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“We know where we want to go as a club and we do not want to be at a club that’s going to be sixth or seventh or eighth in the league,” Dalglish said to The Liverpool Daily Post. “There is a lot of work to be done to get where we need to be.

“A lot of work will be done on the training pitch and the transfer market to get there as quickly as we can.

“The underbelly of the club is looking as good as it has been since I can remember with the development of the academy, although there are no players you could put straight in because it wouldn’t be fair on the lads themselves.

“The development and the work we have done in the Academy is going to serve us well for years to come.

“But we have to push closer and that work will be done in the transfer market and the training pitch.”

Those are the words coming from King Kenny Dalglish. There is no doubt that I dare say that next season could be our season – on every level. Many of the younger players who impressed us, name Raheem Sterling, Jason Branton and Conor Coady. That, along with Kenny’s apparent willingness to enlist in the summer, his bold ways to choose the right players in the wide open transferwindow and the tremendous impact he has had on the team these last month, makes us Liverpool supporters to say, please, next season,  can you come faster?

There is no doubt that Kenny is the man that changed the broken-down Liverpool in the beggining of the season to the Liverpool we know now. However, I am amazed at some people’s stupidity. The other day I published a post, during Kenny Dalglish’s birthday. One King and One King Only I wrote, where I praised him, including this sentence;

If Bill Shankly is known to have put the club on the football map, and Roy Hodgson known to have removed the club from the Same map, so is King Kenny Dalglish the man, myth and legend, who will do anything to get us back Where we Belong. Number one in the World.

A sensible view, said many readers, but I also received complaints.

“It’s not fair to Hodgson,” and blah blah blah. Yes, how immature it sounds to write so, I am too upset and shocked to think of anything more sophisticated and something that more likely coming from a woman’s mind to write instead.

The first obvious question is are you kidding me? For in these kinds of cases, it is no fun. Other almost even more obvious question is did you see matches with Hodgson at the helm? For Liverpool, it was the worst start to a season in living memory and people are still defending Hodgson?

Let’s just say like this, let’s ignore to check the statistics and let us focus on how the games actually looked like back then. Because you have not forgotten?

I have tried to repress it in the better times now, but sometimes horror pictures back. One penetrated Liverpool who could play for 90 minutes without creating something forward. A Liverpool that fell incrisngly far down the pitch and who could never threaten offensively

Roy Hodgson even claims he was unlucky while being a manager in Liverpool. No mate, you just suck. You showed us and the whole world that you are not ready to be a manager for a big club, that you still have that small team mentality that was not good enough for a team like Liverpool.

And just to be fair, I’m not really a woman of statistics, but for your sake I pull up some examples.

Lucas Leiva under Hodgson did not play much. And when he did, he made us supporters think “when are we going to sell him?”, because in the game against Birmingham last year, he had 37 succesful passes and 11 unsuccesful. During Kenny though he has gotten a lot more time on the pitch and really has proved to us, himself and to Kenny that he is a man of hard work. Against Chelsea, Lucas had 40 succesful passes and only 5 unsuccesful. Improvment.

Raul Meireles was too under Hodgson a man of few words, passes and goals. But under Kenny he has really blossomed and shown his campacity on the pitch. He had an amazing time a few weeks ago, five goals from his last six matches. That alone proves, Meireles has grown.

Daniel Agger has also claimed that Hodgson’s Liverpool tactics was not his style. The Danish defender has under Kenny grown incrediable and I am not afraid to say that we do miss him in the back sometimes.

I can go on for ages. But who has the time to do that? I have proven my point and this article alone should stand as a good example of why Hodgson was not the man for Liverpool. Not today, not tomorrow, not forever. King Kenny has earned his spot as a manager, the question is, for how long will he stay?

Stop defend Hodgson, pay tribute to King Kenny and follow me on Twitter @Nezik_Keshto


  1. i have to said completly agree with this article, and all the hodgson defender is simply stupid and didn’t know about football, or half of them maybe a man.scum fans in disguise?? who know?

