Dear Fernando Torres: ‘Operation Chelsea Meltdown’

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Dear Fernando Torres,
We would like to congratulate you on your stellar contribution to ‘Operation Chelsea Meltdown’. The Board of Liverpool Football Club would like to extend our appreciation towards your efforts in this operation. We did not expect you to go this long without scoring! You exceeded our expectations. Excellent job! We urge you to continue your goal scoring drought for as long as possible, preferably until Euro 2016, by which your contract with Chelsea would have expired.

We would like to remind you of your other aims and targets that has yet to be fulfilled at Chelsea.

Keep Didier Drogba on the bench.


As predicted, Carlo Ancelotti wouldn’t have the balls to play Drogba at the expense of you warming the bench, regardless of the amount of attacking moves you have messed up, stray passes, and inability to score, coupled with your total lack of effort and enthusiasm. Keeping Drogba on the bench is pivotal to the success of this operation.

Get sent off against Manchester City


Your sending off will undoubtedly hand Manchester Shitty the advantage to destroy Chelsea, and allow them the opportunity to close the gap on Manchester United (scum). After you have been sent off, we expect Chelsea’s 10 pensioners to be unable to cope with Man City’s overpaid mercenaries. After much deliberation, the board have decided that it would be for the best intentions of Liverpool Football Club, that you get yourself sent off against Tottehham as well, who are direct contenders for a Champions League spot. Commit a two foot lunge, dissent, anything. Or do a Suarez even! Yeah, bite off someone’s ear or something.

Take and miss a penalty

You remember Joe Cole don’t you? You remember his missed penalty against Trabzonspor too right? Yeah shoot straight at the keeper just like he did. Or sky the ball over the bar like your former captain did against Blackburn. We’re all sure Carlo would be furious! But don’t worry, your 50 million price tag will give you immunity from the bench.

Cause dressing room disharmony


Now Fernando, this must be achieved discreetly. Do whatever you deem necessary, like talking behind each others back, and badmouthing Nicolas Anelka, Ashley Cole or Petr Cech. We suggest you get John Terry so sleep around again, just like how he did with Wayne Bridges’ girlfriend. This would make Chelsea the laughing stock of the Premier League. But you be wary Fernando, keep that girlfriend preying beast away from your lovely wife Olalla.

Fernando, we understand that fulfilling these targets would require tremendous effort on your part. But if accomplished successfully, you could still turn out to be Liverpool’s Player of the season! Although I must say your replacement, Luis ‘King’ Suarez has made supporters across Merseyside go, ‘Fernando who?’. Unlike you, he actually runs at defenders and beat them, link play, trackback, assist and score goals.

The Board and fans of Liverpool Football Club wish you all the best in fulfilling ‘Operation Chelsea Meltdown’.

P.S Please congratulate Yossi Benayoun on our behalf for his terrific contribution to the operation by getting himself injured for long periods. We recommend you follow suit next season.

The Board of Liverpool Football Club.


Right guys, I wrote this in the hope to give you guys a laugh and to entertain you as well. I’m not writing this to criticise/insult Fernando Torres. Neither am I writing this because I can’t get over the fact that he left us and that I’m still gutted he’s not with us anymore. How can I miss him after Suarez’s magical performance against Manchester United? Fernando is a top guy, top player, and is still my favourite player. For those who think this is mean, please try to see the humour in it.



  1. Really, really low. Those kind of things can’t be said. Torres delivered some great joy, and I was very happy seeing him play for Liverpool, he was great, named to be the best player in the world, he came 3rd. Come on, focus on what we have now, Suarez is the real deal. Forget about Torres, this just shows how much you cared for him. Just get over him. I’m a Liverpool supporter, I felt sad and angry when Torres left, like any Liverpool supporter did, even King Kenny said so. There is an article in the official Liverpool website “LFC reject Torres request”, there are more than 3600 bloody comments of saddened fans! I think this shouldn’t even be taken serious, a true joke.

    1. Lucas, I assumed it was really obvious that this was all for a laugh. I guessed i’m wrong. Try to see the humour in it pls.

