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Jose Mourinho’s future at Real Madrid has been rife with speculation lately. With many sources suggesting that the former Chelsea and Inter manager is ready to end is reign at Los Blancos. When it comes to where would Mourinho go next there is only one destination in “the special one’s” mind and that is England. Mourinho has previously said that he would only ever manage Liverpool if they got new owners (The interview was taken during Hicks and Gillette’s reign of terror.) With King Kenny still yet to be handed a long term contract as Liverpool Manager rumours will obviously circulate about the possiblity of Mourinho taking the reigns at Anfield. The question I post to Liverpool fans is would we take Mourinho. During the days of Hodgson this would have been a resounding yes, but with the feel good factor being brought back to Anfield through the appointment of King Kenny and the upturn in results can we look any further than Liverpool’s legendary number 7?

For me the Appointment of Dalglish is a no brainer and it should only be a short matter of time before he is handed a long-term contract. Tell us what you think and whether or not we should even consider Mourinho.


  1. If Kenny wants it, then it should be his. If he doesn’t then Mourinho at the helm with Kenny as assistant would be immense!

  2. “During the days of Hodgson this would have been a resounding yes”

    erm, speak for yourself. Wouldn’t take Mourinho ever, ludicrously overrated, tactically bereft and not proven in the transfer market either.

    Let him go to the Mancs, under the Glasers he’d be found out within a couple of seasons.

  3. You sum it up perfectly 6 months ago we would have welcomed him with open arms but now any appointment other the the king would be a massive dissapointment.

  4. While I would openly welcome the pantomime that is Jose Mourinho back in the prem I don’t want him @ Liverpool. He is a quality coach, that can’t be argued but he is not a man who sets out his stall for the long term. Would much rather have the King in the throne until he wants to step aside- King Kenny will bring us the league- and it WON’T be a long time coming!

  5. Hell no.

    I love Mourinho. I’m a Real Madrid fan as well as a Liverpool fan. But Mourinho is all about Mourinho. He would definitely see himself as bigger than the club. Besides, everyone knows that he’s angling himself for the ManU job for when Fergie retires.

    (Which, if ManU when the 19th and the FA cup this season, I think there is a good chance that he might retire this summer, opening the door for Mourinho.)

  6. Author,

    U shouldn’t think about replacing the KING when he is in charge. It is a disrespectful to the king. If the king decides to leave, then only we can think about other managers. Stop posting this kind of article. Respect the king. YNWA.

  7. we dont need mourihnio. first of all he wont come if we are in the europa league. and second of all we don’t need him if he is staying for only one year. we need a long term manager like king kenny to take our club forward.

  8. Despite his success as a manager I cant stand him his behaviour towards people is disgusting. We hear about players who fit the liverpool way, what about managers? Remember the carling cup final? Mourinho tellin liverpool fans to be quiet! The man is a fantastic person but has no dignity or respect for others and his football is awful to watch. Keep kenny give the man a chance to bring liverpool forward in the right way. Mourinho is getting a taste of his own medecine from madrid and he doesnt like it!

  9. For me Mourinho has always rubbed me up the wrong way. Even in Hodgsons darkest days it wouldn’t have been a no brainer for me. I just don’t like him being a manager who seems portray himself as bigger than the club. I mean, the whole Special One thing may be very charismatic, but its the complete opposite of Shankly talking about how the players should be privileged to play for the fans. That’s what I have liked most about Kenny since he came in, as someone who wasn’t born the last time he managed the club. I remember him saying at the height of our very busy transfer window that we would keep things behind closed doors until there is something that needs to be known, because that’s he way this club does things. Not Kenny, the club. I don’t see Mourinho ever saying anything like that.

  10. Things have to be done the Liverpool Way. As good as Mourinho is, he’d have to change his personality, which he won’t do.

  11. CATEGORICALLY NO. The Spanish have quite frankly left a bad taste in my mouth (Pepe apart), lets stick to our legends and do it the Liverpool way. Long may King Kenny Reign

  12. I’d love to have José as Liverpool manager, however, i think so far Kenny has done well, and if it continues till the end of the season, then he should be given at least another year. Is Kenny good enough to get us back challenging? Only time will tell, but Mourinho is proven at the top level, however i can’t see him being too happy with the set up here, with Comolli having such a large say in transfers.

    I am of the opinion that Kenny has what it takes to lead us back to the top if given the right backing, we just have a problem running right thru this team of inconsistency and failing to turn up for games we should be winning easy. I think there needs to be major changes to the squad with the wings and defense being of the utmost importance

  13. We need a long-term manager and Kenny fits the profile much more than Mourinho. Mourinho has already said he is likely to goto the US in a few years when his kids start college.

