Who will be sold this summer?

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By Aron

As the season winds down I can’t help but wonder who will be brought in over the summer to get Liverpool back up on top of the perch.  There is no argument that the current squad isn’t top-4 worthy, although there is a good base of players to build upon.

But instead of writing a post about the players I think we should bring in, I had a look at the current players we have, what positions they fill, and I tried to guess which ones will go and for how much.


If we are going to fund the rebirth of LFC, we will need funds and we need space on the roster. Even if NESV is willing to splash some significant money on the team, we want to make sure the books are reasonably balanced so that our new, improved teams can indeed play in the Champions League (per the new fair play rules).

My findings:

Because this is the Internet and online attention spans are what they are, I am presenting my conclusions first followed by the details. I believe Liverpool could earn as much as £42.5M on player sales, but then need to fill 6 roster spots (2 wingers, 2 midfielders, a striker and a left back).

How did I get to those numbers? Here is my list of players that I think will go and for how much. I put a star beside their name if they are currently occupying a first team roster spot:

Gone for sure:

Christian Poulsen*

Anticipated transfer fee: £3M

He was the epitome of the Hodgson era. Not fast enough, not good enough, not accurate enough. He will move to another league and resume his career.

Paul Konchesky

Anticipated transfer fee: £2M

While he was certainly not loved, he was all but gone once his mother made her infamous Facebook post.

Milan Jovanovic*

Anticipated transfer fee: £4.5M

Not a bad player, just not of Liverpool quality. We have already seen interest in him from Germany. I think LFC will be a bump in the road on an otherwise decent career for him.

Joe Cole*

Anticipated transfer fee: £4M

His career has been a non-starter at Anfield. The one concern is his salary. I think he will need to want to move (and accept a lower salary) in order to be sold.

Nabil El Zhar

Anticipated transfer fee: £1.5M

When a club loans out a 24 year old player in a need position, well it doesn’t look good for him sticking around.

Philip Degen

Anticipated transfer fee: £2.5M

Without making any comment of his skill, when he is behind Glen Johnson and Martin Kelly (not to mention being 28 and sent out on loan) it means he no longer has a future with the club.

Total: £17.5 million

Might be sold:

Here is where we get into slightly more murky waters. Will these players want to leave? Will the club want to give them another shot? Time will tell, but for now here is my current “maybe” list.

Alberto Aquilani

Anticipated transfer fee: £12M

We could have used a player of his quality this season; especially with Gerrard having groin issues, but Aquilani seems quite happy being back in Italy. The big question mark is that Juventus (who have the right to buy him for 12M) appear to not be able to afford the transfer fee. So, do we keep him? Does he want to come back? I want him back but unfortunately I am rarely consulted on such issues.

Emiliano Insua

Anticipated transfer fee: £5M

By loaning him out when we needed left backs it said that he didn’t rate with the club. But that was when Hodgson was in charge. He brought in Konchesky instead and we all know how that went. Will Kenny give him a chance? Does he want to come back? Do we want him back?

Maxi Rodriguez*

Anticipated transfer fee: £2

Maxi has been a decent squad player, but he has missed some really good opportunities this year. At 30 years old it might be time to let a younger player take his roster spot.

David N’Gog*

Anticipated transfer fee: £6M

There is a school of thought that says that young David jumped to Liverpool too early. He should have stayed at a smaller club in France to develop himself and then make the leap to the Premier League. I don\’t know, but I am not convinced he is good enough. He might get another year to develop though.

Total: £25M

In closing:

Building a top-flight squad is more than a full time job, and I don’t presume to do so. I just thought it would be interesting to have a think about who should and could go and how that would contribute to the rebuilding of the squad.

What do you all think? Did I miss anyone? Anyone on the list that I am crazy to have put there?


  1. Your first list is spot on and every one of those players needs to go. I think Soto may go as well. As for the 2nd list, Id like Aquilani to come back but cant see it. I think Insua may be brought back as 2nd choice LB but we will see. Personally, I would keep Maxi as a squad player. He is not brilliant but he does a job and we wouldnt get much for him anyway. Finally Ngog. He has done ok but if we want to be challenging for titles we need better, even as a 3rd choice striker. He is so weak.