  2. I’m disappointed he left, and I would have loved to have seen him leave at a much better time. But despite leaving, he’s done great things for the club. And honestly, as a Liverpool supporter, I’m quite disappointed at how things are handled, and at quickly you forget his dedication whilst with the club. He might have disrespected the club and its fans by leaving, but disrespecting him doesn’t make you any better than him. No offense. As the Empire of the Kop, I would have expected a sense of maturity that Torres himself lacked. Battering him with insults won’t change anything and in all honesty, this is just plain out childish. But you’re the Empire of the Kop, and I guess you’re entitled to be saying what you want, disrespecting whoever, and wishing the worst upon people, and showing the kind of maturity many people are apparently lacking nowadays.

    1. Kaay, let me impress upon you that EOTK did not write that article. I did. Slag me off, not EOTK. I understand where you’re coming from, but this was meant for a laugh. Try to see the humour in it pls.

  3. Operation EOTK Meltdown

    That could be the title of an article, written in jest of course, of how this writer (Joseph?) starts writing for EOTK but is actually just like Fernando Torres whereby sites where Joseph used to write at hope that he brings down EOTK which articles like this one, hope that he breaks all his fingers so that he won’t write ever again, right after he writes a few more duds like this one, bla bla bla.

    All in one sentence of how it is written in the spirit of jest and should be deemed funny.

    1. RedRedRed, im sorry if you cant find the humour in this piece. I love Torres, i still do. I watch Chelsea games now just to see how he performs cuz he’s my all time favourite players ( he still is ). But im sure we all poke fun at some1 before havent we? Dont you and your mates poke fun at each other for abit of banter? And no, im not trying to tarnish EOTK’s reputation. I’ll delete this thread if Antoine feels i should.

  4. Can we buy these people a sense of humor? FFS!!! I’m a Yank and even I got it, I thought the English were supposed to enjoy humor, get a friggin grip people. HE WASN’T SERIOUS. It’s fun to poke fun, and this was cute. He wasn’t denigrating Torres, he was actually telling at least 1/2 truth, do you REALLY think Nando was “there” for the last 18 months? So chill the f*** out and enjoy a cute, tongue-in-cheek article. God people can be so stupid, and the scary part is they have children who will grow up to be as stupid as they are.

  5. OK, I’m done being polite. WHAT THE ACTUAL **** MAN????
    This is not funny, is far from being a joke, it’s disgraceful, stupid, disrespectful, ungrateful and low, very very low.
    You know, until 10 minutes ago I was still a little bit sad about him leaving LFC but this was it. It’s absolutely incredible how UNGRATEFUL SOME LFC FANS ARE. I just can’t believe it. I can’t believe how you can talk like that about a person who gave you so so much for the past 3 and a half years. I can’t believe how you’re trying to erase everything he did for your club. He scored more than 80 goals for you, he (along with some other great players) took you to the 4th place in 2008 and to 2nd!!!! in 2009. He made you happy so many times, He was always respectful with all the fans, he loved (and still does) Liverpool and the people. He always played his freaking heart out for you, he sweated the red shirt to give you amazing moments. He made you happy 50 times at Anfield with the 50 goals he scored there. He left his home for you, because he have always known how big is LFC. Jesus Christ he gave everything, EVERYTHING HE COULD FOR LIVERPOOL!!! He freaking wore an LFC scarf while he was holding his world cup, because he know that he es what he is thanks (in big part) to Liverpool FC.
    And all of a sudden, he decides that he has to put his career first (like every human being does in this planet) and he has to move to fulfill his goals, and what, because you ***** decided he is out of Liverpool history? well, thank God you don’t get to write the story!.
    He went to Chelsea not for money and you know it. He left because he’s not getting any younger and he’s been lied too a lot, wtf is wrong with that? That doesn’t mean he is not grateful to the fans who gave him all their love and support. And he has made that very clear. He’s grateful with the club, the city, the people at Liverpool, the fans, the staff, because LFC made him what he is. He knows that and he said that publicly.
    I can’t believe that because he went to Chelsea, a club that it’s not even one of your historic rivals (yes, it is not, because you tried to create that rivalry on your only because yu hated the fact that Chelsea are a rich club) you wish him all that is bad in this world. Why wish him to fail when he has gave you so much? He deserves to be succesful.
    please, be decent human beings! talking like that about player who did so much for you without getting absolutely nothing in return (trophies)???
    I know you all don’t give a damn about what I’m saying and you’ll still hate him no matter what, but maybe one day you’ll recognise what he was for LFC.

