Worst Weekend Ever

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Hey mates. How you doing?

I know it’s been a crappy weekend. Believe me, ever since the news on Torres came up this Friday, I haven’t been able to sleep. All weekend, I’ve been watching old videos on Youtube with Torres, I’ven been reading open-hearted letters to Torres and while doing it, crying.

It’s intersting to see how I’ve been reacting to this “Torres to fucking Chelshit”-news. A month ago, I laughed at it. A pure and evil laugh, which sounded a lot like those laughs you see on the tele.

This Friday, I thought it was a joke. Is it already April 1st ?

When I woke up on Saturday, I didin’t know if  Torres was a red or not. Shivers down my spine, when I imagined my hero with a blue shirt. The same blue shirt millions of people wipes there asses with.

Intersting to see how it has escaleted, right?

For crying out loud, I haven’t hade time to welcome Súarez yet. All my time and focus has gone to keep myself updated on Torres.

Then I woke up today, realizing something. I don’t give a fuck anymore. If Torres don’t want to play for Liverpool, then he shouldn’t. But for fuck sake Torres, don’t come running back to us when the Chelsea-fans turns their back at you when don’t score every game. Don’t ever think that you can come back, when you are tired of being a benchwarmer and don’t you dare show your face at Anfield again, if you are wearing a blue shirt.

Because it’s really the blue shirt who does it. Because I wouldn’n mind if he wanted to go back to Atletico. Red and white looks good on him to. But for him to go to Chelshit, sorry, but I can’t accept it.

I just can’t.

I love you Torres, and thanks for all you’ve done. But if youre moving on, so am I.


  1. how is chelsea shit
    i dont get some of you people.
    if torres wants to move he moves he wants to go were
    he can win trophies not be in relegation zone.
    you gotta suck it up
    you got suarez you got ngog lol you got some potential.
    i am probably the biggest chelsea supporter
    there is in australia, and yet i havnt seen em play live
    hopefully soon

  2. Okay – so – I feel you, I really do.
    I happen to think that if Fernando wants to go, he should get to go.
    I was left with a question after I read this though – how did you feel when Joe Cole came to our club? That that kill you too? Because he went from a blue to a red – and now he’s warming OUR bench.
    As for this Torres deal – I don’t know what to think. I just hope the window closes before anyone gets to do anything.

  3. Agreed – what a wanker. He’s deliberately played shit all season except for one game – against Chelsea and during the transfer window! This has been on his mind for a while. Guaranteed he will set Stamford Bridge alight and be a great success. He hasn’t wanted to play for us for a while and wouldn’t be surprised if this was apparent to his team mates also.

  4. Worst weekend ever? Really!!!! Lets get some perspective, its one player who want to leave. A player who we will get club record amount of money for. A play who has sulked all season, is now 27 and injury prone. Yes he is one of the best in the business, but we can replace him.

    With the tragic and heartbreaking things our club has had to deal with over the years, a spoilt, selfish footballer throwing his dolly out of his pram doesnt even come close to ‘The worse weekend ever’

  5. To bring some perspective to all this. I think you’ll find that 15/04/1989 was the worst weeked ever for Liverpool. So lets get a grip and talk in sensible language here eh?

  6. Christ man up. The last time I cried when we lost a player was 1977 with Keegan. So unless your seven years old like I was then, grow a pair. No player is bigger than the club, you will do well in the future not to invest your emotions in individual idols, its the liver bird that should capture your heart. Liverpool fc is about getting trophies not trophy players.

  7. If it’s true that we are getting Anelka and £40m – as much as I like Torres – that is some deal for Liverpool. He has been a stroppy git all season and his body language is awful. We need players who want to play for the shirt. Take the money for the glass man and invest in two other world beaters. Thanks for everything Torres but you’ve crossed the line of no return in my book.

  8. Cannot be worst weekend ever!

    Losing to Wimbledon was worse for me.

    I had hoped it was Kenny that got him playing again now it seems his form was as he wanted ok in transfer window poor before then.

  9. You are about right, TheMananaMan. He is still 26 as we speak and we may be able to replace him, but not within three days. Agree with you that this is far from the worst weekend ever.

