Watch the Shorty Awards live

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The event tonight starts at 7PM Eastern Time (12:00AM GMT -Tuesday).

You can watch the even live by following this link

Follow the event live

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  1. Sorry man, total robbery at the Shortys. The best way to show them up is to make EOTK better and may more and more people question the Shortys decision.
    Encorporate Formspring, ask fan LFC questions. Bring in fan reports post match on the blog. My favorite idea pub reports, feature pubs that host LFC matches and cover them. Fans from everywhere will help…YNWA. we will help you make this bigger and better. I will put my money where my mouth is, I am standing right at thee front of the line. I have graphic design, webbuilding exp… and my blog does very well getting 600 views a month, not bad for a personal blog. I have video building exp, photoshop with the best of them and I am just one guy. I am sure there are two dozen guys just like me who will help. NFL won’t stand a chance next year.

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