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After our Europa League exit against Braga at Anfield, fears grew that we would be without European football next season as only a 5th place finish or above would guarantee it. However just 3 days later we beat Sunderland at the Stadium of Light and now European football seems possible once again. 5 points behind Spurs who have a game in hand, the situation is quiet different. The mood has lifted since and now we can even look forward and hope for a Champions League birth after Man City’s loss to Chelsea. With the Reds 8 points behind Man City, top 4 is still possible. Now lets look at the upcoming fixtures of the 3 teams:

Liverpool:                                         Spurs                              Man City

West Brom vs Liverpool              Wigan vs Spurs               Man City vs Sunderland

Liverpool vs Man City                  Spurs vs Stoke                 Liverpool vs Man City

Arsenal vs Liverpool                    Man City vs Spurs           Man City vs Spurs

Liverpool vs Birmingham           Spurs vs Arsenal             Blackburn vs Man City

Liverpool vs Newcastle               Spurs vs West Brom       Man City vs West Ham

Fulham vs Liverpool                    Chelsea vs Spurs               Everton vs Man City

Liverpool vs Spurs                        Spurs vs Blackpool           Man City vs Stoke

Villa vs Liverpool                          Liverpool vs Spurs          Bolton vs Man City

———————–                         Spurs vs Birmingham    —————————


From the above we can see that Liverpool will play both Spurs and City at home and if we could win both those games, chances would be quiet bright. Moreover Spurs and City have to play against each other as well so at least one team would drop points in that clash. Spurs also are still in the Champions League while Man City are alive in the FA Cup so we can hope that fatigue causes them problems.

Now all we have to do is to keep focused and not to drop points and hope for other results to go our way. Everything is possible so keep the faith! YNWA

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  1. The home games vs Spurs & Man City aren’t really the problem. WBA, Arsenal, Fulham & Villa away are the killer games. But with the squad free from other tourneys and with Suarez & Carroll playing every game, we have a great chance of winning away. We need a ‘sunderland’ like performance on our travels to get Europe. YNWA.

  2. Not worried about squaring up with Citeh or spurs. My concerns are more on the villa, brum and west brom. We seem to get lost if teams park their bus to defend.

  3. the problem with finishing 5th or maybe even 4th is,it doesn’t guarantee european football.spurs could win champions league,not finish 4th and they are in the championsleague.the team that finishes 4th goes to europa league,and the team that finishes 5th is out of europe.

  4. We need to win our games and hope that other will falter. Winning with Man City and Spurs is beneficial as they are direct competitors but I’m afraid winning those two games will not be enough.
    We need a miracle guys.

  5. I’m going to wait to get excited until we’re within 4 points of 4th place with 4 games to go. If that happens, then look out, but even then things would be mostly out of our hands. (And I suspect in the immediate future WBA away is going to be a handful as Hodgson knows our squad pretty well.)

    As for a top 4 finish, we’d need some epic collapses to get there, even were we to win out, which won’t happen. 5th place though would be a fantastic accomplishment! Even attaining 60 points after being at 25 pts after 20 games (and six points after 8!) would be fantastic and instill a sense of confidence in the lads for next season.

  6. I did the same analysis after City lost to Chelsea and came to the same conclusion. Reina even said it, if we win 7/9 including City and Spurs, we have at least a 75% chance of qualifying for CL. Spurs and City have tough run-ins, much tougher then ours. We’re on a roll, City is coming down to Earth, and Spurs are going to be very busy playing Real Madrid and their own lot of tough PL fixtures. IF, we win those 2 games, I honestly believe the only one left which should really test us is Arsenal away. If we just believe, and Suarez and Carroll come good, we can beat any of the rest 9 days out of every 10. C’mon Reds, BELIEVE! Even if we don’t get 4th, if we run it out, do the 7/9, we’ve got a 90% chance of 5th. It’s not optimistic, look at the fixtures. It’s in our own hands is what it comes down to. Win the 7/9, get back into Europe. YNWA

  7. Also…think where we might have been if Kenny had been managing us since August instead of January. We’re fighting for 5th, after half a season of less then mediocre results. It really was down to Woy…and if anyone thinks WBA is going to be a tough game because he “knows” the Reds, HA! He’s clueless as to the team, that’s why we did so poorly. He may not even recognize our shirt.

  8. realistically,
    spurs drop points against us, arsenal, chelsea, maybe birmingham there epl form hasnt been good
    man city drop against bolton, spurs and us, there too inconsistent against, but i hate it when i admit that we can be too inconsistent,
    well get fourth YNWA!

  9. Imagine suarez spearheading our champs league quest next season, if I was a reds player right now, I would play my guts out in the race for 4th. Viva LIVERPOOL

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