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The past few days have seemed a bit unreal. We’ve bought Suarez, and then later that day Fernando Torres hands in a transfer request. The article on LFC.tv about the transfer request has had over 3,000 comments, everyone’s posting about Torres on Liverpool’s Facebook page. But now it is time to move on.

According to The Mirror, Chelsea have been given £100m to spend. So why not just pay £50m + Anelka and get the deal over and done with. Why decide to bid £45m when you know that Torres’ contract clause is £50m. I bet he’ll just get injured after three weeks if he moves to Chelsea. Anyway, the point is we do not need Torres. He is not consistent for us and it has shown this season he is quite a selfish player. If you look back when we played Everton, there were at least two chances he could have passed the ball to a team-mate who would then have faced an open goal. Instead, he shot himself – and missed. From the expressions on his face when we played Wolves, he made it quite clear he didn’t want to play for us anymore and there was a massive hole in this “loyalty” he had for the club.

The question is though, why does he submit his transfer request now? Only he knows. We are a club that is moving up, Chelsea are a club that are moving down. If Fernando does leave, it will be a loss to him and maybe even his wife.

All I’m saying is we need to move on from this Torres saga – if he goes, then he goes. We get loads of money to spend on new players in the summer, and a player that can try and help us push for a European spot. Ever since Fernando’s hair cut, he’s been going down hill and I think it’s time for him to go. Hopefully Luis Suarez will now get the attention he deserves and become a class player just like what we turned Fernando in to. I’m not going to beg Torres to stay, and I’m not going to abuse him. Overall, he has helped the club in times of need, it’s just unfortunate he might not be here to help us any more.

If he goes, he goes; and if he stays, he stays. Fernando has done good, and he has done bad. Let’s just hope whatever happens will be best for the club, and lets start looking forward to Luis Suarez once again.


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  1. well said! i agree with what you said. i’m not going to beg torres to stay, neither will i abuse him. i thank him for the service he gave us over the past years. as much as i want an explanation on why he wants to leave now and not wait till at least the season is over, i guess it is indeed time to move on. if he stays, he stays. if he doesn’t, our lives go on cos no player is ever bigger than the club.

    and of course, a warm welcome to suarez. i’m
    sad that he’s not getting the warm welcome from us Reds. suarez, from now on, you’ll never walk alone.

  2. Everything about this just doesn’t seem right. Why ask for a transfer with only a few days to go. Especially after King Kenny has turned things around and we have owners willing to invest and did invest and brought in a £23 millions strike partner?!! Not only that but why choose Chelsea who r on the decline and where they already have plenty of strikers and play a formation that doesn’t suit u? Everything about it seems wrong!

  3. I love liverpool. I dont hate torres. if he wants to leave let him leave. 50 mil and anelka is good business. but we will miss torres he scores a goal every other game and you cant lose that and not miss it.

  4. u hope the hold out until the summer sale the selfish git then …all his talk about loyalty is bull …hes money orientated like most pro players are ..but if chelski are willin to pay then surely other teams will be too in the summer …if we sale him now we have no way of buying in anyone as the window is closin ………….i say refuse any offer ..put the wank on the bench and sale him in summer ….

  5. It is sad when we as fans resort to revisionism. Yes the club will survive if he chooses to move on. But let’s not try to make out that it won’t be a huge loss. it will be. hopefully we will spend the cash well to rebuild the squad to be stronger.

  6. Luis is unproven in EPL that’s why it makes no sense to sell Torres. It sends out all the wrong signals that LFC can be bought by a two bit Russian Gangster’s tainted oil money. Chelsea should have been told that we are selling nobody.Will they come for Reina ?? If so what then

  7. This reeks of sour grapes. Understandably so, but still. Torres is one of the most, if not THE most consistent striker in the EPL. One of the MAIN qualities of a world-class striker is selfishness, so the fact that you pointed out just shows how good Torres is.

    Have you not seen Torres’ last three games? that’s a bit of a upturn of form if I’ve ever seen one. I am fearful for any team that has both Drogba and Torres in it.

    The timing of this, for fans and the club as well, is horrendous but it’s been done and we can’t change it so I agree – time to move on. Wish Nando the best, while secretly wishing Chelsea lose that 4th CL spot and hope we buy suitable replacements (which we need anyway) with the money.

  8. Torres is past his Best Before date and should go for £50m+Anelka…! Quick as you like – before the deadline…!! That would be a very, very good deal for Anfield…!!! Let’s face it, Fernando’s looked miserable for months. in fact, I don’t think I’ve seen a smile on his face since 2005…!!!

    This could be the best thing that could happen to LFC – I reckon. Think about it – we need a guy who really WANTS to put the ball in the net – at least once every game. Not once a season…!!!

