Dear Fernando Torres – an emotional plea

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Dear El Nino – Fernando Torres,

I do not know if you will ever see this letter or if somewhere in Liverpool you are lying awake like me, unable to sleep thinking.. thinking..  Nando, one thing supporting LFC has taught us is that we must have faith when everyone around us has lost hope. It is for that reason I write this letter – until the referee blows the final whistle, I always believe we have a chance to make things right.

Friday brought the news of Chelsea FC having a bid rejected for you, £35m allegedly. I laughed when I heard of the bid and the number, I thought Fernando Torres is worth more than £ and numbers, Chelsea can have their big money but big money doesn’t  buy our Nando’s affections!

All my favourite journalists were telling me we had no reason to worry, that with King Kenny in charge and Liverpool looking to sign Suarez Nando would never desert us. I never needed to read that because I never questioned your loyalty but it was good to hear nonetheless.

Then Mr Balague spoke saying you wanted to leave Liverpool and you had asked Liverpool to listen to offers. I laughed at that too! I have a lot of respect for Guiliem but I said, unless Fernando Torres comes out himself and says he is leaving, I will NEVER question his loyalty.

I knew people were thinking I was stupid, stubborn and naive but I didn’t care. When you believe in someone or something, the true test of your faith is during the bad times not during the good!

All day I was hearing the same rumours flying around, all day I watched as more and more people began to lose faith. The silence was deafening. The buzz of rumours and hearsay too loud. Still, I kept faith refusing to question your love and loyalty to Liverpool FC and to the fans.

I must have fallen asleep at some point during the night only to be woken at 3am with a need to search the news. There it was in black and red. The words I did not want to see or hear all day. The words I was refusing to accept even as I read them; Fernando Torres has handed in a transfer request.

My heart broke Nando as did so many others tonight.. They say something feels like a kick in the stomach – this felt like Stevie G had smashed the ball straight at me gut.

I can not see what will happen for the rest of the year, I do not know whether LFC will be pushing upwards or falling back downwards until May. But I can tell you that Liverpool FC needs you to help us fight to move upwards.

Fernando, you do not need a history lesson from me explaining to you why you should not leave us. And I will not give you one. I will speak openly to you about what you mean to us and what we mean to you.

Nando when you joined Liverpool FC fresh from Spain, we had already fallen in love with you because of your famous armband. But, the day you stood up to John Terry against Chelsea was the day you wrote yourself into Liverpool legend..

We sang for you Nando, home and away. We cheered for you every time you came on and clapped you every time you came off. Our song for you followed us around Europe to Atletico and to the Bernabeau where we showed your rivals you were ours! When you were not even on the pitch we sang your name. When you played well we cheered your every touch and when you played poorly we stood up for you.

We fell in love with Spain because of you Nando, Liverpool became Spain in honour of you. We made friends with your fans in Atletico because of you. We sat with them and sang your name aide by side. We watched you as you played for the Spanish National team, praying you would come back home happy and free of injuries.

We watched as you scored the winning goal against Germany and you won the world cup in South Africa. We followed the post world cup festivities only see your face – your joy! We cried when we saw you celebrating with a Liverpool scarf on and we smiled knowing you were ours and we were yours.

We made Merseyside your home Nando. We afforded you every respect. Stopping you in the street to ask about your family; your wife and beautiful children.

Our children made you their heroes, you fulfilled their dreams every time you scored. You made them happy Nando. You made us all happy.

We waved our flags bearing your name, fans paid money to create flags placing you and King Kenny side by side. Some of us bought our first Liverpool shirts with your name on. We bought your autobiography and cried over your love and dedication to us…

We gave you our love Nando and you made us happy. You respected us. Clapped us when you scored and when we lost. You understood us Nando, understood our passion to succeed.

But it has been a tough 18 months for us all. Fans and players alike. We watched as we nearly lost our great club, we sang, protested and marched and we won that battle. Then, we watched our performances get worse on the pitch, listened as so many people criticised you but we took to our forums, blogs and twitter defending your abilities. When King Kenny took over, we saw a new Liverpool. A happy team fighting for the club and the manager. We saw you Nando proving your doubters wrong – proving us right.

