you know?

  9. our invincibility was lost when when king kenny left us and graeme souness took over as manager. roy evans couldnt revive us, either could gerard houllier. mind you it didnt help with stingy owners and a chairman that couldnt drive the club forward. rafa tried but then he had his hands tied by 2 fcukd up yanks, and he was too full of himself that when he had his fall out with his right hand man paco, there was no one left that could fill in as the middle man. sammy lee isnt the one either. roy is a good manager, just not for our club. he doesnt have the quality or vision required.

    playing murphy’s law, i say king kenny needs to step back in and finish what he started in 91. see how he goes… if he gets us playing the Liverpool way with pass and move and a solid defense, i would be happy. that gives the owners more time to pick up the young talent needed in the following season. if the king is any good, keep him going if not get a manager that commands respect, has vision and can knock MU off their perch… either frank rijkaard, martin oneil, jose mourinho etc… the manager needs to love the club and the fans and in that i would think martin oneil would be the one, however i know jose has a special soft spot for our club too…

  10. I have read all your posts and be it from a few different perspectives you are all saying the same thing and rightly so.
    Poor Roy was given the most difficult job in the world without the tools to succeed. He is not a useless manager he is not clueless. Unfortunately however he does not have the tools in his box to move a club like Liverpool FC forward. We are a world class club that requires world class people. The new era of managers such as Gerard Houllier and Rafa Benitez are without doubt in that league. Such a shame that they did not have the owners that Roy now has.
    Roy will be gone in a few weeks. The supporters will remove him because of his talks to the media last night and today. His saviour could have been the supporters but he has lost them now. The players must have been shaking their heads listening to him last night. Roy cannot lead this club anymore. He was suicidal last night and now it is a matter of days or at the most weeks before he is removed. Unlike the majority of football clubs Liverpool is built on its support and traditions.
    Roy you have got it wrong on the pitch, you got it wrong in the dressing room and now you have disrespected the only loyalty left in the game, the supporters.
    You are a nice guy Roy and thank you for your efforts but now it is time for you to move on and for Liverpool to move up. The players cannot wait for their new boss to move in and neither can we.

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