  2. Call me crazy but i think Ngog can make it. Has the right attitude… Keeps quite, works hard and is a decent player. His problem has been the increased scrutiny that comes with being Torres’s understudy and direct comparison to him whenever he has played. Of Late his chances have not been too frequent so i think he;ll be given another season and i definitely think he can be a good 3rd or 4th Striking option for us.

  3. In answer to your question ‘Who will be sold in the summer?’ I’m afraid you missed off

    P Reina

    Anticipated value: £17m ish

    The last of the Spanish Armada looks like he wants to move on.

  4. I wouldn’t disagree with any of the above, the good thing is we can generate good money to re-invest into the ‘first team’. We need players who can pass and have some pace about them, we lack pace all over the pitch. The lack of width is shocking in the midfield dept, time to try Sterling and Pacheco?????

  5. To be honest, we all know we need a left back. If we fill this position, it leaves Johnson and Kelly both vying for the right back position, 99% of fans will say Kelly hands down. So I would take anything around £10m or so for Johnson.

    Reina has been talking of leaving. I absolutely love the man, but if he doesn’t want to be here then let him go. If teams are willing to pay the £20m or so that has been mentioned, then we would be crazy not to take it. No Keeper is worth that. We could get Manuel Neuer for £8m, and he is no worse than Reina on the defensive end.

    Happy to see Skrtel go if we get a suitable replacement. He just hasnt been up to standard this season, despite playin almost every game! That will be another 7 or £8m.

  6. You forgot Skrtel(rash, indecisive and more interested in taking man than ball) Kyrgiakos (too slow and makes unnecessary tackles and decisions)Spearing (Is now 22 should be regular by now if he was good enough,plenty of heart but nothing much else)Lucas (Yes he has improved but he is still not good enough to play for LFC, can pass the ball, everything is backwards or sideways, and gives ball away too much)

  7. You missed Brad Jones,Sotirios Kyrgiakos,Fabio Aurelio who i’d also sell.
    Johnson Carragher Mertesacker Clichy
    Gerrard M’Vila Meireles
    Sanchez Carroll Suarez

  8. DEGEN- anyone guess.

    DARBY – just is not the quality that we need, just look at kelly and him and there you have it.

    INSUA- is he really that good as some fans keep telling me he is, to slow, over rated and cant defend to save his life.

    POULSEN- just crap, yet again last nite and i was there, he was just so poor and yet he plays ok for denmark, he is here for the cash, get rid.

    KONCHESKY- dont get me going.

    PLESSIES- we have better and should never been at the club, only good game was at arsenal away and then he got to full of himself.

    BRAD JONES- seems like he has a good attitude but at 28- 29 and no better then the youngester who all have international game sbehined them, we could make use if the resources by letting him go, and never going to be number one is he.

    JOE COLE- oh but wait some mugs will be saying lets keep him, why> he is injury prone, shown that again this year, has lost what pace he had and cant do anything of real quality.

    SOTO- love him but sadly last nite was what he was about, ready to make a mistake like he did v lyon away, greta guy, good team mate to have, great in the air, but is that good enough for us to be champions and ruthless – no. sell him.

    AQUILANI- hate this guy, we get him fit and stand by him and then what does he want, he wanted to go back to that pile of shite league in itay, look at juve, they are poorer than us, there team is crap and he cant even stand out over their, cant tackle, cant score, doesnt work hard and again one of those over rated over sea splayers with a fan base for no reason what so ever. get rif please, but then juve are now probably not going to stump up for him, tells the story.

    JOVANOVIC- had a good attitude at first, he thinks he is better then what he is, dreadful signing full stop, be lucky to get around 4.5 million, get rid asap.

    SPEARING- ove the little guys attitude but come on liverpool fans wake up he is not the player we need to come in for good pros is he. get rid.

    AURELIO- if this guy was 24 -25 and fit then theres are left back for one positions filed, but he is not any of that, hes out all the time and we just cant have that on the great man.

    we need to keep some older pros and for me although he isnt world class id like to see us keep maxi. skrtel, aggger and others would haveto start working harder to get into the side;

    we need;

    x2 left backs to provide greater strenght in depth.

    x1 center half, carra getting on a bit, skrtel is in and out with his game, agger cant stay fit, wilson is not ready to play week in week out, fact.

    x1 winger that can operate both sides.

    x1 center mid, – powerhouse type player that can help out gerrard and press the game so we can play at our tempo with suarez and carroll up top.