  10. What rubbish – you have a very short memory my friend – a few weeks ago we were going bust until our wonderful new owners arrived. Torres leaving is nothing in comparison especially witrh the king back on his throne – have faith – greatness awaits

  11. I think he’s been tapped( like they did with Ashley Cole and Arsenal) That’s why he’s started to perform in the last few games. Torres should hang his head in shame, has’nt given us much time to get a replacement. Two faced git should be kicked all the way down to that grubby little club. After all the love the supporters gave as well. Fuck off now Nado and expect a good caning when we come up against you. One disgusted and sickened fan.

  12. You also contradict yourself by saying that you ‘can’t accept it’ whilst simultaneously ‘moving on’


  14. Hey everyone!

    To billal – sorry dude, but I still think Chelsea is a shity team, and I will always think that. And u know what, I can see that u are a chelsea-fan. Because u talk about trophies. Well thats not everything i Liverpool. Of course we wud like to win sometimes(yeah come on now lads!!!!), but thats not all.

    Kizzy – Yeah, just close up the fucking window! I think, that Joe Cole haven’t done anything good yet. He could have stayed in Chelshit …

    Ornecool22 – That’s right mate!

    Rushies Back – I know. But he is still a red, so don’t call him a wanker ;) hehe, but no, really, I just can’t believe that that is our Torres. Our Spanish lad.

    TheMananaMan – Okey, its not the worst weekend ever. It’s called exaggerate something. But you what, its not only “a player”. He was our spanish lad, our number nine. U know that? U can’t just replace him. I just thought, that Torres was like Gerrard, that he wud stick around for a while. That his heart belonged to Liverpool.

  15. I was distraught when I heard the thought of him playing in a blue shirt is a hard pill to swallow BUT no player is bigger than the club and if Chelsea wanna pay an obscene amount of money for the lad then crack on. He’s a liability with that poor attitude that he’s shown and so not a team player. The only real upset is the fact that all this crap over the weekend has overshadowed the arrival of the a player that really wants to play at Anfield, Luis Suarez.

  16. Pathetic…he’s just one, admittedly very good, player…if he wants to leave then fine! Thanks for the goals and the 30m profit, now fuck off and we’ll get some players that are excited to play for LFC!

  17. Whatever the solution, now that Torres has made his thoughts known to the world, let him go and cash in on him….bigtime! It’s not that he will win us anything by himself! I will miss him, I will perhaps say ‘What if Torres had that chance’, but I am a Liverpool fan and players have come and gone, legends have come and gone.
    No more crying over the lad, no more pleas, it’s getting pathetic. Let the lad go for big big money!

  18. Here is a question, if he goes, will Chelsea play him against LFC next week? Or if he stays, will LFC play him against Chelsea?
    Either way, an ugly situation.
    He will be gone in the summer in any case.

  19. At this point I don’t know if Torres is moving to Chelsea or not. But if he does, so what. No man is bigger than the team. I will always like Torres anyway, but I love Liverpool. It is a hard blow to himself also, he has claimed to be true to Liverpool. Why this happens now is not easy to understand as things seem to be heading the in the right direction.

    These past few weeks has brought us a lot. Kenny is back, YEAH. We do have activity on the transfer market. The results have improved.

    Let’s focus on the important issues, how to get back at the top – and how to keep the correct focus. I do believe that there is to much focus on singel players no matter what team we talk about.

    I will say it again – NO MAN IS BIGGER THAN THE TEAM!!!!!


  20. lol,
    yeah brah
    i havnt been a chelsea supporters cause we win trophies
    i have been a blue before abramovich came, and we didnt win trophies then, i call myself a true supporter.

  21. if he wants to leave, go ahead. no use holding back a player when his heart is no longer in it. but i just need an explanation from torres on why he wants to leave now because finally, after several months of hell, the future of our club looks brighter. so why now nando? why not at least wait till the end of the season? why nando, why? u said u will honour your contract blah blah. so what’s your excuse nando? why must u dampen the high spirits lfc supporters worldwide are feeling, esp with king kenny as gaffer n suarez joining us? why nando? i dont get ur logic.

    i don’t know if i am more angry or sad. i guess i’m just confused with all this, thanks to fernando torres.

  22. I think we are getting too emotional at this atm. Let’s step back from the issue for a moment and think. FT does NOT want to play for LFC and nothing changes this.For LFC fans it’s a big blow but if the tbloids and rumours are right 48m for a 27 year old who cost us 26m is GOOD BUSINESS and add to this any money that NESV will add to this and selling is a good option. KK knows what he’s doin or are we going to moan about KK’s buys as well.
    A new day and a new age beckons…embrace it.
    Chelski are desperate for European glory ..this and only this seperates the history of the really famous clubs.

