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Thanks to Sam Dodds (the people behind the EOTK Shop),
I am able to announce another contest here today.

You can win an LFC Zip Hood: Try to guess the final score of Saturday’s game (WBA vs Liverpool), last goal scorer and minute of the goal. Sam Dodds is offering a free Zip Hood (picture above) to the winner from the EOTK Shop. To enter simply enter your predictions in the comments below. Predictions must be entered before kickoff.

The winner of the last contest was pupsie.

Good luck.YNWA


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  1. Eh, I’ll be optimistic and believe that West Brom still wont manage to score a goal and that Suarez and Kuyt ones again will be doing one each, like last game. However Kuyt scores the last one in the 77th minute.
    So the conclusion;
    0-2, last scorer Kuyt 77th minute.

  2. mmmmm Liverpool 3-1 Roy Hodgson
    Scorer Liverpool: Suarez 1 Goal
    Carroll 1 Goal
    SteveG 1 Goal
    Scorer WB : Roy The Hodgson 1 Goal :D

  3. 2-1 to Liverpool, Carroll and Suarez goals, Brunt with a late goal for Uncle Woy’s team

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