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Born and raise in the USA, I played soccer as a boy and really dropped the game all together because of my lack of interest. Forgot about it unless it was major enough to have our the major sports networks cover it like the world cups. Even just a few years ago, soccer wasn’t something of an interest to me. I’m not a born and bred LFC fan, but I believe I was meant to be. Around my sophomore year of high school, I was 16 years old and turned on the tv to see a team by the name of Liverpool FC playing Manchester United. Back then, I’d never heard of Captain Fantastic, Liverpool FC, nor did I really know a whole lot about the EPL. But I figured, hey, I’ll check it out. I had followed the Euro championship that summer and saw my first glimpse of who was to be a hero of mine in Fernando Torres (a name that has turned into an almost unmentionable) and the rise of a Spanish power.  So back to the tv, I saw Torres on the screen and decided to stop by and have a look. It was March 14th 2009. 4-1 was the final to Liverpool. I was immediately inspired. I looked up Liverpool FC, decided I’d teach myself a little bit about the game. It wasn’t long until I was hooked. I reveled in the massive amounts of YouTube videos I saw of Gerrard’s greatest goals, with similar videos of Xabi and Torres floating around. I watched them all. I must have watched the 2005 Champs League final highlights about 20 odd times. I was mesmerized by the things these players could do and loved the glory and the passion of the Liverpool supporters. First thing I did was learn the chant for “YNWA” after I learned what YNWA was. I was and still am surrounded by the glory of all LFC fans around the globe and I can’t help but believe we are the best club in the universe. I didn’t know a whole lot about the game but I’m still learning today. One thing I do know is that I love LFC and that this is my club from now until forever. As an American in my high school, not a whole lot of people follow the game and even less follow Liverpool. They are all blues or manc supporters (despite my best efforts). I have a few Redmen with me at the school and heading off to college next year I hope to have even more. I love the sport and I am friends with the other kids who love it. This is a school size of about 4300 high schools keep in mind. My 3 best friends are all at odds though. One is an arsenal man, the other is a chelsea addict, and the third is a Redman himself. I’m not going to lie it is difficult to support the game that only a few of my friends like but nevertheless I do it because I love the game and I love the club even more. So I apologize if I do not use “English” grammar, or speak in proper footballing terms but I am doing my best. The reason I love this club is because of it’s supporters and its love for others. LFC fans truly are the best in the world and as an American, I’m proud to say that I’m one of them. 

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  1. On a purely technical level, this article is really hard to read when it’s just one large block of text.

  2. Gr8 article Scott. I’m Scottish and I once put on Scottish and put on a Liverpool game in 2008/09 the season of the 4 – 1 game I have been a fan ever since so i feel I have the same story as you YNWA

  3. Amen to that! Us Redmen may be few and far apart in the US but we are by no means alone! YNWA

  4. Scott-

    I can relate very well to your personal story on how you became a proud supporter of the Reds of Liverpool. I came to like Liverpool- and football for that matter- through overseeing my friends playing FIFA and being naturally inquisitive about the peculiar names and the fact that one of my friends always played with the same team- Liverpool. This passion has endured and has surpassed all other infatuations that I have with other sports and other teams.

    It is interesting how you mention the lack of familiarity and/or popularity to be a Liverpool fan in US. Conversely, you know a LFC fan when you see one. We are so knowledgeable and intensely loyal that the passion oozes out of us at the drop of a hat. Most of the fans I encounter here in NJ may support ManUre or Chel$ki, but they do not support the club, they like the premier players (rooney,terry, drogba, et al). Their support will wane as soon as the players leave. This also lends itself to the fact that most fans of dont explore the history of the club and the great players that were legends in their own right and achieved tremendous status. Yet, we proudly know of who the main players are in making LFC one of the most widespread and dominant football clubs the world has ever seen.

    MW from NJ

  5. Keep up the good work, and get more of your friends/colleagues to follow Liverpool. YNWA

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