  23. I think its time everyone stopped being so negative in the past we replaced keegan rush fowler and owen it can.be done again maybe it already has just maybe suarez is the ideal replacement I know he isn’t proven in the premiership yet but neither was torres when we signed him if if works out for suarez then we will be no worse off than we have been perhaps we will even be better for all of Torres great goals for me he didn’t really work hard enough for the team and if the opposition roughs him up a little he sulks and for a.missing this not sour grapes coming from me my daughter who goes to the matches could tell you I have said it for a while now

  24. Chelsea are run by a Russian control freak who sacks his managers when he gets upset and have only ever won things because of his millions!

    In 2011, FIFA fair rules come into play and will Chelsea be buying £40 million players then? I doubt it very much…

    I just cant understand what Torres is thinking, where is his vision because Chelsea cant keep up their spending and will soon be back to a mid table team!

    This feels worse than when Owen letf because at least owen went to abroad to a club with history!

  25. People people…. get a hold on yourself. I know we all love Torres , but please behave, We are the Reds , we got more dignity than that, yeh sure we didnt expect this from El Nino, but is Fernandoi Torres bigger than the Liverpool football club, we hav survived when Rushie moved, we survived when Owen moved, when Keegan moved, even when FOwlr did, it only served to make team better in the long run Each time.
    Look at it form his perspective, he came here to a club which was #1 in europe, 2 CL finals in 3 years, building up to a title challange. but ever since then we have been on a downward spiral. # transfer windows when we only sold our players, Friggin Hicks & Gillete show.. CP gets Rafa out… and to top it RH completly screws our club. with even this transfer window ending their was no incoming support…how`d u feel if all the promises were broken.
    Although, I concede that i have always given Our Nando more respect than Cristianos and rooneys. and I have a feeling that Kenny will be able ot keep him and turn it all around by summer. if not, his sale should give us a large rebuilding fund. So come on ye Reds, show the lad some love and try to keep him for now. Otherwise he should be goven career stast of Fowler, Owen and Rush after LFC.

  26. he can do one for all i care now,spent too much time thinking about it, just feel anger now at his timing,i mean straight after suarez signs {maybe it’s because suarez cost more} was his ego that damaged that he couldnt wait till summer. whatever happens stay or go i wont ever feel the same about him.my missus brought me a cuppa last night in my nando cup,poured it into another cup and that one in the bin. if he left for the continent maybe but not another epl side, . he talks about broken promises from the oard,what about his promises to the fans,will see out my contract,will never play for another english club out of respect for the fans?

  27. I don’t know what’s worse, mercenary players ready to swap the club crest for the next pay rise or the modern wet blanket fan, who oscillates between school girl crush euphoria and knee jerk despair.

    The amount of player worship soon to be followed by splenetic vitriol depending on which way the wind blows or whatever bandwagon comes next, makes me laugh. We replaced Hunt with Keegan, Keegan with Dalglish, Dalglish with Rush, Rush with Fowler, Fowler with Owen, Owen with Torres, Torres with….?

  28. I wouldn’t agree its the work weekend ever, we have just signed a world class striker we should be celebrating his arrival not fixated whether Torres will don the dirty blue shirt of chelsea, liverpool has been built on pride and respect its an honour to wear the famous red jersey, if torres is so fickle not to realise this the F**k him, liverpool dont grovel to no player, when the going gets tough we can all see who the true patriots are, and sadly torres is not one of them, what corncerns me more is not that he wants to leave the club but who he wants to go, its just rubbing salt in the wound he has no respect for liverpool or there fans, but what goes round comes round and torres may well regret his move like owen did, Liverpool are rebuilding as we speak, it may take a little bit of time but we will be back were we belong, the club are doing all the right things with the appointment of Clark, Cammoli and also adding world class aditions to the squad, Torres we supported you, you have sealed your fate and you are doomed to always walk alone from now on….YNWA LFC

  29. Billal – if you really want to understand how shite CSKA London are these days, then just understand that we were at our absolute lowest point, with a squad looking like they were going nowhere and a manager who we all knew was going nowhere, we absolutely spanked your lot where 2-0 flattered you horribly.