    1. Mary, i understand where you’re coming from. But really, i had no intention whatsoever to insult Torres. If i wanted to, i could have just left out the humour and all that ‘Operation Chelsea Meltdown’ out of the article, and go on about him being really lousy and stuff. He’s a top guy, top player, my favourite player( still is ). I wrote this cuz i read a similar article written at the CHELSEA OFFICIAL WEBSITE FORUM, about ‘Special Agent Joe Cole’, where he was sent to ‘destroy’ Liverpool. I found it absolutely hilarious. I hope you could feel the same way about my piece.

  6. Good laugh.
    But I’ll never forget his first goal against Chelsea.
    Also when he turned Cannavaro vs Real Madrid and almost scored against Casillas!

    1. Thanks Kewell! :)
      And yes i still remember that scene, attacking from the left flank. A move Torres frequently used with devastating effect.

  7. Seriously, this bullshit is still going around. Do you guys not remember you used to love this man. And to be honest, a lot of us still do, because we know how amazing he was in the team. Get over the fact that he moved on, be happy with our amazing players, and wish him all the best. Is it really that hard?
    Yea yea, its funny, haha, but this shit is really getting old. He’s moved on, and so should we.

  8. I think we need to think about winning all the game rather than thinking about a player who submitted a transfer request and went to another club.. we still below our spot(true). So try to write something that will make our player feel motivated…

  9. And I’d like to add something. Maybe you’ll salg me off and insult me. I don’t mean to be disrespectful to you, but I’m very dissapointed on LFC because of how they handled his tranfer.
    the minuted I saw the news on the web site ‘LFC rejects a bid from Chelsea’ I thought, he’s gone. I wasn’t thrilled but I knew it. Then, when the web site launched the news about the rejected transfer request I though: evil SOB, I know what they’re trying to do here. The club want to sell him, they’ve wanted to sell him since August but they’re just saying they don’t want to to make him look like a villian. AND guess what? I was completely right. What LFC done is so low, so nasty, so disgusting that really dissapointed me. Of course teh club wanted to negotiate and make a great business (it’s all about the money) and what was better than getting money by turning the hero into a villian? Unfotunately, LFC is a club where the fans believe religiously every word the club say, and this wasn’t going to be the exception. Dissapointing, again. But the harm is done, and there’s no way back.

    I assume you all know Sid Lowe, as many people abused him a couple of days ago because of his interview with Pepe. Well, he wrote an article about this (the transfer) that made me confirm everything. He was so right.

  10. Why don’t you Liverpool fans just leave Fernando Torres alone? He did a great job at this club during his time here and the mature thing to do would be to wish him the best of luck at Chelsea. Seriously it’s time to grow up now!!!!

  11. You wanted to poke fun, but I still think it’s kind of harsh. I just have good words for Torres, great player, he deserves to be successful, that was his goal at Liverpool. I’m dying to see him performing well at Chelsea. I wish the best of luck for him. He is by far my favorite player, he’s a nice and respectful guy, and we should recognize all the work and effort he put at Liverpool.

  12. Joseph ignore them it’s funny and like a marriage break up when ya hubby is caught with his trousers down the wife hurts for a long time and laughing at him when his latest squeeze isn’t as good as he thought is part of the recovery process… I want him to regret every ounce of energy it took him to hand in a transfer request… I want him every night to wish he still played in red… And I certainly don’t want him or Chelsea doin well…. Am I bitter about him leaving? Of course I am I loved him and it hurts just like I’d hurt if I caught the hubby with his kecks down…. So like a hurt wife I hope everything he does fails maybe in time I won’t feel like this but at the minute I do…. Good luck fernando on your mission of “operation Chelsea meltdown” tho your sulking won’t be tolerated by them like we did cos we loved ya…..

  13. Agree with Reddeb here. Fans are bitter about FT leaving including me. I think whoever can see what he’s done for us is bigger than what we’ve done for him and subsequently excuse him for leaving the way he left is probably, just a better man than I am. But, I am bitter and would be for some time.
    This post was supposed to be humorous and and it bloody well is. Good one Joseph.
    To Mary specifically – Facts: 1. FT handed in a written transfer request, 2. the management and Kenny tried to persuade him to stay back, 3. the club bent over in summer in requesting him to stay, 4. the fans pleaded endlessly for him to stay, 5. he said Chelsea move is to a big club, 6. he’s admitted that it was his prerogative to seek a transfer, 7. his agents were in touch with Chelsea since June (in SA) etc.etc. It is easy to assume that the club would sell of a £50m non-performing player and divert the blame to the player to shield the fan fury and honest to God, I thought so too initially. But that wasn’t the case. LFC put the news piece about rejecting the Torres bid in order to keep the fans informed. So many journos including the uber respected Guillem Balague confirmed before the transfer that Torres had put in a Transfer Request. Can’t imagine why you’d still think that it was a hog wash by the club. I know the previous management has made us all skeptical but this regime deserves a little bit of benefit of doubt.
    Go Torres.. Go to hell! :-)

