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YNWA folks it has been a while, mainly because the King is back and the tactics are good, but there has been a few games where we didn’t make the grade. These tend to be games where we are using squad players, as we are tonight. So now after a few of this lack lustre performances I now have a fix.

The main cause of the problem is the formation and not utilising the players on the pitch.

Tonight we have a back four, changing this to a back three, gives us more options for the remaining formation, so out of defence goes Johnson and we are left with Carra right center back, Kyri central and Skrtle left,this is because Kyri is better in the air and the others are better at reading the play!

Now the cover, we have Johnson as right wing back, Cole as left wing back. Poulson and Spearing should hold in front of the back three, but should not be right in on top of them. fill that pocket and collect loose clearances and cut out long balls. Poulson and Spearing should also help Cole and Johnson when attacked with width, and Lucas should be tracking back as central cover into the pocket in front of the back three.

We have TWO options now for midfield and up front. Number one is Lucas on his own but with licence to get forward help the front two of Raul and Kuyt. Two would be, Lucas and Raul sitting off Kuyt, splitting left and right off Kuyt’ hold up play. These both play into the pass and move philosophy we love to watch!

The above gets players who are out of position tonight into a more familiar role, gives us lots of options going forward and plenty of cover defending.

Carrol on now, so if that had been the case during above, I would take off Poulson, move Lucas back and Raul into central midfield. See it works well hope you agree.

ps Me and my wife Phoebe are having twins, can’t call them Kenny due to my surname and we can’t have them named after dirty Manc soap characters!


  1. Cole at left back? are you crazy? also. Poulsen should never EVER EVER play in a red shirt. he is SHITE! Kyrgiakos is great in the air, but he is such a liability at the back. I would have rather seen wilson at left back with johnson on the right, and Carra and Skrtel in the middle.

    Carroll is the man! Can’t wait to see more of him.

    Dear Badd,

    Firstly read the title, it means making the most of the players who started. Secondly I did not put Cole at left back it is wing back hence Poulson and Spearing covering!

    I agree Poulson was not there tonight and others as well but yhe whole point of my post was to show how I would change it with the players kenny gave us.

    Ps don’t worry Braga are awful away!

  2. What a poor performance frm our team,kirgiakos was very stupid for that reckless challenge for Godsake may God save us frm all these foolish players of ours.anyway i think Wilson will have to start in the return leg and Caroll must start the game at anfield as well so that we can quickly finish them-up with goals before they start believing they can pull a surprise at anfield.

  3. These euro away games are killing me. We are set up to tie or lose but certainly not to score any goals. We needed to give carroll much more time…he made a massive difference the second he stepped on the pitch. Spearing and poulson were poor and most players showed terrible passing ability…at times we looked like a bunch of strangers out there. I cannot figure out why we can’t give Pacheco a shot? I live for every LFC game but am sad to say that now, every away euro game day I just start off feeling like I will be disappointed and I imagine some of those players feel the same when they see the set-up. Frustrating

  4. I really don’t know about Spearing and Poulsen, even as squad players. Prefer look of Shelvey.

  5. Carroll looked great, but I don’t think the medical staff thought he was fit enough to go the whole game. Injuries hit us hard and forced poulson, spearing and soto into our side tonight. I don’t know what choice Kenny had but to play at least two of them (remember gerrard, shelvey, agger and kelly are all injured). I would have preferred to see two strikers the whole game. I think Pacheco should have started instead of poulson with Carroll coming on in the second half.

    The biggest problem with the Reds this year is the lack of depth. I don’t think we need to go on a spending spree, but rather add at last one quality player at every position (defense, mid and attack).

  6. We looked better the second half with Carroll out there, but it goes to show you our lack of depth, especially in europa where we can’t play Suarez. I feel that if we played our best 11 we could compete with any team in europe, but the minute we get that 1 injury it falls apart. We have a very good foundation. We just need to build around it.

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