Have we come full circle?

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Maynard James Keenan once said: “A circle is the reflection of eternity. It has no beginning and it has no end – and if you put several circles over each other, then you get a spiral.”

Envisioning the 2009-10 season, I remember sitting down on the sofa with a renewed optimism. We sold Xabi Alonso, a deal that would haunt us for the next two seasons (and counting). However, despite this loss, we still had the best defensive midfielder in the world in Javier Mascherano, and an up-and-coming Italian Centre midfielder that would replace the Kop’s beloved Xabi. Additionally, we had Stevie, coming off one of his most influential seasons, teaming up once again with a certain Fernando Torres. Combined with the signing of Glen Johnson, who had been named in the PFA team of the year, the season could not possible falter.
However, as defeat after defeat occurred, it was September before we equaled our previous seasons tally for defeats. After more disappointment, Rafa and the Owners became the figures of blame. The problem for the entire season was pressure. Pressure to build on the previous season, to win the Premier League trophy that we all craved.

In June 2010, despite myself and many supporters desperately wanting Kenny Dalglish to be installed as the new Liverpool manager, Woy was appointed. As the Liverpool way is, we all supported him in every way we could. Some pundits went as far as to say that Liverpool would win the league, the glory days would soon be back. In a charming way, he buttered us up and made us feel good about the season, signing the “solid” duo of Poulsen and Konchesky, and the “deal of the summer” in Joe Cole (nonetheless I firmly believe Joe can but it right).

Again after several disappointments, Roy lashed out at supporters in what was the final straw that broke the camels back. Again, the underlying theme of this is pressure; Increased pressure from several “high-profile” signings, along with of course tactical issues amongst other things got the better of us.

January, 2011 – Dalglish takes over. The biggest smile on my face regarding Liverpool in since 2009. Any previous pressure had been relieved, The “once-great” Liverpool could not sink any lower in a season that saw us in the relegation zone. After stringing together a series of fantastic results, we began to look up the table instead of down, the signings of Carroll and Suarez relieved much of the burden from the team, and the departure of Fernandwho? made people happier according to John Henry. Again, the lack of pressure allowed the team to play some of the best football I’ve seen us play since Rafa’s days.

Now, with increased optimism, I call out to us Reds to be cautious in our deeds, do not get over-excited about potential summer signings, calling for unrealistic names. Our priority is the best young players in positions of need, to fire us back into Europe, where we belong, and eventually to the pinnacle of the game once again.

Alleviate the pressure off the players, sing our hearts out at the matches, in the Kop, in the Anfield Road end, anywhere in the stadium, or even at home. Let the players know we’re here.




Patrick (Patch) Hudson.



  1. Enjoyed it,Patch.Defeat at the weekend once again high-lighted the need for a good clean out in the summer.What a bizarre season it’s been…

  2. ”As the Liverpool way is, we all supported him in every way we could.”

    LMAO, did you realllllly

  3. Cannot agree more mate ! Spot on !!!
    This is the Liverpool WAY ! We stick together through thick and thin no matter what. Sing the hearts out …….sing it together !

    You’ll Never Walk Alone !!!!!!!!!!

  4. The fact that you quoted Maynard, apart from the article being about the REDS, has made me love this article even more.

    Spiral Out!! YNWA

  5. Its been a horrible season one in which we’ve lost the same amount of games as Wigan who are bottom of the league i agree the loss of Alonso was a big blow but once again you choose to ignore the 2 seasons he was crap for us but we WILL be back where we belong on the top of the rest and we’ve the right man in charge i totally agree about realistic signings most of the ones pitched about are like a who’s who of world football its never going to happen

  6. “As the Liverpool way is, we all supported him in every way we could. Some pundits went as far as to say that Liverpool would win the league”

    Those pundits were nothing more than dreamers. Can it somehow be drummed into their heads that Liverpool only belongs to HISTORY just as Preston North End, Aston Villa and Wolverhampton Wanderers are! Remember them? They used to be the cream of English football a century ago. Wolves were even proclaimed as the best team in Europe just 50 years ago – by the English press!

    So what’s Liverpool’s future? NONE, just like their city. Don’t believe me? Watch this space.

  7. Agreed with this article. Actually I loved reading it.

    People say we did not support Hodgson but he did dig his own grave at Anfield. He said “judge me after 10 games”, at which point I think we were in the bottom 3.