    Id like to see;

    Aly Cissohko
    Fabio Coentrao
    Moussa Sissoko
    Alexis Sanchez
    Gary Cahill or Mats Hummels or Mamadou Sakho.

    I know this costs alot of dosh but lets face it we are very very long way from the team and squad that the owners and kenny knows we need, we have face facts we need quliaty and yesterday.

    we could raise around 35 mill form the deadwood, and if nesve can find or are willing to help buy putting in around 60 million then for me the team would be great.

    If we are not going to invest and invest well then lets be clear it turn the lights out and walk out again for next year, and all this withiut even takking about REINA,- almost certain to go, if so, its got be Hugo Loris coming in for me,

  9. Sell them all apart from saurez and carroll and even get shot of gerrard he aint the player he was and lets us down with non stop injuries.

  10. totally agree with everything you say ref poulson ngog insua but aquillani could b a really good player at liverpool i would keep him.I think lfc will mainly b looking 4 wide men this summer & a quality left back
    Not a bad squad at all with 4 or 5 new addition we will challenge for the league next season

  11. Would agree with all above and I hope king Kenny will give the youth a chance,,, some young class players waiting in the wings.

  12. Konchesky – £2m
    Aurelio – £2m
    Jovanovic – £5m (we were offered £6m in Jan)
    Maxi – £3m
    Ngog – £4m
    Poulsen – £2m
    Aquilani – £12m
    Degen – £2m
    El Zhar – £2m
    Mavinga – £2m

    Total £36m

    Although names like Skrtel, Soto, Johnson, Lucas & Cole have been mentioned and I do tend to agree with them being sold we have to be careful we don’t try and change too much to soon.

    Only Maxi of the 10 I’ve listed is actually a current first 11 player so it wouldn’t be too much disruption to the squad, I’d also like us to bring Insua back as a backup LB.

    Somebody mentioned Reina, but at the moment thats only paper talk – I love him but if he goes he goes & he’ll be replaced.

  13. I would definitely keep Cole. He only ever starts when we play a weakened squad. You cannot prove yourself when the team around you are playing poor .The only players we should sell are:
    Aurelio- too many injuries
    Poulsen- poor, poor, poor
    Konchesky- I thought he would do a good job and under Kenny i still think he may do but his Mother ended his dream move.
    N’gog- i would loan him out to a lower team in the league like Bolton or West Brom. I actually rate him.
    Jovanovic- For someone who never ever plays we would get about 6mil for him.
    Aqualani- amazed Hodgson loaned him out but he obviously doesn’t want to come back and i dont blame him.
    Spearing- He is not a “one-for-the-future” anymore and clearly hasnt got what it takes. Championship at best.
    Degen and El zhar too.
    As for bringing players in. 3 or 4 players i think will do the job

  14. I AGREE with and what steve comment.We need new young talent to spark at club.But where is Argentina talent Mussachio(Villareal),Moussa sissoko or Mamadou Sakho.IMPORTANT this summer big problem is defend area.Lucas also club should release not tough to help defend.Please add more for Bojan Kirkic.

  15. I think the initial list of players is spot on. But why sell players such as maxi and spearing for little to no money when we know that at least they will come on and do a job, we don’t want to have to buy an entire squad. The future is bright with our youngsters coming through and to enable a successful transition we need a settled squad. From our current first team i think i would sell skrtel as no other player has cost us so much this season through careless mistakes. If only agger had his fitness! I would also sell cole and jovanovic, they are both on big wages but have so far offered little on the pitch. i think its fair to say our team would be greatly improved by some wingers with pace and an end product. Fortunately we have a manager who can spot a good forward when he sees one and owners who are prepared to spend a penny and take a risk. Can’t wait for next year!

  16. I think Spearing deserves one more season to prove himself. He hasn’t been given a fair shake. He did well against Everton when he got a chance.

    When I wrote this I was possibly just high on Skrtel because of how he played against ManU. In thinking about it, he has buggered up a lot of games for us this year. Time for someone like Ayala to take his place?

    N’Gog just doesn’t look like a natural player to me. Very robotic. Move Pacheco back up to striker. Suarez, Carroll, Kuyt and Pacheco is a good roster of strikers in my book.

