4 year old pleads to Torres “Please don’t go” [video]

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Thanks to @wideawakewesley for sending this video.


  1. Fantastic, more of these needed. Fans have been instrumental for this club. It’s now time to do this again and make Torres do a u-turn.

  2. See Nando? GoChelsea is exactly what you want to go to? Theyre the supporters you want to have? We loved you and you turn your back on us.
    You’ve hurt us all. We’ll be bigger and better without you if you want to throw everything we gave you away.

  3. see, it’s people like GoChelsea who can’t see the true meaning of football. Torres, if you join Chelsea, you will be supported by fans like him. I am sure you deserves better than this.

  4. torres you are heartless not to listen to this what if your son was doing that for someone else to stay at the club ynwa

  5. Awww Gawwwd!! I am a 31 year old and I had a lump in my mouth.. I wish someone punches me in the stomach so that I can wail and feel lighter!

    Torres, you idiot, what are you doing? We all love you so much! So So Much!!

  6. Please don’t exploit a child. Torres is his own man. If he wants to go he has every right to put in a transfer request. The club can still survive .

  7. All those Torres kits I bought over the years, and now he has the nerve to request the transfer himself?

    It’s ok, let’s hold out for £65mil. I think the FSG know to spend it on Llorente or someone else of high quality.

    As for you Torres? Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

    – Kevin, Kansas City USA

  8. Let him go, he doesn’t want to play for us so let him go and be just another one of Abramovich’s toys. You won’t be loved at Chelsea Torres and John Terry will probably get you up the duff.

  9. Torres remember why you left you boyhood club?
    Because the fans did turn against you and left you with heartbreak when the fans celebrated when Athletico lost in the decider game which left Barcelona with the title.
    Did the Red fans ever turned our back against you?
    We sang more of our praises than we did sing our prestigues club anthem, yet you decided to ignore the love we had for you.
    You will leave millions of fans heartbroken.
    Remember that a player does not become a legend with only talent, but also loyalty. After all the struggle to build a successful team for the years to come, you wanted to leave!
    Be that way!

  10. I never thought i would say this but let him go his heart is obviously not with the club anymore and by torres putting in a transfer request he will never have the same reception at anfield like he once did if he decided to stay. what really makes me sick is how he has gone about it putting in a request so close to febuary. I say so long torres the club doesn’t fight for you to play. You fight to play for the club.

  11. torres if u want to leave, u can. But i want to assure u that u will only end up being fustrated at chelsea because nobody will love u the way liverpool fc fans does. Long live anfield.

  12. Torres even the livespools fan here in NIGERIA all lov you. Pls we plead with you not to neve us in a cool storm now we rely need you. But if you do, i think £50m can get us nice 3 good young players.

  13. Pathetic….liverpool resorted to this…begging from a four year old. Torres has BIGGER ambition than liverpool. He does´nt want to be slumming it in the Europa league. YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID YES TO THE ARABS BACK IN 2007.


  14. torres liverpool made you the player you are today we made you the best striker in the world all the fans want you to stay they all love you i know this seASON HASNT been good for you it has been hard but it has been that way for everyone in liverpool since the american owners took over liverpool they brought are club down and know we got the best manager liverpol could ever have that can change things look at the way we are playing now we are getting back on form and playing better football and that is why liverpool are trying to get a great stiker that can help you upfront because it true liverpool have relied on you to do everthin but its time you need help so please stay sounds like liverpool have agreed a deal with ajax about signing luis suarez and hopefully if you stay you will be happy and have a good partnership like you did with gerrard all the fans are behind you andhope you make the write choice to stay please torres stay

  15. Torres can go a.s.a.p………we sting the Hounslow pikeys for as much as we can…….thats if they can afford it…….Benfica reckon they are tight as a DA nowadays…..when they find out that he is crocked we will hear the screams from their caravans on Hounslow heath…….we can invest the cash in some quality players just like Kenny did with the money for Rush when we mugged Juventus….ha ha!

  16. fuck him out now,good riddance,would have cried a few weeks ago till the King returned,take the russian oil robbers money you greedy bastard but remember who chanted your childs name the day they were born.where next real madrid you lying bastard.

  17. I hope that torres watch this
    a cant undrestand he want go now?Why not wait until summer?And why exactly he wants go when king come?i cant undrestand!!!
    fernando Do not destroy yourself!!!Your fate will be like owen! i can see it….so dont leave liverpool now….for yourself…for your fans and for liverpool fans like this kid and me

  18. get your act together nando, its millions of fans like this your gonna hurt, pls your my fav player come back home

  19. @gochelsea If I remember correctly, your team aint doing that well either these days loser. So what you on about?

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