Liverpool lineup vs Blackburn

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Both Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres start tonight as Paul Konchesky and Sotiris Kyrgiakos return to the starting lineup

Starting XI : Pepe Reina, Glen Johnson, Martin Skrtel, Sotiris Kyrgiakos, Paul Konchesky, Lucas Leiva, Joe Cole, Steven Gerrard, Maxi Rodriguez, David Ngog, Fernando Torres.

Subs :
Peter Gulacsi, Daniel Agger, Martin Kelly, Dirk Kuyt, Christian Poulsen, Ryan Babel, Milan Jovanovic

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  1. it annoys me that neither wilson or shelvey (or pacheco) is on the bench.. poulsen does not have a future at liverpool and we will only benefit from having shelvey there instead.. i would also consider taking away jovanovic for wilson or pachi

  2. Aurelio is not even there, what a joke this manager is?

    unless fabio is out again, but didnt think he was?

    why would you not give fabio another game, he did better than konchesky has done all season, why oh why does he love this shite bag konchesky?

    and yet that other mug poulsen is on the bench? thsi guy is just crap

    enough with roy?

  3. Why are they not letting daniel agger start!? He is much beter then Skrtel! Skrtel only know how to pass the ball back to REINA!!!

  4. Incredible! Konchesky is STILL plodding around.Hodgson insists on taking the P*** out of us ( just like his masters G&H did).We can only hope that Blackburn win…..

  5. Konchesky, oh no. Aurellio injured? not even on the bench?
    Cole behind Torres and Kuyt on the pitch on the right (Iguess where he will play Cole) would be far better than including Ngog. Ngog will Never make the grade for me. He is to lightweight and bottles stiff challenges, and does not work hard enough. He loses the ball most times he has it or when he should have won it!!
    Kuyt and Cole could also interchange.

  6. Seriously, Blackburn are 8 men down!! Why not give the young guns a chance. Drop Ngog for pachio and play cole behind Torres!!! Roy needs to grow a pair!!

  7. Agger, Aurelio and Kuyt are being rested for Sunday.

    I don’t like Roy either, but it makes sense.

  8. Sack him he nuts play joe in the hole and torres up front and the that idiot konchesky is in the team again we a dead now hope we sack him after this defeat

  9. we finally have agger fit and that was pretty evident on saturday how well we controlled the defense… he is on the bench and aurelio is not even in the squad…. Roy hodgson you really are winding me up now…… big time

  10. What is going on in Roy’s head honestly? Agger has said he will quit if not in the starting XI and imo he is the best cb we have. So unless we are definately selling him, I cant understand not starting him. Unless of course this is Roy’s last game as our manager and this is just a parting shot at Agger. *Crosses fingers*

  11. Why are some of you getting so angry by someone questioning if Fergie is the greatest UK manager? It took him 7 years to win a trophy, Paisley was manager of Liverpool for 9 seasons but had 7 league titles and 3 european cups, how can fergie compete with that? Have you lot any idea how many times Fergie broke the british transfer record? The guy bought the most expensive defender in the world! And don’t try harping on about the squad he inherited, they finished 2nd or 3rd the season before he took over and already had players like Strachen and Robson. Also, as Liverpool manager you have a duty to put your friendships aside when your mate is manager of your clubs greatest rival, and no matter if he’s your mate, how can you sit there and let him accuse your player of cheating when he blatantly didn’t! Woy has his head so far up Fergies ass it’s embarressing, i just hope whoever our next manager is he’s more in the Shankley/Benitez vein and puts our club before any friendships. If the club you manage is not as important as your friends in football then you don’t deserve the job.

  12. get out ROY and take konchesky with u … AGGER is better then konchesky even martin kelly is better any1 agree ?

