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Baines – Cahill – Enrique – Coentrao
We all have seen how poor our defense is when Agger and Skrtel or Carra did not play together. And it was proven last weekend against West Brom.

Leighton Baines has been the man of the season for Everton, getting his place for England and beating Chelsea out of the cup, just unfortunate they can’t win the next game. Liverpool left back problem should be solved by this man, but I’m sure it’s not gonna be easy to sign him from neighbor team.

Gary Cahill is a tough battler at CB, very similar to Agger I think, but this one has one hell of a strength and stamina to beat. Liverpool will definitely or we hope so… sack Soto Kyrgiakos this summer, conceding too many unnecessary fouls, easily beaten, inconsistent at the back, putting Liverpool winning lead on the line. Gary Cahill will be the best man or even better to replace the Greek.

Jose Enrique, very strong left back and pacey as well. Also doing very well when going forward. With the likes of Juventus to sign him. Liverpool should decide quickly. Baines or Enrique, any of them will do for Liverpool.

Coentrao, one of my dream team player for Liverpool, rising star of Portugal at World Cup 2010. Left back and Left winger. Liverpool should really concider him as priority in summer transfer list.
For the Right Back position, I think that we already have Glen Johnson(I hope he doesn’t make any stupid decision in summer) and youngster Martin Kelly who found his place regularly under Kenny Dalglish. So I think that the Left Back position is what we’re focusing on.

Young – Downing – Adam – Johnson – Affelay
Wingers is what we don’t have right now. Jovanovic and Joe Cole who actually (can) play as winger failed to show their best and Maxi Rodriguez who is better than the other two but couldn’t find a starting position in Kenny’s strategy. True wingers is Liverpool main concern in summer.

Young and/or Downing, both has very similar character. Pacey winger and great ball provider. Most people look at Young more than Downing because Young’s name has been so famous for 2-3 years. While Downing is like an unsung hero. I’ve been watching Downing since he’s in Middlesbrough. If you remember the 2008/2009 season when we’re title contender for United. We have a major setback loosing to the Boro 2-0 one of them is Xabi’s own goal. He is very talented winger and already setting up with epl pace that Liverpool should consider better than gamble with an outsider like Sylvain Marveaux. Meanwhile, Ashley Young this season is not so eye-catching compared to last season. Just bit aware if he’s starting to going under if he keeps on playing for Aston Villa. With the likes of Manchester United to sign him, Liverpool still pretty much has more option to pick and not so disappointed if failed to sign him. From the two of them, I personally, choosing Downing over Young. Which is yours?

Affelay and/or Johnson, I don’t know if both are still commited to their clubs. Both are 50-50 to stay or leave in summer. Affelay has been reported that he failed to shine and play regularly at Barcelona. But we all saw how good he is against Hungary. Adam Johnson, young brilliant dribbler, who often make an impressing impact after getting into the game for substitution also reported that he’s frustrated not to be in the starting line up regularly. But, both are still in champions league zone that simply will be a hard choice to make even if Liverpool registered for EL next season.

Charlie Adam, what can we say about this man. Almost join Liverpool in January if Ian Holloway didn’t stand on his way with overrated price request. But it is proven how he is the talisman of Blackpool. A very strong anchor of the team in the middle with great pass and freekick. Aquilani is still 50-50 about his future, but if Aqua back to Liverpool, we still want Adam, right? it’s all about depth. Spurs and United were also want him, Liverpool should be quick.

Two players with hard name to spell, but surely hard to stop as well.

Liverpool I think is more concerning on the Midfield area more than the forward in summer. But if there is a will, there is a way, there is a chance. These two has been linked with Liverpool, but no more reports from them recently. Since we have Andy Carrol as our target man, I think we need more supporting attacker like Suarez who actually should replace Dirk Kuyt and Joe Cole. Bojan Krkic, the wonderkid of Barcelona, the next David Villa and Messi, great dribbler. and Balazs Dzsudzsak, central and wide striker, passer, freekick taker, scoring goals with delicate touches.

And Just in case if Reina is leaving us this summer. Manuel Neuer is my favourite replacement.

-mind my bad English-


  1. the players mentioned though good would cost serious money.. I think taiwo nd marveaux should be definately considered as they are free nd money to be spent on wingers. Personally want some1 like mata or hazard or sanchez ..

  2. I personally think Young will end up at Manure. Adam Johnson could be sick of warming the Shitty bench so there’s an outside chance we could snap him. Dzsudzsak would be amazing too. And not to forget the Turkish star Arda Turan. We need at least 3 wingers.

    And for the defensive problems, Cahill and Baines/Enrique would be enough. Coentrao I don’t think will come to us when Bayern and R.Mad want him too. But I pray he does. We could also bring Insua back from loan to add more depth to the squad, the thing our team lacks the most.

    As for Pepe, I think he won’t be here next season. So someone link Neuer, Lloris and Stekelenberg would be a good replacement though I don’t think no one can match his superb distribution of the ball.
    Whatever happens,
    In Kenny We Trust.

    YNWA !!!