  2. the roy period is over…he is a good chap but DEFINITELY not the man to manage a club like LFC’s stature .. there is no need to waste articles on him…Kenny is the ONE who understands Liverpool better than ANYONE…i heard he is going to be offered a 2 yr contract with optional extension…nxt season we are going to champions & it’s not out of faith , but out of believe that has been growing since the day Kenny took over

  3. I dont like Roy, never did, but when I dared question your ‘remove Liverpool from the map’ comment I didn’t realise you would take offence.
    Do you really believe that 4 or 5 months with a shit manager at the helm removed us from the map!!??
    Can I just remind you of 18 leagues, 5 euro cups, league, fairs, uefa, super cups, charity shields blah blah blah! In fact so much silver that Mr Sheen retired!
    ‘Removed us from the map’ yeah if you say so.

  4. Lol….Ok i understand Hodgson didnt did good for us but now he’s gone and is the west brom manager so why still blaming him? Liverpool declining is not only bcoz of Roy, there are other reasons as well so plz let go hodgson and secondly i will disagree in another point…lucas didnt played well under roy? have u forgootten the chelsea game at anfield? from that game onwards lucas transformed into a vey good midfielder….so plz dont blame evrything on roy hodgson, he is now a thing of the past..

  5. I agree Hodgson was a disaster but you havent picked 3 very good examples to highlight your point.
    Both Lucas and Meireles were still half decent under Hodgson and Agger was missing as much as he is now despite being a good player under whoever he has played.

    We must stop looking backwards and keep looking to a bright future.

  6. Hodgson was complete and utter gash .He has won nothing of any note in his career so how qualified was he for the LFC post . His defenders are largely ‘the good old uncle Roy’ media sycophants or people who just want a stick to hit us over the head with

  7. @ Nezik. Another passionate article from Nezik. I personally think we have been through so much negative vibes in the past few seasons we should do nothing more than look forward.
    We ALL know that whoever chose, or suggested to appoint Roy Hodgson instead of Kenny did a mistake, and has since slightly left almost through the back door. I forgive him ONLY for having given his contribution in ousting H&G and in bringing in some fine commercial deals with Standard Chartered and Adidas to name the most important…he ruined his tenure with wanting Hodgson at all costs.

  8. lucas was always steadily improving, although he had some rough moments in the beginning, aside from that, you absolutely nailed it. meireles has become a revelation under dalglish, and he even said it was because of, “better tactics and kenny wanting him to test the opposition’s keeper more.” agger is injured (something he has a problem with) which is the only reason he’s not playing now. you guys forget that we almost lost agger and johnson, because woy likes to criticize everyone from the players to the fans. think we could have afforded to lose agger and johnson this season too?

    did everyone forget about his transfers? don’t bring up meireles, he was scouted by purslow and woy himself said, “i don’t know anything about him. i don’t even know where he plays.” konchesky and poulsen, oh yeah, great signings. where is konchesky right now..? yep, woy thought he was liverpool material, while king kenny rightfully sent him away to the championship league.

    “it’s not all his fault” – no, but a good part of it is. i agree the former administration messed us up, but woy sped up the decline. worst start in 50 years! do you guys understand what that means? that means woy did worse than souness! 50 years ago is roughly when BILL SHANKLY transformed the club.

    woy kept throwing the blame on everyone else: fans, players, bad luck, opposition like blackburn and blackpool being “quality.” remember him saying, “no matter who’s in charge, unless major changes are made, we would be in the same position.” yeah, except dalglish had the same players and transformed them into at least 6th place. let’s see, 12th under woy, 6th under dalglish within a month and a half…and you guys are defending this idiot? fuck you.

  9. the only player who played better with Roy Hodgson’s gotta be Maxi Rodriguez..he was good but still we dont expect much from him..a 30 year old overwaged flop…but still he should be starting for the left midfield position till summer comes..then sell him,easy as against Braga at Anfield this setup should do the job:
    Johnson Carragher Skrtel Wilson
    Lucas Meireles
    Kuyt J.Cole Maxi
    J.Cole aint a flop and he aint a winger either!!he was bought for the CAM position and he should be played there cauz he’s a good passer to feed passes behind the striker..YNWA

  10. Let’s forget that he was our manager. The quicker we forget about the LMA award manager the better.He’s only got the job because of the press and being english. We have the manager that we all wanted so lets move on. Forget about this season and wait for the new one to start and hope that new season is better than this one. YNWA

