it’s a loss in the end but feels like a win

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There was a lot of expectance from King Kenny. And i gotta say he did live up to it. He said before the game we need to get the players to enjoy football again and put a smile on their faces. They also need to get some confidence again. In my opinion the King managed to do that in just over 24 hours as a manager!

Our players looked lively and confident. Even as we went down 1-0 due to a brilliant performance by actor berbaflop we looked like we could still score and turn this game around. We never ever looked like that under hodgson! Unfortunately we got another blow as howard webb saw stevie’s challenge too dangerous and sent him off. That means for us he will miss blackpool away the darby at home as well as wolves away.

But even after Stevie’s sending off we looked like we could score. Soon after the halftime Kenny subbed meireles off for shelvey and babel on for maxi. Hodgson would have never done that. Giving the youngsters a chance and get a striker on for a midfielder eventhough we were losing. He’d never believed we could win away from home! This will be better from now on! So i can’t wait to watch blackpool away! The 2 subs had immediate impact with a babel, shelvey, babel pass and then with a brill shot.

And with the third substitution Kenny took torres off for Ngog. It was a surprise for everyone! But this proves no individual is bigger than the club! another quote the King used before the game. So that meant 3 pair of fresh legs.

However during the last 10 minutes the mancs had some really good chances and pepe was our saviour! he had a brill day! I dunno how he did that but he saved us with his hands his legs his body. He just was amazing and a really good candidate for MOTM. But for me young kelly snatched this award. He had been brill. His crosses were good and very dangerous and defesively he had been outstanding.

I do need to question the people who are voting for e.on MOTM. Berbaflop being MOTM? he just dived and thats all.. But enough talk about the mancs.

So in the end we did loose to that stupid decision by the ref but during the whole game i didn’t feel that gutted like i used to under hodgson and even now my disappointment keeps within reasonable limits. We saw our players giving a 110% on the pitch and heard the fans supporting. This is what LFC is! Manager, players and fans united!




  1. I was extremely happy with how we responded to the
    extremely harsh red card given to Stevie. The team had loads of
    fight and a ton of heart. I was even more encouraged when Dalglish
    took off Torres. For the entire second half he was lost up front,
    not working hard to recover the ball and pouting when he didn’t
    receive a perfect pass. I think this will actually be very good for
    Torres and will show him that if he wants to play for a Legend, he
    has to give it his all, always. YNWA

  2. Gerrard. Did the fact that someone bigger than you was
    running the team go to your head. You let the group down. It seems
    there is much to learn still lad do watch what a real football
    legend does and keep your head in check. You must set a good
    example and not get found wanting at this time.

  3. “And with the third substitution Kenny took torres off for
    Ngog. It was a surprise for everyone! But this proves no individual
    is bigger than the club!” LONG MAY IT CONTINUE! you are only as
    good as your last 10 games in my opinion. Things feel….right

  4. i dont know any of the 9000 travelling supporters but i
    would like to shake the hands of each and everyone of them for the
    noise they made, good performance today and nearly snatched a
    result against all the odds, it was made obvious as early as the
    1st minute that we were never going to be allowed leave with
    anything other than a defeat,what a stitch up, kennys apointment
    allowed us to look beyond this game and into the future, today
    showed we can look into the future with hope, a good bit to be done
    do and that needs to be remembered

  5. The Red card will likely be appealed. I’m not too worried
    about him having to sit out three games.

  6. @shaun. I take see your point. Gerrard has been called
    Liverpool’s best ever which is arguable. He is now however in the
    presence ‘greatness’ and in my opinion the only manager or person
    the fans will side with over Gerrard and Carra. NOW IT’S ON! Power
    has returned to its rightful position.

  7. continuing on from my earlier post. I doubt I have seen Gerrard as motivated and energetic since he was a 23 year old. Long may the passion continue.

  8. Liverpool didnt loose. we got knocked out because of the
    ref. he gifted a win for manc. berbaflop dived. and the same ref
    who was in the world cup final didnt give red cards(if im not
    mistaken) to a kung fu dutch team!! and then goes and give a red
    card to send off stevie for at best a yellow card challenge!! come
    one….who’s paying webb’s bills? man u? and still at 10 men, man u
    couldn’t break the team down. Liverpool showed character and an
    attitude not seen in a long time. and those subs that Kenny made,
    roy would never have made in a million years. not to mention
    putting Kelly in the team, wow was he brilliant! and by the way,
    Kenny didnt have a lot of time to get prepared with the team. but
    once he does, and gets his team going, Liverpool will look

  9. Some good sentiments about the power being in the rightful
    place again. Gerrard and Carra have got away with it for a few
    years now based on where they were born! I assume all the Rafa
    bashers will start to admit they are wrong and that he did leave a
    number of excellent players as proven today when they are
    encouraged and allowed to play the way that comes naturally to
    them. Roy made completely the wrong changes in lots of areas. This
    gives the new boss an even harder job to do than it was in the
    summer. If only Purslow hadn’t interfered in the football side of
    things too much!

  10. First off, I want to say I enjoy everyone’s enthusiasm and enjoy reading the positive thoughts we are all having.
    At first I was frustrated w Stevie being sent off….then i thought about it. Steven plays with an incredible Passion for our club, his country, and for this wonderful game. A Passion that inspires other world class players to push the limit and train harder. Motivation to improve himself and everyone around him.
    Look how pepe and nando respond to the rumors of their flight. Pepe said he has found a passion like none other, different than Spain.
    I’m sure we all dispise that pos team just like I’m sure Stevie, carra, and our boys do. They went to trashford to play their hearts out. Maybe he was a bit firery with that challenge, but that was Stevie wanting nothing more in the world other than to beat united. pure love for our club! I’m very thankful for Stevie g and what he does for us.
    I’m very happy the king played babel and the other younger players. I thought we showed class and reina was stellar. Excited for the future. Can’t wait til nando gets confident and slaps these ill critics w goals galore. Brian.ynwa.

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