All’s quiet on the LFC front…or so it seems!

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Well, nobody seems to be posting so it’s either the International break or all EOTK followers are on holiday! LOL! I won’t stir up controversy, but my intention is a rapid sequence of sneak peeks, rumours and actual announcements that concern our Club. Okay, so here we go…….

• Two high level promotions announced. Ian Ayre is the new MD and Damien Comolli is now Director of Football. Both goods news.
• Rafa Benitez has reportedly (perhaps repeatedly) claimed he wants to manage the Reds again one day! He also said he has offers from the PL but will never go to any of the Reds’ fiercest rivals….so he will probably end up at Villa! It will take more than destabilizing rumours to overcome the feel-good atmosphere around Anfield now…….!
• A report this week claimed that the main Liverpool targets that Comolli is after from the PL are Gary Cahill, Charlie Adam, Ashley Young and….Matt Jarvis. Three England Internationals and a Scot! Not a bad prospect but very unlike Comolli who will want to do most of his fishing in his native France. Apart from that I see no left back in that list!
• Apparently the conclusion of the Aquilani saga is on ice because his agent, Franco Zavaglia is on a talent-hunt tour of South America. Word in Italy is saying all parties concerned seem to want this finalized as soon as possible. Not Zavaglia apparently!
• You have certainly heard that both Brad Jones and Dani Pacheco have been sent out on loan to Championship clubs. Good news for Dani, not so good for Brad.
• Lucas Leiva has pledged his love to LFC. The lad wants to stay and after consuming a remarkable amount of socks in Red’s midfield he should be given a vote of confidence and offered a new contract. Agreed?
• The Italian media has linked the Reds to Philippe Mexes who will become a free agent next summer. The French International centre-back seems to be on Arsenal’s radar as well, aside from the usual suspects such as Milan ecc, ecc. Bit of a character that Mexes……..!
• The media back in the UK has also linked Richard Dunn with a move to the red half of Merseyside. The question beckons: why should we let Kyrgiakos go and replace him with a Dunn? Now if that Dunn from one side of Birmingham becomes Dann from the other side of Birmingham than the perspective changes. Better a mid-20s liverpudlian to a 31 year old party basher!
• Rick Parry seems to have made a sortie to claim that the deal he masterminded for the arrival of Hicks and Gillett was not all negative as people seem to think. He mentioned Liverpool arrived 2nd during their reign with a record number of points. What he failed to say was that the Club lost its credibility on and off the field and thankfully other Americans from a different walk of life came and saved our sorry butts from the doldrums. Sorry Ricky, forgiveness not granted!
• Rumours in London claim that Fernando ‘El Nino’ Torres (the blue version) continues to misfire because he misses he chants of the Kop. Sources claim that Abramovic (did I spell that right?) even held and crisis meeting to try and create a Kop replica…..but he discovered that not even his billions can recreate the Anfield magic. We gave you a player but you’re not getting the Kop Roman!

That’s all for now….watch this space.


  1. Thanks for the post Tonio…I was getting the shakes! Internationals are OK but I hate the weeks between LFC games. Seems like we get a look at Suarez once every 10-14 days which hurts.

    On a Torres note, I really don’t think we will see the flood gates once he gets a goal. I truly don’t think he is the same player and though he is obviously talented, he doesn’t have a team built around him any longer. I suspect we need only look at his Spain record to see what kind of goal count he will get for Chelsea…unless they gear it towards him a little more which I can’t see. I will take Suarez and Carroll ANY day of the week…what a great deal we got!


  2. Where’s the proof that Comoli will “want” to do his tranfer “fishing” in France?

    Absolute rubbish, that.

    We’ve been linked to Dann from Birmingham, not DunnE (at least get the spelling right) from Villa.

  3. Like the last paragraph..absolutely true, We gave them the player(out of form anyway) but Chelsea is not getting the Kop( may be they got Shankly gate on the replica banner! at least ;D )

  4. All’s gone quiet????? Mate you need to check out the rumour pages. That’s where it’s at. Everyone’s so excited cause we’re apparently buying every young prospect on the planet in the next window :P

  5. Hello Tonio! Well am still wondering how much David Villa is actually worth if Torres’s 50M. Try guess this one mate lol. That was just good business for us

  6. Agreed on Torres, he is gone as a top level player as we knew a while ago, he will crawl back to Athleti in the near future to retire eventually. As for Ayre and Comolli yes it was good news, Im glad to see we are looking at wingers in the Prem now, rather than foreign players who may not settle for 6 months.