    Every club has their fair share of juvenile supporters that shout insults at their players and post crap on the internet, but that’s why I only read articles from writers who are also REAL dedicated fans. Nobody with common sense flamed Woy until he turned on us.

    I just want to see a team that is proud to wear the shirt. I remember a few years ago we lost 4-1 to Chelsea at home, but I was proud to be red then, despite a clear defeat we kept attacking and never gave up until the last whistle blew. That spirit isn’t in this team. That’s why I was so overjoyed when we signed Carroll and Suarez. Two players with mean reputations and a desire to win at any cost. Players who will put everything on the line for a victory. We don’t have to win for me to be happy. We just have to want to win.

  8. right nw our team is fucked. Too many injuries on key players. Frustrating. Gerrard, Kelly, Agger, Aurelio and Johnson are all first team players. And they are out. We should demand a win in the next game, thou we can be hopeful. Redblood!
    I think Kenny must give Jova a chance. Robinson must also be promoted to the 1st team. Same as Suso and Coady.
    Meireles must return to the AMF position. Like that we should fare better. Carroll myt as wel sit on the bench if we dont play wingers, lyk saturday

  9. the team needs to be built around reina, carra, gerrard,suarez and carroll. The rest, well….

  10. Keep signing British based players as they give you more heart, Jarvis, Downing etc would make us a better team. This summer won’t solve our problems, it will take another 12 months. We don’t need to add pressure and i would be happy not to play in the Europa League next season, to allow us all week to train the team and gel them together.

  11. “As the Liverpool way is, we all supported him in every way we could.”

    I would like to contest that. Have a look at the comments on the official site for instance, the comments on the report that Roy was appointed. As far as I can recall it the majority of comments were very much against Roy. And it wasn’t different across several fan sites, in pubs etcetera.

    “Again, the lack of pressure allowed the team to play some of the best football I’ve seen us play since Rafa’s days.”

    Well, we’ve been treated some decent performances since Kenny took over, but too many performances are just not good enough, even though we had a bit more luck when it came to results.

    There is an awful lot to do to get us back to the top. We virtually don’t have a reliable left-back, centre-half is a real problem, too. Lucas is no defensive midfielder and we’ve been crying out for wingers for ages now. Suárez seems to be the real deal, but Carroll hasn’t shown anything in a Liverpool shirt so far. If Reina stays we need at least four top drawer players and then we still have no back-up.

    The stadium issue has to be resolved, too.

  12. We need some energy and pace so get the youngsters in, I know i bang on about it but really what is the problem?. Let them loose for the last 7 games, or watch more frustrating performances!. Theses lads can play and what about Pacheco, that is not even funny!!!!. Stop worrying about their ages and get them running at defenders at pace!!!!

  13. Firstly Marcus you are a TWAT!!! Secondly we need quality signings. 2 wingers to supply A.Carrol,at least 2 attacking midfielders & at least to proven defenders. Get rid of the dead wood & sometimes put Kuyt on the bench. As far as the fans go Yes we should be the 12th man at every game. LFC YNWA.

  14. There is plenty of work to do and Dalglish may not be the man entrusted to do it.Peoples expectations are too high At the moment we are average and unlikely to attract any world class stars even if FSG are likely to bank roll them which I doubt

  15. My future concern is Andy Carrol. I know he’ll come good (goal scoringwise) but signs are that we’ll never play good pass & move football with him on the team. (Reincarnation of Emile Heskey)

  16. You always get the odd sad dickhead like marcus takin a faceless shot from afar, (real brave).

    Massive summer for us, i hope KK bloods some of the younger lads too, michael owen was young, i know he was exceptional but some of the youth players seem pretty hot too and we aren’t gonna buy 7 players, which is what we need. so give them a chance

    Keep the support up lads YNWA

  17. Cheers everyone for your compliments, they really mean a lot!! Shows that we’re the best supporters in the world!

    I feel like I need to address the questions about our support for Hodgson. I’ve sat in the Kop for 6 years (2000-01, to 2006-07). At the beginning of the season (Arsenal and Rabotnicki) The general consensus for Hodgson was positive: he was English, and won LMA manager of the year, taking Fulham of all teams to the Europa League final. The Kop never grumbled or had any doubts, only optimism and support for Roy.

    As Gaijin, so rightly said, Hodgson did ask us to judge him after 10 games in which we were in the Relegation Zone.

    The other topics (Youth and Summer buys, with regards to wingers) I will consider addressing in a future article.

    Thanks and YNWA

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