Predict the score and win two LFC shirts

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Thanks to Sam Dodds (the people behind the EOTK Shop),
I am able to announce another contest here today.

You can win one “The Anfield Way” shirt and one “Anfield is my Church” shirt:
Try to guess the final score of Thursday’s game (Sporting Braga vs Liverpool), last goal scorer and minute of the goal. Sam Dodds is offering the two free shirts to the winner from the EOTK Shop. To enter simply enter your predictions in the comments below. Predictions must be entered before kickoff.

Good luck.


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  1. My prediction is 0 – 0… We’re gonna try and steal a goal but dont think we’re gonna get it. We’ll take them to Anfield and finish the job.

  2. I guess final score is 2-0, last scorer is Meireles and minute of the goal is 75.
    I hope all of these would be the right answer. :-)

  3. Thursday’s game (Sporting Braga vs Liverpool), last goal scorer and minute of the goal

    Liverpool 2 – 0 Braga
    Kuyt, 66th

  4. final score: Braga 0 Liverpool 1

    Goal will be scored by Meireles at the 69th minutes.

  5. the score will be 3-0 in minute 34 kuyt will score and in 2nd half minute 65 gerrard will score and minute 75 caroll will score

  6. hmm I really do hope we smash them, but we are not as great in the Europa !!

    But just for the sake of winning the shirts lol, ill go for 1-1…..1-1….

    Then Anfield we will kill them 3/4 nil

    Kuyt once more or MEIRELES :-)

  7. sporting braga 1 – 0 liverpool fc

    no goalscorer for lfc

    just because noone said it and i’d like the second shirt ;) at anfield they will get a comfortable 3:0 win

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