The Daily Antoine: 6th Jan 2011 – Liverpool F.C. News update

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Today many Christians celebrate Epiphany, hopefully today our club will go through it’s own epiphany with the firing of Roy Hodgson.

And another loss yesterday 3-1 more…

And Roy says some crazy things again more…

Shorty Award nominations opened, thanks to those who have voted already more…
(If you haven’t voted then please vote, YNWA)

According to Sky Italia we have told Napoli that Agger is not for sale more…
(Excellent news)

Speaking of Napoli, remember when they stabbed some of our fans? Well here is a story of injustice more…

According to the Italian Sky Glenn Johnson is on his way to Spurs more…

Sepp “Cash Only” Blatter urges that the league games get reduced more…

Honda & Sturridge want Liverpool move more…
(Come on lets by Honda, we could be big in Japan)

Looks like Wigan are out of the Elia hunt more…
(Is he ours?)

If you are interested in going to Anfield soon here is some ticket info more…
(Good luck)

Ireland is mentioned again more…
(Here we go again)

Steven Defour will not be moving anywhere due to injury more…
(Another one off the list)

How cool is this, the Kop’s first song was unearthed more…
(Awesome stuff, wonder if the Kop even existed when the song was sung)

And finally Robbie Keane was also a Brum fan when he was a kid more…

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  1. Seriously. Didn’t you guys expect this result? Win one lose one win one…. Losing doesn’t even leave me gutted anymore. We play like schoolboys and that’s basically insulting the schoolboys actually. 4am and 2 nil down and I said let’s call it a night and get some rest. Went to bed and told myself I couldn’t give up. Switched on the game and we’re 3 down. I can’t remember any recent Liverpool teams that have let in so many goals in so many games in a season. We’re absolute crap. No ideas on the field. Marking? What marking? Probably a D-. No Aurelio, No Agger No logic. Next we’re going to beat MANURE and everthings going to be honky-dory and statements are we must work from this result are going to be uttered from everyone and our season starts now…… The bloody season is over you bloody management idiots. And it’ll only get worse because we have an inept leader plannning our future path. If you can call it a future. I mean if he wants his team… let’s just go and buy a mid table team. It’ll be cheaper than trying to mould this one into something he can work with. At least we know our definite goal is mid table relegation beating joy. No top 4 champion’s league expectations. May the higher orders forbid us thinking of winning the league. I don’t support any manager per say as I support the TEAM but what is happening with Roy of the ex-Rovers at the helm is shameful. We truly look like LiverFOOLS now. To say I’m angry is an absolute understatement. I will go as far as to say that any of us REDS would probably win more games as gaffer than him. At least we’ll pick a team with our best players playing in more imaginative formations dispensing more uplifting attractive ball on the ground passing football. The fans are not attending games. And that says a lot when you’re a RED. We’re starting not to switch on the games as it’s an utter waste of time. Even Ancelotti admits that he’s still lucky to be in a job. But not our gaffer. No it’s excuse after excuse. And when you compare Ancelotti’s resume with our esteemed leader’s it’s just ridiculous that one with so much success can feel the humilty in seeing his failure while the other aask for time. Time to screw us even deeper into a hole where the hope will not shine anymore. To all those that still feel it’s the Liverpool way to give our support to the cause. We support the team not the bloody manager. He’s just part of it. So if you lot prefer to see the bigger subject matter be destroyed so that we can support just a part of the mechanism you must be delusional. Get the idiot out cause it’s already too late. Come Kenny get us out of this.

  2. What’s wrong with Johnson leaving? Have you seen him playing this season?

    The goals we conceded yesterday all from his mistakes. I’ve lost faith in him for a long time since Degen left.

  3. What contributed to our downfall.

    1) Sale of star players Xabi Alonso, Mascherano and Sami Hyppia – All of them NOT replaced with adequate players. Our defence became very weak when the big Finn left and we finished 7th and now are a mid table club. To add to that we lost a player who had vision (Alonso) and replaced him with Aquilani, an injured player who is too soft and slow for the English game in my opinion. We also lost a player who worked his socks off in Mascherano and replaced him with Poulsen(enough said).

    2) H&G saga. We were on the right track until the H&G saga emerged. Rafa put his efforts in fighting with the owners rather than fully committed on football matters.

    3) Lack of width. We don’t have wide and pacy players. We had Riera who had a good first season (and we finished 2nd then) and then had a dip in form and was sold. We NEED 2 quality wingers who can take a player on.

    4) Leaky defence. We need someone in there who can win headers and who’s a leader. We missed Carra and we need his replacement. As i said before we also missed Sami’s influence. We also need a quality left back and someone who can defend on the right (Kelly).

    5) Hodgson needs to go. He’s not up to the job and has lost it, if he ever had it at all.

  4. Regardless of when the Sack Woy , its time for the tough descisions to be made about the players . whether you like it or not certain players have to go :

    1) poulsen . not good enough
    2) Soto . too old and inconsistent
    3) Maxi. too old and not good enough
    4) Aquilani . doesnt want to be at liverpool anyway.
    5) Babel . not good enough . even though we like him.
    6) Jovanovich. too old , even if he hasnt really been given a chance.

    These player have to go asap.

  5. Please end the pain. Make him go away!!!!
    bring someone in who will play people in their correct positions!!!

  6. Soto & Johnson were to blame for the Goals against Blackburn, can’t just blame Roy. The way that Benjani turned Soto was embarrassing.

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