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  1. Its not making history when we beat man utd mate, its not unusual. history is winning major trophies, thats what LFC is about.

    1. You may be right Marc, but with Suarez giving us a real sample of what is to come, Kuyt scoring a hatrick, Carroll making his debut, and the Kop singing Happy Birthday to King Kenny, I would like to think that we made history, and that we have some more heritage to treasure, especially at Anfield.

  2. I’d hate to think we were turning into the type of team where the only thing that matters all season is beating Utd. A great result and a fantastic game but it doesn’t compare to the semi-finals and finals in our history books.

    1. Sam. Enzo Ferrari used to say when you arrive second you are the first of the losers! It’s not about playing finals mate, it’s about winning them. On a personal level I will say that I will give Liverpool’s 4-1 trashing of Man Utd at Old Trafford as much value as winning any final, but its not about beating Utd. For them beating us is the highlight of the season and probably more valuable than beating Man City.
      We have not been winning anything of late so I have to admit that beating the likes of Chelsea at Stamford Bridge or last sunday’s game is something I will hang on to no matter that others say.

  3. Clearly if Man Utd win the league or Champions League that will be the highlight of their season rather than them beating Liverpool.

    For me, i’d take a trophy any day over winning a league game against anyone!

    1. I agree Sam, but since we have not been winning trophies in the past seasons I have the need to hang on to wonderful victories against our main rivals. I never said I would have preferred trashing Man Utd last sunday to winning the Europa League. But the first is accomplished and for the second there are 7 games to go….! :-)

  4. Tonio. Are you even a Liverpool fan? Everton fans think beating Liverpool as making history, they even bring out DVDs of the few victories they have. I would absolutely hate that to happen to us. Notice on the Liverpool fc honours none of the runners up are mentioned?

    Yet on everton’s and many other clubs websites, the runner up “accolade” is boasted about just as much as winner.

    Even if Liverpool did not win anything for 10 years, we will always be able to beat united. We have beaten them 3 times in a row at anfield and also had a lot of tight losses. It is just 3 points and a very nice feeling for a day or so. If we had beaten a lower team like lack Blackpool twice and beat Wigan at home we would be level on points with Chelsea. We wll always be up for the bigger games, out downfall over the last 20 years has been the smaller teams. But hey you sound like you only supported Liverpool from 25.05.2005!

    I wouldn’t care if we lost against united twice, everton twice (like that is going to happen!) as long as we actually made some history and won something. To any proper local or none local Liverpool fan, besting Manchester united is NOT MAKING HISTORY!!!

    1. I was probably a Liverpool fan before you were born Nick. I don’t think you have been reading my comments. And then, everyone has his opinion, if mine does not reflect yours it does not make me a lesser fan than you. Anyway, no need to make a big deal about it, but I did explain my reasons in my comments.

  5. Jesus folks yous are being very sore on Tonio, history is about memories, whilst this game may be soon forgotten by neutrals i will always remember big victories over the scum, Dirks hat trick, nani crying etc.

    We all expect and demand that LFC challenge for trophys, thats why there was such opposition to gillette and hicks, we have to drive the club on whatever way we can, together, but there’s nowt wrong in being happy with a great victory.

    Saw the wound Carra inflicted on that utd player on Sunday, it’s the only gash on a nanny that rooney hasn’t tried to shag !

    1. Phew…finally someone that understood where I was heading with this. Thanks Stephen! :-) Everyone has a right to his opinion, and I respect everyone’s comments as long as they are within reason. I reiterate that I treasure the 1-4 trashing of Utd at Old Trafford as much as I do the Champions League triumph in Istanbul. I do have a right don’t I?

  6. The 1-4 was special coz the scum were devastated when Dossena scored against them with a crackin lob, he wasn’t exactly our greatest ever player. Istambul was one of the best nights of my life though, unbelievable.

    Every good result we get now i cant help thinking where we could be had we not played only half a season, hard to get rid of those thoughts, roll on next year.

    Can you see my e mail address ??

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