POLL : If Torres has a change of heart & stays, will you forgive him?

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As rumours float around that Stevie and Kenny are trying to convince Nando to change his mind, how do you feel about it? Will you forgive him if he stays?


  1. To an extent Yes. If he does he will have to prove himself to us again like a new signing. This has hurt, but the joy of seeing him saying I want to stay would help

    I don’t think we have a hope of it happening though

  2. Fickle fans! The man has put the boot in when we are down! Wants to go to Chelsea, one of our rivals for European place. Asks to go 3 days before the end of the window! No chance, he has burnt his bridges as far as am concerned.

  3. 77% saying yes actually made me laugh out loud.

    “Hold on Nando, just have to lube myself up first – oh you’re in a rush? Alright then lad, just do me dry”

    Typical Reds…

  4. I have never thought twice about being anything other than 100% behind Stevie since he almost went to Chelski!!
    Please stay mate, the futures bright “THE FUTURES RED”

  5. Yeah I think so, I would forgive him because he is different.. If Stevie and Kenny fail to convince him let him go away for the right price..
    His difference lies in his positive attitude and that he tried to stand with the Club in the bad times.. I would like to hear him say sorry live and all will be back to the same old love..

  6. Most players go through what Torres is going through right now…wondering if moving to a club higher up the table will be worth it .

    At the end of the day , after all the talks with Kenny and the rest. He will remain a red. Suarez , Torres. Doing it Latin style

  7. It would take A LOT to convince us to forgive him IMO if he decides to stay he’s still gonna have a lot of explaining to do.

  8. Hell Yea. Everybody’s head gets turned in once in a while. Don’t see a reason not to forgive him just for that

  9. Trust is everything! He has betrayed that trust therefore will never receive my adulation again! He could learn an awful lot Carra! I put him in the same category as Tevez & Owen from here on in! Some “fans” are willing to quite viley abuse journalists on twitter that report the facts around this story and I’m guessing it’s these people who are prepared to forgive Torres

  10. I already forgave him! I like him too much to stay mad, but he broke my heart… However, I am sure he will stay. It’s too many things on his mind to think straight. He is just confused, but that’s why we and Stevie & Kenny are here for to prove him that he needs to stay RED. BTW – blue it’s NOT his color…

  11. Same old scenario as Gerrard a couple of seasons ago, we all forgave him for doing a u-turn, Torres wouldn’t be any different, as long as he fully commits long-term.

  12. Yes but only if he do a SG if come the summer he starts the same BS again then no he will have to show us the fans he wants to be hear every player can be held accountable for the bad form.on.the pitch

  13. aAs far as I am concerned I cannot blame him for going to chelsea…he came to us with the Liverpool’s future looking bright and it has gone downhill…he hasn’t been in a major final since he has been here and mo real major investment in the side that has made much difference to our chances for challenging for top honours…if you wanna blame someone for Torres going, you need look no further than the americans that messed us up!!!

  14. OMFG why the is GoChelsea on this forum….even on this site, isn’t your forum interesting enough?? Or is Roman paying you to come on here..

  15. At the moment, fuck no I wouldn’t. Until I hear a statement from Torres himself, it will stay that way. Fuck off to scum Chelsea for all I care

  16. I can see why his head has been turned. He is just like any other foreign player. He has no allegiance to the club other than a contract, which means nothing nowadays. I would find it very patronizing if he came out confessing his love for the club at his age. After all, our club has gone tits up over the last 18 months. All I expect of him is whilst he wears a Liverpool shirt to put 100% in. We will see this bad run out and be challenging in the next 2-3 years.

  17. Having gotten over the shock of last night’s news I’m less concerned now. I want ft to stay and would forgive and forget, but if he goes it will be his loss. KD has brought something special back to the club and if ft leaves be will look back with regret. I can just hear the equivalent of where were u in Istanbul in a few years time

  18. He owes us nothing. He was repeatedly lied to over the years, but still tried his best. If he moves on, I don’t blame him, and if he stays there is nothing to forgive.

  19. If the lad does not want to play for the club then get rid of him . The world of Liverpool Football Club does not evolve around Fernando Torres or any other player for that matter. I’m stunned and shocked by the timing of his request , why not hand in a request 3 weeks ago ,when we could at least find a suitable replacement for him. He obviously is not someone who has the club at heart or the supporters .As someone else has said . The club does’nt fight for anyone to play for them . They fight to play for the club.

