Dear Fernando Torres – an emotional plea

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Dear El Nino – Fernando Torres,

I do not know if you will ever see this letter or if somewhere in Liverpool you are lying awake like me, unable to sleep thinking.. thinking..  Nando, one thing supporting LFC has taught us is that we must have faith when everyone around us has lost hope. It is for that reason I write this letter – until the referee blows the final whistle, I always believe we have a chance to make things right.

Friday brought the news of Chelsea FC having a bid rejected for you, £35m allegedly. I laughed when I heard of the bid and the number, I thought Fernando Torres is worth more than £ and numbers, Chelsea can have their big money but big money doesn’t  buy our Nando’s affections!

All my favourite journalists were telling me we had no reason to worry, that with King Kenny in charge and Liverpool looking to sign Suarez Nando would never desert us. I never needed to read that because I never questioned your loyalty but it was good to hear nonetheless.

Then Mr Balague spoke saying you wanted to leave Liverpool and you had asked Liverpool to listen to offers. I laughed at that too! I have a lot of respect for Guiliem but I said, unless Fernando Torres comes out himself and says he is leaving, I will NEVER question his loyalty.

I knew people were thinking I was stupid, stubborn and naive but I didn’t care. When you believe in someone or something, the true test of your faith is during the bad times not during the good!

All day I was hearing the same rumours flying around, all day I watched as more and more people began to lose faith. The silence was deafening. The buzz of rumours and hearsay too loud. Still, I kept faith refusing to question your love and loyalty to Liverpool FC and to the fans.

I must have fallen asleep at some point during the night only to be woken at 3am with a need to search the news. There it was in black and red. The words I did not want to see or hear all day. The words I was refusing to accept even as I read them; Fernando Torres has handed in a transfer request.

My heart broke Nando as did so many others tonight.. They say something feels like a kick in the stomach – this felt like Stevie G had smashed the ball straight at me gut.

I can not see what will happen for the rest of the year, I do not know whether LFC will be pushing upwards or falling back downwards until May. But I can tell you that Liverpool FC needs you to help us fight to move upwards.

Fernando, you do not need a history lesson from me explaining to you why you should not leave us. And I will not give you one. I will speak openly to you about what you mean to us and what we mean to you.

Nando when you joined Liverpool FC fresh from Spain, we had already fallen in love with you because of your famous armband. But, the day you stood up to John Terry against Chelsea was the day you wrote yourself into Liverpool legend..

We sang for you Nando, home and away. We cheered for you every time you came on and clapped you every time you came off. Our song for you followed us around Europe to Atletico and to the Bernabeau where we showed your rivals you were ours! When you were not even on the pitch we sang your name. When you played well we cheered your every touch and when you played poorly we stood up for you.

We fell in love with Spain because of you Nando, Liverpool became Spain in honour of you. We made friends with your fans in Atletico because of you. We sat with them and sang your name aide by side. We watched you as you played for the Spanish National team, praying you would come back home happy and free of injuries.

We watched as you scored the winning goal against Germany and you won the world cup in South Africa. We followed the post world cup festivities only see your face – your joy! We cried when we saw you celebrating with a Liverpool scarf on and we smiled knowing you were ours and we were yours.

We made Merseyside your home Nando. We afforded you every respect. Stopping you in the street to ask about your family; your wife and beautiful children.

Our children made you their heroes, you fulfilled their dreams every time you scored. You made them happy Nando. You made us all happy.

We waved our flags bearing your name, fans paid money to create flags placing you and King Kenny side by side. Some of us bought our first Liverpool shirts with your name on. We bought your autobiography and cried over your love and dedication to us…

We gave you our love Nando and you made us happy. You respected us. Clapped us when you scored and when we lost. You understood us Nando, understood our passion to succeed.

But it has been a tough 18 months for us all. Fans and players alike. We watched as we nearly lost our great club, we sang, protested and marched and we won that battle. Then, we watched our performances get worse on the pitch, listened as so many people criticised you but we took to our forums, blogs and twitter defending your abilities. When King Kenny took over, we saw a new Liverpool. A happy team fighting for the club and the manager. We saw you Nando proving your doubters wrong – proving us right.