  14. no offence meant… but this topic hardly deserves a thot… after seeing the king turn round our fortunes as he amazingly did, its just a matter of time b4 Mr. Henry gave him a contract irrespective of what happens this season… n dat is an absolute no-brainer !!

  15. There’s only one man for the job and that’s Kenny Dalglish, give him the job now and get all this talk out of the way.

  16. not mourinho….with some signings in summer we would be able to compete with the best…in fact,no one understands liverpool better than Kenny….so if kenny wants to stay i would not give a second thought about mourinho…but if he wants to step aside i would like to see Benitez…yes the man who brought reina,torres,alonso n mascherano in liverpool…with new owners settling in benitez can perfectly fit in… in fact,after snub from intermilan Benitez certainly will change his approach with less attitude but his man management has remained a matter of concern though…

  17. Morinho is a wanderer. He has no real attachment to english football. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember him ever building a team around players who were in the club before his arrival. He always uses new players. For example, Guti; a great playmaker (one of the most under-rated footballers in my opinion) after 25 years of service for Real Madrid was dished out without a reason. But Kenny on the other hand, is simply a legend (1st on 100 players Who shook the kop, remember?) His familiarity with the reds will help to create a great bond between players. Morinho is a great coach and a brilliant tactician, yes; But instead of local lads, Carraghers or Kellys we’ll see more of Costas, Ricardos and Pintos in the team sheet. And his defensive mentality; Good on papers, not so pleasing for the eye. Is that the Liverpool Bill Shankley envisioned? I don’t think so lads.

  18. For me, Kenny is the closest any true supporter of LFC will get to managing the club will get. The fact that he (coincidentally) just happens to be a legend of the club is secondary. I would much rather we won 1 premiership over the next 5 seasons with Kenny than 2 or 3 with Mourinho or whoever. Its quality not quantity. To have a TRUE red win one premiership ( including Shankly/Paisley/Fagan/Dalglish in the past) is sweeter than a mercenary doing it for his own cv.

  19. would be my second pick after kenny, a great coach but not liverpool style but would win title for 2 or 3 years before moving on.

  20. Corey! This is a no brainer. Kenny for Manager hands down. Mourinho was lucky to win the Champions League with Porto in year when the big clubs eliminated each other. Then his years at Chelsea, Inter and Real Madrid were at Clubs that played with limitless transfer funds.
    I’d love to see the special one take over Wolves (with all respect to them and just to give an example) and see how far he would go with a low to moderate budget!
    The ONLY Clubs that could have him back, until the Fair Play rules come into full force, are Chelsea and Man City, not even Man Utd would be able to afford him.

  21. Guys I want kenny As our manager (read the last line) was just posing the question to see the general feel of the fans to see if anyone would even consider him due to the rumours that he wants to come back to england and the fact that king has not yet been given the contract he deserves in my opinion

  22. It’s been a funny thing with timings with LFC in recent years.

    If FSG had bought LFC before Rafa left, would we have Torres or Carroll now? If Hogdson was still boss, would we be looking at Mourinho now?

    IMO he’ll either go back to Chelsea, to the Portugal national team, or stay another season at Madrid, because we’ve got our own special one.

  23. mourinho is the most amazing manager out there. he is not all aboit himself, the show he pulls is a tactic to pull tje pressure of the team unto himself. a trusted father figure to every player in his team.

    but so is king kenny. its going to be hard for him to prove himself this year, but im willing too see him for the next season at least. he embodies lfc for everything it is.

  24. we”ll mourn if he arrives, his tactics , his boosting around, not liverpool types, tgh i respect bcoz he carries success.. but all he”ll do at liverpool is buy ronaldo, ashley cole, drogba… that means rival old players come in n young go out… typical chelski foundation. we have a drm vision under king kenny, n gd old days r not too far away.. mourinho no chance.

  25. give mourinho a chance. a shot to make it to the champions league is here. not like faiz kopend said long live king kenny.since king kenny came to managing liverpool . liverpool is up and down wining and losing . with mourinho in liverpool there is no chance for liverpool losing. go mourinho!

  26. Mourinho for 1 reason only. To bring back home the title (and brag about it to that Sulking Spaniard)!! Seriously…I would rather have Rafa back. He’s a long term manager who’s effort in bringing quality youngsters is starting to bear its fruit. It’s a more sustainable long term business strategy.

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