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All of you will have heard the cliche ‘a picture can say a thousand words’, and I’ll be leaving you with these three pictures which sum up the day for me. YNWA.


  1. Blue doesn’t look good on Torres. Simply not the type for that colour. He should have thought about that before. Now Olalla will ask for a divorce.

  2. good win for the lads today loved it but i am really goin to be honest really hurt to see torres in blue and i think it will take a bit more time to get over and he dosent look happy to me i think he relises he has made a mistake already and it would be so funny if chelsea win nothing and finish outside of europe and we get top four finish and europa cup

  3. This is Nando in his gayest form! He just simply looks odd and out of place in the blue attire. Just doesn’t look good on him. Makes him lose the glow he had when he was all red. Looks so… transparent. Moral of today: Nando is history :)

  4. We’ve finally got our bollocks back. We’re playing as a team and we now look like the old Reds. Hail King Kenny!

  5. What a nice picture!!! And it’s really strange to see Torres in blue not in red…Hope Chelsea got banned from all europe competition by FIFA next year regarding the debt/transfer policy and we’re finished in top 4. So torres gonna regret that he moved from us!

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