Owners of Torres shirts. Don’t Fear!

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Here is a guide on how to  remove the letters from the back of your Torres shirt!

I did it last night. Apologies for the poor quality images. so you see the Torres shirt.

Step 1. Get two tea towels. Put one up inside the shirt so it covers the back letters.

Step 2. Get an iron and turn it on, then spray the desired letters with water until they are soaking. (best to do it letter by letter)

Step 3. Put tea towel over the top of the shirt and iron

Step4.  When the letter has been ironed and you feel it is warm. take off the tea towel and pick at the corner of the letter.

The letter should then peel off with eased.

Repeat this untill all letters are gone.

Although this works it does leave a small outline of the letters. Becomes more visible over time.

So I suggest you just get CARROLL printed over the top.

There you have it. No Torres name on the back!

YNWA, Hugh

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  1. I think people should just stop getting the name on the back of their shirts and just get a number or if you must have a name then just get the name of a true legend! Dalglish 7 or Rush 9 or the like. simples!…..

  2. My thoughts exactly Mark. Just get a retro shirt. I have a 60s Liverpool top with no. 8 on back in honour of Sir Roger Hunt.

  3. I tried this several times on a letter and I picked at the corner n the letter just wouldnt peel off ?

  4. Another way to do this (care of a friend in sports direct) Is to put the shirt on an ironing board keeping it pulled very tight (use a couple of pegs or bulldog clips underneath the ironing board if need be) Have the iron on a high setting and a bottle of water spray handy. It is then just a case of spraying the lettering so that the shirt remains moist and pressing the iron DIRECT to the letters for 20 seconds or so,Then keep the iron moving slowly along the lettering and they start to curl and come off.I can vouch for this as I got the name off 2 shirts quite easily in about 10 minutes each shirt.I found it easier if the iron is on a steam setting. Most important with this method is keeping the shirt tight as possible on the ironing board.If you do this its pretty straight forward!

  5. Can’t get this to work.
    Could it be that the LFC style lettere are different from the PL style? They seem thinner..

  6. Thanx a lot… i almost took the scissors, but i dont want to cut in the liverpool shirt…

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