Delhi Kop Celebrating Another Kick Up The ManU Ass

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March was a hot and cold season for us. 2 wins and +4 GD in the PL but bowing out of the Europa League with two games without a goal and losing out by the virtue of one ill-conceded penalty. Apart from that, there was the international break which is always unbearably long. When much needed football returned, the result was a terrible one for us craving for LFC action and wanting them to put their run to a top-4/5 finish into overdrive.

Staying in India, the intermittent time was absorbed with a 6 week long Cricket World Cup, which also meant that some games were either not on TV or were hardly watched (WBA game which coincided with the CWC final). It’s time to get back our football. It’s also the time to reflect on the last memories of football from what now seems ages. I’m sharing a few snapshots of the Delhi Kop [the word ‘Kop’ is used here with liberty and without accreditation from people living in Liverpool since it is fealt that Kop is now an English language word and can be used by any Liverpool Football Club fan] celebrating in the CBD of Delhi on an otherwise dull Sunday evening.

Starting off with Happy Birthday to the King!


Calm before the storm…


Appealing to the referee… guess he could almost hear!






No adjectives left


Still celebrating after the game (about 90 minutes after the whistle)


Unlike some players, the fans absolutely, totally love the badge!

And as magnanimous as we might be, some victories are never complete unless you get to taunt some under-privileged!


This essay wouldn’t have been complete without the look on these guys’ faces. Thank you guys!

Thanks to LFC who made it a memorable evening.

Special thanks to the Delhi Supporters’ Group who compiled and organized such a fantabulous event. Reds from Delhi can check out their page to connect. Surrounded with dimwits who support other clubs, this is the community for better IQ and EQ people in the city.



  1. Awesome stuff!! Where exactly did you guys meet up? I would love to be a part sometime :)

  2. What place is this? I also want to be here for at least once… Where is this place located? Is there any society or community of whose I got to be a part of it? Let me know all the details associated!


    1. For those asking, the place was Spirit in CP. For more info, there is a link to the group page at the end of the article. I’m sure the moderators would be more than willing to answer.

  3. Another good article Mr. Goyal…
    That evening was an amazing.. I believe that finally some hard work has paid off. But there is some way to go.

    For anyone wanting to enjoy an amazing evening with fellow REDS, we generally organise screenings at CP. For more details you can check our Facebook page.. Liverpool Delhi Supporters Club

  4. Awesome stuff kaushal… Really want to watch the games with u guys.. Will be there in delhi from this july

  5. hey guys are there in LFC fan club in bangalore?? and the people of bangalore would love it if there was a lfc pub here since there is already a man u pub in bangalore.

  6. This is just amazing…just found facebook some 100miles from delhi..would like to join someday…ynwa

  7. Fair play, well done wish i’d known about it in 2004 when I was travelling through there! Keep up the good work hopefully i’ll be back again!

  8. I’m heading to Bangelore in May. Can someone advise on a pub I can watch the matches at? Much appreciated.

  9. One of the most memorable evenings ever ! Thank you everyone for making it a success with a special thanks to Ankit, Andy, Shrey and Kaushal :-) ! YNWA guys :-) ! Way 2 go :-) !!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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