  11. SPOT ON LASS!!!!. yes we have moved on, forgive and forget and all that, but woy was crap lets face it. LONG REIGN THE KING

  12. Nezik, thanks you’ve brought me down I was starting to forget him and how sick I felt when he was our manager. I think the lowest actual point for me, a realistic optimist, was at Birmingham when we were outplayed, lucky to get a point and with those 2 clowns still dragging us closer to administration and the sure reality we had just made a huge mistake in replacing Rafa with him. I don’t care what your view of Rafa is he’s better than him! Anyone who thinks he’s good enough for us please go away as Bill Shankly said 1st is 1st 2nd is nowhere. Yes things have changed but if had stayed we’d be in a relegation battle, Kenny has us with an outside (very long outside chance really) of CL football next season. I like your attitude towards next season, we won’t win the league baring a footballing miracle as we’re between 7 and 9 players short squad wise in my honest opinion and unless you are Man City or Chelsea you don’t get that many quality players in one window. It’s far too early for Sterling, he needs at least one more season in the ressies (I’d give him some game time from the bench) but there is a chance that Suso, Coady and Pacheco could make a mark next season. I am genuinely excited about the future but would ask can we never mention the current WBA manager in connection with LFC ever again it depresses me and many other reds.

  13. Hogdson came at a difficult time and he was unable to solve the problems, but to still complain about him is just stupid and a waste of time. Hogdson did some really stupid mistakes but you cant only blame him. The whole club was in disorder during his spell with both crapy owners and players that didnt wanted to be at the club. To use Meireles and Lucas as example of the bad start of the season is a mistake as other already mentioned as they have been among the better players this season.

  14. The issue that many people had was the idea that it was solely down to Hodgson that Liverpool were in decline. That’s a completely ridiculous notion. We’ve been in decline for the better part of two decades and it goes far deeper than one poor manager.

    I’m glad Hodgson’s gone but it will take more than Dalglish to get us back to the top tier of football. The whole club needs to undergo a transformation.

  15. It’s shame FSG didn’t take over LFC before the appointment of Woy – we might still have Torres, even Rafa, and Suarez.

  16. Lucas is ok as a sub but should not be 1st choice next season. Neither should Kuyt.

    Raul Mereiles has got some grear goals but I worry about his lack of involvment in general play. He was poor against Braga and average against Utd. He has yet to convince me and has been subbed a lot, as well as pushed out to the right.

  17. wow whats going on Roy has gone why bring him up?….not a good thread to introduce…managers have diferent ways to play players this is tosh

  18. kenny is the man should give him 4 year contract, as for RH i said when he took over he was the wrong man.its nice when your right i think he was are worst manager since souness

    , s

  19. Nezik ,
    You are spot on, any LFC manager that warms up to old Whisky Nose can only be his bloody spy. Agent Woy’s mission was in-completed, Over & out. Please don’t talk about him any more.
    We must look ahead.
    Also for ALL of you that are thinking of next season, hold on a second we still have many important matches left this season which will help the shape of much better things to come next season.
    We must show that we CAN beat Man City & Spurs at Anfield, that we can live with Aresnal at the Emirates, or for that matter not only beat the agent with a revoked licence at WBA who undoubtedly will be out to put a spanner in our works.Lets see where we will end up, let the maths take care of itself.
    Both City & Spurs have some tough games ahead and will drop points. lets push Chelsea all the way- lets send the ungrateful bitter homesick boy back home.
    Sharde YNWA

  20. be honest guys, lucas would not get into the top 8 teams in the premership, thats being generous. would anyboby with a bit of football sense pay to see or even watch liverpool on the box while hogdson was in charge? KING KENNY is the man that will bring back the glory back to Livrrpool, the improvement is there for all to see already, you can’t buy experience , and his CV saids it all! hopefully the owners will back him in the summer, he will get rid of the dead woods in the club = 20-30 million plus another 40-50 million from the owers . then i am confident he will build a squad to win the league in the next 2-3 years!