    Jarvis plays either flank and young is proven so far, they have pace and cross a decent ball. Then we need a left-back and we are in business from the off next season, Im sure one or two squad players will come and go but really we need only three good players to push on!!!!!!

  7. thanks Tonia 4 this post. I was also getting restless. Constantly refreshing different LFC pages 4 news, gossip etc
    Even though i hate Torres, part of me feels sorry 4 him. I now hope that his fortunes improve in that he is sold to spain, france, scotland or italy where he can start scoring again

  8. ON Torres- Chelsea can’t even conjure up the inspiration to create their own Torres song”! They have just used OURS and changed the words. Also when they made that blue flag for him, they left the Shankly gates on it. PATHETIC! Nuff said.

  9. IA and DC i think is good news, Rafa returning wouldnt be, as we need more attack minded manager. The four players Cahill, Adam,Young and Jarvis is all players that would improve our team as we would get rid off Skrtl, Lucas, Maxi and Kuyt but i still want even bigger fish this summer. Jones on loan is fine by me but i really think Pacheco should been given a chance in our current team, cox we do need creative players that are able to bass and control the ball, our current wingers cant. Lucas seems like a nice lad, but still not good enough for Liverpool so if we get more than £6m i say sell him. Dunn would be a good squad player but not sure he would improve the defence much. Torres who?

    The thing is that we need 5-6 players if we are to challange the top four next season.

    LB – Izaguirre, CB – Cahill, DM – Sissoko, LW – Young, RW – Lucas (Lucas Rodrigues Moura da Silva From Sao paulo) FW – Lukaku.

    This might be very expencive but get rid of Skrtl, Lucas, Konc, Kyri, Aurelio, Poulsen, Maxi, Javanovic, Cole, Ngog, Aquilani and have Kelly, wilson, Spearing, Pacheco, Coady, Stirling, Suso and more of our talented youngsters as backup.

  10. I miss the PL!! internationals in fun, just not the same… it misses the action and the pace!
    As for the Torres news, ya he will soon realize how spoiled he was by the Kop… its soo sad for him that he left, because a partnership with Suarez is all that was missing for him to fire up again… Being a lone striker is how he works best, he even admitted it in one of the interviews.
    As for him not being the same person, sure he isnt he is playing for a trophy and not playing with his heart.. and that is what is missing, not confidence, just heart and passion for the game! This is what he had when he first moved to LFC, he had heart and passion, we dont see that anymore.. he is so obsessed with winning trophies and envy of his Spanish team mates club success that he lost his love for the game! He is blinded, and that is the truth about Torres, so until he lets go of all this anger and hate inside, and stop pretending and blaming he will not go back to his form…
    this is my very naive and humble opinion about his form…

  11. @ John Toher. Well, John at least we take the time to do it mate! Yours was a rather useless comment I have to say! Do you read italian btw?
    @ Moh. The majority of the players linked with a move to Liverpool and have been ‘viewed’ by Comolli are french speakers! Absolute rubbish? We will have to wait and see.
    Sorry for the spelling mistake. But just in case you missed it, Richard DUNNE was linked to Liverpool this week, while Scott DANN has been linked for months!
    Guys, try to see the humour in things at times….not nice to be tight asses you know! :-)

  12. I actually thinks Torres just wants cl and ge is gonna get that in Chelsea but of course he wont next year because we’re gonna steal that from him.
    Mohahahaha. Y.N.W.A.

  13. Speaking of fishing, Tonio, can we have some more articles about insights and stuff.
    If you want audience participation, try setting up a mexican wave or summat, here, I’ll help you.

    Whooooooaaaaahhhhh!!!! (Stands and raises arms)


  14. I have a suggestion for a song about Torres by the way. You know his wife’s name is Olalla right?

    So I’ve figured out the chorus:

    Olalla, what’s his name?
    Olalla, what’s his name?

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