  13. Relax people. Aurelio has no chance of playing consecutive games in a few days, have you forgotten how injury prone he is.
    Agger is only just returning from injury and will probably come on at some point. Poulsen is on the bench as he is the only other experienced central midfielder available and will probably come on to give Gerrard a rest.
    I expect Jovanic or Babel to come on so Torres can rest also.
    At least he’s dropped Kuyt to the bench, so chill out and stop using any reason possible to have a go at Hodgson.
    I think Hodgson is here until the summer, so we all need to get behind the team and give 100% support.

  14. we are not good enough to be resting players, play your best 11 and get as many points in the bag as possible, the plank, it’snot wocket science.

  15. We need to win this game and can’t afford to carry people who clearly aren;t up to it ie Konchesky. Don’t rest people for these matches.
    I assume the pundits will be vilifying Hodgson for resting players just like they did proven winner Rafa?
    Redknapp, Hansen, Lawrenson and pals I’m waiting to hear you lay into the manager for resting players – prove your not anti-Rafa please…… still waiting………….hmmmmm

  16. Sack him now. This is too much. I can’t watch the team I love getting outplayed by a team whose architect was Allardyce and is injury ravaged . The final humiliation.

  17. now who’s still backing Roy, it’s 2-0 5or blackburn at 38 minutes, keep Roy if you want to relegated this season you fool!

  18. The team needs help…totally disjointed, Maxi has been chasing shadows, Gerrard is clueless, Ngog gets muscled off each time and the big Greek is terribly slow.

    Switch to 4-3-2-1. Get Kuyt on, Konchesky and Krygiakos off, Aurelio and Agger on.

  19. hahhahaha will be funny when Liverpuddle get relegated hahahaha sides are sore here hahahhahhahaha

  20. All d stupid pundits should come out and still support this dick head Roy..he is an old outdated man only interested in sitting infront of the press and talk arrant nonsense,his 35yrs of managerial experience has been full of disaster he hasn’t won anything for himself in the top leagues he had served only his closest was last year wiv fulham and yet he didn’t win..are we goin to say Steven Keane(interim manager of blackburn)a man that hasn’t managed the quater years of d 35yrs experience of Roy Hodgson is now better off a man in Roy Hodgson whose 35yrs of managerial experience has been doom and gloom..if liverpool doesn’t want to be relegated its high time Roy is sacked

  21. Mike arms ur a tool any reason possible 2 have a go @woy so it’s got nothing 2 do with the fact that this man couldn’t win an away game if his life depended on it check his stats I go to sleep every night praying I wake up & hear that this clown has been sacked & everyday I’m disappointed pls god hear our prays

  22. sorry people but we are going down. the amercans are adamant that they will stick with roy and roy WILL take us down if given a whole season.

  23. Ironic that one of the agitators in the dressing room last year should put the nail in the coffin for Hodgson. What a miss. He who wanted Rafa to leave and the job be given to an Englishman. How he must regret his naivety and stupidity!! He thought he knew best…..but didn’t!!!

  24. i have now given up on these sites (while hodgson is here) as the owners obviously take no notice of the fans. which is not what they said when they took over.

  25. big Sam? another English manager? no thanks!!! bring German manager likes Loew or Rangnick!

  26. Seriously! 4-4-2 again. And another terrible result. N’Gog and Maxi need to go. I know we have Man U in our sites this weekend, but this was completely UNINSPIRED!!!

    To me it looks like Torres and Gerrard are not completely fit. We know what it looks like when they are on top of their game, and neither is close. Under our previous regime, they have been run ragged. There are no quality reinforcements.

    However, it was nice to see Joe Cole come alive after his injury/suspensions. He’s still not the answer to our need for a wide man, but one of the few Reds to show pride.

    Glen Johnson either needs to be benched or play on the wing. He could give us some natural width, and I’m up for any change that involves giving him less defensive responsibility. Cuz after today’s performance he proved HE CANT HANDLE ANY! I’d rather have Dirk Kuyt playing right back.

    Our defense looked confused. Blackburn pulled apart our man to man marking. We look worse without Carragher delegating. I’m not saying the Benitez zonal marking was without its faults, but c’mon, we were so disorganized against routine attacking.

    I remember when watching Liverpool made me happy.

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