Fernando, I think what hurts us the most from this is that we do not understand the timing of your request. King Kenny loves you, he has faith in you and needs you to help get his club out of this mess. Leaving us in January, Nando would be as bad as a soldier turning back on his men when the battle is at it’s most trying moment..

I will end this letter now by asking you to think of our bond, our love and our respect for you before you make a decision. Know this Nando, no team will love you the way we have and still do..

People may think me naive and idiotic for having held faith in you for so long, but it is my way – it is The Liverpool Way. But, If you leave Nando, we will console ourselves knowing that players come and go but the club and it’s crest will always remain.

YNWA – A besotted fan


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  1. You’ve put into words exactly what I’ve been unable to articulate.

    I hope Nando stays, and if he does leave, it’s not until May at the very least.

    The thought of him in another shirt kills me.

  2. Made me cry, Zahra.
    This emotional appeal represents millions of Liverpool Fans around the Globe.
    Please El Nino, Don’t you go…..

  3. Brilliant one…i too hope Nando somehow sees this and knows that it’s much more than the goals he scored for us or the fact that he is our number 1 and only world class striker in our squad that Liverpool fans have embraced him and his country..It’s his commitment and love for the club and fans that made fans like me feel proud to support Nando..When i first came across the Chelsea bid i brushed it aside because this wasnt new, was shocked when i read that Nando had indeed handed over a transfer request..Even when Nando was struggling for form a few months back i knew it was a matter of time and its still with that hope i pray that Nando stays at “HOME”..Pls Nando..4 LFC and all LFC fans..

  4. Please please let Nando read this. This explains most of liverpool`s fans feeling. i do feel the same about this.

  5. Oh c’mon Nando.. we’re the only club that loves it’s footballers as much as the club and football itself. One of the pictures I proudly display on my facebook is you holding the cup and wrapped in a red scarf. Needless to say you’re family to most of us Reds. My 4 year old is warming up to football in a cricket loving nation (India) and the only two footballing ‘terms’ he knows are ‘Liverpool’ and ‘Torres’.

    We know you might not be happy about a lot of things at the club but the supporters are not at fault for any of those. Don’t punish us..! If you listened hard, you would have heard a collective sigh and a ‘That’s Fernando Torres for you’ and ‘YNWA’ when you said “I’m with the best football club..” back in summer.

    I know it would have been disheartening to lose Xabi and Mascherano but none of those were the supporter’s fault. And, think about it, the most hurt by this decision are the supporters…!

    We fought Gillet & Hicks and we fought mediocrity in the first half of the season. Now, the things start to look up. Please don’t tell us that you’d do all the hard work and then just let it all slip… would you dodge 3 defenders and the goalie and then shoot wide of an empty net?

    We love you and would always love you! We love Spain because of you and Pepe! Some of us Indians even know a few spanish words!

    Don’t break our hearts..!

  6. we love u man for writing this letter…i am with u..u are not naive or stupid…i feel the same about him..we love u nando dont go

  7. this letter needs 2 be posted everywhere cause its the truth and nando cant just up and leave when things are starting to look up we just signed suarez and more 2 come fsg arent playing aroung nando dont punish the fans 4 the previous owners broken promises fsg are buy and spending basically 4 you and 2 restore liverpool of old the fans love and adore you thru and thru this coming from an american who only appreciates futbol because of you i use to call it soccer but now its futbol so if your as kind and mannered as it seems you are you will take back your request and help the cause “YNWA” so dont make us

  8. Aww such a touching letter.
    Really makes me laugh. If Torres thinks he’s gonna be successful in Chelsea then let him leave. The guy already handed his transfer request in. What does this show. He clearly doesn’t wanna be at afield anymore

  9. dude c’monn….its just football..remember,all football players are WORKING!! they work as football players…thats their job..its common when u are sick or ur job and want to try new stuffs..let him choose his path..hes a human being like us..

  10. You are our talisman. We take your,Stevie G n Carra’s name in the same breath. Before every match, we know that if Torres scores today, we will win. Such a move was unexpected. Heart broken is an understatement. We are absolutely shattered.
    If you leave, we’re gonna miss singing for you. We’re gonna miss cheering you, miss showing off in front of our friends that you play for us. We jumped with joy when you scored in the Euro 2008 final, we smiled admiringly when you wore that scarf,we stood up for you when you were down and out and were nowhere near the Torres we knew,and perhaps we’ll always stand up for you.
    You will always remain Fernando Torres, Liverpool’s Number 9.

