A Worthy Number 7

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By Bhaskar Upadhyay

Luis Suarez, Liverpool’s No. 7.

Kevin Keegan, Kenneth Dalglish… Luis Suarez. It seems after a long time that the Liverpool No 7 shirt has found a person who deserves all the pressure, expectation and the accolades that come with it.

From the time he debuted against stoke we have seen the class, trickery and vision Suarez has, the goal against Sunderland yesterday the icing on the cake. In the 5 games that he has donned the famous red of Liverpool he has 2 goals, at least 4 assists including the stupendous run against Manchester United.

But that’s not only that each time Suarez has lost the ball he has chased after it and tackled for it, he comes deep to receive the ball, is not reticent to do his defensive duties and most important of all does not stop and sulk if the decisions go against him. He puts his head down and goes to work. The tenacity that he has when chasing and tackling to win the ball back is a refreshing sight after months of seeing “Le Sulk”.

The dribbling skills he possesses and the confidence with which he executes his deft touches and complex one twos is just amazing to watch. But for me the one word that describes our new No 7 is Passion, Passion for the club, passion for the fans and a passion for the game, passion which is great to see for the millions and millions of passionate Reds worldwide.

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  1. Class act. For me he his a complete striker.
    Great touch, Great vision, great strike and great dribbler (as half the man united team found out).
    Could not agree more with the writer……his passion comes screaming through when he plays.
    Would love to have seen him team up with Fernando Torres. But we are definetly far better off now without him and the ability to call upon Suarez and also Carrol.
    Onc Carrol finds his sharpness again they will be knocing them in for fun. Corrol should already have two goals btw.

  2. ‘Le Sulk’…Love that nick name u given someone.
    Don’t you see the whole team is out of the sulk mood.
    I look at our new number 7,I see that he has that pride on his face,Playing for LFC under Kenny !!!

  3. Completely agree with the article, and he is looking a promising talent.

    Only one thing that worries me is rewind the clock a few years and the same was said with Torres. When he first joined us he was not the sulky petulant player we sold – he used to chase lost causes, battle hard – I remember the hat trick he got against Reading when Duberry tried to kick him off the park, yet he kept going. Then we had all the off field problems, plus he got too big for his boots, and there was a huge change in his attitude.

    Im sure Suarez wont fall into the same trap as Torres, particularly when you look how well and how hard he fought for Uruguay in the World Cup, whilst we now appear to have the stability off the park now we have needed for so many years, but Ill wait a little bit longer before really pinning my hopes on him.

  4. Don’t forget hitting the woodwork twice, against Wigan i think it was, the lad reminds me of Diego Maradonna with pace too. He is very strong and a fierce competitor, I agree he is complete end of story. We have a true genius in Suarez, he does what players don’t even think of doing. He is up there with Messi in shear ability to wrong foot defenders, yes he is that good…………….really special!!!!!

  5. Of course he’ll b off in a few years if Liverpool don’t buck up their ideas. Roll on summer signings… That includes a goalie as Reina will b in London £££s

  6. He looks the real deal- love his passion. One point though, surely Peter Beardsley is worth a mention in the great number 7 list?.

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