Roy comes back to bite our ass!

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They had never scored against us in 25 years and never beat us in over 35, yet today, barely three months after being shown the door, we’ve visited Roy Hodgson’s new battleground and even these records came to an end.

Granted that we lost two players in the first 25 minutes! Granted that Martin Atkinson, together with Lee Mason is the referring I dislike most in the PL! Granted and well documented that our squad is shallow! But this was a very bad showing on all accounts and we did too little too late to deserve anything out of the match.

I feel the need to mention one or two players in particular. Kuyt was a shadow of himself (not in horrendous first touches and ridiculous passing as that is part of his ever present negative side) but he was also out of puff! Kyrgiakos was clearly in difficulty against Odemwingie instantly. We took no counter-measures against this threat which lead to the Nigerian provoking two penalties. Carroll fell into Olsson trap and was provoked from minute one, with the result that he was nearly sent off and remained ineffective for most of the game. Wilson for me remains too cool and casual on the ball and very superficial in his passing. Is he playing out of position, so f..king what? Ryan Giggs played left full-back for Utd against West Ham earlier on today. They came back from 2-0 to 2-4!

Okay, bottom line is we had a bad game. It’s not the end of the world. Those are the comments I expect to receive. Reina proved his worth yet again (for those who seem to think that if leaves it will be business as usual!) and Suarez was our most effective threat especially coming from the left in the second half. We were tight at the back in the first half but when we went for the win in the second we left Kyrgiakos at the back to tend to Odemwingie and that was our downfall! Luckily for us if we really want to take a positive out of this, Wigan managed to hold Spurs to a draw.

We never seem to come well off the blocks after an international break do we? I bet Roy must be chuffed! Wouldn’t you be?????


  1. We got beat today because Kenny picked a team and formation reminiscent of Hodgson’s days. A negative midfield with 2 defensive midfielders and Meireless playing out of position. The midfield should have been Kuyt/Maxi Lucas Meireless Cole. Certainly after Johnson went off in the 7th minute Kenny should have realised we would have even less creativity and brought Cole or Maxi on and put Meirless back where he has been most effective. I know if Hodgson picked that team and formation today the cries for Hodgson to be sacked would be deafening. It’s not much point having 2 great strikers in a 442 if the midfield is totally void of any ideas or creativity.

  2. Bottom line is martin atkinson is a cheat and the only way woy had anything to do with the baggies winning is if he is the one who bribed atkinson to be such a biased prick.

    1. @ Jib! I will not agree that Martin Atkinson is a cheat, but I will say that like I wrote in my article, he is not a PL standard ref and frequently conditions games with his decisions and ease to dish out yellow and red cards, as is the case with Lee Mason which is on his below-par level. We gave a bad display and we gave the game away. We did not have a creative midfield. I am sorry to say this but Kenny and Steve got this one wrong, hands down! Tactically we were horrid today!

  3. Dont actually care. Let him have it. I am so happy that he’s not our manager anymore that i dont care that he will be chuffed today. For me we had the win in january when he got the sack. Good riddance. YNWA

  4. Depth is the reason to blame for the loss or lack there of. I’m very happy with the young talent we have brought forth thus far. If nothing else is achieved this year at least our future looks very bright. The injuries to international defenders would hurt the greatest of clubs. Yet my worries continue to manifest themselves in regards to legitimate depth. Soto is a question mark. He takes to many chances and is often out of position. Lucas is a talent i do think has major potential but hes not capable of dictating the mid pitch just yet. We need depth. This is why we were ousted from Europe. We have a solid 11 capable provided rest and training of competing with anyone i do believe and i point to the chelsea and united game as proof. Yet when we are forced by injury or fatigue to replace these 11. We often fail to deliver what we have all come to expect from our beloved mersey red.

    Nick the yank

    1. @ Nick. Right you are. However we have to make-do with what we have and the choices today were frankly doubtful. First we could have freshened up our line up. Cole should have been on instead of Kuyt from the first minute for example. The substitutions were a case of force majeure but the error here was to leave Kyrgiakos as the last man with a missile like Odemwingie!!!!!! Also Meireles was out of position so there was no one to create just behind the forwards. Carroll looked frustrated.
      We needed to pass and move after the goal instead we left the initiative to them. We should have know that this was Roy’s game of the season and the players played for their manager (which was NEVER the case when he was at Liverpool).