    THAT’s why were upset about Torres leaving – that he’s probably going to a classless side, with nothing at all going for it bar your criminal owner’s chequebook and where there’s an even bigger rebuilding job than at our place. Nando is a top quality player and should be playing at a top quality club. He has been at Ateltico and then Liverpool, but he won’t be at your place. Like all things made of plastic, Chelsea remains a temporary phenomenon.

  30. Well, seemed like I’ve upseted a lot of people. Of couse there has been far more depressing weeks than this, I feel you on that. I mean, c’mon, do u really think that I’m so stupid. I’ve just had a lot of other things on my mind to, so thats why its been a rugh week.

    But of course, u didin’t knew that.

    I agree with most of you; NO ONE ARE BIGGER THEN THE CLUB.

    But can you also understand where I’m coming from? You say u want to win trophies, but how the fuck are we suppose to do that, when are best striker wants to go to Chelsea?

  31. Worst weekend my ring piece, we just signed A top player and it looks like torres will be gone by tonight.
    Firstly we are Liverpool, we don’t want ANYONE wearing the world famous red shirt if they don’t want it, no way!!
    I want him to stay i really do buts lets look at it, what he he really donr for us in the last year??? Not much. He’s 27, injury prone and we get 50 million for him, sounds a good deal for me…..the only thing that makes me mad is why didn’t torres put his request in at the start of January??!!?? For that reason i think he is a t**t. You can think that means twit if you want.

  32. Let him go!

    Not worth £50 million, so if anyone should be upset it is Chelsea. With that money Kenny will be able to rebuild in the summer and we’ll see Chavski and the Europa Laegue with Liverpool next year

  33. if we can get 40 + million for someone who has cost us more points this seson than he has won us, it will be brilliant especially if we can get another striker in, we will have funds for summer 20 million after the suarez cash is taken off plus the babel money plus the aquilani cash that should come in, plus fenway actually putting some money in 50 or 60 million should be vailable – roll on next season when the great suso will take the football world by storm and other great kids we have will be knocking on the door.

  34. Thanks for your article. Some thought that torres moving out from anfield is the end. but i believed that it is a turn around for us. With suarez in now, lets hope that either van wolfswinkel OR Llorente will be signed before 11:00pm on monday.

  35. i advise all liverpool supporters to watch the next yputh cup games – you will be anazed at the quality rafa has left us with and we can thank him for aticipating the torres move by tying him to a long contract. again ive never seen young player with more talent than suso.

  36. so its all about the history for you guys?
    how are we quality less and how are we “shite”
    were a respected club in europe and the world
    liverpool “use” to be a Huge club
    watch my men shread you guys at the bridge next week with torres in the side.

  37. Nezik I think you’d be better off not writing anymore. You’re symptomatic of the modern fan, worse in fact because you have a blog bore everyone with your hand ringing exaggeration and lack of understanding.

  38. I’m a Manchester United fan as most of you already know and I read all the other clubs blogs including this very one because it’s said to be the best LFC blog around, but this post is bloody ridiculous – I understand what your saying about how much he means to you lot but how could Liverpool fans possibly call Chelsea shit? You have had a terrible season, and don’t jump on my back because I’m a United fan, just admit it because it’s true – Liverpool fans should expect more of their team with the history you have behind you.

    We had a very similar problem not so long ago with Rooney but he got a grip and no wants to stay, but if he didn’t I’d say flog him. What good is a player that doesn’t want to wear your shirt? He won’t give it his all and your going to be paying his high wages every week.

    Regards, Stretty.

  39. All this gone on to long now. If we get a strike force that knows where the net is and we can get a fill season out off the we will be fine. Torres going is the right thing for LFC. If CFC can get more out of him than we did they will have done well bit I very much doubt it. He will make an impact at CF initially but ultimately he will bomb. At the end of the day all that glitters is not gold!. Hand the 50 mil over and let’s crack on with the rebuild of our magnificent club.

  40. Torres sulking around up front is probably the main reason were stuck in seventh place at the moment..he cant be doing much for the morale of the team.However a motivated Torres up front with Suarez partnering him would be a mouth watering prospect.He will be hard to replace no matter how much we get..we wil need it all.

  41. Worse football weekend? ’77 cup final (denied THE treble). ’71 cup final (Charlie George, boy I cried then) and Black Friday in ’89…

    Worse player loss – Keegan by far (until Kenny signed).

    Players come, players go. In ten years time LFC will still be here and we’ll have forgotten Torres (and Owen)…

    What irritates is the late timing. what he said at the beginning of this month about honouring his contract (hopefully a Mirror journo can ask him this at his signing on press conference!) and the fact that we let Babel go not knowing he was going to spring this on us (yes he wasn’t brill but Suarez is inelligible for Europa and that leaves us very short up front).

