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At a time when globalization is also entering the world of football, we Liverpool supporters, are a few of the supporters in the world that has been lucky enough to see two global players remain in the team and be loyal to us. This article is about one of them.

This is probably not the first tribute to one of our best players of all time. But I would say that it is among those most honest.

When I started to follow Liverpool FC, as a little 9 year old girl, not knowing how much greater and bigger Liverpool FC really was. One of the front figures already back then, was Steven Gerrard. He was the one I idolized and looked up to. I’m sure we all had that one player in our lives, whether their name is Dalglish, Fowler and Owen. You older folks, you have seen your childhood idols saddled on, become trainers, others forged a career in Australian football, others became Judas to us.

One of the greatest English midfielders in history. Has made himself a legend at Anfield. He has shown us he is a real leader, tireless runner, whole-hearted, powerful, incisive, faithful, crucial,

He has several times shown that he is one of us, celebrating the goal in stands as if he were an ordinary fan. He has helped us when we could not turn to anyone else and proved more than any other player that Liverpool Football Club is more than a club – we are one family. Which stand up for each through thick and thin. He is Red, through and through, just like you who read this article right now.

Steve Gerrard, Gerrard!
He’ll pass the ball 40 yards!
He’s better than Frank Lampard!
Steve Gerrard, Gerrard!

Oh how I wish that was true. I have not seen 40 yards ball all season it feels like. How much it strives to say it, how much I wish I was not knowledgeable enough about football to see it, I have recently seen how the quality of his game has fallen, drastically in recent months. And here I am, completely destitute, and wonder if that player I have followed since day one I started to watch football, in the near future puts the soccer shoes on the shelf.

I’m too young to have seen my childhood idol fall. Am I about too? Many claims that. Because every time I just happen to glance at the statistics on Gerrard, I have not been able to see past it. Recently, both statistics, football experts and match appearances has spoken against Steven Gerrard.

Now, many people believe that his golden days are over, and that he simply does not hold the standard to play in Liverpool. I do not believe in it. I’ll be realistic and say that yes, Gerrard has probably reached his peak in terms of form, he did that a couple of years ago. But still he has proven to us, day in and day out, that he still have what it takes to bring something to the team.

Memories that are pretty fresh in my mind is how important Gerrard was during Hodgson’s time. Gerrard was basically doing everything and pulling the team up by the bootstrings, taking the corner and having the desire to head it in too. It was his leadership that made the team at all cost, find the light at the end of the mile-long tunnel.

I read an article the other day by a well-known Liverpool supporter who is first and foremost a journalist, who described that we need to “take off our Liverpool glasses” and face the fact – Gerrard is done.

I must admit one thing, he has in recent times had a small form dip. But that is precisely what that is. One form dip. He is only 30 years old. We put that in a larger perspective, and we shall see that similar players have not submitted Frank Lampard, 32, remains a key player in Chelsea. Paul Scholes, yep, believe it or not, the man is still alive, is now 36 years old and still active in Manchester United.

The fact that Steven Gerrard could be out now, is unlikely. We just have to realize, that our Captain Fantastic can not do everything now. He can not be both the game engine, scorer and defensive structure. I am not suggesting that we should expect less from him on the pitch, but I suggest only that his role out on the grass could be changing. That is what defines a great player. Remove one of his many qualities, and he can still perform at a high level. For no one can ever bring down one of Stevie’s most sensitive characteristics that many footballers today do not have – a sense of the game.

I still can not deny that I think players like Steven Gerra these days are unusual, all-around players that also sacrifices themselves for the team. We have been incredibly lucky to have seen him in the red shirt for this many years, and take my word for it, we will continue to do so. At least until Stevie could retire and have the right to say; I have won the Premiership.

Although my cheeks are not as adorable as a young Steven Gerrard’s, I’m still nice to follow on twitter @Nezik_Keshto

Oh and one more thing, would be embarrassing if I had forgot.

Pride. It’s not a multi-million pound import from Brazil, it’s not even a load of super-cars sitting in the club car park. It’s good honest passion, enthusiasm and desire, all channeled in one direction. Your club. Your people. Your town. Your spirit.