  20. I think a strange thing will happen. Should he go to Chelsea I believe they are on the downward slope hence their bid for him.We on the other hand are now on the upward move. Suarez will fit us perfectly and with Meireles settling nicely things are about to happen. If he goes he goes! end of….

  21. How many of us would happily stay in the same job if our employer’s rivals came along and offered us a better job with more pay? And what would you do if you current boss forced you to stay without even consulting you because “the company needs you”? I reckon most of us would be livid and straight on the phone, letting them have a bloody good serve of what we thought. Perhaps as fans we too often put our trust in the feelings of players who simply don’t devote themselves to the club as we do. How can we really expect professional footballers to do anything other than promote their own careers?
    As a fan I’ll be happy with Nando if he decides to stay and gives us everything he’s got while he’s on the pitch. That’s all we can ask of him, maybe we need to remember just that. His job is on the pitch, not living up to our expectations of who he should be as a person. If he scores the goals and produces his best form then there is nothing to forgive.
    For what it’s worth, I think he’ll not put up too much of a fuss at this stage if the club holds firm on not selling. Sure, he wants to go, but I can’t see him going into a massive sulk. He’ll understand our position because he’s not an idiot. My guess is that he’ll see that he’s done all he can but, as the club don’t think it’s OK to sell right now, he won’t push any further.

  22. yes i would!!

    as much as i love nando and as much has this has hurt you can understand the players requests.

    since he has been at liverpool no major finals and not medals and promise after promise. at 28 he is getting no younger so one can understand his requests

    that said he is a hero to many and i personally will be gutted to see him go. Especially to another english side.

    the yanks have cost us here

  23. I’d forgive him. He’s done us well over the years and deserves that. But it might not be the same

  24. As far as I’m concerned, our so called fans are going on like united fans, we don’t do that, we know no one is bigger than lfc!!!, and Torres has more than paid back wat he owes us, god I hope u stay Nando but if u don’t thanks for carrying this team on ure shoulders for as long as u did!!!!

  25. Selling him might be a blessing in disguise, when rush was sold to juve kenny used the money and bought barnes, aldridge and beardsley and we went on to win the title

  26. Has he actually said he wants to go to Chelsea or just a transfer.

    Yes Chelsea seem to be the obvious choice of were he would like to go because they have put in a bid.

    If he still wants to go in the summer then he can go, but NOT to one other team in the Premiership.

  27. if he does change his decision and does his best everytime he wear the red shirt, then i don’t care. however, there’s no point keeping him if he really wanted to go. just like any other job, if an employee want to quit and leave, why keep him around?

    if he does stay, all i ask from him is to bear the crest with pride, as the players represent all of us on the field. they are our warriors, defending our values and dignity as a club. maybe some might think he has betrayed our trust but in the end, most of us, in reality, would move on when there’s a better option out there, be it for glory or money. it’s simply being human to always wanted the best in our lives. lest we forget, torres’ll be out of job by the time most of us still slog through our day job. life as an athlete is short indeed. rivaldo, as i remembered, did stated that when he moved from depor to barca. all he wanted was security when everything come to close.

    for the club, it’s much important to be concern on the total sum rather than the value of 1 aspect. all we can do at the moment is to improve the club to the ‘perch’ that we belong. losing torres won’t be the end of it. a blow, yes but never the end.

  28. Still haven’t forgiven Stevie G for fup sake. Torres must be sold once the Russian stumps up 50milion. I trust kenny to spend that and bring in 3 quality players (not Adams I hope, who is shite)

  29. If he goes this is John Henrys fault for dicking around. Its the 29th Jan and we’ve only just signed a single player.

    Suarez is a fantastic buy but could/should have been bought three weeks ago , as could Adams if they pulled their finger out and paid what they needed. I’m sure that would have made a difference after all he has listened to so much BS as have we all. I had hoped Fenway were different, its not looking that convincing, Hicks and Gillette in disguise I pray not.
    A tremendous loss if Kenny can’t turn this round.YNWA

  30. Of course.

    None of us know who’s been bending his ear (esp. in Spain).
    The Abramovitch mob have no doubt been engaged in a psyop for some time.