    Take the £50m (or equivalent with a useful striker thrown in) AND THEN report them for tapping up as they have a three point suspended sentence, that takes the gap to six and go ALL OUT to qualify for CL then stick two fingers up to him! (Picture of him in a Chelski strip on the dressing room door should motivate the players).

  42. I’m a Liverpool man but I also like watching brilliant footballers play, if Anelka joins we have two quality players joining and the prospect of a couple more + I get to watch Torres every now and then. Good deal

  43. Totally agree Lucas, the revival has already started and we will only get stronger and stronger, keep the faith boys and girls hold your head up high because we are LFC….YNWA!!!!

  44. Pretty much sums up my weekend. The worst part was when I came accross the Pic of torres with the world cup and his liverpool scarf.
    “athletico is my spanish team and liverpool is my english team”

    erm fernando, Chelski are in the prem not in russia. I keep hearing about these broken promises but I cant seem to see beyond the broken promises torres has made himself. I would rather he play the rest of the season in the reserves. We must send out a signal that we will not sell to our rivals. Full stop. Wait till summer then sell to a foreign club. Why help chelsea get a dream Drogba/torres partnership? how does that help us longterm or short term?

    Broken hearted Red

  45. His actions proved we couldn’t trust Torres, Torres
    He didn’t want to play for us Torres, Torres
    We took the money and built a team
    The likes of which had not been seen
    Because no one player’s bigger than LIVERPOOL.

  46. someone tell Al we didn’t replace Dalglish with Rush..they formed the greatest partnership in the history of the club

  47. Someone tell Al we didn’t replace Dalglish with Rush..they formed the greatest partnership in the history of the club..I get your point though

  48. Guys I am reading most of your posts and I have to say most are very unfair comments and some are outright frustration. I am as frustrated as all of you rest assured!
    The fact remains that the lad has expressed his feelings and his future is away from Liverpool, whether this happens now or in summer is another matter! Better he goes now I’d say, even though the Reds still have 2 years of contract on him and will still command a huge sum in summer just the same!

  49. Fernando Torres is a traitor! Why leave it so late? If this happened on 1st Jan i wouldn’t bat an eyelid..

    Am so depressed…the arrival of Luis Suarez was ruined by this fellow…and to think that he was pledging his loyalty to the kop just 19 days ago!

  50. Torres says he wants to leave to win trophy’s.
    He has already won the world cup this year is that not enough?????
    we all want to see trophy’s and there is still chance of silver in the Europa league.
    Why sell him to a team we are going to play in a couple of weeks?
    Make him stay till the end of the season then sell him when we have time to find a replacment with the money we get instead of a part exchange with a 31 year old has been

  51. Devastated.that’s the only word.will not turn on him though-he deserves to win trophies.his armband proved he was a red,torres Torres.never walk alone it said,Torres Torres. I cnt stop crying.x

  52. fuck you Torres i’m burning my Liverpool shirt with the name of Torres @ the back in front of anfield tomorrow… anyone join please to bid farewell to a traitor…

  53. He left months ago. He’s a great striker – but he will live to regret the manner in which he has managed his exit from LFC. And not just when he plays in a blue shirt at Anfield.

    If Chelski wanna pay a piss pot full of a cash for player that can’t be trusted to play at 100% for 100% of the time then good luck to ’em.

    All that stuff about being Red was a sham. The man(boy?) has shown his true colours – he’s an immature, pouting, manipulative little shit and I say good riddance.

  54. Hey Nezik,

    I understand exactly what you’re saying and where you’re coming from, as I’m sure most people do.
    I feel very much like you – had a shitty weekend because this is probably the most shocking, sad & heart-breaking news we could’ve received this weekend.

    Yes – no one is bigger than the club, but in many ways Torres was our hero, and he had that special quality in him that made us fall in love with him so quickly.
    It might sound like a cliche but he was different, he loved us back and gave us so much. And it’s not something we can just forget in a day. So every person reacts differently, some are angry, some are disappointed and what I feel mostly is the bitter taste of betrayal – from someone you would have never expected it from.

    And yeah – when I think of him in a chelski shirt it makes me wanna throw up, or worse – in a chelski shirt coming to anfield?! can you even imagine how horrible that would be?!

