Bitter fans, Liverpool’s history, and our everlasting success

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“Your club. Look what it’s become! History! Have you even won a trophy in the past five years? Pathetic. Your trophy room is nothing but a bunch of old, dusty tinfoil with filthy cobwebs. United are going to make minced meat out of you and you’re going to be sorry.”

Prior to Liverpool’s destruction of the Red Devils at our holy temple of Anfield, I received this lovely text from a Gooner ‘friend’ of mine. After staring blankly at the message for a few minutes, I couldn’t decide what was more ironic – the fact that an Arsenal fan was talking about trophies or the fact that United was completely mutilated by King Kenny’s army. Either way, the e-mail gave me a nice laugh. But I wasn’t done reading the hateful messages. There were some more angry statuses and comments when I logged onto Facebook. Here was a nice conversation between two of my supposed friends, a Yid and a Manc, who also happens to be a Barca supporter. Hmm.

“Nearly everyone hates Liverpool except Liverpool fans, and the funny thing is that they think it’s cause we’re jealous of them or something when really it’s cause they’re fans are just annoying idiots. xD”

“Carragher’s a dirty cunt in my eyes. Going studs in on the knee is just plain stupid and twat-like. Gentleman, my arse. My dogs are most gentlemanly than him. My papá was telling me about the old days of “Equalisers” in the game. A player on one team would be assigned the role and if someone on the opposing team put in a dirty tackle on a teammate, they’d go out to get him back. Oh, that would certainly make that game more interesting. I wonder how much Carragher would cry if the same happened to him. If I were Nani, I would’ve sobbed. Poor baby.”

I really do think he's okay, to be honest.


Needless to say, I ended contact with them afterwards. To them it might seem like harmless banter, but to me, and to all of you, I’m sure, insulting my club and my family is out of order. Am I upset that I lost these so-called ‘friends?’ Absolutely not. It’s such hypocrisy. They applauded Rooney for elbowing that poor Wigan player, then called Carragher disrespectful names even after he apologized to Nani. If you’d like, share some of your experiences with bitter fans in the comment section! Let’s all have a laugh.

Back to my original point, I hear fans of other teams talking about our history all the time, particularly during the Shankly and Paisley eras. Many people at the time, and even today, were amazed by the transformation under Shankly. In the 50s, Liverpool were in rather poor form after being relegated in ’54. We stayed there until Shankly came along and transformed us to the title in ’64 and ’66 and from then on, we’ve been an absolute powerhouse in English football history. The English media eventually focused their spotlight on us after we dominated domestically and on the European stage. After Paisley retired came the era of Dalglish, and after a brief hiatus, it’s resumed again.

However, Liverpool are not all history. I’ve lost count of how many of my mates tell me this on a daily basis, but they’re wrong. Sure, we haven’t won the league for twenty years, but we’ve come awfully close. Besides, we’re still dominant on the European stage. According an OptaJoe Tweet, had the Premier League started on the first of January, we would be third, behind United and Arsenal. We are experiencing a revival under King Kenny, moving from 19th to 6th in mere months after his appointment. The mess that Roy Hodgson made us seem even stronger. Everyone was amazed by our comeback, even after losing our so-called “best striker” Fernando Torres. Why, we beat Chelsea when no one thought we could, then went on the have a 6 game undefeated streak! Most recently, of course, we smashed United to smithereens. Suarez made United’s defenders look like a bunch of flimsy cardboard figures. I can assure you that none of this would’ve happened under Roy Hodgson. Our players had lacked confidence – they had lacked passion. After the demise of Rafa, Roy, our managerial staff, King Kenny has reawakened the powerhouse team that dominated the 80s.

Liverpool ARE history. Liverpool are also the present and the future. With excellent young prospects in Jonjo Shelvey, Raheem Sterling, Fernandez Suso, Jack Robinson, Daniel Pacheco, Conor Coady, David Amoo, Adam Morgan, and more, our Youth Academy is undergoing a revolution that will soon carry on to our first team. As said by the legend John Aldridge:

“I say with some confidence that this is the best youth team Liverpool have ever had. There’s so much promise among the players that fans are excited to see them in the first team when the time is right. Usually, you can identify just one or two who might make the grade from the second strings. Now, there’s up to 14 who could easily appear for the senior side at some stage. Hopefully, in the next few years, the lads in their late teens will be getting some action and it sets up some exciting times for Liverpool.”