  21. I agree with the article, but if these articles didn’t keep popping up then there would be no need to defend Roy ‘Cluesless’ Hodgson……YNWA

    On another note King Kenny getting a 2 year contract is great news, Fergus is already worried and when hes worried he has to revert to the only thing he does best talk shit. But with Kenny he knows the Scottish ways, he can bring Fergus down to earth with a bang, King Kenny is and will always be the better man, who knows we might start getting the rub of the green finally now the King is in charge……YNWA

  22. ROy was useless at Liverpool! Period! I supported him when he was first appointed BUT after witnessing Liverpool’s performances, I concluded that he was NOT the man for Liverpool. Yes, to those people out there – Stop Defending Him! Facts are facts.

    Liverpool under Roy, was very good at inaccurate passing with good abilities to keep the ball by passing squarely or backwards. Players on the pitch looked like headless chickens!

    You forgot to mention that Roy failed to use Kelly as a defender. Look how he flourished under Kenny. He dared not use Torres as a sub even when he is underperforming. Look how an almost identical team played under Roy and Kenny. The stark contrast is laid bare for us to witness. So, Stop Defending Roy! He is a mid table manager, full stop!

  23. You should look into getting a ghost writer. Also, have you done much more than state the obvious? Is there anyone with supposed football expertise who has attributed Hodgson’s demise to his bad luck? If so, they shouldn’t be surprised when everyone stops listening to them. Of course you’re right, but the article seems just a reductio ad absurdum to fill a column which amounts to an attack on the managerial integrity of a man who, in fact, undoubtedly knows much more about football than any of us. And further, I think your writings betray great contempt in your character; I would work on that. People filled with contempt often gain status among peers but it’s not through actual respect but more fear of confrontation and close scrutiny. That said, if you were obliged to write a piece on this exact subject perhaps my appraisal of you is unmerited, or at least harsh.

  24. Hodgson was completely out of his depth.
    Kenny’s impact, in terms of team selections, tactics, relationships with players, training sessions, public relations, was simply fantastic, totally fantastic.
    Kenny proved that He’s a great manager Who knows well what is required to get back Liverpool Football Club to the Top.
    Hodgson appeared unsure, never mind He seemed in control of the situations and He made some errors.
    Some Fans decided to support Roy only because He was the Manager.
    Some Liverpool Fans still think that in times of struggles, supporting the Man In Charge is the best choice for the Club’s interests.
    Supporting the Manager is better than writing “Roy Hodgson Out” on the Melwood’s walls.
    Everyone is adamant to appreciate the King’s greatness, but I called for Kenny many and many years go.
    I called for King Kenny Dalglish under Rafa’s regime…..

  25. While I agree with the overall sentiment of this article, I’ve got to stop you with your assessment of Lucas Leiva.

    For me, he was one of our best players even under Roy Hodgson.

    King Kenny did not suddenly make him a better player.

    In fact, neither did Hodgson.

    Nor Benitez for that matter.

    Lucas was already a good player at Gremio were he became the youngest player ever to win the Bola de Ouro in 2006, an award won by past greats such as Zico and more recently Kaka. He also captained his club at 19 and won full caps for Brazil.

    Supporters, influenced by the media turned Lucas into an undeserving scapegoat because they needed someone to blame for the clubs problems.

    It was only when Mascherano departed that it became clear to everyone just how important a player Lucas was to the team.

    Lucas, according to the Telegraph, made 1313 passes this season completing 1105 of those, giving him a success rate of 84%. That percentage even higher last year.

    You say that him completing 40 passes and only having 5 unsuccessful passes against Chelsea was an improvement, but if you look at other games, for example against Aston Villa last year, he completed 62 passes and only failed with 8.

    My point is, statistics aside, while Dalglish has done alot of good things for this club both before and since taking over again, he didn’t make Lucas a good player like you say he did. All that credit has to go to Lucas himself. He was top class well before Dalglish’s and Hodgson’s arrival.

  26. joe cole can go in the summer and we should bring in a fit young fast, strong athletic player that can run all day and play more then 5-10 games a year, you can take;

    poulsen, insua, el zhar, konchesky, aurelio(great lad but never fot) agger(great player but never fit for long!), jones gk, plessies,aquilani, darby, eccleston, and let them all go all day long, there all just not the right players, bring in 5-7 new players that can play and at least stay fit???