  17. I just can’t see how you guys would throw Lucas on the list. He has been a rock this season, completing like 85% of his passes and generally controlling the middle of the field.

  18. Agree with your list but add;

    Reina – £17m
    Gerrard – £20
    Kuyt – £15m

    Reina wants to go and the other to are passed it.

  19. I think in general your lists are spot on but your valuations on certain players are a little off. You have to consider we’ve tried flogging Degen and El Zhar before with no success plus Degen is down to a year on his deal. I’d be happy with £1 mill for him and probably the same for El Zhar. Similarly Poulsen is £2 mill at most, which would be a loss but hey blame Roy. NGog is another one I think you’ve valued too highly, I remember him being linked with a £5 mill move to another premiership club last summer, so I’d take £4 mill for him. I do believe we could get £5-£5.5 mill for Jovo though.

    Players missing off your list I would include are the likes of Darby and possibly Spearing. They are 22, obviously not Liverpool material and never going to be Liverpool material, £1-£2 mill each would suffice. Lastly I’d also like to ship out a centre back to make room for a more solid starter due to Carra’s age and Agger’s fitness. So Skrtel or Soto should go, preferably Skrtel as he could be shipp for about £6 mill and Soto would go for little or nothing, also Soto is more likely to sit on the bench willingly.

    All in all I reckon we could fetch about £47 mill to add to our war chest and get the 5 or 6 players that we need.

  20. Ngog seems skilful enough, and has a good attitude. He doesn’t really look cut out to be a striker and I wonder could he make it as a winger… like T.Henry

  21. kuyt may have scored hat trick against man ure from a total of seven yards but he’s got no pace his first touch is so bad his second is always a tackle get rid of average player for over average fee strike while the irons hot

  22. Come on guys we don’t even have a manager( kenny is caretaker) as much as i would want him to get the job i think he is too old there are better younger managers out there maybe deschamps

  23. Rolando how can you say kuyt is past it he is a work horse he puts 110% in, even tho he is played out of position nearly every week he doesnt complain just gets his head down and does the job,his engine never stops, he showed us in the Man U game he is a striker and he loves that role he is a goal poacher and a goal getter. YNWA

  24. Listen look at the two teams that have dominated the league for the past two decades (Dirty Mancs and Arsenal) they don’t go round selling eight players in one seasons most comments are fair but some are just ludicrous. i accept that none of us are professional scouts but we need to be differentiate what we’ve heard about players and what we’ve actually seen some of the player that are being mentioned aren’t good enough to play for liverpool. I totally agree with the fact we need a left back but to put it plain and simply COENTRAO will not come to LFC yes we are one of the biggest clubs in the world but we are not going to be playing champs league next season and the same goes for Sanchez. I don’t want to be to negative so i will not get into player we cant get because of current position. lets consider some realistic targets Luis Enrique plays in the premiership and is of a good enough standard to make that position his own. We need a centre back FACT Shawcross, Cahil or Mertesacker i dont mind any of the three. I would love to see Lassana Diarra at Liverpool to add some midfield depth we also need a creative midfielder if Aquilani doesn’t come back. Call me crazy but i would love to see Adel tarrbat in a red shirt he could be used as an impact player for those tricky away ties such as Stoke and Wigan he can also opperate on both flanks he one for the future him and Raheem will give full backs nightmares in years to come. Diego is also an option for attacking mid. I cant look past Ashley young for the wing he very attack minded and can put in some good crosses for Caroll. A back up Striker is a must Pavlyuchenko fits the bill but i would love to see Lukaku NESV seem to believe in investing in young talent so its a possibility.
    all in all this is just my preference and will probably never be reality but we do need five or six players that will be at liverpool for years to come. p.s to all of those who suggested that gerrard should leave go do one ya mugs.

  25. i respect ur opinions. Bt saying Gerrard should go is bullshit. Crazyness. Look at what Scholes and Giggs are at ManUre.
    They are icons. Even when injured they bring stability to the club. Besides he is class and quality. The very best. Good players may want to come to LFC just to play with legends like Gerrard.
    Anyway, those are ur opinions. U r entitled to em. Good thing King Kenny wont take ur advice. Coz he knows what Gerrard means to Lfc.