  31. Yes I will forgive him because he is being mislead by his agent. His move to Chelsea will be temporary and will end in tears. He is building his legacy at Liverpool and he will be wise to see his contract through. Things are going to start to get better at Liverpool. Fernando, please don’t make a big mistake.

  32. IF he stays he’ll be forgiven on the pitch, look at Gerrard. What he has lost forever is the special bond that, for me, srt him apart from Gerrard (post his 2005 antics). Once you ask for a transfer request you can recover the love on the pitch if you stay but you’ll never be seen in the same light again as a person, that’s why I view Carra much higher as a person than Gerrard or Torres now. What makes this worse is he’s trying to force through a move to Chelsea! If it was Barca I’d understand but the chavs, do me a favour

  33. Gerrard did the same thing twice, didn’t he and he was forgiven by fans. So why wouldn’t the same be for Torres, the guy is frustrated and wants movement from liverpool. Keep him till the end of the season, try to finish as high as possible (go for 4th, then sign some quality players and the future will be bright again.

  34. If he re-commits and then goes and scores the winner at stamford bridge next week i think everyone would forgive him. I know i would!

  35. what on earth are some of you on. he said he would honour his contract. If he was offered a contract with a club abroad I would understand, but Chelsea? They are going through a change and I believe Liverpool are a step ahead and we will start to prove that, Chelsea are an old team and there youth policy is crap, if he goes I will Boo him at every game, I will curse everytime I hear his name, he has shown a lack of respect for club he went all out to buy, made him the player he is today, and before anyone starts look at his record at his boy hood club. What he should do is ask in the summer if he can look what offers are out there but want to say AT lIVERPOOL TO HELP GET THEM BACK UP THE TABLE. Thats what a man of his word would do, thats what our Captain done.

  36. can everyone just calm down a bit? No-one knows exactly what’s gone on so at least give the lad a chance. If he stays (and if Kenny wants him to, he will) then we’ve got get behind him as Reds fans should always do – with all their players. All this ‘I hate him the rotten slag boo hoo’ nonsense is nothing sort of stupid. We’re not kids and nor is he. There’s nothing to forgive.

  37. If Torres wants to go (and that seems obvious, now, despite his words of less than a month ago), then I say, “Get the f–k out and (as they say here, in the U.S.), don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.”). I have no time for “Prima donnas” who think they are bigger than LFC. After Stevie, Torres has been my favorite player at the club, since he arrived. He has been absolutely idolized by the Kop, and supporters of the club, everywhere, and because the club suffered for several years under the regime of Hicks & Gillett, he’s taking out his frustration on the current owners and the fans??!! If he cannot see that the club is now, finally headed in the right direction, then he needs to make an appointment with an optometrist!
    The other salient point, here, in my mind, is that, perhaps, if he hadn’t essentially done his very best impression of a somnambulist in about two-thirds of the games in which he has played this year, but rather, had been anything CLOSE to the player he had been, I don’t think that it’s a huge stretch to say that we’d have easily won another 3-4 games more than we have to this point. Sometimes, when there’s a problem with a team’s performance, SOME players look everywhere for the answer, EXCEPT IN THE MIRROR. As much as I’ve liked him, Torres’ performances on the pitch have been waaaay below acceptable, waaaay too often this season: poor body language, lack of hustle/tracking back, missing chances that he would have ordinarily taken with his proverbial eyes closed, etc., etc.
    If he wants to go, and if I were Tom Werner I would say,
    Dear Fernando,
    “Fine…but it will be on OUR terms, and for the transfer fee that WE deem reasonable. You’re not going ANYWHERE until after this season. You signed A CONTRACT which obligates you to the club through the 2013 season. You are, SUPPOSEDLY, a PROFESSIONAL. The last time I checked, you weren’t offering your services for FREE. We’re paying you to play, we expect you to make a genuine effort to perform to the best of your abilities for the rest of this season, then you can pack your F–KING bags and get the f–k out! By waiting until the summer to get rid of you, WE will then have an opportunity to take the money from your transfer, and continue to rebuild the club, and you can go on your merry way. In the meantime, the first time we get an indication that you’re not giving 100% every time you play, you’ll find yourself playing for the reserves. NO ONE PLAYER IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN OUR CLUB!” If the truth be known, you strike me as being a bit of a pussy, anyway.
    Love and Kisses,
    Tom Werner
    P.S. In a “perfect world”, your arrival at Stamford Bridge, in the summer, would coincide with a 5th place (obviously BELOW US!) finish for YOUR Chavs, next season…

