Looking forward to Liverpool matches again!

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I look forward to Liverpool matches again

I don’t know about you but in recent times I’ve looked forward to watching Liverpool games so much more currently than the previous 18 months. Despite being unable to attend games regularly  due to where I’m geographically stationed I once again feel valued by my club as a supporter, a feeling that can’t be said for when Hicks and Gillet ruled the roost. I think myself and we fellow fans felt used and tricked by them, and as it turned out their attitude towards the club wasn’t something I was ever proud of and won’t ever be proud of. They left a mark that could have tarnished our club forever, I don’t think that’s the case anymore as I think we’ve enough elbow grease to remove that mark from our history books.

We can all see that in the last 3 months our club has changed dramatically, we are in no shape to call ourselves the finished article and that might be the case for another season if not two but we’re a team that I now once again love to watch. Previously I’d be turning on to see a team that looked tired every game, uninspired to perform in a red shirt for whom ever was in charge. In the later days of Roy’s tenure I was watching hoping we’d scrap for a 1-0 win or avoid an embarrassing defeat and after games I was often left disappointed at a substandard performance home or away, win or lose. I’m always proud of my club, for the philosophies it holds, for the legacy it has in world football and for the fans that support the club from all around the world. I’m once again proud of the way we perform on the green turf every week, we’re showing desire and commitment that’s been lacking for too long. I’m always craving our next game, I want to see what Kenny will come up with, what surprises in selection he’ll spring. Some people say Dalglish has reformed Liverpool, not in my eyes but he has brought back a belief around Anfield it seems and told the squad who they’re playing for. What they’re playing for.

We’ve invested in talent which excites me, but unlike when we signed Fernando Torres from Athletico Madrid, I don’t feel like it’s a ‘one off’. Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll have shown already in the short time they’ve spent with the club that they’re ready to fight for the cause, whether that be gaining a European place this season or reinstalling the pride of the football club for seasons to come. We can speculate for a few more months on who’s likely to come in during the summer and from what Damien Comolli has said in a recent interview with LFCTV, players are going to come in, investment is going to take place, it feels good doesn’t it?

Let us take the Sunderland game from the weekend just gone, we won 2-0 convincingly, we looked strong in the tackle, composed in the middle and frightening upfront we even had a bit of rare good fortune! I sat down to watch it and thought, ‘We’re going to win this’. The Stadium of Light isn’t an easy place to go but I just had that feeling, a positive energy in me that truly believed we’d win. I haven’t been able to say that confidently for far too long.
I look forward to Liverpool matches.

Ben Carr

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  1. When Torres left i was gutted,when Keegan left i was gutted,we got Kenny for Keegan look how that turned out,and we`ve done it again with Suarez!!!i would at last like to thank `El Nino`for leaving and lifting LFC from the doldrums when you took your cloud of misery with you, and the footballing Gods sent us Luiz
    who looks EVERY inch the player King Kenny was and even with the
    great big smile. (we`ve yet to see Carroll too :) YNWA

  2. There is huge relief around the club and im delighted that Torres left, he has done us a huge favour. We talk football now and not debts unlike the mancs, we have serious owners who will look after the finances responsibly. We never wanted a sugar daddy, only honest people who would grow the club, I think we have that now……………..thank god!!!!!!

  3. I agree. I also look forward more to matches now that we seem to have re-discovered the hunger for the challenge. I know this end of season is looked upon as important but quite frankly I do not care as much as I thought I would as I am really looking forward to the start of a new season a new team and the delight to come of , what our American cousins call , “Kicking some But!”. Roll on…..

  4. I’ll bet Luis Suarez wil give the team en the supporters definitly the hunger to win. When he wasn’t playing with ajax there was world of difference. I am a big suarez fan and I love to see him play at Liverpool!

  5. I am the same, I relish matches again! We havent won away from home as convincingly as Sunday for maybe 3 years?

    There are 3 major improvements that Kenny and Steve Clarke have made, they are:

    Possesion, we keep the ball alot better, which means we have a better defensive record, simply because the opposition havnt got the ball as much!

    Pressing high up the pitch! I HATED Roys reluctance to do this

    Attitude, the players fight.

  6. Thank god the “SUPER STARS” has gone
    Thank god the storm has gone
    Thank god the gloom has gone
    Thank god there’s a golden sky
    Thank god King Kenny is back
    Thank god there’s Suarez in a No.7 red shirt
    Thank god for the £50mil you suckers


  7. I couldnt have explained it better! this season, i used to force myself to watch liverpool matches even though i didnt enjoy watching us play anymore….but ever since king kenny, suarez and carroll came along and el sulk went out (good riddance to him), i cant wait to see the next match after we finish playing one.

  8. For me I think 2nd or 3rd is too far to yet again witness another flamboyant display from King Kenny’s boys. Last Sunday was a great day as I enjoyed an enemy who is now my heart in football “Berema” Louis Suarez on the pitch doing his wonders again.

    Kuyt did what he always does, pulling more surprising effort, with the baby’s father Lucas, Spearing, Carroll, Carragher, Aggar, Jonson and all the rest who featured in the match. Just don’t have the nerves to wait for more than a week to see these great ones again. Even with my legend Gerrard as well as Kelly returning gradually back to the pitch I certainly cannot wait to see another great action go on……. LFC forever!!!! YNWA

  9. This feeling one gets when watching a lfc match had been sorely missed. Trust me on this next season will be unbelievable

  10. Very excited about the future under Kenny, let’s hope he gets a permanent deal soon. Suarez is already making waves, I was lucky enough to witness his destruction of manure earlier this month, I too am geographically challenged. Let’s not forget Suarez was intended to play alongside Torres and not instead of. I’m certain Torres would be a different player with Suarez in behind him. His loss though, chelski is not the right fit for him and he jumped off a ship that is finally sailing in the right direction.

  11. Since King Kenny came along we’ve beaten man u & chelsea. that says it all….what a legend of a manager a player,an icon to the city and a man. feared by fergie, loved by many. we love you Kenny Dalglish

  12. It’s funny that this topic shows up today. I was just telling my boss how slow and miserable the days are when there isn’t a Liverpool game at the weekend. he is a fan as well.

    there is definitely a new aura about the team. I think a lot of credit has to be given to some of the players though. look at Lucas. I used to throw my pillows through the tv when he would make stupid decision. but if you look at the way the team celebrated for him on Sunday it tells you the respect other players must have for him. the team has fun together you can tell. that is something not many professional teams have. I’m proud to be a fan of a club that puts the happiness of the supporters so high up on their list.

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