  3. Out of each list, I’d like:

    Either Baines/Coentrao



    Neuer won’t leave Germany for now. Lloris would be just fine

  4. good read if we get even 4 of them players then we will be rocking for me I would have baines young affelay then there would be one or two others I would hope for maybe Adam as you say we don’t just want a good starting line up but to have a good squad so that if star players are out we are not worrying Honda is am.other one I’d like to see and think another striker to put presher under our 2

  5. Soto isn’t bad – see when we play against the likes of Kenwyne Jones/Carlton Cole. Strong and good against them. Fits in well in 5-3-2 with two wing backs. but not with 4-4-2, and facing pacey forwards like Odemwingie. Soto is a good asset to have, but not in every game he will be useful.
    I’d prefer Coentrao, or Enrique. Centreback to buy is Shawcross.
    Midfielders – Adam and Gago. Pastore if available at a £20-25, not more.
    Wingers – Young and Sanchez, though it seems like Sanchez will be available for crazy money £30-35. Hazard will be good too.
    Forwards – Bojan and Wolfswinkel. We may look at Toivonen too..
    Twitter: dk_matrix

  6. what about Honda. He can be a superb buy. We should get him. Within a wk, all the money, 15mil or so would be back frm shirt sales. Nw that would be gr8 business. He is one of the most popular players in Asia. If nt the most.
    In the national team every1 passes to him, like every french player passd to Zidane. We should get him

  7. I think I will leave it to Kenny but its nice to see so many English/British players being named and considered. It probably wouldnt of happened under Rafa.

  8. kenny daglish should pls sell soto sktel frm defence cos whenever sktel score we always lose the match and the both are not good pear.buy gary cahil and shawcross hungry defender.SELL lucas and poulsen bring back aquilani and chalies adam with gerrard and jay spearing.lucas is not a quick decision midfielder not even good to attack not scoring like john mike obi of chelsea bench for remires.Sell joe cole maxi jovanovic ngog then inject adam johnson ashley young affaley and odewinge then nigeria play from both wing fighting spirit and good in scoring then get goalkeeper because l believe renia wil leave buy skeleenburg or neuer.Also left defender banies or coentroa and bring back insua to back up.Sell konchesky aurelio thanks. add young cahil shawcross adam johnson skelenburg banies odenwinge affelay and sanchez.* *bring back aquilani insua pachecco *promote raheem and other 4 sell/ lucas poulsen soto sktel jovanovic maxi cole konchesky aurelio ngog ayala pillesic

  9. Baines-Downing and Young if we can get him but he wants CL football-Johnson-Adam-Neuer (if Pepe goes)

  10. Coentrão, Johnson/Hazard, Ricky van Wolfswinkel, and Ochoa/Stekelenburg for a keeper until Gulacsi is fit for the first team.

  11. for starters, if any on ethinks just adding one left back is enough then here we go again! we are going to come up short on quality in all areas of the team.

    we need x2 left sided players that can operate as wing backs and we need two, because sometimes you play the better defensive one behined the better winger, hence coentrao is better goint at people and he loves to press hig up the pitch, baines does that too, but baines is better at defending and knows this league more, id go for BAINES AND COANTRAO FOR THE LEFT SIDE.

    Center back IS A MUST; soto can go, great as a team ; squad player but getting done on the ground all the time, aurelio is never fit and is not playing games at all, agger should stsay but we just cant take his fitness for a guarentee! carragher is getting on, kelly seems to get injuries to! skrtel is not the best but he is a good team player, so we need a new center half, and again id go for cahill, but for other options are hummels, sakho and dann and with more years on his side id go for. got to be CAHILL, HE KNOWS THE LEAGUE AND WOULD FIT IN WELL AT THE CLUB.

    Wingers- young more likely to go to man utd, downing would be a great squad player, but not the real quality that we need, id go for ALEXIS SANCHEZ, he would fit well with luis saurez and would give us pace and crossing ability, this kid is so young but with such pedigree.

    Midfield; problem area, gerrard getting more crocked as the years go buy, we need a power house and for me we need two players, one to then relgate spearing to the bench, and one to then shift out poulsen, who is just crap. id go for;



    we need quality and if fans think that matt jarvis is the solution then we are in for a very rough ride, its hide time we pay out and pay out for better quality players and thats it to be fair!!!

  12. out; soto, cole, maxi, ngog, el zhar, degen, jovanovic, insua, aquilani, brad jones, poulsen, konchesky, ince, saric, aurelio,

    in 7 first class proven young fit, athletic international quality players any less and we in for it again next season, we just need to invest and its that clear, no mattter who the manager is?

  13. if REINA stays then this;


  14. GK Hugo Lloris – I think Pepe will leave this summer.
    LB(1) Oscar Wendt
    LB(2) Gael Clichy
    CB Gary Cahill – Sell Soto! we also have Kelly (who is really a central defender), Wilson, Ayala and a young but talented Andre Wisdom coming through.
    LW Sylvain Marveaux – FREE
    LW Aiden McGeady
    RW Marko Marin
    CM Charlie Adam
    CM Moussa Sissoko
    CF Gervinho – can also play on the wings

    This would be a very good summer for Liverpool! All would add flair and pace to the side.

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