  11. hy i m from india…
    even if lfc losing i still watch the match
    i m a great fan of torres..
    i hve cried reading this post..
    its like my beloved girlfriend leaving me..
    i hope torres change his mind..

  12. Absolutely beautiful! I’m tried to hold back the tears as I read this…but they won’t stop. They fall as freely as I ever remember because I can relate to EVERY word and emotion you feel. I’ve supported Liverpool from 1984, but I’ve never felt as heartbroken at the though of a player leaving us. Even when Rush left, it didn’t hurt this much. El Nino…if you’re reading this, please stay. We love you as our own. I have 3 sons and they all adore you. Stay with Liverpool and help us move forward. In that lies greater honour. YNWA!

  13. It is unfortunate how he chooses to leave us in our neediest times , we’ve been bold enough to fight for his qualities during his worst times against his critics.
    Liverpool has given him his name ,his pride and popularity. Rafa made you the best striker to play in Europe ,we gave you legendry status. Every club has a waivering moment ,this is ours and we the fans like we expect of our players support this club irrespective of any miscomings.

    Where does your pride lie? Mine lies in my heart ;it always has.

  14. i think we should sell him NOW
    £35-40 mill plus Anelka sounds good to me.
    why keep someone thats not on form, and before he re finds his form i bet he will be injured again and again.
    take anelka and then all we need is to spend that £35 mill on left and right back and move glenn j to the wing???
    dont get me wrong i like nando but i think its time to stop the rot

  15. Well done. Very passionate and express how a lot of us Reds supporters feel right now. I wouldn’t begrudge Fernando for leaving in the summer as he has seen numerous pledges from owners of investment and showed enormous loyalty up until now. However leaving us with 2 days remaining in the window is NOT good enough. I think the club and it’s loyal fans deserve better. In fact Fernando’s legacy deserves better. Wouldn’t he rather be clapped and respected on his returns to Anfield rather than what I expect to be very hostile should we depart company now.

  16. Well said, Zahra! I hope all that we’ve been reading does not come to pass. It’s the timing that baffles and disappoints me. You are dead right; just when we need him most, he wants out.

    I live in Australia. One day I’m browsing in a sports store. I see a young kid, about 5-6, wearing a Liverpool jumper. I ask him, who is your favourite player. He answers in a thick scouse accent, Fernando Torres – of course! He looks at me as if it was the stupidest, most redundant question he’s ever been asked, and then gives me a sweet smile. Turns out he was visiting with his family from Liverpool. Since that day, every time I read about Torres and see him play on TV, I am reminded of that little boy. I imagined his bedroom walls wold be plastered with posters of El Nino. Now, I wonder what he thinks of all this? Are those posters still up?

  17. i Cried. this would sound cliche, but i started watching and following football and Liverpool fc because of el, nino. i dint knew a shit about football until euro 2008 final, the next morning it was torres all the way in news paper and Tv channel. since then not even a single day or hour goes, when m not thinking about the club. my room is filled with liverpool and torres poster, i would sound like a regular football fan. but iknow how much it means to me, the happiest and excited day of my week is when Liverpool plays. yesterday i was all over the internet trying to catch development on Suarez transfer, and when i got a sight on Liverpool fc breaking news, my heart was filled with joy. i jumped like an kangaroo all over the house, dreaming nw kenny could turn the horses for us and slept with this dream, it was 1 am in night(india) when i slept and woke up at 11am. just to see my life devastated by “lfc reject Torres transfer request”. i m gutted, my soul is crying for help. for the man who is god(m serious) to me.who betray the club which loved, adored and worshiped him. sang his song as if its an national anthem and celebrated his every goal as if we had won a champions league. i could just say that i m still sleeping and could had never woke up to read the news. i hope am in a dream( or a nightmare rather). but as we say YNWA, no one is bigger than the club. and if he wants to leave let it be , becz if this is the way he rewards us, we dont need a fuckng money for this shit, let him go for free transfer. i dont respect this person at all. and forget about me supporting him again in my life. i hate u. ;(

  18. Spread this around the Internet, facebook Twitter forums chat rooms get this heard it could make a difference if it reaches nando!

