The Redmen: West Brom Defeat- LFC Fan Reactions (Uncensored)

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  1. Why are you questioning the ref? and 2 cast iron penalties. You were outplayed to such an extent that your best player was your goalkeeper …
    Boing Boing

  2. yeah,i second u mick.we were totally out of the game,lack of creativity,improper positioning.after realizing that a player like andy not performing well what shld u have done?bring on ngog to partner the wonder boy in attack.

  3. We were shit but the ref was terrible as well, he gave us nothing at all. Carroll was shit and must improve, did we really pay £35m for that??????. Pacheco had a great debut for Norwich but why is he not playing for Liverpool?????

  4. Get over it lads, you were outplayed by the better team from the 11th minute onwards. Dalglish has made you a long ball outfit and I was amazed how albion dominated in every dept. Carroll was cheating all afternoon with his diving and looked like he`d had twenty pints on friday night. Dalglish is over the hill, he hasn`t got the know how, hunger or inclination any more. I watched in my local and couldn`t believe how you couldn`t get the ball off a so called smaller club. One word of advice, don`t sell Reina, he saved you from hell of a beating. Finally Carroll £35m, Odemwingie £2.5m??????????????

  5. Liverpool didn’t play well and seemed stale but the ref. was appalling. I don’t like to blame defeats on the ref. but he was awful.

    West Brom. not very impressive either. Lets say that we gave that one away with the refs help.

  6. i cant stand hodgson he was worse for liverpool fc than hicks and gillett, he takes no blame for the mess he left us in but the worst thing is he trys to blame liverpool fans. he is a miserable horrible moaner. he never even admitted he got more pleasure out of winning yesterday – i cant stand him yet i would not begrudge him his moment but the big phoney never even had the honesty to admit it, as for west brom i am off to the bookies tomorrow to back then for relagation. they were unlucky at anfield with a positive attacking manager.

  7. There is one reason why Liverpool lost this game!. And that is the worst ref in premiere league.

  8. Stan please go on betfair, it will be a pleasure cleaning you out. Or don’t you have the balls to put your money where your mouth is. Ha ha.

    After reflection you will realise how bitter and poor you scouse fans are, by not being honest with yourselves, which is a shame as its not something I used to associate with you.

    The penalties were nailed on, I suggest you calmly take a look at the replays. Its ironic Liverpool fans complaining so quickly after the scandalous decision they got in their favour against Sunderland, it should be npo wonder you get no sympathy,

    Carroll will be a good player when you get two decent wide men, in the current side he is going to struggle, 35 million or no, and tell him to lay off the pissed up late nights, it shows on his off days very badly.
    Suarez has good skill and creativity but is too inclined to dive, complain and cheat, see the world cup for evidence, he needs to adapt to English football where we are fairer, however I predict next season he will be one of the stars of the premier league, so stop complaining.
    The Greek guy at the back is a woeful donkey, you will win nothing with him in the team, drop him immediately.
    Reina is a top keeper you would be mad to sell him.
    Just accept Odemwingie terrorised you all day long and Mulumbu and Scharner won the ball more than Liverpool, Lucas is average and you miss Stevie Gerard, he is irreplaceable.
    But be honest, don’t make excuses, that way you will improve.

  9. I’m a Liverpool fan and completely agree with the last post. our probs yesterday really started when Jonno went off and we lost our with.

    Anyway, onto Baggies, be more gracious. I could say “boing boing” is a euphemism for “Yo-yo” but that would be petty.



  10. Stan Howard, what a bitter man you are! This is not a biased opinion, but Liverpool were outplayed, end of. Move on and stop whinging. Worry about your own stuff rather than hoping the team that beat you go down.

  11. And yes its helps when the referee allows West Brom full permission to kick Liverpool players into submission…since I assume that is a favourite Roy Hodgeson weapon, its not wonder he failed to implant his ‘winning formula’ into Liverpool…sorry but Liverpool don’t have enough thuggish players in the side to play that way.