So thanks, and congratulation Liverpool Football club, for spreading  unity, prosperity and a sense of belonging for 119 years.


  1. Nicely written. Honestly, we CAN see him into his 36s or so but the club must at least have 2 players similar to him so that he does not get overworked. One candidate is Shelvey, and another will be an investment hopefully coming this summer.This is the time for us to stand by him as he overcomes his latest injury. And YES, he will lift the premiere league trophy before he retires. God bless you Stevie G & Liverpool FC.

  2. Great article, bar the Premiership bit, It hasn’t been called the Premiership since 2007.. Steven Gerrard is getting older, his passion will have dropped slightly, his outlook on life has changed, he’s a father and a husband first, a footballer second..

    I dont believe for one minute he’s a spent force, look at Giggs.. He had a few dodgy seasons with Utd and now all of a sudden the media are hanging out of his arse again..

    Gerrard has every club medal possible bar the Premier League..
    Sometimes a player or a manager is dogged by bad luck in one competition.. Look at Paisley, he won everything bar a FA Cup.. Sometimes that’s just the way your hand is dealt..

    There will be players with Premier League medals but there aren’t many with Champions League, UEFA Cup, UEFA Super Cup, FA Cup, & League Cup winners medals.. Throw into the ring his World Club Cup & 2007 Champions League runners up medals and I’m sure some of the Blackburn boys who have a Premier League medal will see Gerrard’s haul as more impressive.

  3. I for one believe this break in play wud do a world of gud for Steve… like u’v already mentioned, he’s borne most of the weight during the past many months, which was never going to be easy, and it has taken a toll on his body… never forget the fact dat the man played a neat game (mayb not his best) in that memorable 3-1 demolition of the devils early this month, “through the pain barrier”… how many fellas would take to the pitch in such conditions knowing further setback could lead to a long time away from the pitch !! … I truly believe the man will soon be bak to his best n has got a long way to go b4 we cud even start contemplating a dip in his form…. YNWA

  4. he’s far from done, jeez. Just a turbulent season (change of owners, Roy, injuries). I’m pretty sure without all of this, he will be back at WORLD CLASS

  5. Gerrard done? Not from where I’m watching. And those are NOT the correct words to that chant.

  6. I agree hes not what he used o be, but hes still better than lampard and giggs and scholes so he can continue for longer.. he was simply better than them at his best so when he has dropped its more noticable. Great article.

  7. Well, I believe that SG has some good years left in him but he seriously has to consider dropping the national team. He’s getting to injury prone to keep it up. The injury he got back in October(November?) has kept him away from being 100% the last months and now he ended up needing surgery.
    Drop the national team, stay fit and lift the PL crown next May :-)

  8. His golden days are probably behind him.He has largely carried Liverpool throughout his career which must impact on his physical fitness.Liverpool really do need to be looking at a replacement

  9. sentimental shite – he is past his peak but is still one of the best midfielders in the country. his bad days are better than most peoples good days. The actual line says ‘he’s big and he’s fuckin’ hard’ and that is still true. Fat frank has never been fit to polish Stevies turds and Scholes was rubbish at Anfield the other week – Only TV pundits still rate him. Before you put Stevie on a pedestal try and remember how close he was to going to Chelsea himself.

  10. Gerrard does not deserve anymore to be on 150 grand a week. His best days are clearly behind him. Liverpool should sell him in the summer if they can get 15 million or more. No player is bigger than the club and better players than him had to move aside at the club in the last 40 years.

  11. Yes No player is bigger than the club but gerrard is the talisman of the club and is completely needed, with out gerrard Liverpool lose its simple, he’s the one world class player left in the team, NESV dont have cash coming out there arses, sell gerrard and Liverpool will strugle to finnish in the top 10

  12. To say that Liverpool would struggle without Gerrard is ridiculous. His legs are gone-the team has to many slow players already. The balance of the team is affected with Gerrard playing, Meireles stopped scoring once Gerrard came back against West Ham.

  13. I almost didn’t read this based on the title and other articles I have read of late of a similar topic but as always couldn’t resist the urge to hear the other point of view.

    I don’t look at Steven Gerrard through red tinted glasses as has been suggested some of do but do believe he has more than earnt the right for our patience and time after everything he has done for us.

