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Steven Gerrard has been greatly disrespected by Fabio Capello! At 30 and closing in on 31, our captain and talisman ought to be considering whether this is the right time to announce his retirement from international football and concentrate his efforts on the Club he loves and that loves him just as much.

In Don Fabio’s mind, Gerrard’s captaincy credentials came third in the pecking order. Once John Terry was caught shagging at the wrong place and with the wrong person, in came Rio Ferdinand who has featured more on the treatment table than on the pitch in recent times. Finally, Gerrard took over the captaincy albeit as Ferdinand’s deputy! With Ferdinand still very much away from a regular presence, news broke out on Sunday that Capello had ‘forgiven’ Terry and that he was now officially re-instated as England captain.

To be completely frank, I could not care less who captains England at this stage. What difference does it make anyways if it’s not one of ‘ours’ wearing the armband?

In 2004 Paul Scholes, 30 at the time announced his retirement from International Football. The battling midfielder has not yet quite been replaced at International level but he resisted calls to return for England. Whatever the motivation of his decision was, it most certainly contributed to prolong his career to this day, when at 36 he still features for Man Utd and is still perhaps the best midfielder in the squad! Last summer, Scholes this would be his last season but due to his mature effectiveness, or perhaps even for sheer grattitude; SAF is urging him to prolong his playing career by another year!

I want to spell this out as bluntly as I possibly can! I feel Steven Gerrard should quit England with immediate effect for obvious reasons the most prominent of which are: to preserve and prolong his career with LFC, to fully justify his massive salary with his presence on the pitch, thus concentrating on taking the Reds back to where they belong possibly winning the PL before he retires in the process. Finally he will reduce the risk of injury given that two time out of three he always came back with a knock from international duty.

What is your view on this? Do you think Steven Gerrard should quit International Football and concentrate exclusively on Liverpool Football Club?

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  1. Absolutley agree, he should say thank you and good bye to fabio as after all theyll only qualify for the euros then put in a performance like they did at the world cup. Whats more if stevie loves the club as much as he says then he should retire from international as his injury record isnt great and england just make it that bit worse but with no return!

  2. He should at least consider a 1 year pause from England to get his form back on track! Admit it, he hasnt been the same over the last two seasons because of his injuries..


  3. I would love gerrard to ritire from international football. Sadly i can’t see him doing it.

  4. I think this is up to stevie to decide whether to retire from international or carry on. I believe that playing for your country is a honor. But I not too sure for stevie is it still a honor to him, as he had play for England since 1999, as an U21. For the club point of view, yes, he should retire. For the country point of view, I think stevie can still offer his strength to his country. So ultimately, is up to stevie to decide.

  5. I completely agree, don’t want him picking up an injury now that will have him out till the end of the season, we need him!
    I have said for years that the England team should be made up of players from the lower divisions, they’d probably play much better than the premier league players that make up the squad at the moment, because they would have the passion to do it for their country, most of the players now only do it for more money, like they need any more!

  6. All Liverpool players should pack in playing for England i can’t stand the national team as i always say i’m scouse not english

  7. Just cause things don’t go your way it don’t mean throw the towel in.
    Why waste his skill, such a bad way of thinking. If stevie quits cause he ain’t captain that’s a good enough reason for him to not of been made captain

  8. steveg has never done legendery work for england than that for liverpool like messi for argentina and now its a lot time for him to do anything.
    “Concentrate on liverpool”

  9. I’m not english but I feel that Stevie has done so much for us already that out of loyalty to him, we should let him decide what he wants. Either way I will support him without question.

  10. never watch the plie of bile that is england anyway.

    I will never wear that shirt while i live on this earth! the only top i wear with pride and with passion and with feeling is my liverpool one!

  11. Stevie G is still good enough for England, he’s still needed for England, and I’m sure he’ll be targeting a last World Cup, injuries permitting.

    Rest up Stevie see you back for the reds soon.

  12. Stevie ya need 2 bin england, seriously how many more times do u want 2 b overlooked 4 the captaincy. Concentrate on liverpool, your bread and butter, take us 2 the league in style, not an international quarter final in mediocrity YNWA

  13. Honestly, I can’t understand why he did not retire from international duty after the World Cup.

  14. I’m not English but I love my reds to play in their national colors and it’s a moment of pride if they also get to wear the bands. If that’s just to me, I’m sure the players love and cherish playing for their national teams. Stevie is one of those characters who gives the impression that he hugely honors the english national role and we can’t do much better than supporting and respecting him carrying out his duties.
    Having said that, I think the friendlies are a bit overdone and the club stars shouldn’t be a part of them or play guest roles only. Competitive matches are fine with me.

    1. @ Kaushal! I too am not english but I have been an England football fan every since I was a child. Of course I feel pride in having one our lads playing for England, and am almost just as proud when people like Lucas play for Brazil! The point I was trying to make is this. Many EOTK guys think that Gerrard has ‘slowed down’. I feel that Steven Gerrard is at a point in his career when he can either chose to concentrate his energies on Liverpool, where he is idolized and payed very hansomely, or follow his heart and pride and continue to play for club and country. With teams playing an already congested season, and with Gerrard showing signs of becoming reasonable injury prone, it may perhaps be wise for him to limit his activity and prolong his footballing career. Its not a question of pride, its a question of logic and doing the right thing.

  15. I am deffo a scouse (actually an Asian scouse). I support England but I think Stevie should retire from international football and concentrate on helping Liverpool win the Premiership from now on.

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