  5. Shocking yet again. Thought we were fortunate against a blunt Sunderland. 3 games. , Man u. Chelsie. Wolves. Apart from that. Where is the the fluidity, movement, passion,(Braga). Love Kenny but sadly we are awful. Not sure Kenny is the answer. We were outplayed by West Brom.

  6. It pains me to say it but were full of EXCUSES – and we are MEGE BORING TO WATCH AWAY FROM HOME – think we might need to replace the entire team bar the 2 new strikers

    1. @ Jonesey! I don’t agree we need to change the whole squad. We do not play exceptional games tactically, then woeful ones by incident. This game was prepared and executed badly. I am not slagging Kenny, far from it, but tactically we should be mature enough to change games. We should not be going at teams in the first and last minutes of the game like we did today! Goals off the line do not count, the ball has to hit the back of the net. As I said, we got it all wrong today!

  7. When a so-call big team fail to control a game,failure will always be the result.Watch Man utd,barca and league-winners like them they control&frustrate you once they are ahead.THIS FRUSTRATING LIVERPOOL COULDN’T JST CONTROL THE GAME AGAINT A COMMON HODGSON SIDE.IS THIS HOW WE WILL MAKE IT TO EUROPE?HOPE WE ARE NOT JST FOOLING OURSELVES.

  8. We need a major clear out in the summer!! Simple… Why have players like pacheco on loan at norwich (Who had a blinder on his debut) when you can play jay spearing!! Pacheco was heand and shoulders above the rest of the reserves last year for some reason the spanish lads dont get given a chance! Pacheco is better than maxi rodriguez and jonjo shelvey!! Hes a young creative player who we will lose if he does not play! Sorry to say but the dead wood need to get out… Aurelio (Injury prone) Agger (Injury prone), Skrtel Not good enough), Soto (Not good enough), Rodriguez, Joe Cole, konchesky, Poulsen! All need to be changed!! Bring in some quality young players with width pace and flair! otherwise we are not going anywhere fast!! Cant blame dalgish i just hoped he showed our youth more faith as some of them are very good players who would make an impact in the first team!

  9. We need Hodgson back urgently.He is the only one that understands how effing shit we are. Dalglish is the biggest bluffer on the planet. He is a tactical moron.Dalglish belongs in an old folks home.No other liverpool fan has the balls to say this.He buys a big front man and doesnt have any wingers.You couldnt make it up.Liverpool are horrendous to watch because they are managed by a guy stuck in a time warp in the seventies.Kuyt is a absurd player with no purpose.Cole is like a horse that had to be helped escape from a knackers yard.PATHETIC.

  10. Rome wasn’t built in a day boys!!!! Games and results like today will tell Kenny more about what needs to be done in the summer than beating the likes of the mancs and the chavs…. In Kenny we trust YNWA

    Ps Kenny, The king has 2 righthand men we have been in the game for the last decade so your talkin pure sh*te!!!!

    1. @ Adrian. Kenny our friend (not the KD the manager) is on a personal crusade to wipe out Kenny, Gerrard, Carra and Reina….and discredit FSG! Personally I respect his views even though I absolutely do not agree with them.
      I’ve always been of the thought that its easy to point at problems than to solve them. Therefore, I would respectfully ask Ko enny (not our manager) to give us his idea of a starting 11 for next season and also who should replace Kenny at the helm.
      This way we can have a bearing on why he has this train of thought.

  11. In reponse to nick clarke nearly got west ham relegated and lee was slung out by bolton because they couldnt believe how effing useless he response to tonio come over to my side THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.tonio a bit of realism wouldnt go astray with you.We have american owners,a french director of football,a scottish manager,and two spanish youth bosses.How fucked up can a club get.Tonio i know deep down you agree.Dalglish the moron left us with a shit squad in 1991 and now hes here to finish us off.HODGSON COME HOME.

    1. @ Kenny! I don’t think I could be more realistic in my reasoning to be honest. I guess its a matter of opinion.

  12. In response to tonio give me one reason to be optimistic?these players are laughing at you me and all the fans.Cole swears hes honoured to play for us.He knows hes fucked as a player and he knew we were the only ones stupid enough to pay him to sit on his worthless arse.there is no point in giving you my team for next season as it would cost too much to replace an entire squad of the biggest freeloading wasters the sport has ever seen.Imagine a club where a contract for a liliputian like lucas is celebrated like winning the world cup.kuyt next.All we need is Haarland and Wolf as owners and we could rename us HMS TITANIC.Tonio stop dreaming.Remember us as we used to be.

