Who to Buy? Who to Sell?

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Last summer was one that was supposed to be filled with excitement for LFC. Instead, I saw two owners be complete idiots, one player commit to a club that he was leaving anyway, and a manager come in who was supposed to lift me up.

As of right now, we have a new set of owners (ones who I am very excited about our future with), a player who is gone (who was welcome to leave), and the return of one of the greatest managers to ever walk in the fortress of Anfield. But let’s focus on transfers for a minute.

January saw a very interesting, and in my opinion, panicked window. The release of Torres saw Liverpool pay a huge fee of £35 million pounds for a promising youngster in Andy Carroll and the arrival of another great number 7 for LFC; I still feel bad about overshadowing his entrance too.

In summation, it has been an exciting and extremely crazy last eight months for Liverpool with a new manager, new players, new owners, and a renewed sense of hope. This begs the question: what will this summer bring?

I don’t believe it will bring us a new manager if we are smart about it, and it most certainly will not bring in new owners. However, it could definitely bring the arrival of new players with the attraction of LFC rising steadily. Here’s a list of who I like to come in this summer (in no particular order):

Who to Buy

Charlie Adam (Blackpool): The January transfer window let us down with the Blackpool lock down on Adam, despite numerous attempts from both Liverpool and Spurs to sign him. I know the 25 year-old has some fight in him because he has picked up 10 yellow cards this season, more than any other EPL player, with 7 goals in 25 appearances in all competitions (18 goals in 44 appearances last year) and has shown his ability to lead being an excellent captain who delivers when needed most. It would be a good addition to Liverpool and would add a midfielder with great qualities of defense and attack in his arsenal.

Gael Clichy (Arsenal): Although this is a completely speculative move considering the fact that the Frenchman could renew his contract, which expires in June of 2012. However, the 25 year-old has left his future up to speculation when quoted in the L’Equipe report as saying “”I do not know yet [what the future holds for me]. For the time being only I want to think about the present.” He is definitely not known for his goal scoring (why would he?) with only two goals in an Arsenal uniform since 2003, the most recent in their 5-0 win over Leyton Orient. However, his speed and ability to handle himself on the pitch has been the reason that he is in the starting XI almost every game for the Gunners. Clichy would provide the left-back absence that Liverpool have experienced recently.

Alexis Sanchez (Udinese): This is an interesting one. I haven’t watched this player too much, considering the fact that I don’t catch too many of the Serie A games in the States. I do know this though, his talent is great and his potential is high. He is a high flyer who loves to score goals. His speed, quick feet, and ball control has been compared to some greats with names even like young Messi’s and Ronaldo’s thrown in. In 25 appearances for Udinese, the Chilean international has scored 11 goals and attributed 3 assists. His greater position is striker, but has been known to be used as an attacking mid or a right winger. The move is rumoured to be for around £30 million pounds.

Ashley Young (Aston Villa): I like this fella. The promising England international was a likely target in the January transfer window, but no deal was ever made. He is a pacy left winger that could bring some good fire to Liverpool next year and help us develop a wide play that could develop a better attack. Young is a resilient player, having scored 6 in 25 appearances. If LFC can match the price asked by Villa this summer, look for Young to make an appearance in many headlines.

Fernando Gago (Real Madrid): This is an interesting rumour, but no need to ignore it. He looks to be a good youngster but it’s difficult to tell because he isn’t exactly Real Madrid’s first team player. In just four games, he has scored zero goals with zero assists, but is said to have good movement and control. We will see how this one pans out but the fee looks to be around £10 million.

A few other names thrown in the mix are Keisuke Honda, Mirko Vucinic, Lucas Barrios, Gervinho, and Michel Bastos.

So obviously some interesting targets and I would be astonished if Liverpool did not pick up at least one of the players mentioned in bold. But as is with every team, more additions means some subtractions. Therefore, who should stay and who should go.

