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I have been reading article after article on EOTK about whom we should buy and who we should sell. Most of the lists I have been seeing seem to be quite improbable, and this because there seems to be a general consensus that FSG will spend big this summer, but will they?

In my most modest view, FSG committed to spend Stg 25 in January on Luis Suarez, which presumably was intended to partner or fill-in for Torres when he was unavailable to play (which unfortunately was often the case!). The sequence of events was so fast, and the facts remain so secret, that no one will ever know whether at that stage (notwithstanding the Club’s refusal to accept the Spaniard’s transfer request – again possibly intended to up the stakes) FSG knew there would be a huge influx of Chelsea money coming in, or whether they were well and truly convinced this investment was needed to bolster a much beleaguered attacking front. What is a fact however, that they were quick to re-invest the remaining money in the sensational swoop of Andy Carroll, where again Newcastle dictated the terms of the deal. The bottom line is that FSG cashed and spent the money made from the Babel and Torres sale, but they also made a statement by selling an unfulfilled promise and a want-away torero and brought in what has already proved to be an exciting player in Suarez, and a future Kop idol in Carroll. All in the blink of an eye!

Next summer will not be a repeat scenario. Whatever happens in summer will be planned and pondered upon well in advance. Granted that not all targets will be brought in, but then I am sure there will always be a plan B. You must always have a plan B because when you target a player, you have to deal with the Club’s requests, the players wishes and wage demands, and then there is always some other Club that will try to outbid you. The only real factor that can make a move smoother is when the player expresses his desire to wear the Red Liverpool shirt.

We all know, or think we know, what the Club needs. Generically we would need to add quality and depth to the squad. We would also need to off-load some of players that have either not made the Anfield grade or that wish to have more playing time, which time they are not getting at Liverpool: the so called deadwood…..what a horrid term. Here again you have two options: you either have a Club coming in for the player, and yet again the player needs to be happy with the move (salary demands included), or else you’d need to find a Club to loan the player out to, as has been the case with Aquilani, Degen, Insua and El Zhar.

I admit it is fun and intrinsically romantic to compile wish-lists of players we’d love to see in a Liverpoll shirt, and it gives one a rush of power to demand that certain players should be shown the door. I’m often amused when I read innocent computations of what the Club should demand for its players, and how this would, added with a base transfer kitty, enable us to bring in the stars that can take Liverpool back where it belongs. It’s all sweet, it’s all innocent, but I’m afraid a big portion of it will remain wishful thinking, because it’s never as easy and straightforward as one may think.


  1. My Wishlist;

    Ashley Young LW

    Aaron Lennon RW

    Maicon LB

    Dorn’t rerly norr LB

    I think that that is all we need.

    Oh, and flogg Poulsen.

  2. Tecko modise – lw
    xabi alonso :P – cm
    mexwell lb
    calton cole st
    sell shitty lucas, poulson & ngog
    YNWA <3

  3. We need a left back, left sided midfielder and a lack of injuries that’s all. Enrique’s a safe bet for LB maybe even a token bid for Riise as cover (i’m guessing he’d love to come back). Then focus any cash left and any money we can get for Poulsen/Koncheski/Aquilani/Degen/Insua/El Zhar on the best left sided Mid we can (there’s about six dutch who would do the trick). IF there’s anything left use it on the best striker we can get. Other positions can be filled but a striker’s a striker’s a striker (cover for our dynamic duo up front of course).

  4. with the fair play rules sending must be within budget no major spending. That said it seemed like 25 mill is what they wanted to spend winter transfer season before the sale of a traitor. Add that to whatever profit they made since maybe 35 to 40 million could be available seems possible without even counting player sales of dead wood.

  5. You make an important point Tonio. I think we all get a little carried away thinking with big wallets that may very well not be there…I am guitly of it no doubt. They signalled intent in window but no telling how far they will go. healthy mix of player sales (never sure as u say) and solid investment and we should be looking pretty good. Pundits seem to unanimously think we FSC will be spending BIG but it doesnt sound like their MO. Time will tell but it will definetely get interesting and the future is bright any way you look at it given all that has already happened.


  6. Young= 8 million cos hezzz gud n hezz into d final year
    Sahin= 10 million wil b enough
    Gary Cahill or subotic or sakho = 10 to 15 million dey all d young , good defenders.
    Clichy= 5 to 10 million even hezzz in final year of contract…

    accordin 2 our future point of view wigan izz in relagation zone so its gud if v get Victor moses n james macarty in 4 million each!!
    both r 20 years young lad n still dey r improving day b day!!