  14. I think many of us found this mean because we are still hurt with his departure. we all want him back in a way:)…
    however, we all move to better jobs for our careers, and he did the same. Its just that he meant alot to many people and his presence on the pitch with the liverpool team is VERY MISSED! he is Fernando Torres LIVERPOOL’s always number 9! no matter what the chelski fans sing! its just like when a good manager leaves the company and you just cant get over it and you miss the way he/she used to do things! Many of us found this mean to him, he has done so much for us, we should be writting him a letter of recognition for the 3 and a half years he has given us! I AM WATCHING CHELSEA GAMES TO WATCH HIM PLAY!! i never thought that would happen!!!!! I love the new additions and i think as mary mentions it would be best to write things that will encourage our team and wish him luck! he is going through a tough time and we should still be supporting him as a player regardless of how the transfer went… i really am sad he left, and i really would have loved to see him team up with suarez… but it no point now… its history and the rest is mystery… he might really be feeling down after this performance yesterday and i think this could damage… it was not the right time for this now… GOOD LUCK NANDO!WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART! Thanks for the memorable moments!!

  15. Hey this is therapeutic!!! I thing bloging about his departure is a good way to send him our thoughts and get over his departure! we cant do anything now, exept support “each other” as we would our hurt friend!!!
    He meant alot to many fans and players! lets hope PEPE doenst follow his steps!!!

  16. Honestly, I think some of us are taking this article way too seriously. It reads lightheartedly and some of us need to take it at face value perhaps.

    @Mary: You say the club made Torres the bad guy. I’ve read Sid Lowe’s article too and I find nothing wrong with what the club has done. Yes, they’d have preferred to keep him, but they forced him to reveal that he wanted a move. They made him play his hand out in public and in the end that led to him being sold on our terms, with the fans firmly behind the club. I fail to see why the club should be the villain and take the blame and responsibility if a player if wants to leave. Especially one who was as loved and respected as Torres was at Liverpool.

  17. first, i would like to point out, the author is probably joking. i find it a bit humorous at the absurd reactions from some of the fans. did everyone forget how he left the club at the 11th hour, leaving us to scramble to find a replacement? did everyone forget his “bigger club” comment which torres himself had to take back? what about his commitment comments he made two months prior to forcing his transfer? sure, he was a good servant, but the way he left tarnished his reputation with us. no, i’m not bitter about him leaving, because i understand these things happen in football; i just don’t understand why people are still adamantly defending him like one of our own. he left us with barely any time to find a replacement, and you guys are still saying, “he still loves LFC. he had to leave for his career.” if he felt like he needed to leave then he should have left before the season began or after. leaving us on the last day of the transfer window proves how little he cared about liverpool. “he wanted to give the new owners a chance. he was lied to about quality reinforcements” – bs. the owners have said many times before the january window, “january isn’t the time to buy, because of inflated prices.” if he really wanted to give the owners a chance, he would have stuck around till summer. while i don’t wish any bad upon him, i sure as shit won’t wish him well either. i’m indifferent.

    as long as we’re poking fun of ‘nando…

    konchesky and torres both left liverpool in january – konchesky scored a goal first.

    luiz and torres joined chelsea at the same time – luiz scored first.

    thanks for buying suarez and carroll for us, roman. enjoy ‘nando.

  18. come one guys! everyone lighten up and stop being so serious! This is hilarious and people should see the funny side. Everyone is disappointed he left (me included), but I think some of the messages about Josephs pieceare way over the top and a little bit sad. Well done Jospeh-this started my day nicely.