Fernando, I think what hurts us the most from this is that we do not understand the timing of your request. King Kenny loves you, he has faith in you and needs you to help get his club out of this mess. Leaving us in January, Nando would be as bad as a soldier turning back on his men when the battle is at it’s most trying moment..

I will end this letter now by asking you to think of our bond, our love and our respect for you before you make a decision. Know this Nando, no team will love you the way we have and still do..

People may think me naive and idiotic for having held faith in you for so long, but it is my way – it is The Liverpool Way. But, If you leave Nando, we will console ourselves knowing that players come and go but the club and it’s crest will always remain.

YNWA – A besotted fan


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  1. Get real Knobheads. Players are mercenaries who couldn’t give 2 fucks about the fans other than we pay their wages. Stop romaticising an emotional attachment that’s never been there, not from his side anyway. Let’s get the most money we can for him and move on and hope he’s the one who regrets it.

  2. I can understand him wanting to leave but can’t understand the timing! Kenny has just come in, we are playing better football and there is nothing to say Liverpool can’t match Chelsea when it comes to paying for players.
    I wouldn’t say Chelsea’s squad is much stronger and you would have to say they don’t look good enough to win the CL or the EPL. I can’t really see how he can stay unless he grovels which is a real shame. I love the guy but I am stunned by this.

  3. Nice show of emotion and feeling in the original post and he wont get the “love” anywhere else other than at the Calderón where he displayed a trait that we admired so much; loyalty.
    He appeared driven by a good ethos not found much around the modern game and was a joy to watch.
    I thought he would stick by us to help us out the mess. A bit like the ‘better and for worse’ bit at weddings but obviously not too worse!
    He asked for spending and top players and on the day his wish begins to be fulfilled he asks to leave.
    I’m sure his head has been turned with all sorts of goodies and euro signs and at an age (27 in March) that he maybe thinking is nearing his last big move. Especially considering his injury problems denying him of that explosive pace of the mark.
    So good luck to him. He’ll need it if he joins that shower with their little flags and fickle attitude, not to mention the team being in need of drastic rebuilding all over.
    We have a good young foundation that we can now, with Kenny, see the building of a team that can compete for the league next season with a few tweaks. Especially seeing the rebuilding required at our main rivals (other than Arsenal) ‘coz of their ages.
    I think it’s a mistake for him if he goes but we lost rush and got Barnes, Beardsly and Aldo and transformed into THE BEST team we’ve had!!!

    What pisses me off is what he quoted in the People on Jan 9th in context of today.

    I thought he was a better man than this.
    And he can’t trap a ball lately!!

  4. Do you Liverpool Fans remember what Reina do it to Fabregas after they win the World Cup… He told to the media …”That, Fabregas is a playmaker for Barcalona…!!!” Now, this statement back to our face… Torres and Chelsea turn the screw to Liverpool… What can you say…man…. After this Reina will exist from Liverpool then go to ManU… Then what can we say, man… It heard man… same as Arsenal Fans feelings when Reina statement blown all over the world…

  5. Well, if Torres want to leave, let him go. but LIVERPOOL will be still the same, Liverpool will not decline, we will still be among the best in the world. Good luck Torres.

  6. let him go if he wants.feel totally let down by all this, he said before he would never sign for another english club out of respect for liverpool,just like he wouldnt sign for another spanish club. so just do one then,take the 50mil,or at least hold out for that much and good riddance,loyalty my arse.
    havnt slept cos of this,bitter and twisted..

  7. let him go players come and go just when we think were gettin a world class forward line up he puts in a transfer request shows how much he cares bout us dont want anyone who doesnt wanna be were id cut my right arm off to be

  8. He doesn’t give a toss about the club and is disrespecting Kenny, he is making a mistake here as Chelsea are on the slide. Liverpool should hold him until the summer then get an auction going!!!!!

  9. JOKE yer if e goes then e goes but he also said it would never ever be to a premiership rival piss off torres you are full of sh.t just like all the rest its all become about the money and roman has also so spoke wiv him saying that he is going to invest into chelsea very heavly in the next 12 months TORRES has been tapped up im telling ya lfc get off ya arse and get chelsea fuckin done its a joke and discrase also daniel sturridge an 40 mil wat a joke not good enough.