The glory of the Fields of Anfield Road will never end. YNWA.

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  1. “I wonder how much Carragher would cry if the same happened to him”
    He wouldn’t. He’d get up, brush himself off and carry on. Nani did seem a bit theatrical after, looked like he was going to cry his eyes out when he got up after the tackle

  2. I’m a hardcore Liverpool supporter from Singapore. My family lives and breathes football. My brother went to Istanbul to experience the miracle that was the epic 2005 European Cup final, and I myself have been to Anfield twice.

    With that said, I would always defend my club colours. In Singapore, it is inevitable for rival supporters to poke fun at each other. We mean no harm or disrespect because it’s all just for the fun of the beautiful game. However, the Mancs in my country tend to get a little too overboard when it comes to the bitterness they feel towards us.

    I’ve had this acquaintance from my secondary school, and we’ve always locked horns whenever one of us started talking about our teams (he’s a Manc, by the way). He’d start talking about how we haven’t won a single title since 2006 and how United is gonna overhaul our record 18 league titles. Not only that, his cocky and arrogant nature has landed him in hot soup with other fans because of his constant Facebook status updates, lashing out at certain teams like Arsenal, Chelsea etc.

    On Sunday, he was Facebook-commentating (as I’d like to call it) during the match. At half time he started reiterating how Carra should’ve been sent off for that tackle on Nani. Personally, yes I felt that his studs were too high but this ‘friend’ of mine started to go apeshit on Facebook. I couldn’t stand his ranting on Facebook anymore, so I just commented on one of his statuses telling him to shut up and see what the score was. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he starts lashing out at me. He starts insulting my family, insulting my mother, and a wave of profanities in both Hokkien (Chinese dialect that’s common in Singapore) and English are thrown at me from him.

    I’ve come to terms with the fact that in Singapore, there is no point poking fun at Mancs because they only want to settle the disputes with one thing – violence. Till today, this guy still sends me death threats via text or Facebook messages. And I personally can’t be bothered cause I don’t want to sink as low as his barbaric ways. All in all I will always defend my club colours, and speak highly of my football club. But in Singapore, the best way to deal with insults from Mancs is to take it with a pinch of salt and justify facts about our illustrious history to shut their mouths up.

    You’ll Never Walk Alone from Sunny Singapore

  3. I got a lot of sctick for being a Liverpool supporter in the grand u s of a, where it is much more en vouge to support united. To make a long story short a manc supporter friend of mine told be yesterday he’s an LFC fan now. as someone(like yourself!) who got through

  4. I got a lot of sctick for being a Liverpool supporter in the grand u s of a, where it is much more en vouge to support united. To make a long story short a manc supporter friend of mine told be yesterday he’s an LFC fan now. as someone(like yourself!) who got through a terrible start as well as a turbulent few years I found his comment both amusing and flattering. Im glad my compatriots are finally appreciating my club! I just hope they learn that once you support LFC you become part of a wonderful family and hopefully their new family will curb their urge to jump from bandwagon to bandwagon

  5. “I wonder how much Carragher would cry if the same happened to him”
    ….. Like when he dislocated his shoulder?! That was a true display of toughness. Broke shoulder and he stood on the pitch and waited for Soto to come on. No tears there if I recall. Nani cried like a 6 year old child. I’m sure he’s fine.

  6. Couldn’t agree more with you maria, very well written article. i’m originally from nepal living in the US, as a red fan, i have too got a lot of sticks and banter thrown at me. But, i defend them pretty well. Most of my friends (here in US) are mancs supporters and a awful lot of them cannot name their full squad apart from the 1st starting 11….but these banters is not gonna stop us from supporting our beloved football club.

    “liverbird upon my chest, We’re the men of shankly’s best”


  7. Love the article as a Liverpool fan of some 30 years i’ve lived through some amazing times and also absolute dross on the field and devastating tragedy off it i will always have all the time in the world for Rafa but now Kenny is back i finally feel my club is back

  8. Maria, why are you so damn smart? Anyways, I’m just glad chicharito scored. You know I have nothing against Liverpool. VIVA LIVERPOOL!!