  19. I’m in the team with the author, I want him fail at chelsea
    why? because I want him back… I want Torres to be back at Liverpool… the door always open for me personally
    just like Ian Rush coming back from italy…

  20. ok guys those who laugh with his,have all the rights to do so!!i mean torres handed a transfer request and wanted to leave Liverpool by all means..he saw that we were bad yet another season so he wanted to jump ship,right??that means that he put himself above the team..he didnt care what would happen to the team if he left but he just thought he was the best player and didnt deserve to play with small players like Reina,Carragher,Gerrard to name a few!!!…it’s also a little overrated the fact that except for his 1st season(where he was AWESOME),he didnt have any other such good season..i mean 17 goals was his next season(yeah i know he had injuries,but Lampard scored 24 goals last season..!!!)..after our win against the scum,i dont care what happens to torres at all..i hope he breaks both of his legs..i just care about my football club.Kenny MUST be handed the job fulltime,NESV are very good by signing us Suarez and Carroll(and still wanted more players,as Kenny said!!),Comolli also found GOLD in Luis Suarez and Steve Clarke is doing his best by supporting King Kenny in the bench..the club is rolling well,what we now need is time.come summer we’ll have that..YNWA

  21. Who cares about Fernando Torres?! He is not a Liverpool player. He’s someone else’s player. Concentrate on the players we have and our team. This article just seems a little childish.

  22. To be honest. I don’t think it’s funny at all. I think it’s childish. I’ve heard tonnes of Torres and Terry jokes/songs. And some have made me laugh. This really didn’t.

  23. Not impressed to be honest, leave this sort of crap to the Chelsea sites, we are better than this.

  24. Torres who?? LoooooooooL
    He is the past, feels good that he aint scoring !! He makes me feel soo good,keep it up Fernando …
    King Suarez has made me fergotten about you, he does all the things u didn’t do, next season he will be like “Ronaldo” he has all the attributes, he needs to be taking free kicks from now on…
    Oh and Carroll, beware premier league, we are back just a lil consistency then we will be undefeated !!

  25. Did Torres give us some amazing moments? Yes. Did Torres lie to us? Yes. Was I upset for the manner in which he left? Yes. Do I still hate him? Not sure. Do I care anymore? F*** NO.
    Why do I not care? Suarez, Suarez and Suarez. Listen guys there are some good times ahead. Just forget the past. YNWA

  26. I think its funny. I don’t really care about Torres because we have proved we are better off without him but the fact he is struggling at Chelski while we have replaced him with Suarez and Caroll is very sweet. It was the way and time that he left which was wrong, why not wait til summer, so his continued struggles at chelski are punishment for this. But I deffo don’ want him back! We offer no refund! YNWA

  27. I see the humour in it but find myself unable to enjoy it. Pains me to see Nando lose his way, or Yossi get injured. How can one just forget what they have given, the moment they leave?

  28. Who left 50 million euros in the bank ? Who scored numerous goals for liverpool ? Who helped liverpool to today ? Who are you to criticise fernado torres when he wants to play in the champions league .

    1. Josh, sorry but who are you than to question me about what i want to write? And besides like ive said, im not criticising or insulting. Im wrote this in the hope to give u guys a laugh. Guess it didnt work out.

  29. It’s not so much a mockery of Torres more a critique of CFC and their phoney fans who think they can buy the CL and put the name of anyone on their cheap polyester shirts

  30. nice one to pass our time joseph….i liked it a lot.

    btw, the author said his intention clearly, so wats really serious abt it….its just random humore…

    but i like the comment somewhere abt fernando doing a Rushi, but no……… hell no, fernando is great when on FIRE, the thing is hes on fire less frequesnt, so……. let him enjoy his career, wish him luck only because he made us laugh a lot..thanx fernando… i still have a little spot for him in my heart, but joseph u did well

  31. Some bits were really funny! It’s mad but Suarez is better than Torres I didn’t think that would happen..

  32. Theres an awful lot of people gettin offended on nando’s behalf here its ridiculous, it was written as a joke its not malicious nobody is burning effigies of torries or hanging them outside anfield (spurs fans did this when sol campbell joined arsenal) nando was great for liverpool but he asked to leave to join one of rivals so whats wrong with a little humour? If he prevents the scum from winning the league while kenny gets our house in order great but would you people be so quick to defend him if he prevented us from winning it?

    1. Yes Ob1, i’m sure deep down many of us will be grateful to Torres if he does prevent Manchester from winning the league this season.

