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Stamford Bridge

6th February 2011 – 4PM

Tomorrow at 4PM The Reds travel to Stamford Bridge to play Premier League champions Chelsea. We have a fairly poor record at Stamford Bridge over the years, but we’ve also served up some very tasty encounters in both the Champions League and the Premier League, such as the 4-4 draw two years ago. Chelsea are just starting to come out of the sticky patch they found themselves in over the last 2-3 months, where they struggled to score goals and have been hampered by injures – especially in the defence.

Cue the signing of Fernando Torres last week, as you all will know, and he’s set to make his debut for Chelsea in tomorrows game (as a side note – you can currently bet 6/1 on Carragher to be the first to foul Torres, that’s worth a punt). We should be welcoming Carra back into the starting line-up (and if we don’t, your bet will have been wasted), but the big talking point in terms of team selection is what formation Kenny will decide to play.

On Wednesday against Stoke, Kenny played a 3-5-2 formation with Gerrard dropping just behind Kuyt. I think Kenny will decide to play Suarez from the start in this game, given his impressive impact against Stoke. This could mean that Aurelio will find himself on the bench, unless Kenny decides to drop the 3-5-2 and play with just two central defenders, which means Kygriakos and Skrtel could find themselves on the sidelines. Given the team selection on Wednesday, it’s fairly hard to predict the line-up tomorrow, but I think it could be either of these two:


Carragher – Skrtel – Agger

Kelly – Meireles – Lucas – Gerrard – Johnson





Kelly – Carragher – Agger – Johnson

Meireles – Lucas

Kuyt – Gerrard  – Maxi


But as I said, it’s really hard to predict this, as there are so many possibilities for Kenny to choose from. Again, feel free to post your line-ups and score predictions in the comments box below.

I’m always really positive before a Liverpool game, and I really hope we can get an early goal tomorrow and hopefully get ourselves a win, or at least a point. With the great passing and attacking football we’ve been playing recently, I don’t see why we can’t go to the Bridge tomorrow and get the victory we deserve.

My prediction: Chelsea 1 –  2 Liverpool


  1. I think we will come out in this formation
    Kelly. Carragher. Agger. Johnsonn
    Gerrard. Merry.
    Kuyt. Suarez. Aurelio.

    4 in the back, only 2 cbs. Aurelio to cover for johnson.
    My prediction: Liverpool 2 – 0 Chelsea. Goals from Kuyt and Lucas is due a goal.

  2. The Bridge is a tough place for us to play and Torres will finally be motivated to play for the first time in 8 months. Consider that with the possibility of Drogba and/or Anelka with Essien controlling the park and Malouda pulling the strings and we’d do VERY well to come out of there with a point. Unfortunately for me, I think 2-1 to Chelsea at Sham-ford Bridge.

    Regardelss we will bounce back and have a decent run the rest of the season and finish 5th or 6th. Summer signings will get us back in the title hunt in the 11-12 season.


  3. I don’t see us losing @ brigde, with confidence back now and some lucks on our side(i.e good saves, and defensive consciousness). My prediction-


  4. oh shit!!..this is a tough one!…and I’m not sure I will be able to watch the game!..we COULD get properly battered tomorrow!..I just wish we had played the Chavs twice!..that said, if they play three upfront, we could overun their midfield, and if the big guns are firing,(SG, RM) then we are in with a shout.
    Good job AC isn’t fit at the mo, cos our crossing is shit!, although Kelly is bringing some sunshine to the flank…
    In truth, I just want to put the Chav game to heart says “win”..but my knob is slack.

  5. As I said for the Stoke game I’d be happy with a positive result. A positive result at Stamford Bridge would even be a decent draw.
    Chelsea will be motivated to beat us, especially after Utd’s slump at the Wolves potato field.
    I just want us to put up a decent and positive display.
    I really don’t think we have anything to loose at this stage.

  6. I feel this COULD be the formation

    Kelly Carra Agger Johnson
    Kuyt Stevie Meireles

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