  10. It’s true that he has the right to be placed on the transfer list. But I don’t understand why he choose the time when LFC really need him to make LFC better in BPL table. But still, it’s his right to do that. I think Liverpudlians are happier if he ask to leave in the summer.

  11. ” Torrest_LOVE_Chelsea wonders lonely as a cloud , taking the road less travelled by . To Sea or not to Sea ? That is the question , oh that is the question ”

    Yeah thanks mate for popping in , I hate enjoyed it .

  12. Fuck him, I thought he had more class than this… Spitting his dummy out because we have got oil money behinds us. We are liverpool and players come and go, but we remain!

  13. Zahra, i am a journalist from Spain, i have readed your letter.

    Great job, man. In Spain, we dont know yet what Fernando is gonna do, but we became Liverpool fans when Torres arrived there.

    In my group of friends, we always sing the Armband Song, Fernando Torres Liverpool’s Number Nine. Liverpool is a very admire club here and there are a lot of people who has your red t-shirt with Fernando’s Number Nine.

    In the media today, the possible leave of Fernando to Chelsea is a very spoken topic. There a lot of journalist who thinks that is the correct moment for Fernando to leave. He loves Liverpool but he wants to win titles, he wants to fight for winning the Champions League and these people think that in Chelsea he could.

    In my personal opinion, i dont know how to think and how to feel about. Liverpool is my favourite team in Premiership and always watch the matches supporting Liverpool and Fernando. Last years, one of my ambitions as journalist and football lover has been go to Anfield and can see a match in this mythical Stadium. I hope i can do it with Fernando there.

    Hype and Strenght from Spain

    Santi Duque

  14. Forget the crap about winning things the £ 800k a month is nothing to do with it…surely?take the money and get aguero,a player most chelski fans would sooner have than el traito.he won’t be forever our number 9 as some peeps have said,he has shut on Liverpool BIG TIME.the team were in it together,maybe if he’d tried a bit harder we wouldnt be where we are more pleas,no more begging let’s move on with Suarez who is younger and less injury prone than el traito.gonna go out and buy a cat today and call it Nando,he won’t be the only pussy around with that name then will he?

  15. Whatever comes from now till Monday night, think about the bigger picture. In the last few months we have new owners, NESV have placed the right man in charge (a born winner), we have just bought a born goal scorer for 22 million, we have gone from the relegation zone to 7th and we will only go further upwards. If Fernando Torres wants to leave a club that is on the up and move to an ageing squad that don’t seem to be playing with any heart, then let him.

    For £45 million and Daniel Sturridge we can build a team that will become a force to be reckoned with and will leave Fernando feeling like Alexander Hleb when he left Arsenal.

    This all happened with Stevie, he did’nt go for a reason and he needs to sit down with a coffee and explain to Fernando what he will lose. He won’t have a player like his captain at Chelsea that understands him like he does, he won’t have a stand in the stadium that will sing his name like The Kop does, there is only two teams in Liverpool (Shankly speak) there are (off the top of my head) 9 in London. I am currently watching Everton put Chelsea under a lot of pressure- this is what Torres will be going to.

    We are in good hands, NESV have a proven track record and we all know what Kenny can do and already has done since taking over. We all have faith and we will never walk alone, if Fernando Torres leaves Liverpool, he might well be the only one who will be.

    Nando a word of advice: “all good things come those who wait”.


  16. Torres leaving will break many fans’ hearts. But Torres going to Chelski would be like twisting the knife. Keep some dignity and repay some of the adulation you have received over the years and at least stay till the summer and go abroad or even to City. Jumping to the cockney scum would be a betrayal too far.

  17. Also forgot to say its irrelevant what he said on jan 9th.words mean sod all,my wife said her vows to me but it didn’t stop her shagging my ‘best’ mate!

  18. German LFC Fans have suffered with all you up there! We all are very upset about the situation. I have to connect my oppinion to some of you who think that Nando should stay. He could be teaming up with Suarez. We needed a 2nd top striker urgently and now that we have him Nando wants to leave…that is just wrong!
    I can only say: Stay Fernando, better times are close! Kenny is back, Steve needs you, Suarez speaks your language and needs your help, we need you and after all—you got all our support, whatever you do!
    Your German LFC-friends

  19. Well said zahra. Fernandos news of leavin breaks many hearts across the world and especially the kop fans in south africa. Seein that lfc scarf over the world cup trophy brought tears of joy to our eyes. I hope he does read ur letter n realises that even the fans of the england side still stayed and followed nando till the end after england were knocked out. That’s dedication and luv from the fans. Fernando stay at lfc! We cheer u always.