  19. I felt the same way dude, my heart just ripped to shreds when I read Torres handed in a transfer request. I like you refused to question his loyalty. What I’m hoping for now is that he forges a relationship with Suarez so strong that he wont want to leave.

  20. Fernando plea my ass! How could you possibly perhaps one of the most revered and loved players in a Club like Liverpool and put in a transfer request??
    What’s motivating this move? Suarez’s arrival? London life? Money? Surely not Champions League football….what utter bullshit!
    I say the man has spoken his feelings, cash in on him, NOW!

  21. Thanks for writing this piece. Says all the things I didn’t know how to say. You’ll Never Walk Alone

  22. his armband is red and he likes to play for red and thats why we call him our fernando torres…..
    now for whom shall i shout if u go…..i became more familier with liverpool because of u….. man i cant shout for suarez in ur absence……u wont look good at blue because red is in ur blood

  23. I thought you were RED through and through, I just can’t see Liverpool F.C. without you Torres. I started following Spain and support them in every match just because of you. Please stay Fernand Torres, we need you at this critical stage Nando. You’ll never Walk Alone

  24. It really is the unknowns that make this so hard.

    Why hand in a transfer request the day we sign a great new player with only days left in the transfer market?
    What happened to bring this change of heart when only weeks ago he was vowing his commitment to the club. It makes no friggin sense.

    I thought he wanted his kids to grow up with Scouse accents. I feel like an idiot defending Torres’ loyalty these last transfer windows to my manc brother. Frankly, if we can get 50m GBP we should take it. We could bring in 4 quality players which we desperately need for very little out of pocket.

    I’m hoping to hear Torres make a statement but in the end it probably just comes down to money like it does 99% of the time. We arguably have a brighter future than Chelsea. If he does go, I want nothing more than for him to be looking up the table at us next season.

    Que sera

  25. I cried wen i read dis!!!why wud nando fink of such,i dnt knw wat 2say but WE LOVE U FANANDO. If u leave lfc wil stnd bt we want ur stay…

  26. THANK YOU to Whoever wrote this letter,cuz it sounds like you wrote it for all of us……..I feel the exact same way. I to feel like Stevie blasted one right to my groin and right after my girlfriend dumped me. I wish this was just a bad dream….

    Nando you have made us proud so many times. We loved you before you got to England and when you got here we couldn’t stop singing for you. I’m proud of my spainish heritage and what you’ve done for our country. I watched my uncle have tears when u went for the hat trick. Some of the lads and I spray painted my German friend’s house red and yellow after the euros. We won the world cup on my 28th birthday and I had tears as I saw the scarf around as you held the cup. We are very thankful, proud, and honored. And we ask you fernando….please don’t leave us.

  27. What a load of shit. He’s shown his true colors and they arent red n White. He’s a cunt, there a millions of fans worldwide but the proper fans who go the game will hate this twat now. I certainly do. I hope he breaks his legs. We don’t need to sell him coz we don’t need the money so put him in the reserves n leave him there. Spik twat

  28. you nearly had me crying after reading that! It’s a nce letter.
    I think if he’s made his mind up it’s going to be a case of ‘jumping ship’ in winter or summer (which would maintain more fan respect for him).
    I sincerely hope he doesnt go but I’m not going to be naive here. I think he will. It will be about getting the right amount for him in cash or player plus cash.
    It’s going to be a big 2 days. If he goes- then he goes. NO player is bigger than the club. You never know, like a certain mr Owen this could come back and bite him on the arse.
    We’ll find out a bit more about our beloved mr Torres over the next 48 hours or so and I hope it’s positive findings.