    I would be the first to agree that he hasn’t played of late or indeed for some time at the levels we have seen from him but he can never been acccused of not giving his all and at times that cannot be said about some of our other players.

    As fans we don’t know if it is down to ongoing injury problems, the burden of single handedly carrying our team for years along with all the on and off field antics or maybe just maybe he has reached his peak and is on a downward spiral. Either way as I said earlier the right for our patience and time.

    Thankfully at least this post at acknowledges if not some of you that have commented that there is and hopefully will be for some time a place in our team for him and hopefully with our new owners, manager and some new summer signings to lessen the burden we will once again see him thrive and win the elusive number 19 that both he and our fans deserve. YNWA

  14. I disagree with this but I do have a fear that it might happen BUT he is not called captain fantastic for nothing.I think the groin injury that he has just had surgery on has been affecting him all season.I know that even under King Kenny,we will be really average in a game we have to win like the away game to Braga but the stakes were if we won,we would win the premiership if we stayed at 0-0 for 89 minutes,Captain Fantastic would put us 1-0 up with a screamer from outside the box. I think he still has it in him to do that a few more times simply because he has so much passion for Liverpool FC. Let’s not forget Stevie is a few years younger that Carra so I think he will stay on at least until Carra goes or maybe a few years later. This question goes to Stevie’s critics, when Carra and Stevie move on, what happens to the armband of Liverpool Football Club, so if you are critical of Stevie, consider this. I’m not saying you are wrong to criticise him,or that you are right YNWA Steven Gerrard, you still have a lot to give for the best football club in the world.

  15. He has had injuries lets not forget, hopefully the rest will do him a world of good. I just want to remind those of you who are eager to send him to retirement, nothing comes close to a footballing brain. (so he has not had the best of seasons maybe1 forgotten the match against Napoli? we looked shit, helpless , clueless, he came on and single handedly changed the match scoring a hatrick. The worst thing our directors did many years ago was to refuse buying T Sheringham, the reason being he was over thirty at the time stating £3mil was too much for a player of his age. Manure bought him instead when he was all set join us, the rest is history as he single handedly won them the European Cup & the FA cup , getting the Treble for manure.
    So we must learn from past mis-judgements.
    Lets face it at worst he could go back to defending where he started his career.
    King Kenny is a much better judge than all of us, he sees him at Melwood every day. the KING is ruthless, remember he subed man whore who looked utterly shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is not afraid of doing the right thing for the club, whatever it is.


  16. Didnt gerrard play against everton, chelsea and stoke? Meireles scored in all of those. I can see him playin more of a deeper role ad being less of a box to box player than were used to, like alonso used to do for us

  17. So the sacred cow mentality continues to persist among the fans regarding Gerrard despite Dalglish’s comments that no-one is bigger than the club. Gerrard needs to be replaced, he is a major stumbling block to the club mounting a challenge for the league title next season.

  18. i believe gerrard is close, but not quite finished yet. the man could still play; the game vs napoli, anyone? i will acknowledge that he can’t be the same player for us anymore; age is simply catching up, as his constant injuries show. i think he’ll be better as a “xabi alonso” type of player for us. he seems to play a bit more defensively now anyway, and he still has the vision and ability for great passes. even if he is replaced in the starting 11 (doubt it), we have to keep him in our squad until we win the premiership. allowing that man to retire without that trophy in his hands at least once is a crime.

  19. Is Stevie G done? Well when you consider he’s been an almost automatic pick for 12 years it’s easy to see why the question arises.I honestly feel the days of the phemonial Stevie G are fading but he can still do a job for us. I hate to mention that ex manc git Bryan Robson but he hung around old toilet well into his mid 30’s even though he wasn’t the player he had once been. Stevie in a way has mirrored his record best player at the club, international star yet no league winners medal he was Captain Marvel (or Captain Cruches as we called him) Stevie has been Captain Fantastic. So Nezik I have seen it happen before and I know Stevie can continue to be an important player for us but we need to start looking at this now. Part of the answer could be Lucas, could he be far more effective as a box to box midfielder rather than the holding player we’ve used him as, you don’t get in the Brazil squad if you are useless. If Lucas is not part of the answer then we’ll need to look at what his role should be. There is a possibility we could sign both Moussa Sissoko and Yann M’Villa in the summer, while most would see both as holding midfielders Sissokko has been used in a box to box role for Toulouse. The fact remains Stevie can easily sit in and pass the ball for fun for a number of years. So like you Nezik I don’t think he is done.