  12. jonathon
    all i wrote was my exact sentiments about roy hodgson before yesterdays game and if you dont believe me i wrota as much to the liverpool echo, i also dont hide behind a false name. i have nothing agaist west brom but i believe you will not win or probably get a point away with hodgson, just look at his away record, you wont get officials who believed this poor roy unfair liverpool fans bull that his media friends have put out.
    i know it will be a punt but i cant stand this miserable horrible excuse monger, if fact i would sooner ask for fergusons autograph while telling him he is the worlds best manager or stick my private parts in a vat (a very small vat) of boiling hot oil or get a bath in honey and sit on a giant anthill than have to look at hodgsons miserable kipper getting rubbed stupid in our dugout.

  13. Get over yourselves Scousers – first penalty was so obvious not even the so called pundits like Lawrenson complained – second one was a little less obvious but goalie makes contact witha strikers feet in the area as he goes clear for goal – going to be called most times even with the ref unsighted.
    You had a porr day in defense after the two injuries and the mid field was overrun. Carrol is a big boy who spent the afternoon complaining about the ” rough” boys picking on him in the Albion defence.
    Poor Liverpool showing after you got lucky at Sunderland – you are fortunate not to be in the relegation scrap. Albion players wanted the game more than you. Quit whining – gives the impression you have no class and expectations beyond the financial capacity of your mid-table club.

  14. So, the delusional Scousers are bleating again…”it was the ref wot made us lose”

    You are 2nd rate, and will never get close to the top of the league again, unless you ditch the dross in midfield and defence.

    And, sadly your away support has also declined in the same way as your team. I’ve never heard such a quiet away support from Anfield, and once WBA equalised the ‘Kop’ never roused a single chant. Some help for the team that was!

  15. We were out played by a team that are actually quite good. They also outplayed us at anfield even though we won. You deserve to stay up west brom – good luck.

  16. Ahahah……though i’m a Lfc fan bt,i laugh….Can I still hear any1 say Spearin is beta dan Pacheco? Dani was 1daful yestday bt Spearin was shit. Some managers disapoint me wit their decisions& i mst say dis I’m disapointd in keny 4 his decision on Dani.
    Secondly,how can u play Lucas,inexperiencd Jay and Meireles in d midfield. Even as bad as Maxi is, I would prefer him on d pitch. Why nt Maxi (Jovanovic),Lucas,Meireles&Kuyt. Meireles doesn’t like d wing so why force him their. As 4 Carrol,pls go get anoda strker& let carrol com on from bench until he’s ready to play 4 Lfc. His enthutiasm level is very low when compard wit Suarez. These ar jst my opinion anyway.YNWA.

  17. redballs, yes they did outplay us at anfield but they had an attack minded manager and we had a miserable excuse for one who got lucky – again !

  18. Wigmore,
    we really should heed your word’s of wisdom as you do know what your talking about after watching the mighty WBA clean up season after season FA cup’s (Jeff Astle anyone), Prem titles ?OK we’ll skip that one, European cup’s, er OK we’ll skip that one as well, super cups not applicable, world club champion’s, ditto not applicable.

  19. Benitez?? Liverpool is jst abt to fall. Howcome pple find it difficult 2 realize dat Uncle Ben is a poor manager. His evil effects were stil all over Inter when he left jst as it is in Lfc. Kenny’s still d best but i’m gettin scared of this his ‘ENGLISH PLAYERS FIRST b4 any other player Theory’

  20. referees h webb + m atkinson are 100% anti-liverpool and they have already cost the club tremendously.

  21. west brom lads, enjoy the moment at least you have the honesty to show your real feelings unlike hodgson, if you only knew how he insulted our fans and our club, dont believe anything he says he will say the opposite as soon as it suits. one of a hundred examples, “i cant believe the size of the squad” he then loans out some players, results go against us,then he says “we were reduced to playing kids” this was in the northampton game when he put kids on to try to save the game because he had no experienced player on the bench, even gerrard was available. i will have to stop im getting as bitter as bill kenwright.