  26. omg neuer for 8 million r u having a laugh 20 million plus if you wanted him he is vital 2 schalke and is the german 1st choice goalkeeper. maybe reina plus 8 million for neuer kuyt shouldnt go he always scores important goals and plays for us and holland everytime we play unless he has a injury the greek should go and should skrtel and id bring in simon kjear from wolfsberg he is quality

  27. @benjaminKopKasani. U are level headed mate.
    @all else. We really need Honda. He is the gerrard/zidane of japan. They play all 4 one football. All 4 Honda. And he doesnt let em down.
    He is also going to sell more shirts than Suarez and Carroll combined. Nw thats what i want to see. We will give him number 10, what Cole used to wear.
    We probably have bought Marveux already. He is a Malouda kinda player. We must cry not if we dont get Sanchez, we will get another winger cum striker called Gervhino.
    So Sanchez costs 35mil
    Gervhino and Honda cost 25mil together. Plus both are better wingers than those we already have. So thats depth for u. Lets get them.
    INSUA was loaned out to create space 4 Konchesky. Bt the season has proven that Insua was class. In his last season, he had plenty of assists. So he should cum back.
    Aquilani should also cum back. He would be necesary in situations like yestaday, where Gerrard is out of team. We need a quality creative midfielder to deputise Gerrard.
    So we dont need to slash cash. We recall Aquilani and Insua. The we buy Honda, Gervinho and Marveux. Then a leftback.
    We would have a strong team that attacks from the middle and from the wings. We can even win the league.

  28. I’d keep Insua, Aquilani and Cole if they could do a job.

    The rest would leave based on the fact they’re not up to the job.

    Pepe will go :( can we not get a butter-fingered buffoon to replace him please?

  29. Darby – 1m
    Konchesky – 2m
    Aurelio – 2m
    Kyrgiakos – 3m
    Insua – 5m
    Poulsen – 4m
    Spearing – 3m
    Jovanovic – 5m
    Maxi Rodriguez – 3m
    N’Gog – 6m
    Degen – 2m
    El-Zhar – 2m
    Aquilani – 15m
    Cole – 5m

    Total Average Sum Generated: 58m (Plus another 30m from NESV) Total – 88m

    I would chop the above mentioned as they are past their best or they are here for wages and just feeling home. We need to remove the dead wood and start buying again and inject young potential starlets from our reserves and academy.

    Would like to buy and in NEED to buy:

    Per Mertesacker (CB) – 10m
    Taye Taiwo (LB) – FREE
    Oscar Wendt (LB) – FREE
    Sylvain Marveaux (LB/WB/LM) – FREE
    Charlie Adam (DM/CM) – 8m
    Arda Turan (RM/LM) – 12m
    Marko Marin (RM) – 15M
    Moussa Sissoko (DM/CM) – 15m
    Gervinho (FW/ST) – 10m

    Total Spent: 70m – (Total Generated – 18m)

    Full Squad:





    Starlets to make it in the first team squad and play in League/FA Cup and or rotation system: Flanagan,Robinson,Wilson,Sterling,Suso,Bruna and Silva.

    With the above squad…you or WE know what’s best and with this squad we have a strong line-up and strong bench and also we have squad depth!

    Hope Kenny, Henry and Comolli watches my blog!

    YNWA from Malta ;)

  30. I reckon the team against Braga didi a really good job of voluteering all by themselves…with Gerrard out for several weeks and Suarez unable to play in Europe, it’ll be really interesting to see what stuff the guys are made of

  31. OUT

    Konchesky – £2 million
    Aurelio – – £2 million
    Insua – £4 million
    Degan – £2 million
    Cole – £4 million
    Aqualini – £10 million
    Jovonvic – £ 6 million
    Poulsen – £2 million
    Ngog – £4 million. TOTAL – £ 36 million

    NESV give us 34 million on top of that and bring in ..