  20. I think that El Nino is just abit annoyed that we’ve brought in another fantastic striker who is younger, its obvious thqat he thinks that he isn’t going to be promised a place in the squad every week, i know that no-one should be promised a place but its obvious that he thinks Suarez is going to take his place. I think that when Kenny sits down annd speaks to him that he will understand that he is still in his plans and that Suarez has been brought in to support him. And if all off you fans who say you love him, arent going to have any faith in him and see that maybe he is thinking negative about the situaion then dont bother putting allthese comments on calling him El Traito because thats just gonna want him to leave more if he thinks the fans hate him. We’ve just got to hope for the best and wait till monday to see what happens, obviously its gonna be a massive blow to all liverpool fans and a massive blow to liverpool but at least have some faith and hope in Kenny, El Nino and everyone at liverpool.

  21. Sell him.For all the love and respect we gave him, we deserved this?? we don’t want a player whose heart is elsewhere.get the biggest sum of money possible and we can buy 3 top class players with it and rebuild..If it is possible to replace king kenny, it is not difficult to replace him..there are loads of top class strikers out there, who are dying to play for us…sell him and we’ll have our new no 9

  22. This is the most sorry pathetic thing I’ve ever read, it’s like a love to Jim’ll Fix It,

    Thank you for making me laugh.


  23. Cringeworthy and you’re right he’ll never read this. On a positive note i doubt he’ll come but shows you how far in status Liverpool has fallen. The glory days have been over a long time

  24. My Goodness!
    Liverpool fans why don’t you stop acting and sounding so pathetically desperate. HE wants to leave. So what? LET HIM LEAVE!!!! IT galls me to no end to see article after article like give with people begging him to stay. Would you want to stay with a Girlfriend who doesn’t want to be with you? LIVERPOOL FC IS BIGGER THAN FERNANDO TORRES!!!!
    You get that? IT WAS HERE BEFORE HE CAME TO THE CLUB AND IT WILL BE HERE LONG AFTER HE STOPS BEING A FOOTBALLER!!! I mean, Geez stop sounding so pathetic and desperate already, it’s not like we’re losing anything this Season since he hasn’t played like he cares up until Kenny came. YOu all sound like you only became Liverpool fans when Torres and Benitez came into this club. Well, guess what this club has been here much longer than that and we’ve seen much greater strikers than Torres leave and we survived just fine. KEEGAN!!! RUSH!!! OWEN!!! All of them left and Liverpool went on just fine and in fact we went on to win titles (including the European Championship/Champion’s League TWICE) the year after they left.
    So we’ll be fine. King Kenny is here and that’s all that matters to me.

  25. I for one am thoroughly enjoying the slow death of Liverpool Football Club. At least you won’t need a new stadium now, you won’t be able to fill Anfailed.

  26. Face it you’re not famous anymore. Take the money and have the Welsh Dwarf (Mickey Owen) back at the end of the season in the Championship.

  27. Usual sanctimonious drivel from Liverpool fans, you really do think that you somehow have a greater sense of feeling for your club than other clubs’ fans have for theirs. The most arrogant fans in the land

  28. Fernando; no te vayas al Chelsea. Los atléticos quieren al Liverpool y tu eres ATLETICO.
    Olvida el dinero, hay mas cosas en la vida.

  29. Hola,

    Look Amigos, I leave you cause u not good enough fro Fernando. You know you left Mr. Hodgson (Who is a gentleman I admire greatly) because you thought he was not good enough. My amigos Davi, Xavi, and Cesc and all the rest play in Campione league copa.

    I came back this summer because Mr. Hodgson is a gentleman. You say you love me; but why do you not listen when I said Mr. Hodgson be given more time. I DID SAY THAT! But you full of your ambition don’t listen.

    Now you bring arrogant Americans. They insult! Always insult! They say “I don’t have Sheik in my Name” (They insult Man City Owner. They arrogantly say if player don’t want to play, they can go.