  22. ref. h webb + m atkinson are both good at interpretating the rules harshly against liverpool – but still within the possibilities of the rules. this is ILLEGAL according to the rules of fairness and sportsmanship!
    they cost us tremendously…

  23. I loved Liverpool and scousers because i was a sixtees kid.

    Its 2011 now……and you are history.

    And your lack of humility makes me sick.

  24. I dont understand. I really dont. Why some people here keep blaming and insulting Liverpool just for past time? Seriously. We dont deserve to win but so does f*cking WBA, below average performance. You’re telling me they would have won by bigger margin if Reina didnt save all those shots? Please. That’s the job of the goalkeeper. He didnt get pay to shake his balls. Those shots are hardly dangerous anyway except for 1.

    Fact number 2. The referee and linesman was terrible. I hate to take it on them but look at it at a neutral point of view instead of Anti-scouser’s point of view and you would agree with me. Scandalous decision and I still cant believe it. And if this happened to Man Utd, SAF would have jumped up and down shouting his lungs out.

    Fact number 3. If those 2 incidents deserved to earn penalties, then premiership would have dominated with goals scored mainly by penalties.

  25. your attack carroll 35 million , suarez 24 million, ours odemwengie 2.5 million ha ha ha ha ha, he killed liverpool all day, carroll is just a battering ram and well he got roughed up and couldnt take it lucky not to get sent off, anfield is now a museum as you all live in the past, you are average and have been for years get over it.

  26. Couldn’t agree more with all the other Albion fans on here – you whinging scousers – all you can do is blame the ref and blame Roy Hodgson for your loss and predicament. Why don’t you take a hard look at that huge chip on your shoulders and actually admit you weren’t / are not very good? Both were penalties, you were outplayed, you missed glorious chances and we beat you – end of story over and out.

  27. So many childish Brom fans on here using the “Whinging Scousers” taunt to try and make their own lame comments look like gospel.I’m a Liverpool fan and imo Brom won fair and square.We have been outplayed twice this season by you lot and fair play to you for that but just because one or two people question the ref’s performance yesterday(Which was awful)it doesn’t make people whingers.West Brom fans never complain do they when they feel hard done by right?Must be great looking down at the whingers from your pedestals right? Ffs football fans in general have the intelligence level of single celled protozoa and the hypocrisy of a corrupt politician.
    We were crap yesterday,West Brom deserved their win,”Poor reffing” or not.

  28. “And your lack of humility makes me sick”.

    @J Yates;

    And your Anti- Liverpool blinkered bile makes me vomit.

  29. i am a die hard Liverpool fan. And, guys, we played badly and did not deserve to win. WBA were hungrier. Referee aside, we just did not play well. Hardly had control over the midfield. Lost all the second balls and very slow to the ball.

    And stop asking Benitez to come back. I never taught highly of him although he got us the Champions Cup but that is history. He had a chance to build a team for a few years and the best we got was 2nd place. So, time to get someone fresh and ambitious if King Kenny is out.

  30. johnthered,
    Please don’t adopt such a patronising air about what we have won, because it has no bearing on the current argument, except to underline the weakness of your whining…
    Always the victims……….. refs, dastardly managers and shyster owners. My heart bleeds.

  31. All the herd-mentality soundbites are already going after Carroll, which is a shame. There’s no point having a big old-fashioned number nine without any wingers or playmaking midfielders – that’s what they thrive on. Lucas is a tidy player that has improved over the last couple of years – but a trophy-winning midfield anchor he is not and never will be. Any combination of Spearing, Kuyt, Poulson, Lucas, and Mereiles will fail in midfield because none of them have the skill or vision to unlock a defense. Mereiles can be effective when played in.. but he is not much of a playmaker. As long as we keep playing the failed Rafa/Roy combinations we will never get anywhere – they are just not good enough. Ngog, Kuyt, Skrtel, Krygiakos, Spearing, Lucas are barely Blackburn quality players – Odemwingie outshone them all easily. The problem is that players like Kuyt and Lucas have a good game every once in a while and we give them new contracts. They are industrious and work hard but we will not win anything with them playing such a large role in the club. What I was hoping Kenny would do is integrate Pacheco, Aquilani, Suso, Sterling, Maginga and Co… players with pace and skill. Every single one of those players would offer more than our current midfield and central defense plodders.