    Anyway, we definitely should put things in perspective, and i’m sure we all will, once we pass the shock and grief these news caused us.

  55. ever since this news has come out on friday me and other liverpool fans have been losing sleep over this, we definately not sell him in this transfer window, we are LIVERPOOL FC and we should not allow ourselves to be bullied by lesser teams such as chelski just because they got a sugar daddy and (definately not a a big club with as much illustrious history as we have)the Liverpool board should tell Torres to shut up and stay put, and tell him “you and Suarez help us to get as high as possible in the league this season” and then let him have his wish of leaving by starting bidding war between Europes elite clubs and hopefully he will go abroad and make us a handsome profit aswell.That way we might even pip that lot from SW london and arry’s spurs to 4th if we go on a run from now.

  56. i dont no weather torres is embarrased at the way liverpool/comolli has handled this transfer window dont forget all there/his rediculously low offers for players, with every footballer curious theyll be watching the transfer gossip just as much as us, thats the only rason i could see to why hes doing this now cant blame him too much, but this was just one fella at the club and torres is punishing the fans i think comolli has to go, after causing all this embaraasment he still ending up paying nearly double his first bid he needs to go in with stronger bids that he want have to keep going back with his tale between his legs, the FA should let us get another striker out of the window if he does go like they let chelsea get a keeper las season out of the window!

  57. What I honestly can’t see is why he wants to go to Chelsea they have been a sinking ship since the special one left. The Dog is not shinning at all last season was his best. If FT leaves guys old your heads up because Owen did the same thing and we won champions league the next season guess what NOBODY is bigger than our club. Chelsea is not special I have been their when they were calling Benitez a fat Spanish wanker. They won’t love FT the way we do. He will be missed but anyone that would trade us in for blues has no right to be a Red

  58. I disagree with some of the replies about the reason of Torres leaving Liverpool and blaming liverpool for bad handling. Torres is going to Chelsea because he was tapped and promised more money, full stop.
    what most hurting liverpool supporters is his interview which he gave on 10th of January saying he was going to see his contract through unless the club wants to sell him .
    right after that interview Manchester City who was interseted in buying Torres went and spent 28 million on a striker.
    I can smell a rat there and I suspect the whole issue, interview, bid and written request was an script which was written in a Hotel by Chelsea reps, Torres and his agent.
    loyalty means nothing to many professional players.
    we are hurt not only by his lack of loyalty but by how he showed his disloyalty to us.

  59. agreed, longest weekend ever. the whole situation is so unlike the Torres as we knew him (granted, could have been a carefully crafted persona designed to endear him to us his fans). and, just like everyone else…i have so many questions, yet so few answers…

    1) why now (on so many levels)?
    2) why chelsea?
    3) and just who thought this whole situ was a good idea in the first place???

    also, one thing i noticed: the year diego forlan arrived at atletico is the same year fernando left for liverpool, though i don’t know if they overlapped. i don’t recall that they did. this time, it’s uruguayan teammate luis suarez coming to liverpool, and fernando leaving for…?

    if anywhere, a move to Barca in the summer would have made more sense. felt completely sick when i realized that the first game he’ll play for chelsea, if he goes, will be against liverpool next weekend at anfield…can’t imagine THAT going well for him at all.

    praying someone comes back and says it was all just a big mistake. but, if torres truly does want out…i still respect his choice as a player in control of his future. he’s essentially ruined his fan base.

    and for goodness sakes… WELCOME SUAREZ!!

  60. Just got to say oh my god! Call yourself a red? get over it lad. Sell the ungrateful sulking liar and be done with the situation. End of storey. We’ve sold bigger players and never missed them. See ye later torres you fool.

  61. joe, not probably, torres is the reason we are where we are – until kenny told him to get his finger out he has given defenders all the time in the world to put the presure on us and keep it on, not lazy deliberately none trying. good riddence to a fallen super star. he was the best and the worst, legends are not like that. that said if he does stay the crowd will no longer put up with not trying.

  62. How can you cry about Torres?

    He wasn’t your girlfrend you know.

    I now have one Liverpool shirt with the name of former sponser and the name of a former player soon trying to score agains Liverpool…

    Anyway, I would now be focused on new owners, they have promised 35 mil. in this transfer period and the same, if not more in summer for transfers.

    So far they have spent about 17 mil. on Suarez giving the fact Babel left.
    If Liverpool gets 42 mil. and Anelka for Torres then it means they actually “earned” 25 mil.