  7. What about; Charlie Adam
    Kelvin Prince Boateng
    Alexis Sanchez and
    Ashley Young
    LFC will be more than formidable with backup squared like this. @ Tonio, in fact this lads are all we need. Get FSG informed about this, urge them to invest in it, if LFC don’t move mountains with this top-up I’ll pay every penny spent. LFC forever!!!

  8. Reina sounds like he is off £20m and Aqualani will be sold £15m, without any of the sale of squad players not good enough and the £25m aluded to that £60m

    Hamsik (Gerrards Understudy)
    Contraeo (Left back)
    Cahill (centre Back)
    Adam (Creative Mid)
    Gerviniho (Pacey Winger / Striker)

    And I can but dream but Hazard from Lille would be top of my wish list

    Looks like we might get Marveux on a free

  9. Sounds like people want to buy the whole of tottenham’s attacking line. Van der vaart defoe, and lennon? whats the point? Reserves need to be given a chance too. Jack Robinson is hungry for games, put him at left back once in a while. Other than that, sell the deadwood, bring in a center back (young matteo musacchio, young spanish ballplaying defender, the type we love at this club) and left winger (im thinking Ashley Young, although he’s not too young anymore, perhaps Arda Turan, who seems to be keen on moving to liverpool), maybe a right winger (Sanchez is promising). The rest should be brought in from the youth, the revered yet forgotten liverpool way.

  10. Thomas sorenson gk
    rory delap rb
    Danny murphy mid
    Charles ilunga rb
    Robbie savage holding mid

    And neil warnock manager

  11. Contraeo -left back

    Marveux – winger

    Gerviniho- wing / striker

    Aquillani back

    Another ball playing centre back and bring the youngsters through.

  12. face facts, if liverpool dont spend money ( on the right, proven top class young fresh and hungry talent then we are done for for another season.

    When is the club and its fans goimng to wake up, yes buying messi and villa are not going to happen, we are not man city, but come onn guys, its time now that we stop messing about and getting in proven international young fit athletic players that are either not injuried and or players on a free.

    PAY OUT i s what they need to do, and its that clear, spurs do, city will, arsenal if they win nothing again will spend, man utd even with their problems will spend, in fact young is going there, as the deal is done.

    If we really think with the best will in the world we have a good enough squad not to bring 5-7 new players then we are just being stupid.

    i dont wnat nzogbia, or that over rated mcgeedy, i mean players like this;

    center half- cahill, sakho or hummel.

    center mid – moussa sissoko or ever banega.

    wingers( and yes we either need 2 or buy 2 lefts , one that can also operate as a winger) sanchez, and mata

    left back( and yes we need to, just look at the crap we have their)- FABIO COENTRAO AND ALY CISSOHKO ARE A MUST.


  13. SELL/CLEAR OUT : Kyrgiakos, Skrtel, Degan, Aurelio, Poulsen, Koncheski, Cole, Maxi, Jovenovich, Aquilani, NGog, Spearing, Insua, El Zhar, Lucas, (15) + Carragher to Backs Coach

    BRING IN ON A BOSMAN – ALL FREE: Taiwo (LB), Wendt (LB), Marveaux (LW), Nolito (Wing/Striker), K.P.Boateng (CMF)(5)

    BUY: Kjaer (CB), Meerstacker (CB), Sissokho (DCMF), MVila (DCMF), Adam (ACMF), Honda (ACMF), Gervinho (RW/Striker) (7)

    If Reina leaves, buy Loris – no cost to the club.

    If INS/OUTS works out, Team rebuilt and young with little expenditure and no increase in wages!

  14. If Reina leaves then get De Gea, Kyle walker as RB(put kelly at CB), maybe Sakho, Taiwo and Clichy or Coentrao

    Buy –
    GK – De Gea(If Reina leaves)
    RB – Kyle Walker (Put kelly in CB)
    CB – Subotic/Sakho
    LB – Taiwo and Clichy/Coentrao (All three would work put one in left wing.
    Wingers- Turan, Marin/Elia, Taarabt, McGeady, Cameron Park, Alex Chamberlain(Put some players behind the striker)
    CM/DM – Moussa Sissoko, Nuri Sahin, M’Vila
    ST – Bojan, Necid

    (PLAY SARIC, PACHECO, SUSO, STERLING, ADORJAN, ROBINSON, FLANNEGAN, WISDOM, MORGAN and CONOR COADY in small cup competitions not all together but 3 at a time with the first team

    Sell –
    Krygiakos(Although he has played exceptional for us he is too old)
    Aurelio, Insua, Degen
    Daniel Ayala ( I rate him highly but hes never going to play)
    El Zhar, Maxi, Joe Cole

