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April is a very sensitive month for us Reds and sometimes people tend to funnel their frustrations and attack the wrong people.

Unfortunately I have been on the receiving end many times and sometimes it could be a genuine mistake while other times someone lies just because they don’t like me. Either way it is wrong to attack fellow Reds without proof and not hearing both sides of the story. Sometimes people jump on a fellow Red and tear him or her apart for tweeting a link leading to a story from sites such as tribalfootball that might have quotes The S*n. Be patient and instead of slaughtering the fellow Red EDUCATE him or her about The S*n.

A good case in point yesterday, I was being accused of profiting from Hillsborough merchandise which is an utter lie. Someone clicked on a link from my site leading to the EOTK shop powered by Sam Dodds. Sam Dodds have a private labeled version for EOTK and then they have their own site Most likely what happened that by clicking around from the EOTK version they landed on the actual Sam Dodds site via a broken link. On the actual Sam Dodds site they sell a 96 remembered shirt and claim that proceeds go to the HJC. I don’t receive any money from purchases made on the Actual Sam Dodds site.

It pains me that many have believed it and I have received many hate emails and tweets from people who acted on what one person said without any evidence or truth. Hillsborough is a serious issue, 96 of our brothers and sisters went to a football game and never came back. In their memory let us respect one another and fight the real enemies, The S*n, Kelvin Mackenzie and those in the South Yorkshire Police Department who had covered up. By attacking fellow Reds without proof or evidence we are disrespecting the memory of the 96.

Y.N.W.A. and hopefully one day there will be Justice for the 96.



  1. “it is wrong to attack fellow Reds without proof and not hearing both sides of the story.” – funny that, I’ve seen you attack another Liverpool website despite you knowing of the ongoing campaign against it. That was also about Hillsborough but it didn’t bother you then.

  2. To be fair Antoine when he was getting at you about the Konchesky tweet I hought u were being a daft and oversensitive by unfollowing people who followed him. However when he started on about the Hillsborough t-shirts I thought It was definately a step to far. Also it said next to the Hillsborough T shirt that proceeds go to the HJC so whats the problem? Whether they were on your website or not. Even if you did get a cut of it as long as some was going to the fund I don’t see the problem. Big shops often sell t-shirts etc for breast cancer with only 20% going to the charity. But you didn’t even do that! He went too far. I do think the unfollowing people thing is still a little excessive as just coz you follow someone doesn’t mean youagree with everything they say. I follow Katir Price but no way Do I condone her behaviour.

    1. Thanks Alex, yes I snapped yesterday and I admitted I was wrong with all the unfollows however many others don’t follow back so why is it that me unfollowing is a big crime?

  3. Sorry you had to go through that but last night you did a pretty bad job defending yourself, which in turn caused more eyebrows to be raised. You only asked for proof.

    In the end, I still feel you think you are above a lot of fans and are entitled to some sort of elite status amongst fans. You repost links to other stories and call it the Daily Antoine when in fact Antoine did nothing to produce those stories. You are no better than the next Reds fan. If you disagree, then get off your high horse and stop acting like it. Not all of us have all day to RT stories like you apparently do.

  4. Never beleived it, even though I don’t follow you anymore it has nothing to do with your dedication to LFC its was a time line issue, you are a credit to LFC and the 96 .

  5. I unfollowed that guy months ago and some of his friends at the time because I didn’t like the things he was saying about players and others fans showing up on my feed. It was just personal preference. I love the work you do because I don’t have all day to keep up and search out articles to read about my team. #YNWA keep up the great work

  6. I follow you both, but I just ignore comments that aren’t what they seem. Its very easy for things to blow out of proportion very quickly on twitter.

    Your partly responsible for one of my most visited pics of the year (Agger with 3ft long arms pushing over Berbatov reached just under 13,000 hits in less than 24 hours) but that was on my other twitter account (@biking2work)

    Just keep at it and don’t rise to things if they upset / annoy you. #ynwa

  7. you are right antoine, many others dont follow back and its good of you to do so especially with the amount of followers you have. It was just the unfollowing business. But to be honest I bet following all those ppl just clogs up your timeline! I tend to tweet more in reply to others peoples posts than tweets of my own so I am not really an interesting person to follow. I use twitter more as i source of information than a blogging platform so for me following people like you and others is more important than followers of my own.

  8. To be honest, both of you were being assholes and you should in no way respond to taunts like those. Glad to know you’ve cleared that out, just refrain from useless drama that clutter our twitter feeds.

    Also, I don’t see what’s wrong in suggesting to bring Konchesky back – as bad as he is, he’s more experienced than Wilson. YNWA

  9. Keep up the good work, Antoine! To all others who decided not to follow/read this blog anymore, it’s your choice.

    It’s my choice to read eveything RED here!

  10. Rather Insua back before Konchesky. Insua is a lot better going forward and could feed the big man up front.

  11. Also Antoine your efforts are appreciated. I go on EOTK every lunch time at work. As far as I’m concerned you’re a true Red mate.

  12. have to agree with o’rly there your letting your ego get in the way of what is usually a good informative site,nobody is following you for personal info and doings,we follow or followed you in my case for opinions of all things liverpool from you and other reds, i tought you would strike up good conversations an debates amoungst fans but you made the whole thing be about you and alot of the time you made your tought be the be all and end all.

    good luck man

  13. antoine.people always have something to say it may be good,bad or ugly. dont let them have the remote to control you. just do what u feel like.
    by the way,how’s your son?

  14. i 1st read the stuff and said, ‘humn’.
    Then i saw more of it and i said, ‘humn humn’
    then i kept seeing it and i said, ‘humn humn humn’
    all along i knew it was bullshit. So i decided to discredit him like ‘Givemefootball’ transfer rumours.
    Finally i said ‘ynwa Antoine’

  15. I think so many people like do like the daily Antoine, with one blog post we can read many LFC related news. Running a blog requires allot of effort we should show some appreciation

  16. We should also stop sounding like a bunch of spolit kids.everybody has a right 2 a opinion wrongly or rightly stop taking everything to heart ppl

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