Great! “LFC Family Crest”

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It’s more than a badge, it’s a family crest
Courage, Love and family is what it represents
Liverpool FC, will never, ever die!
Not as long as we live under, a beautiful blue sky
The torches on the crest, represent Liverpool as a light
That will never go out, it will always shine bright
Our love for the crest holds us in unison
Creates a bond that makes us all belong

It’s more than a badge, it’s a family crest
It reminds us who we are, so we always do our best
They’ve tried to hurt us for many, many years
But we stand ready to dry each other’s tears
Sometimes it’s hard for other’s to accept
The great power behind our family crest
They don’t understand the wisdom behind, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”
It assures us, we’re safe anywhere away from home
The Phoenix is statement of strength that says We’ll never Back Down,
no matter what
Come hell or high water, we’ll give it all we’ve got
It’s so much more than a badge, it’s the family crest
Of the Liverpudlian’s worldwide, who’s character it represents
So my LFC family, let’s all help our team
Recreate the time, when watching them play felt like a drea
Let’s get behind everyone at our precious club
And make sure they’re all great, from seniors to juniors to regulars to
Let’s help our players start to play
Each and everygame the liverpool way
Let’s remind them to wear the shirt with pride
And cheer on the king as he turns them into a Liverpool side
As long as they’re Redmen they have to do their best
They have survive every single test
They must stand united, and fight like the best
They must honour the magical brilliance of the LFC Family Crest!


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