  15. I like the realism but it cuts both ways. FSG cannot expect to win trophies and the league without a good squad. They need to be realistic and invest in the team. Surely, there is some left over from January and there needs to be a planned spend for this summer. When that is boosted by money raised through offloading some players, FSG should have enough to upgrade the squad. Considering the extent of rebuilding required, I think they should not be wasteful and should pick free signings when they can (a la Taiwo / Wendt / Maraveux) and plan to use the youngsters in the reserve but the focus should be to get experienced (24 – 26 years range), physically strong, pacey and combative players in Midfield including wingers and sign at least two center backs. In the under 24 age group, I find young Marko Marin suitable for LFC(especially considering Bremen are in trouble this year, we may also pick Mertesacker as CB). Strengthening the striker position will be a bonus but if we go for someone like Gervino we can probably differ that investment for now.

  16. OUT –

    Konchesky – £2 mill
    Aurelio – £1 mill
    Degen. – £2 mill
    Soto – £1 mill
    Insua – £ 5 mill
    Poulsen – 2 mill
    Cole. – £4 mill
    Jovonvic – 6 mill
    Ngog – £ 4 mill
    Aqualini – £10 mill. TOTAL – £41 plus £62 mill from NESV
    Spearing – £ 2 million
    EL zhar – £2 million. –TOTAL £103 million
    IN –
    Micah richards – £18 million (young , english , CB or RB )
    Tawio. – FREE. ( Strong and powerful )
    Wendt. – FREE. ( Understudy to tawio )
    Ash young. – £20 million. ( English , can play LW or RW
    Elia. – £15 million. ( Young , skillfull , can play LW or RW )
    Adam. – £10 million. ( Great passer xabi alonsoa esc )
    Moussa sissoko. – £ 12 million. ( Young holding midfielder )
    Levazzi – £17 million. ( Can play behind carrol and suarez or uptop)
    Honda. – £ 15 million. ( Can play uptop or behind strikers – TOTAL – £103 million

  17. I agree with all of the following Bosman’s: Taiwo (LB), Wendt (LB), Marveaux (LW), Nolito (Wing/Striker) but keep Spearing & Carragher to keep the English quota up. I think Micah Richards & Arda Turan (who’s stated he wants to play for Liverpool) would both good pickups. Also, if we could nab Bojan or Benzema, I think we would be set. I’d also like to see Marin come to Merseyside, he’s a future star.

  18. LFC should outload the likes of POULSEN ,ALZHAR,DEGEN,JOVANOVIC, JOE COLE ,PLESSIS AND NGOG and bring the following players :

  19. just came across a usually reliable feed which read ‘reds hav signed a pre-season contract’ with the marveaux and taiwo… both on the free !! some highly amazing catches – if true :) …. YNWA

  20. i would sign marko marin for 18 million hamsik napoli player for 16 million and charlie adams for 10 million

  21. this would be my main transfer targets for summer

    sanchez £28 mill
    jose enrigue or michael bastos 9mill/15mill
    ashley young 20 million
    lavezzi 24million


    carragher agger skrtel enrigue

    ashley young gerrard lucas alexis sanchez

    saurez carrol

  22. If NEV are willing to splash the cash to compete then my choices would be –

    LB – Clichy or Enrique (Both proven Premiership LB’s)
    CB – Simon Kjaer (International Team Mate Of Agger’s)
    DMF – Yann M’Vila (Cover we really need)
    RMF/LMF – Alexis Sanchez, Eden Hazard, Gervinho & Sylvain Marveaux on a free transfer (All players that LFC have been missing for a long time)
    CF – Romalu Lukaku (The new Drogba, with the ability to become alot better too)

    Also bring back Alberto Aqualani from his loan spell and get rid of the dead wood, god knows we have way too much of it at LFC!

  23. ————————–reina————————




    sahin 23 million
    marin 16 million
    bastos 13million
    cahil 9.5 million

    must sell
    jovanovic 5 million
    cole 10 million
    rodriguez 8 million
    ngog 10 million
    amount for players bought61.5 million
    amount for players sold 33million amount overall spent 28.5 million

  24. luis saurez better than torres he came from ajax to liverpool he’s continental he’s fucking mental so please dont take our luis away

  25. dream deals would be;

    sanchez and aguero for the attacking slots.
    coentrao and cissohko for competition at left backs places.
    then moussa sissoko and ever banega for thye center.

    but id go for;

    coentrao and baines
    moussa sissohko

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