  38. well he needs to have the balls to come out and say it, either he stays or goes. I love Liverpool and hate the way he has, if whats been is true, which seems true, he is treating us fans who made him very welcome, he could put us all out our misery. Thats what im talking about. YNWA

  39. See what gets me mad,everybody was slamming ryan babel for using twitter all the time to state is anger for not playing games and given chances,but was still committed to the club.He just wanted to play,then you get torres playing week in week out no matter what playing crap,but still getting picked.Now he wants to jump ship.If babel had the same playing time as torres and backing his confidence would have come back,we would have seen the real babel,plus a committed player as well.I think thats why babel gave up and lost confidence and belief in the end.

  40. His people are in his ear looking to get a bumper pay day they’ve seen what Rooney/Tevez got when they handed in a transfer request and they want some of that, No chance King Kenny will let his star striker go to Chavski we’re only 9 points off them and gathering steam, Roman is seeing his beloved Champions league dream dying and is panicing. Keep him till the summer and sell him to Barca for 50 mill and everyones happy.

  41. I would forgive him but I’m confused?why now? I believe he has a bond with our team/fans but 3 days before transfer deadline is really odd.why would he leave it to last thing?if we won’t let him go then great for me as that gives us longer to change his mind.if come the summer and he still wants to go then let him go I also believe he will regret it.chelsea are classless and fickle doesn’t even start to describe them.sold to chelsea in the summer for a ton of money Atleast then gives us a chance to strengthen the team over the summer.

  42. Adam – and what if this company were depositing 110,000 pounds into your bank account EVERY SINGLE WEEK? What if you had signed a contract GUARANTEEING that payment whether your physical well-being allowed you to do your job or not? These players are coddled enough as it is. Don’t contribute to it.

  43. This just doesn’t make sense. He has a buy-out in his contract that can be activated in the summer. If he joins Chelsea now he can’t play in the Champions League – and Chelsea are big outsiders for the title now. What do Chelsea or Torres gain out of doing things this way?

    Seems more to me that something has gone seriously wrong between Torres and the Club, maybe some time ago, and is surfacing now. This is Torres saying he has simply had enough. Chelsea are being opportunist and seeing if they can get in before anyone else and get him at a knock-down price.

    If he just wanted to ‘win things’ he could hang around until the summer and then leave on relatively good terms if he still felt Liverpool were not moving in the right direction to challenge for trophies. No…this ‘smells’ like something personal. This is not about Chelsea it’s about Torres.

  44. sell this idiot traitor bastard injuries prone player. i will wish him bad luck! hope he will retired this season when he join chelsea!

  45. This poll is too black and white. I will forgive Nando if he stays. He’s only human and everybody makes mistakes.

    However, he has lost a lot of my respect and he will have to earn it back.

  46. To be sung next Sunday if he goes…

    His girly hair makes him look gay Torres, Torres

    We’ll never believe a word you say Torres, Torres

    He handed in a transfer request, but we don’t care cause he’s past his best,

    goodbye Torres. we hope Terry starts shagging your wife!

  47. Love your piece Barz :)feels like you’ve read every thought in my head,particularly the “LOOK EVERYWHERE EXCEPT IN THE MIRROR” part. He has been extremely frustrating to watch to say the very least, with a very very poor work rate. Roll on the summer,bidding starts at 50 million, and lets see who treats him as well as the Kopites. F- – KIN PUSSY…

  48. Torres was quoted on the 9th Jan saying he is determined to stay at Liverpool for the remainder of his contract..Then all of a sudden he changes his mind?!? WTF!! Dont want him to go…Torres and Suarez upfront would be amazing for us….What REALLY pisses me off is how Chelsea are behaving..Why leave now?? Why so late in the transfer market they have decided to put in a bid?? Just to unsettle him!!! We are finally starting to build something at Anfield….We are heading in the right direction and we have the best suitable owners for our club…Chelsea are an ageing team anyways!!

  49. I would only forgive him if he shows he had a change of heart on the pitch an starts bangin goals in an lookin like he wants to stay, but after that transfer request it will be hard for us to swallow our pride for any1, club comes first so make a decision fernando an prove it sooner rather than later with some actions. personally am heart broken by what he is doing he will be hard to replace but he needs to know we will be hard to replace as a club!