  20. hes still got years left ,my ideal position for steve in the future is THE DIDI HAMMAN ROLE, and believe me thats an important role. remember istanbul 2nd half in 2005, in fact ill go further by saying hamman played that position better than mascherano,and that role is lest taxing,so steve can last a few more years ,and with his vision and passing ability would be perfect for him. at the end of the day kenny will know what to do with him,thats for definite.

  21. Have the fans forgotten Gerrard’s capacity when playing deep in central midfield to play pass backs to Liverpool’s goalie that have been intercepted by opposition players who have then scored. He has done it against such teams as Arsenal and Chelsea.

  22. fuck i cant finish this article. BUT AS A GERRARD FAN, I SAY GERRARD IS CLASS.
    Who remember World Cup 2006, Zidane was not at his peak, but was the best player in the French team. Class is permanent.
    Gerrard is the soul of Liverpool fc.

  23. This sentimental rubbish about Gerrard is ridiculous. It does nothing for team spirit when the other players see Gerrard put back into the team straight away even when he is clearly not fit. NESV are not going to keep paying this guy 150 grand a week for the miserable form he has showed this season. The only reason he scored a hattrick against Napoli is because Napoli are rubbish and John Henry was up in the directors box.

  24. I find it hard to belive that people are actually questioning gerrards impact on the team because of a poor season, kenny himself said how needed gerrard and carragher are, and that the whole team plays better with them both, all gerrard needs is A player with a bigger phisical influence on the game instead of some one as awful as lucas

  25. So the Gerrard lovefest continues with the fans just because he is from the city. Dalglish said this about Gerrard and Carragher to strengthen his hand with the fans to pressurize NESV to give Dalglish the job. Once NESV give Dalglish the job watch how quickly Gerrard is shown the door and it can’t come quick enough. Liverpool have paid Gerrard handsomely in his career but 150 grand a week for his limited and decreasing output is ridiculous.

  26. Form is temporary, class is forever. Stevie still has a few good years left in him. The only real problem is that we need to cut his wages a bit.

  27. Gerrard’s game is based on pace and his legs are gone now. He does not have the tactical awareness to play in central midfield.

  28. @kenny: lampard with a poor season stilll earning 140 grand. gerrard is playing better than him 150 grand seem reasonable liverpool revenue is higher than chelsea too. gerrard was playing every game under dalglish wat u mean by shown the door? he was plagued with injuries this few seasons but he still assist n score goals when he is fit.

  29. @Kenny

    So if SG really is past his prime playing on bum legs, who would want him?

    If he really is garbage, and if what you say is true, and he is overpaid .. Ok … and if you can see it … can’t every other manager?

    Yet you want 15 mil for him?

    The fact is that SG is more valuable to Liverpool than any other club. I fear he is starting to become Michael Ballack, but if he is worth 15 mil to any other club, he is worth 20 mil to Liverpool.

  30. Equuleus: In what games this season, has Gerrard played well? You said Gerrard played every game under Dalglish but you forget about his brainless sending off at Old Trafford and subsequent 3 match Premier League ban. Gerrard’s game was always about pace and getting box to box, he does not have that capability anymore, his legs are clearly gone. Loading: The slower pace of La Liga would be where Gerrard should be sent. Real Madrid are not going to win La Liga or the Champions League this season, so they will have less money to spend on big players this summer and instead like last summer will have to go for cheaper options like Gerrard. You said also you fear Gerrard is becoming like Ballack who by the way is spending most of this season out injured at Levarkusen. If Gerrard was so committed to Liverpool, he would have retired from international football after the World Cup like Scholes did a few years ago instead of going off to play in meaningless friendlies against France. The reality is that NESV expect a return each week from the players on big wages and not to see them sitting injured in the stand.

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