Who to Sell

Paul Konchesky: A Roy Hodgson signing, it was clear that the left-back never found his place in the Liverpool team. After being sent out on loan to Nottingham Forest, it would be a mistake to keep him in the squad. We can afford and keep a better left-back than Konchesky and another positive is that his mum won’t be barking at us anymore :)

Nabil El Zhar: Someone else who won’t find a spot at the club. In his 32 appearances for PAOK he has only scored one goal. El Zhar is striker that, frankly, won’t find a spot at LFC with the addition of our new duo, and the back up of David N’Gog, should we choose to hang on to him.

Philipp Degen: This is a player who I am just unsure of. There are better replacements for him, although he is 28. He is on loan to VFB Stuttgart and I highly doubt that he will be coming back. We won’t get a whole lot for him, but we could definitely get some.

Milan Jovanovic: Signed in January (thanks for the correction) and was another one from Rafa. He looked decent against Arsenal first game but has failed to show any other worth to the team so far, although not played a whole lot. Could get some funds for him.

Christian Poulsen: I feel sorry for this guy, really I do. He tried so hard to fit into the squad and gain fans approval, but the midfielder from Juventus simply couldn’t impress. Look for him to be on his way out.

A few other names to look at: Insua could be permanently gone, as well as Amoo. Don’t count out the exit of Joe Cole either.

Any other thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Follow me on twitter at @anfieldroadnews or @scott_stewart3.


  1. I don’t believe Milan Jovanovic was signed by Roy, I know he was a terrible manager but credit where it’s due. Milan Jovanovic signed a pre-contract agreement back in January 2010.

    Other than that I pretty much agree with the ‘sell’ list.

    As for the ‘Buy’ list, I’d take Charlie Adam off it, and the rest will depend whether Liverpool get into Europe next season

  2. Sergio Canales and Kaka leaving Real Madrid. Take them, I want them to go to a team I like. ahaha

  3. Actually, Jova was a Rafa signing. he signed a pre contract before Rafa left. but to be fair to him Roy never really played him much. Degen isn’t really that young anymore, turns 28 this year.

    But I do wonder why Insua is on the “sell” list though. He’s young, he’s got potential, and he can improve, not to mention he counts as homegrown.

  4. I think most of us can agree that we need the support down the left, which Sanchez or Young could provide, but our main strike force is already pretty decent. Never liked Poulson, credit to the guy but he’s not suited to us, neither is Jova. BUT I do think we should give the Kop youngsters a chance

  5. I agree 100% with you on Sanchez..He should be bought..Real talent.
    Although I am less sure over Clichy, Adam and Gago.
    But we need 2 wingers to play 4-4-2..so maybe a Sanchez & Turan could be major re-enforcements.

  6. Got to correct ya there, Milan Jovanovic was a Rafa signing, he agreed to sign for liverpool before the end of last season when rafa was still in charge.

  7. Joe Cole is not the Joe Cole we thought and I would be surprised if he remains after the summer. The next thing I am going to say will probably incense a lot…I have been willing to go along with Ngog as when I heard of his coming from PG I had high hopes. Unfortunately I do not think he has the mettle to make the grade ( at least not in a LFC setup ). There are replacements out there at just the right price at present ( and in his age group) who have , I think , the flair to bloom at LFC.
    I would , therefore , definitely sell him on.

  8. For the starting line up i’d say we need a left back,a defensive midfielder and a pacey winger..this means that i find our starting lineup good but our bench is definitely division 2 standard..Joe Cole shouldnt be sold,but must be better played..he came as an attacking midfielder and due to our wing problems,we had his chances there..it’s easy to understand that Joe Cole aint a winger but an attacking midfielder..he aint got the pace for a winger but he got the skills and great passes to play behind the striker..what is more,Maxi Rodriguez is a player i dont like at all,but since we aint got anyone better,he must our left winger till summer..So i think that this SHOULD be our line up in the next game against Braga..ATTACk more please!!
    Johnson Carragher Agger Wilson
    Lucas Meireles
    Kuyt J.Cole Maxi
    This is the squad i’d love for next season:
    Johnson Carragher Agger Clichy
    Gerrard M’Vila Meireles
    Sanchez Carroll Suarez

  9. my buy list would read: Lavezzial, Adam, Coentrao, Sissoko, G Cahill, Kjaer, Honda and Sanchez. (free signings of Taiwo and Mavreaux to round it out)

    To be sold: Aquilani, Konchesky, Poulsen, Cole, Jova, Soto, Deggen, El zahar, Ngog, Insua, Aurelio, Skrtel, Amoo and Maxi.

