New away shirt?

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I hope so…


  1. I doubt it’ll be that one. Chris Jennions who works in the LFC retail department has confirmed the away kit is, in his words, “Grey/Silver”.
    On a personal note, not keen on that one, a lazy carbon copy of this years.

  2. clearly not genuine. the clue is in the lfc tags. tags suggest it is either on sale now or pending leaving the factory for the retail market very soon. this is clearly not the case for 4 or so months, so this im affraid is some cheap knock off probs available now on ebay, likely from asia. why would any body buy or care about the new shirt now anyway. the designers have about 9 prototypes at this stage which get leaked every march and april. i for one am annoyed by these constant speculated new tops. i would not encourage the boot leggers, YNWA

  3. Get in! I would certainly prefer this one to the Chelski like one we saw a couple of days ago. Looks more like traditional LFC away shirt to me.

  4. Very nice reminds me of the one from the 80s dalglish used to wear,my first ever liverpool kit

  5. Love it! King Kenny all over again. This was the second shirt I ever had and has always been my favourite.

  6. It looks fine. I can’t believe we could be getting a blue/purple shirt though. No Liverpool player shoul ever be see in blue. The sooner Pepe is out of his blue kit the better.

  7. We’ve had a shirt like that in the eighties. Anyway, I don’t think this is genuine. The club should take (more) action against those counterfeiters. They spam the market on ebay with their faked shirts. Surprisingly they still find buyers, even for a shirt that has not been confirmed as an official one. The ebay-seller wrote “Made in Thailand”. Just had a look at the training shirt I have (for this season). Made in China. Don’t think the club would produce some there and some in another country. Also the seller never shows the hologram that is stitched in on the inside of the shirts. Maybe they can’t get hold of those as they are more difficult to copy than those tags on the outside. Be very careful what you waste your money on at ebay.

  8. Bloody Awful! reminds me of Mac donalds Yuk! The best liverpool kit was the 70’s one the one the great liverpool team wore with the gold Liverbird. the shorts needed adjusting but that the best one Ever. this kit is good for a chip shop! Simply “YUK!!”

  9. I’m not sure about this one because it’s look like the away we have and the change the color from white to yellow. I’ll wait the see the away kit as the LFC merchandise guy said it’s Grey/Silver.

  10. “sink257 Definitely not the away kit as the LFC merchandise guy said it’s Grey/Silver.

    Could be the intermediate/euro kit though”

    1) We had a grey silver strip 2 seasons ago and it was ridiculed by fans and players alike even tho we got our best result in the strip against man utd at old trafford it was a poor kit and the players complained that they couldn’t read the name on the back of them, similar to the excuse used by utd all those years back against Southampton.

    2) This kit is crap above in the pic, we’ve had this type of style before, rather have a green and white kit again or all green just not this kind of yellow or grey plz.

    Arsenal’s yellow away kit this season is alot classier then this 1……YNWA

  11. how can it be on sale already? usually the away kits be on sale from June or August, they must be fake, i think the last away kit this site showed few weeks ago was deffo a fake i cnt see us wearing blue.

  12. Looks same like the Current White Away Jersey’s design. Nothing break thru…I hope those designer can re-design again. Looks like they ran out of idea.

  13. Too many away kits get away from LFC red.The team should be playing away games in the normal ‘RED’ whenever they don’t clash with their opponents!( otherwise they should stay with the white shirt/black shorts.) It’s one of the reasons they don’t win so many away games!

  14. I wouldnt mind at all! I think that when ever liverpool play in white we tend to lose. The pure white jersey that is. Not the steel gray one.

  15. I think everyone tends to see the away kit that we wore when we first started watching the club is the “original” and therefore the best. I certainly prefer the white shirt with red trim and black shorts of the early to mid 70s. It has reappeared a few times since then and I always think it looks classy.

  16. i liked all white away shirt used in one recent year, cant remember one….

    i would love if its all white just like ENgland’s

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