The Redmen: West Ham 3-1 Defeat- LFC Fan Reactions

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  1. skrtel is a calamity, infact lfc don’t have solid bench that we can rely on they should be sold and bought new ones, pls, pls pls pls pls thanks

  2. I said before and i say again as long as we have Ngog and Kuyt in the line up we will ever win games , KD / SC has a lot of work to do. our season is over and we should start planning for next , get rid of the following Reina ( wants to leave let him go to the scum ), Skrtl Maxi,Kuyt & Ngog ( not good enough).

  3. You are the most annoying person I have ever seen on the internet. Seriously you are the most annoying person in the world.

  4. the problem yesterday was not the team. kenny didnot help them right in the preparation. our midfield was tired, it needed rotation. maxi, jovanovic, ngog should all hav started to freshen up things. lucas as played too many games, raul had a knock on thurs, gerrard is losing his zest due to age and injuries, so what did we expect. i saw it on thurs but i hoped kenny could solve the problem. i hope kenny has learnt that a set of players cant play all games in a season in 2011 as they did in 1984. i hope kenny has learnt from his mistake.

  5. we were shite. how many of our players would get into a top 4 team, not many!! Big investment needed. kennys magic can only go so far. an wat the f**k was reina doin yesterday, shocking !!

  6. The only great player we have is Luis Suarez…the rest of them are utter shite,Suarez turn to set up our goal was sublime, PLEASE DONT LET HIM GO.

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