  10. Most of the targets are realistic but Sanchez is not gonna happen i’m very sorry i would love to see him at liverpool but its not gonna happen. Follow me at @benjaminkasani on twitter YNWA

  11. We have 13 dead wood players at the clubs books:

    1:B Jones GK, 5 Defenders: Krygiakos CB, Degan RB, Koncheskey LB, Insua LB, Aurelio LB(Great player but 80% of every season on treatment table, injury prone and Inconsistant)

    Poulsen DM/CM, Lucas CM/DM, Jovanovic LW/RW/AM/FD, El Zhar RW/LW,
    M Rodriguez LW/RW/AM, J Cole AM/RW/LW And D Ngog FD.

    And the owners need to back king kenny heavily this summer with £80-£120M on transfers and also whatever is brought in from selling the 13 dead wood/mediocre/average at best players at the club.

    so 13 players out and 10 should be brought in and Aquilani should be brought back from loan spell at Juventus and given a chance to play with Meireles, As Meireles and Aquilani could shine in the middle of the park with a tough, solid, hard defensive midfielder besides them for years to come.

    1:A GK: W Hennessey Of Wolves should be brought for £3-£6M.

    2/3:Two Centre backs are needed in: As Carragher is on his last legs and has a season at best left of good football left in him, so he should be more on bench next season: So S Kjaer Of Wolfsburg should be brought in for £10-£12M.

    And S Danns Of Birmingham, G Cahill Of Bolton Or R Shawcross of Stoke should be brought to club for £12-£16M.

    4/5: Two Left backs are desperately needed in to compete with one another: Taiwo Of Marseille should be brought in on free transfer and J Enrique Of Newcastle should be brought for £4-£6M.

    6/7: Two Defensive Enforcers/Midfielders should be brought to club: Moussa Sissoko Of Toulouse should be brought to club for £10-£14M And M’Villa Of Rennes should be brought to club for £10-£14M.

    8: A Young Of A Villa, A Sanchez Of Udinese, J Navas Of Seville, J Mata Or P Hernandez Of Valencia or A Turan Of Galatassary should be brought to club to play on right wing for £16-£25M.

    9: R Drenthe Of R Madrid, D Capel Of Seville, A Crusat Of Almeira Or C Nzogbia Of Wigan should be brought to club to be Left footed Left winger at club for £12-£16M.

    10: Another forward in the same class and calibre of Carroll and Suarez, someone who will complement them and compete with them to play for the club: B Krcic Of Barcelona,L Podolski Of FC Koln,K Benzema Of Real Madrid, Hulk Of Porto, Vucinic Of Roma, Lavezzi Of Napoli Or L Lopez of Lyon, one of these should be brought to club for £15-£24M.

  12. Get rid of Reina,Darby,Irwin,Degen,Ayala,Skrtel,Insua,Konchesky,Aurelio,Maxi,El Zhar,Cole,Jovanovic,Poulsen,Spearing,Pacheco,Gerrard,Ince,Aquilani and Ngog. Buy Stekenlenberg,Kjaer,Albrighton,Sissoko,Barrios,Wickham,Adam,Nzogbia and Gutierriesz.