  9. All clubs have so called supporters who are only to willing to abuse players and fans from other clubs, this includes LFC. Unfortunately these supporters,who are generally ignorant and foul mouthed, are seen to represent all the genuine fans.

    While Nani is known for his theatrics, the injury would have been very painful and I doubt if anyone could predict how they would respond to a similar injury.

    If that injury had have been caused by a tackle by Rooney on Luis we would have been baying for blood.

  10. An Arsenal fan called our club ‘useless’ on the day westham beat us, At the time I was down and sad but what he said made me realise just how great LFC will always be and that we should be patient cause we will have the last laugh.

  11. well, some (a lot of them) Manure fans are just like the club and the manager fergush*t himself, arrogant, like to get violence in verbal, and sometimes I just can’t believe myself the way they said or write. Manure fans in Indonesia is not different, and this because they has a large number of supporters right here, with us LFC fans near at second place, but usually they are some young ignorant kids, or some girls that only become a fan because of her boy friends. And yes, they abusive, at verbal conversation, at social media etc. Even at some point, there’s one or two friends that I don’t bother to be their friends again. Geez. In Indonesia, manure fans made enemy of virtually all any other club fans, and when manure lost, all got happy and them got angry, and in reverse. There’s one commented after the game (LFC vc manure) that two goals of LFC should be offside, well, I don’t know what to say to him, he seem determined that they got robbed by the referees. That’s show the stupidity of their fans in my country. Utter stupidity.

  12. “I wonder how much Carragher would cry if the same happened to him”.
    did these idiots see carragher screaming at krygiakos while his shoulder had just been dislocated against tottenham? nani’s a bloody pansy. his injury might be serious but that’s the reason why the referee didnt take him very seriously. it’s his own damn fault.

  13. Since the year 2000 Liverpool have won something like 10 trophies, not too bad, along with 2 Champions League finals, not forgetting being being ranked no1 by Uefa!!!!

  14. Hmm, it seems to me that so many people expected Liverpool to lose, that when they didn’t – They weren’t sure how to act. The Man United fan was probably talking with their club in mind, from the other side of a rivalry, the other side of the divide. But that doesn’t make you any less right to defend your club. I’m a Newcastle fan, and i’d pull no punches as many know when it comes to defending my club from would-be critics and attackers. Somethign we have plenty of over Ashley, Barton, Relegation, Promotion, Trophy Drought lasting over half a century etc.

    But i digress, before this becomes a Newcastle rant. Ah yes – You weren’t wrong to defend your club, Liverpool ARE a massive club. No doubt, you only have to loo at certain “die-hard fans who play for their boyhood club” that left those clubs to join you, to see that many regard it as an unmissable opportunity to play for you.

  15. That flash was bang out of order… why would you put that up? I’d be furious if someone did one of Eduardo or Ramsey…

  16. a few my of utd buddies (there’s an alarming number of utd fans in nyc) called me up and said, “enjoy this win, because we’re still getting our 19th this season. hope you guys can get into the europa league next season hahah.” they then proceeded to rant about how carra was “scum” and deserved to be banned. that was the final straw. i didn’t mind the “19th” jab nor the europa league thing too much, because it’s to be expected that serfs will laugh when the king slips and falls, but attacking carra? yeah, that’s a no-no. i proceeded to bombard them with reminders of how class-less rooney and neville were/are, and finished by saying, “even if utd wins the league this season, we still have something you don’t – a real european cup trophy. enjoy your replicas.”

    i know a lot of you fellow reds have to endure the same nonsense i have to, but take solace in the fact we’re coming back for our throne sooner than later with king ken in charge, and that no matter where you are, you’ll never walk alone.

  17. Matt!, Apart from mancs Liverpool have no problem with anyone, they are born bitter, desperate to win the 19th title. Then they have to win 5 european cups, 3 uefa cups and 3 uefa super cups?. Only they seem bitter about being the 2nd most successful English club, we can’t be bothered with their whinging!!!!

