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While watching the game at the Stadium of Light I could not help but go through various considerations on the individual performance of players and also on what shape the team might take at least in the run in to the final match of the season.

Confirmations come a-plenty! What to say of Luis ‘El Pistolero’ Suarez! Raw talent, exquisite technique, mindboggling skill, pure bliss! Carroll…ah, now here is what makes it interesting. The lad has brought to Liverpool what has been lacking for quite some time. Power, both on the ground and especially in the air! He may not be the most rapid forward, but what he lacks in sheer speed he makes up in brut power! Finally, we have a player that will be dominant in the air in any game. A true reference point for all the tactical attacking geometries! Torres in exchange for the Suarez/Carroll tandem has worked both financially, as well as on the pitch. This could possibly be the deal of the decade!

What about Merseyside boy Jay Spearing! Not only did he run his socks off, he procured a dubious penalty and almost scored a picture goal with a strong venomous striker from just outside the box. Spearing gave in his shift wholeheartedly and deserves credit for rising to the occasion like he did. I don’t think I’d be re-discovering the wheel here if I claim that Liverpool’s defense with Daniel Agger forming part of it is a much stronger and tight unit. And then, we have no other centre back that is able to come out of defense with the ball the way he does….I mean no-where close!

Dirk Kuyt is……Dirk Kuyt! The Dutchman is a typical footballer with the genes of a 50-km marathon champion. He irks us all with the huge quantity of dubious first touches and possession loss in each game, but then he makes up for it with one single quality: generosity! How many people dismissed Lucas Leiva off last season and even the one before that? Sell him, sell him was the cry! Fortunately these cries fell on deaf ears because if a Brazilian can ever convert himself into a Scouser, then this Brazilian, blue eyes and blonde hair included, is the right candidate. Congrats for your newborn and another commanding performance.

It was not the typical pass and move game for us, at least not until we got the second goal, but then Sunderland were out not to let us impose our game. We were patient, we were tight at the back and almost never in real danger, and when it was time to strike, strike we did! Pity Carroll had that goal-line clearance, as I would have loved to see the reaction of the home crowd at being punished by who will not be a life-long nemesis having played for their hated neighbours. Reina was very rarely ever called on thanks to some tight defending from the back four and the brilliant damping work done by Lucas and Spearing just in from of them.

I must admit I was a bit skeptical before the game. Sunderland were in fact within striking distance of us and I feared a repeat of the West Ham game. It was not to be, and we came away with three points which gets us 2 points closer to 5th, since West Ham thankfully held Spurs to a draw at White Hart Lane. Eight games to go and the next obstacle another away game to West Brom…..and a visit to Roy Hodgson’s troupe! Now that will be interesting…………….!

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  1. A title winning team is taking shape thanks to fernando torres, now mr. Henry this summer will be critical n pliz listen to KING KENNY for he knows what it takes and screw the 2 year deal we r hearing as we are lucky to have this football genius who would do anything for this club

  2. I have a hunch that next year is Liverpool’s year. Can’t wait to knock Alex Ferguson off our perch. Fergie is running scared, as for all the others Wenger is great but won’t spend the money to be the best, Mancini will be fired as he simply not good enough, Ancelotti may be fired but who will they replace him with and Harry, great as he is, is simply not in Kenny’s league. 5 additions please Mr Henry – 2 wingers, 1 left back, 1 centre half and 1 creative midfielder should do it or we can bring back Aqualani. We can raise half the money getting rid of our dead wood in Poulsen, Konchesky, Jovanovic, Aurelio, Skrtle, Cole, Insua, Degen, Maxi and Ngog. YWNA

  3. Spearing was my MOM. I felt he certainly bettered Gerrard’s last few contributions just by taking up good defensive positions and guarding the back four. I watched the game twice and he did an outstanding job. Watch his running off the ball and his awareness of positioning. We have not had that defensive cover since Mascherano left. Gerrard so often now is left upfield as the opposition moves forward that it makes it easy for them to pressure our defence. Spearing always gets back behind the ball and roams in front of the back four. Basic stuff but very important. Sunderland had only one shot on goal. Spearing’s willingness to bomb forward and have a go at goal was a breath of fresh air and his distribution was very good also. It was true box to box midfield ability and if he can repeat this type of performance we have a future star.
    It’s early days but I have big hopes for Jay Spearing.

  4. Well written. But I thought Lucas looked much shakier than in many of his recent outstanding performances. Quality player though and I am glad we didn’t sell him. Spearing earns a pat on the back too. Good game by the youngster.

  5. Yeah you really had to give Spearing some love this week; lad played w/ some great skill and some Kuyt-like ‘never say die’ attitude. Really pleased with is and everyone’s play this week.
    Carroll is gonna be a great, great Red; another energetic bruiser.
    We’re looking good!

  6. Great read dad. Bt why do people still say we bought Suarez with Torres money.
    He was bought to partner Torres and fill up for him when he is injured. Since injury was his favourite past time.
    The Suarez signing was a massive sign of commitment by Henry. In showing he is willing to spend.
    Thats what i know. So correct me if im wrong.

  7. Well said Brothers. We wll be unstoppable come next season. I do have goose pimples all over my body each time i read wonderful things you guys say about our amazing football club, keep it up lads, we are the best. My undying love for this great club will forever be there. WITH LOVE FROM NIGERIA. YNWA.

  8. I really do believe something special is happening and i hope we are not in Europe next season, yes i did just say that!. I believe we can smash teams with 2 wingers and a left-back, Spearing is getting better for sure. At full strength i.e. Gerrard and Kelly playing we will beat anyone home or away now, Carroll and Suarez are class. Suso, Conor Coady and Andre Wisdom are nearly ready to play next season….so happy days!!!!

  9. IF WE ARE ABLE; to keep all that took the pitch and with kelly and gerrard added to that along with 5 – 7 new players then we will be up their or there abouts.

    keep the starting 11 that was in that red (black shirt)!

    add kelly and gerrard and then have a almighty clear out.

    For me we need a x 2 left back ( one of which can be a wing back and or one of which can be one that can play as a full winger i.e. centrao and tawio etc), center half, winger, frontman, center midfield.

    poulsen, soto, cole, maxi, konchesky, el zhar, ngog, inusa, aquilani, b, jones, degen, plessies, saric, jovanovic,

  10. In overall,it was a cleverly executed game plan by the king..we were awesome in all 4 departments(goalkeeper included)..way to go REDS..a point of concern that i had was our long ball game against braga..it was understandable tat carroll was playing but that does not warrant an all out long balls keep being given to him..i was so glad when i read an article on kenny saying tat we have to try to mix up our strategy on going forward and not just depend on long balls..the pass and move was back against sunderland and with a good balance of long balls too..so guess wat??we simply tore them apart..kenny kept to his promise and that man just cant stop painting a smile on my face..long life king kenny..one game at a time guys..like how the great one says it!!!

  11. Good read! Jay Spearing was energetic and Lucas was again effective. He has been the unsung hero for Liverpool the past 2 seasons which happened to be our darkest.

    He has grown so much and he is still only 24!

    YNWA from Singapore

    1. I personally feel that Spearing and Kelly are the established lads which now are part of the first team. Darby is here at the wrong time since he is behind Johnson and Kelly in the pecking order. I also think Wilson and Pacheco might have a future, although it is possible Pacheco is loaned out next summer.

  12. The win yesterday was much needed, but Sunderland were dreadful. Carroll needs better service and not just setpieces. The last 8 games need to be won to have any chance of fourth place but how much do the players really want to win these games. The Europa League is not worth being in next season, it has only been a nuisance this season and last.

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