  13. Sanchez would b a gr8 player 2 sign I disagree with every1 who wants Joe Cole 2 b sold we need time with him. Insua,Poulsen,Kyriagkos,Jovanovic and Ngog have 2 go I have nothing against these guys I just think we have to get rid of these players in order to move on

  14. Some absolutely crackers opinions above the fact that Pacheco isn’t even mentioned is crazy – stick to fantasy football some of you guys…Charlie Adams is ugly and active enough to be an LFC legend- bring it on…

  15. get rid of jones/soto/aurelio/poulsen/konchesky/maxi/j cole/jovanovic/el zhar/degan/ayala.bring back aquilani and insua GKstekenlenburg/DFs kjaer,G cahil or R shawcross atleast two of the three.DM m’villa/moussa sissoko or charlie adams two of the three.L/RW nzogbia/young or Sanchez.two of three of this great wingers and a black striker like ba of west ham or jones

  16. hey lfc should spend this summer and here some players who will make lfc good and challenge for title next season.
    1.taiwo- free
    3.charles nzogbia-6mill if wigan gets relegated and will
    4.ahsley young- 20mill hope he doesnt go to manu
    5.alexis sanchez- 30.mill gr8 players everybody knows
    6.charlie adam- 8mill
    7.shay given gk-8 to 10 mill
    the total spending comes to 65 to 75.mill

    and players lfc needs to sell this summer at any cost

    1.scotiors kyragionos- 2.5 mill
    2.paul conchesky- 2.mill
    6.wilson- 2mill.
    10. pepe reina-22 mill.
    11.spearing- 2 mill.
    12.aqualini- 1. mill.
    13.insua- 4mill.
    14.ngog- 4mill.

    the total comes to 55 to 60 mill. so it means our owners will have to spend not more than 20 mill from their pocket and mind u lfc will gave great squad

    this will b my lfc line up for next season

    johnson – carragher- agger —- taiwo

    miereles/ adam—- gerrard

    ahsley young alexis sanchez

    carrol—– suarez

    sub: joe cole, charles nzogbia, marveaux, shelvey, kelly, kuyt

    this is team either will win premier league or surely in top 4 nex season

  17. my buy list would read: Sahin or Adam, Coentrao, Sissoko, G Cahill or Kjaer or subotic or Sakho, Sanchez and young.
    (free signings of Taiwo and Mavreaux to round it out)

    To be sold: Aquilani, Konchesky, Poulsen, Cole, Jova, Soto, Deggen, El zahar,Insua, Aurelio, Amoo and Maxi.= 40 to 50 milion wil get by sellin al des Flop!!

    For loan transfer= Ngog, Pacheco 2 gain 1st team experience!!

  18. Apart from Sanchez i would have none on the list Adam maybe Gago is too much like Lucas and Mvila/ Diarra or Moussa Sissoko are the midfield destroyers we should look at.
    As far as strikers Bojan is my pick he can play on the wing also, central defenders Mats Hummel and Massacheo represent youth and value chuck in Taiwo and Marveaux on a free and Albrighton younger and better than Ashley Young.

  19. The club need to clear the 13 dead wood players at club, then 10 quality, class,hungry players are needed to replace them.

    A Goalkeeper: W Hennessey Of Wolves.
    Two Centre backs: S Kjaer Of Wolfsburg and G Cahill Of Bolton Or S Danns Of Birmingham.
    Two Left backs: Taiwo Of Marseille and J Enrique Of Newcastle.
    Two Defensive Enforcers/Midfielders: Moussa Sissoko Of Toulouse and M’Villa Of Rennes Or B Matuidi Of St Etienne.
    A Right winger: A Sanchez Of Udinese, A Young Of A Villa, J Navas Of Seville, A Turan Of Galatassary Or J Mata Or P Hernandez Of Valencia, one of these should be brought to be clubs right winger.

    A Left Winger: R Drenthe Of Real Madrid, D Capel Of Seville Or C Nzogbia Of Wigan, one of these should be brought to be our left footed left winger.

    Attacking midfielder: Bring in Valbuena Of Marseille Or C Eriksen Of Ajax.

    Another striker to complement and compete with Carroll and Suarez: Hulk Of Porto, L Lopez Of Lyon, B Krcic Of Barcelona, K Benzema Of Real Madrid Or L Podolski Of FC Koln, one of these should be brought to club as if club wants to compete for trophies year in year out we need at least 3 world class,quality strikers at the club.

  20. hopefully some of these players will actually be signed
    7.yann m,vila…..8.sissoko……9.marveaux

    lets hope so…

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