  32. gloating west bromers 21 points to play for, 12 of them away (write them off) so you will have to get 7 points at home to be safe, roy will do it !! wont he.

  33. Remember who are the most successful English club ever…..Liverpool FC……………………

  34. i wrote a letter to the liverpool echo with the single and express purpose of reaching the eyes of the management of our great and wonderful club. the gist of it was this, forget about alonso and macherano, the essential player we never replaced was the great sami hypia, we need a rock solid centre half who can read the game and is comfortable on the ball. no team has won a major honour without such a player, terry, ferdinand etc barcelona and brazil have one. now back to yesterday – what were we missing ? do you think we will buy cahill ?

  35. What many real liverpool fans forget is that us brom fans have to put up with man u/chealski/pool fans who run off at the mouth but have probably never been to a game…so a lot of us assume that the majority of you are like the same idiots which is only half true looking at the above comments. im sure the real fans will overlook this.

    When Woy joined us, who was the genius that told us that:
    woy will play 4-4-2 strictly and nothing else (not even 8-1-1)
    woys team will hoof the ball
    woy will take ages to settle
    woy will NEVER ever win away and will be lucky to pick up a point
    woy will play boring negative tactics
    woy will upset the fans within a few interviews

  36. LFC has shown a distinct lack of ambition by giving Lucas and Kuyt (2 absolutely crap players) long term contracts. For this both Comolli and Dalgish should be immediately sacked. Otherwise don’t complain when we play shit.

  37. im fucking sick of twats giving reasons why we go beat. i was at the game the reds were shite.we need to inprove,or loose out on that 5th place which is very doable.

  38. dear oh dear. Arm chair fans galore. WBA fan here. How can any of you LP fans complain about the referee? I thought he did well in the game. Please give me an example of poor decisions by the ref apart from Andy Carroll not getting sent off??? The penalties were spot on. WBA fans can moan because all we have had in the premiership since we first got promoted was poor referee decisions. Look at Hyppia’s blatant foul on Jason Roberts for an example.

    Fact is we outplayed you, out tacticed you and completely out sung you even when we were losing. We outplayed you in every department. You can slag Hodgson off all you want but just look at the players you have lost over the past few years (Alonso, Mascherano, Hyppia, Carragher just isn’t the same player he used to be) replacements are Spearing, Lucas, Kyrgiakos who is the worst defender in the league by a mile). Now hodgson did make some poor signings but look at Benitez’s dreadful signings(not going to go into detail). Your players just didn’t want to play for him. Also having Torres underperforming and wanting to leave doesn’t exactly make a good atmoshphere for other players now does it.

    You are average at the best and you need to accept this. Like somebody else said you have no wide players. You have about 4/5 top players and the rest would struggle to get games elsewhere. Not saying all Liverpool fans are bitter because i have a lot of respect for your passion but yesterday your fans were diabolical – you should be ashamed of yourselves. Roy Hodgson is an honest manager so just lay off him.

  39. Im not sure how many of the above comments were from fans who were actually at the game. I am an Albion fan that drives 250 miles each home game. I was there and enjoyed our first win against the reds since 1981.
    I started watching Albion at the end of the seventies and was lucky enough to see the great football and players of both teams. How different the paths have been since then!
    I believe Albion deserved the win yesterday, but how far have backward have Liverpool gone over the last 3 years. Hodgeson is not the only one responsible for the decline. I never thought i would see a long ball “Stoke style” performance from any Liverpool side, but that was what was served up yesterday.
    WBA will never compete with the big boys as we will never have the money (at least the club is in the black). For Liverpool to compete with the top 4 you are going to need some serious investment in what is now an average squad.