  9. Come on, less of the hate. I remember Rushie going to Juve was the worst thing ever, we brought in Barnes, Beardsley and Aldo. And King Kenny himself replaced Keegan who was much more of a legend than Nando. He’s come in, he’s played well in patches, his heart is clearly not in it, let him move on. Wish him luck even, because God knows he’s going to need it. This club is built on the foundations set by Shanks; of men, real men, who know that pulling on the shirt is a privilege and an honour, and that it is the club in and of itself that is the constant and the aspiration. And that is what Kenny will bring us back. The club makes players, not the other way round, and anything over £45 million for a player who doesn’t understand or care what the shirt means, is good business indeed. I can honestly say I was more disappointed to lose Xabi, as a team needs a heartbeat much more than a highlighted hairdo

  10. I’m gutted that he handed in a transfer request. Remember Torres gave us great goals. I’m sure the rest of the squad will wish him well if he goes. We should do the same as supporters. It’s easy to be angry at him. Let’s be above that. We Are Liverpool FC. On a happy note, we won the CL without him. We can do it again.

  11. If you want to hate him, then just hate him, but c´mon, 50 million ?!?! you gotta love him.
    Ánimo Fernando, sigue haciendo historia y si el Liverpool ya no tiene la calidad que tú te mereces, cambia de aires, si ya tuviste que dejar el Atleti para aspirar a ganar títulos no te va a costar ni la mitad dejar ahora el Liverpool.

  12. let torres go.we will end up winning the europa league and qualify for the champions league.remember when owen left we won the CL and the Carling cup.YNWA….

  13. I am gutted that he has handed in a transfer request, I cannot understand the timing and think that Chelsea’s formation will not suit him. BUT if he goes then 50m is good money and I will remember the great goals he scored and wish him well. We are LFC and we are bigger than ANY player, we will move on and hopefully KK can spend the money in the summer and hopefully Suarez is already a replacement..

  14. This is unbelievable i would have never expected this from Torres of all people and its looking less and less likely that he’ll stay.
    If he changed his mind and wanted to stay all is forgiven,but if he goes i certainly wont be wishing him well quite the opposite i would wish him a series of injuries that ruin his career.
    That might sound harsh but i think justified, he could have at least waited till the summer to give us a chance to replace him and why go to chelsea,if anything go to barca or milan or something.
    This is the very definition of a traitor.
    One thing is for sure if he leaves for Chelsea it wont be long before he sees what a mistake he’s made.

  15. The one thing that bugs me is that he handed in his transfer request three days before the deadline. This is THE worst possible time to sell him. If he handed it in at the start of the month, we would have time to bring in a replacement. Personally, I think he should wait, play out the rest of the season with us, place him for sale in the summer, and if the interest from chelsea is genuine, the offer will still be there.

    Use the 50m to bring in a replacement up front, a LB and a winger. It took us the guts of two weeks to sign Luís Suarez and the thought of signing a replacement is a bit daft

  16. torres is a lying, sulking twat. i dont wish any good wishes, end of the transfer and does this. he is selfish cunt s. so much for loving the fans and club. i hope he breaks is fucking leg. we will never forgive him,

  17. Torres has given us many many memorable moments,sad he’s been advised to leave us necks we’re not winning any trophies,and believe he’ll get that at chelsea. I dont hate him,but certainly disappointed with his action. if he goes lets use the cash and spend wisely,im sure Kenny will do that.

  18. Steve I agree. James aggression and fight would be good for that game. I think we should treat chelsea like manu scum….no business with them at all. I hate them both now. I’m hoping arsenal or city win the league. “no player is above the club!”. LONG LIVE THE KING.

  19. get shut no player is bigger than LFC, remember sHort ar5e Owen left and we won champions league, he is moody injury prone and thinks an ageing chelsea side is A BETTER OPTION FFS!

    £50MILL + anelka that will do nicely

  20. Anelka ! more clubs than Tiger Woods and trouble at all of them.A worse make weight than Fernando Morrientes.

  21. I don’t think people understand that the deal isn’t £50m AND Anelka – it’s £50m, OR £40 and Anelka. He’s being added to the deal to add a dent to the price tag. Fucking ponces.

  22. tell Torres to get lost. Time to get Hazard & Mata. We’ll be in for the tile. Why run a team with a hopelesss misfiring striker. He can’t even score for Spain, shows how versatile he is.

  23. Sam is right. This is getting pathetic. If he goes, he goes. I don’t think any of us want us to have a player that does not want to be part of the cause! He has still time on his contract so the Reds can make a very good buck out of this!
    I somehow feel he is going nowhere though….but then my gut might be wrong!

  24. I will not beg Nando to stay nor will I abuse him if he goes, he has to do what is best for himself and his family. Just wish he would wait until summer to see where the club is going

  25. John Terry do what you do best on his wife> fernando we gave u ever think supports and everything. but when i heard that stevie and carra told kenny you don’t give 100 percent in training and u should go i felt much better

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