    In Spain we say dog that bark has no bite.
    American say they are not like Sheik but first bluff from Ajax they gave 22.5 million!
    They say player can go if the no like to play, but now I say I want to go they cry! All Bark! No Bite.

    Stupido buy striker! Why? Fernando always play well lone striker.Why Stupido Americano no understand. Fernando want Xabi ALonzo replacement, not Robie Keane. Frenando want to play Campione cope play Barcelona, Milan; not Metlaist Kharkov or Tirana.

  30. Millions of blokes round the world feeling the same thing. There’s no doubt that we are the greatest club in the world.

  31. Well said
    hopefully he gets that cause torres is one fantastic player you can’t replace with anyone yeah we could sell him and get a load of money but whats the point we’ve got better owners they can give us money for a new player,replacing torres isnt goint to help cause torres has done so much for us and he can do so much more but he needs his fans there behind him

  32. fuckin goodletter man, i feel the shit yesterday n today, i hpe that nando stay in home for a looong time, he isnt a mercenary, he only need hope in his heart, and i look in all the internet people are sad about this notice and isw a lot of fans of the MIGHT REDS so fuck we are the greatest of the whole world long life to the red shirt the MIGHTY REDS come backsandkickthe ass of all the shit of teams includin barcelona ..beware of liverpool FC fools

  33. Let him go! If he wants to leave, and could go in the summer for the same sum, then – let him go. £50M is one good striker and two good other players. If Abramovich has only just figured out that Chelski’s squad is old, he only has so much more time to launder his money through Chelski, and that under UEFA rules he won’t be able to open his cheque book from 2013 onwards, then – let him go. Putting the bid in was understandable after Chelski had been turned down on so many other times in this window; but Torres putting in a written request after saying for so long that he wouldn’t go to another EPL club is daft, and destroying his own legacy. This club, all football clubs, are bigger than one player, and Torres has just proven that he’s a talented but injury prone striker for hire

  34. To my view, its not a matter of loyalty. Torres is for sure loyal to red colours, and he’ll probably keep all Liverpool fans love in his hurt for the rest of his life. But as quoted many times, he’s very aware of the short life of sportsmen. He’s having a real urgency for titles, and being now 26 and at his peak, he knows that he has only 2-3 years of competitiveness. Liverpool can’t guarantee titles in this very short term. He’s obsessed for making history with club titles…that’s why he quitted Atletico(parent-club) and now Liverpool(step-parent-club)

  35. FFS! Obviously wrote by a fan under 30. Get real. Your an embarrassment to your friends, your family, your neighbours, yourself and more importantly Liverpool, what it stands for, and her supporters the length and breadth of the globe. Get over it. Multi-millionaire footballer and you think he gives a f***? Let him go. He’ll regret it. We won’t. For the extra 20 grand a week or so he’s going to get he’ll lose out in the long run on the after dinner speaker circuit. No-one wants to book ex-chelsea players. They’ll be back where they belong when the Fair play rules come in and go into administration when Abrahmovich gets dragged back to Russia on fraud charges. If you want to go penning soppy teenage love letters why not do one for Luis Suarez. Devote you energies to players who’s futures do lye at the club.

  36. Torres heart belongs to Atletico de Madrid and he left them as he will leave Liverpool. It is not about the money, its about winning titles, that´s why he left Madrid, he keeps trying to achive his dream, don´t hate Fernando, try to understand his reasons.

  37. I can’t believe what he did to us! I mean, i love your plea, totally. I THOUGHT HE WAS BETTER THAN THIS MAN.

  38. “It isn’t easy to adapt when you come to Liverpool, but believe me, once you have you really don’t want to play anywhere else.”

    I still believe him! Maybe I am naiv too, but this can’t be true. This is just a game what we don’t know yet. After you get to know what is going on in the background you will be angry to yourselves because you haven’t believe him in this time despite what he always said.
    He will always be here with us!
    He could go at the summer after the WC, he didn’t.
    Believe in HIM! He will see what did you guys said about him. HE NEVER TELL ANYTHING TO ANYBODY about he wants to leave.
    I am sure in one thing! He get a lot from the supportesr in Liverpool. And this is what he won’t forget! If he will ever want to leave the POOL he’s gonna tell in our eyes, not on paper!
    YNWA TORRES! Believe in HIM!
    This is just for make Chealse week!!! ;)

  39. Torres knows that He is a legend already in the liverpoool, and if he go somewhere else he will be just a name in the history of the football!