  50. No one is bigger than the club. That’s all I could say. If he’s un happy so he should go, I don’t think he would give his best after this when he let his heart somewhere else. I like torres personally but not anymore. Playing with liverpool is a pride for every player who does know the history and passion of the club. He lost it. Now I don’t care anymore if he stays or not. Come on liverpool bring other players inside. Sell him for 50mill, we got money to buy 3 more world class player. Fernando lronte, lukaku, hazard will be a perfect signing. We have our young talents such as pacheco, spearing, shelvey to play about. I think kenny will give them a chance to prove themselves in a first team. YNWA for life!! Get lost torres I already hate u!! Badbye and don’t ever talk about liverpool such as keeping a special place in heart!! Don’t worry we know its an absolute lie

  51. I despair of some (seems like the majority) of our very own LFC fans. It is very very rare for an employee to stay all their lifetime in ONE company. It’s actually not healthy i would say. You don’t learn new skills, new industries etc… And although it does happen in footbal…it is very very rare for a player to spend more than a few years at one club. Let’s be honest, we have had the world’s best striker wearing the Liverbird on his chest for almost 4 years. It’s easy to think about the positives now that KK is back. But I know as a fan at times, I’ve felt as though I’ve gone through a washing machine since 2006 pretty much.
    He has every right to want to move on to a club where he feels there is more chance of winning trophies. And despite what we feel…right now that is Chelsea – despite my dislike for them.
    The ONLY issue i personally have…and it’s a BIG one…is that he would put in a transfer request 3 days before and the day we sign a major new player.
    The fact that it’s happened this way leads me to believe there is more to it. I don’t mean consipiracies…just simply that Chelsea had approached him earlier in the window and LFC were aware. It’s now escalated because no ground was being made.
    I’m hugely, hugely disappointed that he wants to go to Chelsea but even more so with his timing. On Friday morning, i said to a colleague, i have no doubts that he will leave in summer and I get it. It’s ok and if it wasn’t for some of his goals over the last few years…we wouldn’t have had much to cheer about. He has given plenty to LFC. Yes he switched off recently (i have when i’ve realised i’m not happy in my job), but how many people who are number 1 in their field stay somewhere (albeit the GREATEST club in the world) where a) they are not paid on par with peers – though i don’t think this is his driver and b) where they are not in a position where the club is on the up?
    I get it all…just not the timing. I do find it incredibly hard to deal with. I felt like somone had kicked me in the stomach last night.
    BUT, people on here have beenr aving about Gerrard (love love love him) but he twice almost did the same and to be honest for similar reasons.
    I can forgive him if he does a U turn. I would be gutted to hear our fans booing him if he stays. You want to protest – try just polite applause instead of the bounce when he next scores? That would be more in keeping with our sense of humour and let him know some of pride in him has been dented.
    However, IF he stays, I do not expect him to stay beyond the end of the season. And I for one, only ask that of him. I love my club more than any player including KK (the reason i started being a red). But i also understand and can see beyond the little bubble of football.
    He has a life’s dream and realistically, he can stay another couple of years with us but considering we only signed one player in one month of transfer period…he’s probably quite rightly thinking, i could be 30 by the time we start winning.

    Anyway, all to say, please don’t be have like Manure fans, don’t call him a Nancy boy ala Chelski (seen comments on the LFCTV site saying exactly that).

    If he goes now, i for one will never forget how he did it. If he stays, i will turn a new leaf and expect him to play as well as he can for the next few months and come summer…I’ll love him the way I do Xabi.

    Don’t forget KK also left us…yes i know the reasons and circumstances…i’m just saying things happen and it’s wholly unrtealistic to expect someone to spend their whole life in one place (some have been expecting that).