  29. Dear Liverpool brothers:

    I would like, as an Atlético’s supporter and with all the love, respect and tenderness of another red sympathizer -I think every atlético do-, to clear you up Fernando has never -and never will- felt Red colours like Atlético’s do… So if he left Calderón home, it is absolutely possible he want to leave Anfield at the end of the present season. You cannot put this into question: Atlético is the place where he was -football- born, the place where he grew up and become a player. Atlético is Nando’s family. It was a hard decission leaving home and beginning a career outside, but he needed new aspirations, to be honest I mean aspirations he would not get in Calderón nowadays… That is sad but true.
    Then Liverpool seems like a perfect place to make winning dreams true: tradition, emotion, history… Rafa Benitez, a fistful of spaniard players and The Marvelous Kop.
    We cried and felt hurt when he left, I swear, but we understood. Now I think you fell confuse because of an armband, but that armbrand was not more than a present from his longlife friends, all of them atléticos like him, with the legend “We’ll never walk alone”, not the Anfield’s quote “You’ll never walk alone” (check it out, please, you can do it here)

    If you are so crazy fan even to realize Nando was celebrating the World Cup and the Eurocup with a Liverpool scarf, that’s true, but you don’t say a word about he was also with his Atlético 9 T-shirt hanging out the bus line, with an Atlético’s scarf tied to his wrist, check the photos out too, please, so you will not undestand that Nando traveled to Anfield just for one reason: to become a champion, the only thing he could not get at home. And unfortunately, the results are not good and it is normal he to leave another place where he will be able to get: that is not disloyalty.
    Someday, Nando will be back to Calderón, as he promised. I am afraid that will be probably for his last years, but I am pretty sure he will do. And whatever happens, Atlético’s fans don’t want he to leave Liverpool until that coming up… but that’s simply football.
    We support Liverpool cause it is a similar feeling, we fell real brothers and I hope we will always do. Liverpool will be my second team forever…
    But we absolutely understand and respect Fernando deserves victories and titles. Let him go, if it is his choice.


  30. Wonderful article, I hope every Liverpool will get the chance to read this one. I’m from Sweden and of course I’m supporting Liverpool Football Club But also Fernando Torres. His armband proved he was a red. I will never stop believing we could win the league titel with him, King Kenny is the right man on the post and I have now the last four or five games been seen a happy Liverpool.
    Fernando Torres I will never stop loving you, I hope you make the right decision.

    YNWA Fernando Torres

  31. if torres wants to leave our LIVERPOOL , then let him go.. before he leaves let us all(the liverpool fans all over the world) wish him great success WITH HEART for all his contributions till now he has done for the upliftment of our BELOVED LIVERPOOL..
    Remember fellow fans, Never Lose hope in our team.. everytime we trail, remember we r always the COMEBACK KINGS..
    We need to show our LOYAL Support to our LFC in all situations..
    We must respect all those who have atleast worn the LFC KIT.. its bot just a kit to wear and play.. its LOVE, its PASSION, its LIFE…

  32. now lets not get desperate, if he doesn’t love our club then he should go. There is no player greater than LIVERPOOL, if you cant respect our club then you dont deserve to put on our shirt, and the performance he put in against chelsea had me thinking, well now i know why he looked world class for the one and only time time this season. Dont bring down the name of liverpool by begging. If he handed in a transfer request then thats just about enough disrespect he could have showed to us supporters who have been there for him and the club who played him week in week out even though he’s looked a shadow of himself. Good luck nando and thanks for all the great memories but the way you going about leaving and the timing is not great but all i can say is this will be the biggest mistake, liverpool are on their way up, chelsea on their way down.

  33. Awesome article.. Hope someone makes Nando read this..

    And also, who knows he might struggle for form at Chelsea because of the tactics.. Who knows??


  34. wow i nearly shed a tear, really good letter dude,

    perhaps you could send it to him via his official website ?

  35. Lol she says at the start “unless Fernando Torres comes out himself and says he is leaving, I will NEVER question his loyalty” and then gets hysterical before he’s spoken.

  36. he’s still leaving broken promises leads to a unhappy striker should come to chelsea to win trophy’s and if you love nando as much as your saying you would want him to win trophy’s and become more succesful and that means going to a succesful club that want him and that is chelsea :)

  37. This is a really good piece but unfortunatly he is not the man we thought he was! He is a liar, unprofessional and most importantly he has disrespected every Liverpool fan. The man is a coward. If he stays and ibelieve he will i won’t be backing him, anyone who doesnt want to play for us can quite simply Fuck Off

  38. Did the nasty man come and take your hope away.

    At least you will still have your camp show tunes song to cling to, and you history

  39. A fine plea, well put.
    However, players seem to have their heads turned by agents, rumours & money all too easily in so many cases.
    Contracts & loyalty no longer seem the foundation for players; the promise of success & fortune distract them.
    As a fan of Chelsea, I would welcome a player of such quality, but not like this. Surely, a DISCREET enquiry in the summer would be more apt but sadly, Chelsea the club has changed over the past 8 years.