  40. It is early, and in the premier league, anything can happen. Who knows Chelsea might suffer their worst spell in the league in the next few months. And instead, Liverpool would win most of their matches in the next few months. and in the end, Liverpool will finish fourth and chelsea lost their place in the top-4. Let’s see if Torres still wants to go to Chelsea if that happens.

  41. dear fernando torres. l know how you feeling inside.but you will never ever get what you have now.liverpool have the best fans in the world.chelsea fans are all day you learn this.if you stay you will be one of the greatest ever striker in liverpool history.your parnership with luis suarez will be most feared around the world.please dont go stay for life.look at steven gerrard stayed at his beloved doesnt buy you love.liverpool gives that to you already.chelsea will not be the same again. terry,drogba,lampard, are all getting older.liverpool will get best players specially under have younger kids looking up to you at any early age and in liverpool theres nothink much to do for kids who ideal there star players liike yourself.l had a friend if mine who kid wants to see you on wednesday night against stoke. shes from northern ireland and shes payed alot of money flight to the game also rthe tockets for her family and kids my kids are crying knowinfg torres wants to will regret it trust me l live in london and london is not what people make it out to be,there are very rude people here not like in liverpool,liverpool is where the heart is

  42. liverpool keeps talking about history, liverpool are history. what is important is to be making history and the fact is the liverpool are now just a feeder club for the top 4 teams. ManU and Chelsea are the only teams that make HISTORY any more and Fernando is the only one clever enough in liverpool to realise this HAHAHAHA

    Fernando has the world cup under his belt and now he wants a crack at winning more things, fair play to him I say. Why would he want to rot away at some dying club which can only bang on about its long forgotton history

  43. Get a life.

    What makes you think LFC is different to any other club to a player ??

    It’s sad, I know – but you must learn that a player from another country does not have any bond whatsoever with LFC.

    Its a job to a footballer. And they take you for a ride.

    enjoy burning all your expensive Torres merchandise tomorrow

  44. OMG You ppl are so dumb! Financial fair play rules are in place to stop clubs from going bankrupt and ensuring that they break even because 47% of European Clubs reported a loss. If an owner chooses to invest money into his business he can, the main point is that the business breaks even. This means that Chelsea and Man City can still spend spend spend…

    On another note, Torres wants to go to Chelsea because he wants to win trophies and not rot away at a dying club, good luck to him I say!!

  45. Our last ‘star striker’ who wanted to leave when our club was in a similar bad patch was Michael Owen. The following season we went onto win our 5th European Cup.
    Its up to Stevie G and the lads to take the club back to where we belong and with King Kenny back in charge, we will soon be fighting for title number 19 and European Cup number 6 – that’s what we call history…

  46. bla bla bla hahaha banging on about history again, the truth got it right “Liverpool are history”

    face up, liverpool will never win the premiership title which is why torres wants to leave and go to a club which wins trophies.

    funny thing is that he isnt good enough to lay for manu lolol

  47. BTW REINA WILL BE SIGNING UP TO MAN U IN THE SUMMER!! Like Torres, he wants to win some trophies. LFC are history!!! hahahaha

  48. The ‘truth’ is that Chelsea will never figure in the history books. The team is already in decline and Torres (like Owen before him) will make a footballing mistake if he is going there to win trophies. This whole saga is just as much about the desperation of Chelsea to be accepted as a genuine English footballing giant (like Liverpool, Man Utd, Arsenal) and the only way it can be done is by the billions spent by its owner. The other ‘truth’ is that you can buy Torres, but you can’t buy history.
    Over the line and far away….

  49. Man u r absolutely rit hes da bst striker..!! v do need him..!! i wish he reads it..!!n ill tell ol my frns to publish dis on their fb accounts so dat v may ignite da fire in da liverpool fans..!! all hail torres..!!

  50. So, ManUres/MancKeys (pronounced monkeys) and Chelskis/Chelshits are here. How convenient. Are your forums / websites too boring that you have to come here to join in the fun. Go away shitheads. Your collection of trophies pale in comparisons to ours. Shoo! Admin, block these impostors.