  40. Wigmore your as daft as your name implies, and please, please try and write something of your own, not what you have seen
    written by someone else (whining scousers,yawn).
    Just carry on watching the mighty WBA, i mean you cant know anything about football watching that pile of shite, they are up and down from prem to championship faster than a whore’s knicker’s, right that’s enough about you oh retarded one, just keep taking the pill’s lad.

  41. You Baggie fans can delude yourself all you like but frankly, Martin Atkinson was a disgrace yesterday. Some of his decisions were bordering on laughable. The FA should review all games refereed by the likes of him and Webb to see if they are consistent in their decision making. Do you honestly, think if those incidents had happened at say Old Trafford then West Brom would have been awarded those penalties? Or even if Man Utd had been the opposition – no chance!!

  42. FAO johnthered – West Brom have won exactly the same number of Prem Titles as Liverpool i.e. ZERO. Welcome to the 21st century

  43. The first penalty was clumsy by Soto and I can’t complain about that, the second, for me, was no foul. Reina went to ground and a few seconds later Odemwingie blatantly walked over him and dropped. I think he played for it.

    I’m not taking anything away from WBA, they were better on the day and they’ve got a great bargain in Odemwingie. I hope they stay up this season, they deserve to.

    But there were a lot of times in the match I had to throw my hands in the air at the refs decisions (or lack of).

  44. Why cant you LFC fans accept the obvious . When we play your team we did not fear you – you are not a superpower . Yes you won trophys years ago , the Beatles ruled the world… but we’ve all moved on . You wont win another for many years with the mediocrity you have got now ( Excl Steven Gerrard ) . The great LFC sides had the likes of Emelyn Hughes / Souness etc..- now you have some dodgy ‘Greek ‘ bloke at the back and a number of players I cant even remember their names . The best you can hope for is to play catch up with the likes of Spurs.

    Please stop blaming Refs etc… The world is a different place to the one you once dominated and keep harping back to .

  45. Roy was lucky bcos of penalty. Dos dat make him a good coach. Injury setback denied our three points,its nt over hope to see roy again nxt season. Broom is d bst club 4 his average managment 2 sweep wt nt liverpool. Roy will relegate with dat three points. Lfc 4 life.!

  46. Looking at the comments Ref in my opinion had a very good game and the LP fans can’t complain about the 2 penalties and Carroll(Gypo)? 35mill?? I wonder how much Olsson & Meite is then after that and Kyriagkos is dire. Very dire. Couldn’t cope with St Pete at all. Boing Boing

  47. Both pens were spot on. We were out played for most the game and west brom deserved the points in my view. Bring on nxt season.

  48. Soft penalties? Are you serious? They were stonewall. Carroll was a waste of money. May I remind you that HE is a physical player. He just got the same treatment from out back line and couldnt take it. Worrying for someone who cost 35 million

    It was as if the West Brom didnt participate in the game at all. You were beaten fair and square. Please dont turn into Man U fans. I have always like Liverpool and their fans…..but this partisan nonsense doesnt win you any friends.

  49. For the guy who said we won’t get anything away from home under Roy, we have already got a good point at Stoke and a win at Blose.

  50. No away points to come for WBA?

    Pure fiction.

    You are confusing Hodgson with Liverpool.

    Fact – Since Hodgson taking over at WBA they drew one, won one, lost none. And their remaining away games of Sunderland, Spurs, Wolves and Newcastle are not a series of unwinnable games.

    It is Liverpool who only pick up points away when they get joke referees giving them the game, like at Sunderland, the rest of the time they just lose.

  51. For the bleating Reds………

    “I thought they were both penalties. No complaints. The referee’s assistant gave the second penalty but that’s what he’s there for. The referee was closer and maybe had a better view but didn’t give the penalty. It was the right decision eventually.”

    THAT’S A DIRECT QUOTE FROM KING KENNY, in your local rag.
    Just stop whinging.

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