  40. Get a life mate.

    If he wants to go then let him

    No one is bigger than our club, same when Stevie G was flirting with becoming a rent boy. Life goes on.

    £50m or someone who only bothers turning up every other game? I know what i’d prefer. Spain won the World Cup carrying him so we can do without him.


  41. Wow what an emotive piece. You spoke for every Liverpool fan. You put into words my exact feelings through this difficult time; the sleepless night. The sick feeling from the gut. How could you do this to us Fernando? El Nino? How? Why now?


  42. Is this the same Liverpool Way as that which brought in Roy Hodgson and had the fans turn on him before a ball was kicked? What a load of rubbish. Torres will be better off winning things and not turning into the second Steven Gerrard, playing well and winning little.

    NANDO YNWA. If you really want to leave, then please not now where we need you more than ever. YNWA

  44. The Liverpool board would be crazy to let Torres go in this transfer window. In my view, if Fernando still wants to leave in the summer, it should be for no less than an offer upwards of £60 million from a team outside the English Premier League. Liverpool should certainly not sell to an English rival.

  45. My only consolation is: This is all done more by his representatives and chelsky and less by himself.
    If this is not the case, I don’t want to see him in a red shirt again, I don’t want to hear about him, I don’t want him near our club.
    Just sell him, take the money and go on.
    He will walk alone, in that sugar-daddy-blue shirt.

  46. let the punk go and put chelsea to the test. if they want him slap £150m for him… chelsea dont want to leave it to summer as there would be a bidding war. lets rake as much money as we can out of them…

  47. “This is a really good piece but unfortunatly he is not the man we thought he was! He is a liar, unprofessional and most importantly he has disrespected every Liverpool fan. The man is a coward. If he stays and ibelieve he will i won’t be backing him, anyone who doesnt want to play for us can quite simply Fuck Off”

    Quality Jamie.. I hope it is all a load of rubbish but if it is true and he does want to go then he is a disloyal,Gutless Scum Bag and certainly shouldnt have the Honour of Playing for us or Kenny anyway.

  48. He hasn’t really earned the wages since he’s come to us,,, he has quickly forgotten the obscene wage he gets even when he is injured on very numerous occasions. Take the cash make some rapid buys and ensure we kick Chelsea’s arse in 8 days. You will get a lot of bang for your buck with 50M. I hope 2 wake tomorrow and find it is a dream or an over eager agents email.

  49. Jesus CHRIST – man up!!!!

    You should say – Eat shit and die nando. $120,000 per week and the adoration of fans and you stab us in the back now when we need you?

    Well fuck off you selfish prick.

    We don’t need you. Keegan, dalglish, rush, fowler, owen and others between those.

    We’ll find more strikers like we always have.

    Go and join the other Arseholes of Chelsea – you’ll fit right in.

  50. Why make a Plea? You know what Nando if this club and fans aren’t enough then piss off to young daughter cried last night,I cried because i just bought her his autobiography,waste of money that was,there’s obviously more fiction in that than Harry potter :-/ get the 50mil and Anelka and salou,improve the team and kick chelskis asses next week.and remember fellow reds…we now have Suarez who’s younger and less injury prone!life goes on,lfc goes on we’ll be fine!!

  51. The unthinkable has happened. Just over a month ago, he said something like “I’m a professional and i will always fulfill my commitments”. It’s very hard to figure out what could have changed so dramatically in these few weeks or days. LFC should NOT let him go. It’s not about him seeking greener pastures a.k.a titles, honour, respect etc.. it’s about making him returning the love, respect and sheer passion we LFC fans have for him. He is LFC’s prized asset. Zahra was absolutely right when he said “No other team will love you the way we do”. He will never get the kind of cult status he has got at Anfield. Chelsea fans are no match to Liverpool’s. We need to see off this season with him. And the owners, for their part, need to buy some more players. He needs to be convinced of their promises in action, rather than words. Once that’s done, we will can sure that he will continue to be RED next season

  52. Could somebody Tweet this to Kenny, Paul Dalglish, Lucas, Jonjo and ask them to show Nando? These are the Liverpool guys that I know are on Twitter.