  33. watched the blackpool game last night, and to be honest i’m happy he didn’t score, i hope he’s another Shevchenko.

    in the contrary, why would we care about him anyway?

    1. Andy, i guess its up to the individual whether or not they want to continue following Torres. I personally will continue to follow him.

  34. joseph(scumbag) .. u people nly see ur interest, you dont see what he has given to liverpool(shitpot) for all those years.. if he wud not have played u wudnt be there in champions league for previous five years. Respect his decision if ur club is great club than it will prosper without him ass. u dnt have to take tension of what torres is doing at chelsea u burnt peice of shit.

    1. Swayam, i was thinking hard whether or not to approve your comment. I did. Why? To show Liverpool fans on this site that even fans from other clubs (yourself) actually take time out to visit Liverpool sites. Now how cool is that? I don’t think many of us here actually go on to other clubs sites. You posting on this site is enough to tell me that Liverpool is STILL and will ALWAYS be a BIG BIG club.
      And btw mate, we are doing well without Torres. Better than fine in fact. Also, Torres was with us for 3 1/2 seasons. Not 5 years.
      P.S I dont appreciate your negative comments.

  35. Liverpool all the way. I’m with any team that stops Man Utd from getting any title this year. However, we must not forget what Torres did for Liverpool. He has an impressive record, even in his injury seasons. We must give’em that he saw in what bad shape we were last year and this year (before Kenny’s arrival) we seemed to be spiralling down & a footballer’s time is very limited so he had to move out (turns out bad timing). It does pain me to see him not doing well and his apparent lack of enthusiasm. It would’ve been better for him to move to Arsenal or Real M. than Chelsea. Finally, he is definitely missing the genius & generosity of Gerard… good luck to Liverpool & to Torres… & to Arsenal (to take it away from Man Utd)

  36. Swayam get a life and a dictionary! Then the website address to your own club you clown, the article was written to be funny look up word in the dictionary.

  37. dear Steve, I’m sorry but you’re making ridiculous assumptions. Did he call you and told you ‘I’m better that this lads and they dont deserve to play with me?’ He never said that because he doesn’t think that. That is a pathetic excuse you have made up in order to have reasons to hate him more.
    And what the hell pal?? Are you telling me that if someone offer you a job with better opportunities to grow you’re going to say NO, because my current job and the company I work at are more important than myself, my career, my family and my life. Are you serious man???? Every football player in this world will put his career first. Thinking they wouldn’t is totally unrealistic.Understant somenthing: football is just another job.

    Lyandra, what Sid Lowe said on that article is exactly what I said in my last post, and it’s very close to the truth. Someone just proved my point in one comment. You guys believe everything, absolutely eveyhing your club say to you because you just can’t imagine your club lying. LFC might have the greatest history and many trophies, but at the end is just another club managed by people who always want to be the good guys while getting all the money they can. The fact is LFC wanted to sell Fernando the minute the bid came, but they didn’t want to be the ones to dissapoint the fans, so what would be better than amking Fernando look like the bad guy?

  38. Again, I don’t mean to be disrespectful to anyone, and of course I don’t expect you to even care about what I say, but if you step outside your bubble and just for a minute you forget you’re a LFC fan, you could see the reality.

  39. Chelsea is selfish team. They don’t seem to be team-players. A 4-2-3-1 formation would do wonders for Torres.
    Essien – Ramires
    Anelka – Lampard – Malouda
    Torres would probably play a lot better in this position, he would kill and his true skills would appear once again.

  40. So sad to write about an ex player like this.Very bitter somewhat pathetic and extremely in poor taste. In reality Chelsea have a stronger team in all depts, what are you going to write about when he scores a goal ? Loser

  41. More than a joke in this article. People lyk my X-favorite Torres deserves more than what he’s experiencing. He’s good, got the pace n skill but has recently lost one important thing in him; Attitude. Until he regain what he lost Nardo will go a long way. All the best X-favorite. You Are Now Walking Alone.

  42. haha, this is so funny joseph.
    you suckers who are critisizing don’t know what is true and what is a laugh

  43. i thought the artical was quite funny. i also thought josephs intention really was humour and not bitterness or being pathetic or sad. i understand why people are angry at this artical though. they are hurt and the artical may be perceived to show their vulnerbility and weakness. torres is at one of your rival clubs now. like joe cole is for us. thats football. thats life. get over it.

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