  52. I think we should keep him until the summer so Suarez finds his feet! Then sell him, Lucas, Ngog, Jovanovic, Cole and anyone else 21 and above who is a squad player. Buy Dufour, M’Villa, Fiorente and Adams! Let the youth come up to senior level and then I reckon in two, maybe three seasons we will be back with a vengeance! Keep King K until he is ready to pass the reigns to Pep Guardiola! :)

  53. The initial post refers to SG in 2005. I believe that Rick Parry was instrumental in trying to push a deal through to sell him to Chelski and that he was going to be on a nice little earner from helping the deal go through. I am looking at this one a lot differently.
    Back then, Chelski had only really just started purchasing their success so I guess in some ways it would have been more forgivable. Torres would be extremely naive to think that LFC fans wouldnt be furious if he jumped ship to Stamford bridge.
    I can understand any footballer wanting to win things but he’s got a world cup winners medal and a Euro championship medal for goodness sake! Most players would settle for that!
    I’m hoping that he sees sense here but my gut feeling says it’s a matter of when. We have to put our faith in the new owners having the drive to build a title winning squad, with or without him.

  54. wow i cant belive this …if he wanted to go why leave us 3 days in the transfer window to find a replacement…hes trying his arm..he knows the club dont want an unhappy player on the books…belive me this was planned..hes been well tapped up

  55. If he still feels the same way in the summer, sell him. If he decides to stays and actually does what he said he would do in December and earlier this month and dedicate himself to Liverpool, I would forgive him…..IN TIME!!!! Just like we all did with Gerrard when he so nearly went to Chelsea.

  56. If a mans heart isn’t with the club anymore, I will forgive him. Not sure whether he’s going to get the love and support from Chelsea supporters after watching today’s game where a Chelsea supporter held up a banner which read “who needs Torres here”

  57. I for one will forgive him. I dont blame him for wanting to go if it was Barcelona but going to the rentboys WTF. El Nino stay PORFAVOR

  58. we’ve been down this road before,no player is bigger than the club.if torres doesn’t want to be at LFC, sell him, and we move on.LFC will not be held to ransom like the mancs were,you are either with us ‘nando or against us.time to tell the people who matter, THE SUPPORTERS!

  59. People are saying torres has started playing well under Kenny I dont think this is true i think he started playing well because the transfer window opened and it was getting near to closing . Would I forgive him that would be a very difficult decision I would have to wait to see if he goes or not before I could make up my mind. At present it would have to be no its not because he wants to leave I have thought he had for the last 18 months its the timing of it he must see that we have been in a spiraling fall for several years but now we have come out of that and there are sproutings of little green shoots showing through we have at last appointed the only man around to manage the club we have excellent owners who have the best intrest of liverpool fc at heart the future looks bright on the other hand chelsea have several players who are the wrong side of 30 and to replace like for like is a very difficult task so if torres goes there he will have to go through a transitional period there so it must only be for money and for that he has lost the respect and love of liverpool fc supporters nice one torres

  60. I will always love Torres but no matter what the outcome is….he has lost alot of respect in our eyes!

  61. If it comes with a heartfelt and sincere explanation. We did it for Stevie. It’s like your missis sayin’ she’s had her head turned by some lad with a nice motor and a cushdy job because you’ve been sittin’ on your arse doin’ nothin’ but back losers down the bookies all day. She didn’t go home and sleep with him, she just sat at work wonderin’ what it’d be like to be goin’ to the Ritz that night. We’ll both sit down and talk and realise that really we both want the same thing. An arm around the shoulder from Kenny and another player on deadline day. Press conference called, Fernando admits he still loves us and begs us for our love again. If he goes to Chelsea, f**k ‘im. They’re welcome to him. We’ll all wake up tomorrow and realise that our club has come through far far worse than this before and yet the Kop still roars. We should be devoting our energies into welcoming Luis Suarez to our ‘beautiful’ club and in turn showing Torres that a)life goes on here with or without him and b) what a f***in minger of a club he’s about to nail his colours to.

  62. Torres best of luck at chelsea youll need it because drogba hinted he will go to Marseille at end of season anelka is thinkin of moving to mls terry is the lower version of carra and is gettin to old so if Torres goes to chelsea he will be once again part of a underacheiving team and a rebuilding team that has a bleak future but if he stays he could be part of a title winning season with lfc

  63. Grow up, everyone. If you thought you could get more money, or career advancement, by moving to another organisation, wouldn’t you do it? Why should footballers be any different? It’s a fact of life. Just be thankful that Torres has had four years with us, given us a lot of joy (and some frustration), and if he does go we will make a good profit on him and will hopefully reinvest the money wisely. I will wave him goodbye with regret and hope that if he does go it won’t be to Chelsea and playing against us at some point.

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