    1. Well Kenny! I honestly feel that the degree of humiliation reached in every sense between mid 2010 and early 2011 was a long time coming. If you want my most personal opinion, following the season where we finished 2nd and practically gave the title away, we have been on a downward parabola. It’s useless digging up all the mistakes made and promises broken during this period. Is the glass half full or half empty? God knows!
      Needless to say I’m an old timer so I will have to and feel the need to remember us how we used to be. It’s possible we will never return to those levels, but then you never know. The only reason why I have to be optimistic is because I am in love with this Club. It’s in my skin, and I really want to continue dreaming.

  13. i am gutted we lost i believed in king kenny but today he got it wrong yet again,why are we loosing to bottom league clubs??we did loose to west ham,we were lucky against sunderland after a dodgy penalty and we couldnt cope with west brom can somebody pls explain whats goin on to me.i like kuyt for his energy,loyalty but he is never a prolific striker its high time king kenny starts fielding players on merits,creativity and finishing rather than sticking to players that brings nothing to the team and each time they are fielded they are injured or cant play up to their potentials

  14. In response to tonio could you tell me why our youth players are so emaciated looking?in the youth cup against united they looked brilliant technically but physically pathetic.Our gym and vitamin programme seems to be years behind united.Why?Tonio why?Why?if this not remedied you can kiss these youth players premiership careers goodbye.Tonio you know their chances will all rest on phyicality.

    1. Kenny, I thought we were discussing the first squad. I saw the youth players’ game with Utd. Think the Mancs put it on the physical and ours were not up to it, even though we appeared to be technically very superior. My worry is the slow rate at which we introduce players coming through into the first team from the reserves. They hardly get a shot at it and then are usually sent out of loan and sold at ridiculous prices.

  15. Since buying Carroll we seem to often revert to the game plan of the long ball up to the big man. What’s happened to the patient possession football of the old days?

  16. Tonio i think that the problem with kenny dalglish is he has never been the same since the terrible tragedy of hillsborough.The things he saw during that time have not left him.Before this happened back in the 70s as a player he and souness as captains of the 5 asides in training were so competitive they used to kick lumps out of each other.After hillsborough Kenny changed.Is winning all important to him anymore?Everything depends on the answer to this question.

  17. The reasons for the loss — 4 CBs of frankly average quality (or maybe just above average in the cases of Carra and Skrtel) were our back line today after the 25 min mark. Thus, nothing productive on attack was coming from the back (ironic though that the makeshift set-up helped us score our goal). Certainly nothing wide was in the offing.

    Additionally, I’m sad to say that Spearing has probably reached his professional ceiling; Meireles was out of position; and Lucas just didn’t have the passion that drives his best performances. I’m a Kuyt fan, even with his well-documented limits, but that might have been his poorest performance of the season. It’s hard to blame Carroll or Suarez — they didn’t have anything at all in support today.

    Reina was superb and it will be a huge wrench in FSG’s rebuilding plans should he leave this summer. Can’t say I blame him should he decide to do so after watching the footy on display today.

    Having said all that, if Reina stays put, I really believe we’re about 3-4 quality signings from a serious upgrade in results and consistency, which I think FSG will make happen. Another potential positive: if Europe becomes out of reach (if not already so) then players like Shelvey, Suso, Wisdom, Ince, Coady, etc. could be put on the pitch to get some experience.

  18. kenny isnt a Moron. He is a Manc or an Evertonian. Dont mind him. In Daglish we trust. I want to go to goodison park and suicide bomb the stand Kenny wil be sitting on.
    Kenny, do u knw that since Daglish took ova, he is number 2 on the form table

  19. To my totally deluded fellow reds fans,to quote jack nicholson in A FEW GOOD MEN You cant handle the truth,we are total shit,dalglish doesnt have the fire anymore,he is twenty years agos man.Lucas is laughing his head off that this club is stupid enough to give him a new contract and in answer to the fan that wanted joe cole on,all that rich waster causes is problems.He is the only player i have ever seen{at home to Braga}stopped and bending down PANTING trying to catch his breath after TEN MINUTES.How much of a laughing stock does this make liverpool.How can fans love kuyt and admit at the same time he has huge weaknesses as a player.LIVERPOOL RIP.

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