    Tawio – FREE
    Wendt – FREE
    Ashley young – £20 million
    Ejareo elia – £12 million
    Charlie adam – £10 million
    Sissoko – £13 million
    Levazzi/honda – £15 million. TOTAL – £ 70 million…

    Squad –
    Reina , gulacsi , jones
    Kelly , johnson, carra , agger , skrtel , soto, ayala , wendt , tawio
    Kuyt , maxi , elia , young , gerrard , meriles , adam , sisoko , lucas ,spearing , shelvey,
    Suraez , carrol , levazzi/honda

  32. Really sorry guys but how are we getting £2 million for Aurelio? He was out of contract in the summer for 4 weeks and no one signed him on a free. Lets get real

  33. Sad to say it but can see it Reina and Stevie G going, unless a miracle happens and we qualify for the CL.

  34. I wouldn’t agree with your assertions either.

    I’m optimistic about Reina but after Torre$ I wouldn’t be surprised if he did run out on us.

    I’d also get rid of Spearing, the lad’s got plenty of heart but he just isn’t up to the job. He’s too small and lacks other qualities.

    N’gog has to go. He’s another lightweight player who isn’t physically up to the Prem, plus his first touch is worse than my dog’s.

  35. agree with most of the players listed – with regards to the comments above I cannot agree with getting rid of Lucas he has been excellent all season and if he keeps improving at the rate he has done over the past season he will be one hell of a player. I’m hopeful that Pacheco will step up in the coming season to give us another quality striker.

    The player that I would most like us to buy is Eden Hazard – he is really running the show at Lille who are smashing the others in the french league – ok the ars and maybe real madrid will want him too – but he is not the player that the ars needs – he might cost us £20m but he is the type of quality winger we have not had for a long long time. I would like to see Honda play for us as well although I worry that he could be another Aquilani – over-priced, too sleight and not good enough for the prem. We also need a CB and LB as many of you have pointed out.

  36. How do you expect to get these fees for players who are out of contract this summer , don’t you know how the transfer system works ?

    You have mentioned at least six whose contract ends on 30/06/11 .

  37. Twitters,

    Which 6 are out of contract in the summer and where do you get your info from?

    I’m interested as fee or no fee I’d like to see the back of a lot of dead wood!

  38. SELL : –
    Jose Reina – £20M
    Brad Jones – £2M
    Christian Poulsen – £3M
    Paul Konchesky – £2M
    Milan Jovanovic – £5M
    Joe Cole – £4M
    Nabil El Zhar – £1.5M
    Philip Degen – £2.5M
    Alberto Aquilani – £12M
    Emiliano Insua – £5M
    Maxi Rodriguez – £4M
    David N’Gog – £6M
    Martin Skrtel – £10M
    Chris Mavinga – £2M
    Sotirios Kyrgiakos – £2M
    Fabio Aurelio – £2M

    Total sales : £83M + 30M(from NESV) = £113M

    BUY : –
    David de Gea – £12M
    Matej Delac – £4M
    Mamadou Sakho – £12M
    Simon Kjaer – £10M
    Taye Taiwo – FREE
    Davide Santon – £6M
    Yann M’Vila – £14M
    Marko Marin – £12M
    Eden Hazard – £15M
    Adam Johnson – £9M
    Bojan Krkic – £12M

    Total : £106M

    First 24 : –
    Goalkeepers : De Gea & Delac
    Centre backs : Agger, Carragher, Kjaer, Sakho, Wilson
    Full-backs : G. Johnson, Kelly, Taiwo, Santon
    Mifielders : Gerrard, Mereiles, M’Vila, Lucas, Shelvey
    Wingers : Marin, Kuyt, Hazard, A. Johnson
    Forwards : Suarez, Carroll, Krkic, Pacheco

    Reina hasn’t been performing since the departure of F. Torres. Hence why he should be replaced by De Gea.
    Jones is simply not good enough a back-up keeper.
    Carragher and Kyrgiakos lack pace when dealing with pacey strikers. No matter. Sakho and Kjaer who are both young, fast and tall will be able to deal with pace strikers as well as set pieces.
    Taiwo will do the job at left-back.
    M’Vila a very talented defensive midfielder.
    Marin, Hazard & A. Johnson are three very fast, talented, skillful players. They are able to run down and break up the opposing teams defense.
    Krkic is a good back-up to Suarez & Carroll. We can rely on him if any one of our first two strikers get injured.

  39. All this speculation is bullshit and monotonous. Everyone is writing about who is coming, who is going, SHIT. That is one thing we will knw in the summer when King Kenny and Commoli do the ACTUAL business.
    We may nt get sum of these players becoz we wont offer Champions league football.

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