  18. hi maria, nice column btw. im a chinese lfc supporter living in liverpool for the past 40 yrs,ive been through the 70s and 80s9(the good times ) the 90s and the 2000( not so good times),but liverpool fc will always be my club ,heres the reasons 1=humility,2=dignified,3=never say die attitude,4= class. when we was winning most things in the 70s and 80s,at the end of every season there was this award given out by the league ,it was called the the fair play award(the team with the least bookings,i think)and every year lfc won it,unlike man u,that team their just arrogant beyond believe,if anyone had watched the match on sunday would have seen,our rual meriles chested a ball off the line from aberbertov header ,now berbertov could clearly see it was from miereless chest but straight away he and his mate next to him,puts thier arms up claimin for a penalty that never can see where im coming from,thats the whole mentality of man u fc they and the likes of howard webb equals bent games all the time. and have you noticed that the links with managers in the prem that ferguson has got,i.e steve bruce ,mccliesh,hughes and not to mention all their young loanees to other clubs. so you see liverpool isnt just competing with manu ,its manu and thier cohorts as well,thats why they have been sucessful in the last two decades.kenny dalglish is the only person that can out wit that ferguson,he has shown this in the past and he will do it again in the a waiter in a restaurant in the 90s .i was privileged to have served the king ,so i asked him for his autugragh , which he signed.then i asked him whether it was true that he was leaving anfield,and he said where did u get that from ,i said the papers ,and then he said dont believe what you get from the papers. then 2 weeks go by and it was on the local and national news ,that kenny dalglish has left lfc.ian can tell you majority of liverpool people and around the world could nat sleep for many nights after,but big bully alex ferguson had a big smile on his ugly face.thats when lfc started its decline,not the managers that have come in inbetween dalglish was to blame. but i can tell u kenny has that unique winning quality as a player,manager and most of all human being,and not to forget when he does win he makes sure we do it fairly and with sorry it took so long to read. thers a good web site for you to check out ,bill shankly ,all the best comrad

  19. and if u notice, these man u and other clubs supporters know Liverpool history better then their own clubs.. like when was the last time liverpool won the premier league and how man u will win the 19th title as compared to liverpool’s 18. but if u ask them how long it took fergie to land his first league title (26 yrs i think) how many european cups (3) man u have won, if they knew who Sparky ( mark hughes) was, kenchelskis, probosky, lee sharpe ( touted as the next ryan giggs!!! hahahaha) they would need to google for these players. and the funny thing is they love to intrude in liverpool forums.

  20. TO HUGH GRANER without luis suarez of course it wot be the same team,but your missing the point ,it wasnt just luis that destroyed man united,it was liverpool football club,i.e manager assisistant manager technical staff trainers,the team,our supportersand most importantly our pride,so it wasnt just one man.3 weeks ago they were saying ,no gerrard the teams knackered,or torres leaving it was the end,but most people dont realise our greatest asset is kenny dalglish,had he not resigned in the 90s,old whisky nose wouldnt have won so much with the mancs,and one of the reasons why he left was because of all the trauma caused by hilsborough.he remains the only manager to have won the league under two diferrent clubs in england at the top level.and i dont think ferguson could ever beat that,kenny dalglish is a better player,manager,and person than whisky nose could ever wish to be.

  21. dont be so sensitive about this scum people we have more than enough reds to give all the aggression in the world right back at them ,i wouldnt even listen or take serious most of them from around england especialy the south or round the world most of them would start supportin arsenal if they won the champions league let them threatin shit on the internet you can be sure none of these “heros” sittin in front of a screen wouls say anythin face to face to you the massacre on sunday silenced the manure club i e blanket ban talkin to the press even giggs wasnt allowed to talk about his appearance beat the all time record held since bobby charlton , how pathetic is that . yeh the only mancs talkin are geeks chattin shit on a computor .THE REDS ARE COMIN UP THE HILL BOYS ynwa

  22. Hmm, all my United supporting friends and family are pretty clued in on football and engage in fun, thoughtful banter. Maybe you all just associate with dickheads?

  23. to brad like you said if we associate with dick heads what are you doing here,ARE YOU A DICK HEAD ASWELL.GO AND STEW YOU SAD P4ICK

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