  27. Pointless article Woy is in the past FFS move on! I agree KK is better ( he is the king after all) but claiming Woy is a useless manager shows how close minded you are about the football world! If you want to write an article make it relevant to the times, the past is the past.

  28. Put simply, Hodgson was not the right man for the job. I don’t blame him for that, he did his best. Blame the people who gave him the job. Rafa had to go because, like us, he was at war with the owners. They wanted to appoint someone who would just work and not resist the owners. So they appointed Roy. To be fair, Dalglish had a hand in appointing him and to this day excuses Hodgson any blame. Anyway, now its past, lets move on. Can’t wait for next season. !!!

  29. Why are you writing about Banton?Are you in family with him? He`s never gonna make it in Liverpool! He`s not good enough for our youthteam! Good prospect though, but he`s got to go somewhere else to play, if he wants to be a first team player!

  30. Let’s concentrate on the coming matches and win them all. LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB has to win the premiership next year…I think Sir Alex knows that and he is REALLY afraid of KING KENNY as he wants to spend millions and to intimidate the FA right now – not that he has not got Friends at the FA. The way he shook KING KENNY’s hand on his debut match at old trafford showed his fear. I think we have the qualities and the manager to win back the title. I’m sure Kenny Dalglish will keep Reina, improve our defense, adjust the midfield and make Suarez the best striker :)

  31. I only wish Agger would stay fit as he has the ability to be one of the classiest defenders in the world. We miss him big time. The most annoying thing is we have signed Aqualani and Mereles to replace Alonso and Mascherano but neither is able to play Defensive Midfielder???? Now we end up playing Gerrard sitting deep and wasting alot of his talent because we didn’t buy the correct players. Lucas for me should be a squad player and not a first teamer.

  32. more web vomit from puerile limited thinkers.

    theres so much wrong with articles like this its ridicules

    lucas has been the most consistent outfield player weve had over the last 2 seasons. claiming kennys brought out this is an insult to the young lad,
    hes done it all with dignity also – kept his chin up and his commitment has been 1000% despite the the loudmouths on a witch hunt on many occasions.
    I dont care what gender comes up with this its not worthy of much attention , nothing new, insightful or particularly relevant.
    the RH regime was doomed before he got to the car park, if ypur undermined like that its not possible to get the best results, obviously he carried a lot of blame for things.
    But why do we feel a need to blame it all on him? When its obvious many factors took us so low!
    its silly and pointless. learn from it and move on,
    Im sure this lady can do better than this.

  33. oh yes,meant to add – it was Hodgson who signed raul Meireles and that is one of the few posotives from another 2nd rate season.

  34. Hey Ted

    I am really glad you picked up on that point, the look on Whisky Nose’s face said it all, yet they won that with a pen which should never have been awarded and Stevie sent off, look what happened when he brought his puppets to Anfield.
    I wish we could play them & Chelsea every week !

  35. LUCAS????!!!!!!

    Are you people blind or just completely stupid?! This second rate idiot played every game under Benitez and got him sacked and played every game under Hodgson and got him the sack. This fool requires the 10 other players around him to have a blinder in order for him to make a small contribution. He cant even run properly! He constantly gets in the way of other players and gives away loads of free-kicks around our penalty area coz he cant tackle either. He needs to be replaced asap or another season of failure beckons. Wake up people and realise we need and deserve alot better.

  36. @longchalk…… Meireles was already on the radar BEFORE Roy arrived, he simply said ‘yes’ to it but then let his ignorance of the player shine through as he openly admitted he did not know his best position (even though he had played centre-mid all his career). Roy played him a lot at right midfield.

    I’m sorry, but Roy Hodgson was not doomed before he got here, he managed a good job of it himself with his negative tactics, lack of pressing and closing down and the dreaded long ball game.

    @ Eddie. Totally disagree about Lucas. Most improved player this year. Reminds me of small minded utd fans dissing Fletcher 5 years ago, now they cannot play decent teams without him.

  37. just seen john terry sneeking out my back door . my wife said it wasnt him but it was . at least someone is scoring eh lads

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