  53. “brought tears to me eyes”

    Grow will you an face reality!! Dont get me wrong i love torres but he is just another typical money hungry footballer, he hasnt been his best this year and he needs a striking partner which he is getting in Suarez and he still wants to leave, us Liverpool fans adore him an for that this is how he treets us!!!

    i say “fuck him” let him go to chelsea with the other money hungry bastards who have no passion and the worst supporters with there plazzy flags!

    No player is bigger than LIVERPOOL FC.


    Good riddens

  54. Embarrising, simply put its like a begging letter. The issue for me is not him leaving its for how much and where too. In an ideal world it would be for £60m to a spanish team.
    He doesnt want to be here and we all know hes a sulker so it will show in his performances if made to stay and to force him to do so with his attitude would be a mistake.
    Blackpool can do it with Adams as they know he will still play no matter what and wont be a petulant child about it, he will continue to be professional, i believe torres will not


  56. i love this emotional letter……..toress plz not leave us alone . we want to see u to wear LFC shirt every time u came to ground ………and when u score the commentators says …………..toressssssssssssssssssssssssss
    liverpool lead with 1 goal… 2 goal…….. 3 goal
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont leave us alone…………………..

  57. Goodbye Torres ..

    To the writer, get of your knee’s dude … this is NOT a liverpool way ..

    Onwards and upwards


  58. let this traitor leave! worst than michael owen! i will wish him injured all the time in Chelsea! get lost idiot!

  59. i don’t doubt the fact that if nando leaves to go to some other big club,he might become more successful,he might win trophies,etc…because we all know he’s a great player.
    and brothers we should respect him and love him even if he leaves,just for the fact i cannot imagine such a huge player staying with a club which finished 7th,but our nando chose to stay…and anyone can understand a player of his class has to have higher aspirations…but i never had imagined that he would wish to leave when things started looking rosy…i am gutted but i can understand…
    i wish he stays…for a few more years…he can become one of the greatest legends…greatness is
    guaranteed here at anfield for him,trophies-i’m not sure…it’s like achilles’ destiny when he chose greatness over a happy life…

    aaaaaaaaarrrrggghhhhhhh…i just dont want him to go!!!

  60. Firstly , his armband proved nothing ..he admitted before that it read “we’ll never walk alone” , that his friends adopted the phrase for themselves , that some have it tattood etc etc . He’s just a modern footballer, he thinks mainly for himself and when push comes to shove he doesn’t care as much for liverpool as people believed . Fine , goodbye .

    People need to cop on , yes we’ve had some bad seasons so are a little “desperate” but as has been said , nobody is bigger than the club, no matter how bad we are on the field. He’s massively disrespected the club and it’s fans ,to beg him to stay is rather pathetic. He should be begging us to play for liverpool. Shanks would have slapped him silly over this .

    Anyway , he’s been a moody lump the last yr , if we spend the money wisely we might just come out of this alot better off than people think now.

  61. Let’s Torres go to Chelsea… He is no hearts to Liverpool anymore… Take the money and bring a new fresh legs… In the modern football we must face this kind of issue. same as us… If we got offered from other company which is offer a good condition and privilege, What is your decision? Of course absolutely we will accept this offer… Dont blame Torres BUT blame Liverpool management and top administration… There are lack of professional, vision and co-operation… Bye, Bye Liverpool… On Suares We believe…

  62. “You should say – Eat shit and die nando. $120,000 per week and the adoration of fans and you stab us in the back now when we need you?

    Well fuck off you selfish prick.”

    I am with this one. 3 Fuc**** days before the window closes.

    Suck a large one Torres, I hope the board force this one and you have to face the people who supported you, through the bad times as well as the good. You hoodwinked us into believing you were one of us. We are like anonymous mate…

    We are Liverpool. We are Legion. We do not forget. We do not forgive

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