  51. ManUre eats manure, that’s explains how they picked Liverpool’s garbage owen. Get a life, I’m amazed how Manure’s fans so obsessed with Liverpool and always stalk Liverpool news and forums LOL

  52. speaking as a united fan. i say i have no right of making fun of you guys (seeing as we have also gone through the rooney saga). i just only want to say that this is football. football means transfers. the fact is that you remain loyal to your club and to the players that actually do give care to your club. i am a fan of steven gerrard because of the loyalty he has for your club. and knowing that with his class he couldve gone big. same goes for Sir ryan giggs. Respect these players. respect your clubs. and for players like rooney (if he does want to quit in the future) and torres. well if you love something let it go. if it comes back it loves you. if it doesnt it wasnt yours to begin with.

    as for a man united fan being on a liverpool page. i got a shared link on my news feed. thought id check. waiting for a good game between the two reds at anfield.

    a football fan first and a united fan next :)

  53. going on about your history again and saying cfc aint got none.well for your info. you lot didnt have none years ago. when other now smaller clubs did.then you started buying players that other clubs couldnt afford. and bought we are doing the same as you did all those years back and you cant accept it.your now a selling club. SAY BY BY TORRES.

  54. @ Omar ManU and Chelsea make history every season, all liverpool can do is talk about previous history because that is all that you have to cling to. Caroll for 35 million hahaha Torres wants to be at a club that makes history, this is why he left liverpool.

    Just face it – Liverpool is history!!!

    ManU makes history!!!

    ManU – Premiership Champions 2011

  55. I am a Spaniard as Torres, and I sincereley think that I would not have done the same. But hello, I am not a footballer and I do not earn those quantities of money to be able to decide. Every sportsman wants to reach its peak, he wants to challenge himself to see where he can get, he has a right for that.

    Why do you guys think he left Atlético? I tell you something, Torres left Atlético and their fans did NOT burn his shirt ! They thought that he will come back some day, perhaps, naively like you…

    I dont know if u know it but Torres has just achieved something with this transfer. He has become the Spanish best paid player in history, and that is something to write on books…

    I personally, don’t like Chelsea because there is no merit when presidents decide to spend money in buying players from abroad instead of spending it in the basis, the ‘cantera’, the youth of the club, the kids… in creating a philosophy like Barcelona, where no matter what players are in the field because the system is the same for every player in the club, you only have to fulfill the gap left in the sistem by another player, thus completing the puzzle.

    Teams are beginning to fear Barca because they have seen that they have been working on the invencible system for years now, so they ar at the lead in those terms…

    For other reasons I would also like to add that you Big Club Fans are not only naive but selfish, you don’t really know what suffering means. Look at teams like Leeds United in England, and Oviedo and Tenerife in Spain, for example.

    Those teams and respective fans know what suffering means. Please don’t cry when Fernando Torres leaves, when you still have plenty more top class players. Cheers from Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. Canary Islands

  56. I enjoy reading comments from ‘new kids on the block’ chelsea fans and ‘for ever in our shadow’ Mancs.
    As both sets of fans on this forum have acknowledged, ‘history’ is important – that’s why they get stirred up why its mentioned.
    I Agree that chelsea are building up a cute little history but truth is that you should not be in a debated with footballing legends like liverpool and man utd until you have won at least ten titles and at least one european cup.
    United fans have a different issue: they remain one of the most hated teams in the world despite having a solid trophy cabinet. You see, to be a ‘great’ club, you need to be admired. When Liverpool was winning trophies every season, we were respected around the world.
    Form is temporary, class is permananet.
    Finally, I thank Torres for his contribution to LFC and wish him good luck and good health for the future.

  57. Respekt Torres every time!!

    Hey people,
    Torres love liverpool and he will just winner to be.. and this is with liverpool is not easy..

    If you love Torres at least a little bit, then you accept his decision!..

  58. torres is the man we need, quality finisher with amazing pace. he is the only striker to be considered as hero, not suarez or carroll. Please king Kenny, get him back. He was a hero to us LFC fans, and will be once again when he returns. Hope torres will return to the club that loves him, and respect him, LFC.


    1. Wow, this is almost one year old post… but I share the same sentiment ;)

      If we can get him for 15m, sign him… event 20m though… his salary perhaps is the problem

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