    I would then expect them to keep their promise of investing 60 mil. in this transfer window and in summer by spending 25 mil. earned and 60 mil promised this summer when players should be easier to get. That is their logic anyway.

    Liverpool needs 2 wingers, (Maxi and Kuyt about 30) a left back, one central defender and consider one younger striker becouse Anelka will need to be replaced in time.

  63. haha just wanna make it clear; I am a girl everyone, so no more lad comments or “he wasn’t your girlfriend” :)

    Cheers mates!

  64. @joe

    ive been supporting the Red since 1974. i know full well that dalglish and rush formed our best ever partnership. the context of my point, which you agree with, is the succession planning of our strikers from hunt to torres. in that sense rush replaced dalglish as the primary goal scorer as dalglish dropped back in the hole to become the creator. after dalglish retired from playing you could argue he replaced himself with beardsley. in this context torres too will be replaced i have no worries about that, certainly with kenny in charge.

    but whats annoying are the hoards of melodramatic fans who’ve been ‘supporting’ the club since istanbul and who follow the poster boys instead of the club. some of the hysteria on here, exemplified by the author, is laughable

    1. Excuse me? What have i done wrong?

      Is it that weird that I’m sad for torres sake? Because I dont think so. When a new player arrives to Liverpool, all fans creates some sort of a band to him.


      Because we know he will stay for long. Cuz we are not like Man city, Real Madrid or any other club, that buys and sells like idiots. We knew, from that day he scored against Chelsea, that he would stay for a long time. There is no Liverpool FC, without the players and the fans. When one of our fans is in trouble, or if one of them die, get hurt or anything else, we help them, we support them. Because thats what we do in Liverpool FC.

      And if one of our players decides to leves this haven, its his problem. But u cant tell to not get sad, to not cry for him. You can’t just assume that I am some sort of a bimbo “that follow the poster boys instead of the club. some of the hysteria on here, exemplified by the author, is laughable”.

      And for your information, I can’t help that I couldn’t be a Red since 1974. I wish I were, I would have loved to follow the club at that time, but I’m born in 1993, so it’s not very that I became a fan around 2001 or something. Acctually, before Istanbul. Does that make me a worse fan then you?


  65. As a Arsenal fan i find it outragous that Torres has left it so late in telling you he wants to go giving you no time to find a replacement.

    good luck for the rest of the season.


  66. Theoreticly…
    – he could have won something at Liverpool.
    But he didn’t.

    You are not a bad fan, no one who supports Liverpool is, but players are not as loyal to fans as fans are to them.

    There are people who can leave and you can not blame them for doing so, if Gerrard for example, decided to leave for Real at the begining of this season becouse he gave so much to Liverpool and he is not leaving for a rival club.

    If he had left when Mourinho wanted him to go to Chelsea that would be diffrent.

    That’s why is this so strange of Torres becouse he is leaving now that Liverpool is finnaly showing signs of revival…

    Remamber when Michael Owen left, Liverpool has had a magical final that season, football is unpredicteble, at least now we have a manager we wanted.


    1. Well said mate!

      I find it strange to, why is he leaving when we finally sign Suarez, a perfect match with Torres. And why, why to Chelsea? And why now, what was it, 3 days until silly season was over?

  67. I knew he was going.Either now or in the summer.But then Kenny came back and his sulky head lifted.I’m genuinely amazed that Torres wants to go to Chelsea,Barca i could understand but knackered out scouser hating Chelsea well on the way down?If he wants to go now that Liverpool are on the cusp then good luck to him,if he manages to stay fit and keeps his head up enough to ensure that Chelsea win the championship and not Taggart and his Manc s**t then that’s good isn’t it?But OH MY GOD is Torres going to be kicking himself when he looks at Mr.Dalglish and Liverpool a few years from now.As for Saurez,Adams and Carol,welcome to the greatest club side in the world.P.S, Nezik cheer up girl,good times are round the corner and your passionate support will be rewarded.P.P.S Quasi was better than Torres..

  68. nezik keshto,i just read what you had to say,and i have to tell you,you gave words to my pain.words better than i could ever come up with…and i write too! how shit am i ?
    next thing i did…i read about you-what you had to say about who you are.
    and now…i’m totally smitten!
    seriously though,it’d mean a lot to me if you accepted my friend request on facebook.i can’t stop myself from sending you one!

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