Our Dagger: Too valuable to lose

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To sell or not to sell?

That is not the question.

After Daniel Agger’s injury was confirmed by official Liverpool websites, Twitter exploded with Tweets about letting our greatest centre back go. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Though our Dagger averages 26 games per season, what he does in those games outweighs his injury-prone nature. The past six games he has played have all been victories. They have all been clean sheets. Without him, we are not the same team. In the past six games without him, we have been brandished with draws and losses.

His talent is not only present at Anfield, but on an international scale as well. He began his career at Brondby, rose through the ranks, and helped his side win the Danish Superliga in his first full season in the side. He was then named Denmark’s Player of the Year and has since then been extremely successful with his country. A couple of weeks ago, he scored a breathtaking goal against England.

At Anfield, we treasure what our Agger has done for us. He was bought for 5.8 million in January 2006, which made him the most expensive export in Denmark’s history. His first couple of seasons were overshadowed by knee and foot injuries, and a back injury nearly ended his career. However, he’s fought his way back to fitness and will continue to do so.

“You always get frustrated when you pick up these injuries and you can’t play, but all you can do is try to use it as a positive. I set myself a target and I worked hard towards it, on the pitch and in the gym.”

– Daniel Agger, October 2009

Rarely have I seen a modern-day footballer so strong, powerful, and committed in the tackle. He has a good reason of the game and positions himself well – switching to attack if necessary. His left-foot shot is extremely aggressive yet beautiful at the same time.

So how do his accomplishments justify his staying at Anfield? After all, he has started just 16 Premier League games and made only three appearances in the last two months.

Dalglish had told Liverpool’s official website: “Daniel has a problem with the tendon behind his knee and won’t be involved again this season. He’ll be out for a couple of months before he can start training.”

The best way to prove my point is to bring up the connection Arsenal have with Robin Van Persie. On form, he is one of the greatest strikers in the League. However, he is made of glass and often has problems with his thighs and knees. Wenger has shaped the squad around him, substituting Bendtner in when all else fails. For the most part, it has worked. Arsenal are still second in the League. In addition, Arsenal fans are extremely loyal and supportive of their Van Persie. We should be the same way to our Daniel Agger.

Peace. Love. Dagger. YNWA.

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  1. i’m fed up with his injuries..i cant stand it anymore.he plays 1 then he loses 5 then he plays another and he loses the whole season.sell him and kyrgiakos at summer and bring some good ones this time.Skrtel might not be the greatest but he stays injury free the whole season,so does Carragher(who is one of the greatest).Against City i’d expect this:
    Carragher Kyrgiakos Skrtel Aurelio
    Kuyt Spearing Lucas Meireles
    Suarez Carroll
    but i’d want to see this:
    Carragher Kyrgiakos Skrtel Aurelio
    Kuyt Lucas Meireles Maxi
    Suarez Carroll

  2. Exceptional article. I agree one hundred percent with you. Agger makes me feel safe when he is on the field – i’d rather have him than some player who is inconsistent and makes stupid tackles (cough cough)

    he works hard and deserves to be here. We might need a good back-up reserve though ….just incase

  3. Totally agree with this article. Agger is a big game player, fair enough injuries have plagued him but he is the only centre back in our ranks that can run the ball out of the back line away from danger and to good effect.

  4. one of my heroes, Dagger…
    One of the best defenders around..
    And is no shy goin forward as well..
    remember the goal at benfica last year away…

  5. I am a massive fan of Agger & Aurelio for that matter but we can’t build a consistent first team with either of them. They are both injury prone and a liability to LFC. A defence needs to be settled and consistent with as few changes as possible throughout the season. Injury prone defenders upset this basic rule so I say cash in and look for another ball playing CB instead.

  6. 100% Agree with this. The defense is so much more secure when he is there but he also gives us an attacking option on occasions. Keep him but get a new back up. Too valuable to lose.

  7. He’s a great player when fit, our best centre-back and among the best in the world. But what good is it when he misses 30% of the season through injury? Honestly, I’d love it if Daniel could stay fit for an entire season, he’s brilliant. But if the physios don’t think he can, I believe it’d be better for the club to part ways.

  8. a young centre half in the mould of sami hypia, john terry or rio ferdinand etc is what we desperately need right now !!!
    a centre half like this covers for those weak links around him, like hypia did for riise etc. if fit agger should play. i see the reserve coach actually played toni silva for a full game, what a goal ! susu was also played in his rightful central position. leave it like that pepe and see the rewards.

  9. Unfortunately there is much truth said here about Aggers consistency. He IS brilliant but being out so very often leaves the team unbalanced when we should be solid. We will not get anywhere , the truth be known, unless some sort of defence bastion is re-developed so a 1st class replacement MUST be found if we are to have any hope next year in ANY competition..Time to bite the bullet!!

  10. the problem is sadly that Martin Kelly has also got injured recently. We clearly need a ball playing centre back in the mould of an Agger, to enable us to play more football, and not just hoof it skywards as we have been doing. I feel that out of the players we have MK is the most likely to be able to do that. Plus it’s always important to have pace at the back..he would provide that also.

    Next season i would like to see us play MK at cb…he could form a good partnership with Agger if he can remain fit (Agger that is) although I would like to see the likes of a Gary Gahill at Lpool..having a choice of him, Agger and Kelly would be even better. We really need to look at having more composure in all areas of the field, cb seems as important as anywhere right now. Because as much as i’m hearing people talking about improved football from the team..it seems intermittent and inconsistent still. The results have improved a bit, but we haven’t taken it back to 87/88 just yet. However, I would much rather be where we are now, than where we were in january..im very grateful for that. I feel addressing the footballing cb issue will definitely help improve our football. It just goes to show how much investment we’ll need in the summer though.

    We should just wish Agger well because he is our best cb..and no one is more frustrated with injuries than him, lets not forget that.

  11. oh..and we’ve got Wilson who can step in at CB.. it might be worth giving him a run until the end of the season. He could be the natural cover for Agger in the short term and beyond.. and he is far more comfortable at cb

  12. Dear Dagger.

    Though u walk thru the storm, hold ur head up high
    And dont be afraid of the dark.
    At the end of the storm
    theres a golden sky
    and the sweet silver song of a lark.

    Walk on through the wind,
    walk on through the rain.
    Though ur dreams be tossed and blown.
    walk on, walk on
    with hope in ur heart
    and you’ll neva walk alone,
    You’ll never walk alone.
    Walk on, walk on, with hope in ur heart.
    And You’ll never walk alone.
    You’ll never walk alone

  13. Totally agree with the article. Agger is such a good player that he is worth persevering with.

  14. Fantastic player. Too fragile. In the last two season he’s been more on the treatment table than on the pitch. Pity, he is by far our best central defender on all accounts. However he is physically very unreliable.

  15. Keep him, sell Skrtel and the greek and buy Cahill.

    Carragher, Cahill,Agger,Kelly, Wilson and Ayala for next season will give us enough cover to pick and chose his games and hopefully prevent injury….

    Then we just need cover for Johnson and 2 new LB’s and thats only the defence sorted. lol!!!


  16. Great article. Agger is brilliant. Great for the time, lets hope for a good recovery and rehabilitation over the summer! YNWA Agger

  17. wow i cant belive this hes played 16 times this season 136 in all…we are paying for his restaurant in Lark Lane…hes never fit get shut…there are other ball playing centre backs we can get hes never fit and the thing about no rash challenges ..remember manure in the fa cup!!!!

  18. Agger is absolutely needed, hes a very good player and trying to replace him would take too much time and unless per mertesacker wants to come too anfield any time soon, replacing him his nearly impossable

  19. if we’re going to sell any defensive players, i’d rather have soto and aurelio leave. agger is easily our best cb when he’s healthy, so selling him is beyond ridiculous to me, even if he’s injury prone; that’s why we need a solid support squad. the only reason i suggested aurelio is because he’s injury-prone and getting old, while agger still has good years left in him. soto isn’t terrible, but for a squad player, he makes too many mistakes. his performance subbing in the utd game was fantastic, west brom was a misery; he’s simply too old and inconsistent to keep around. there are plenty of talented players we can get, so i’m not going to bother naming suggestions. i’m glad henry and co realizes that we’re heavy depleted when it comes to squad strength, because we’re were going to be challenging for honors on all domestic fronts next season, we’re going to need a lot more quality players to come in.

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